Chakras-charletans-and-the-Saturn Moon-matrix


Now is the time for this story to come to the full light of consciousness, there is nothing you can do to stop it, or Humanity from knowing what truths we have gleaned from your own hidden in plain sight disclosure, and actions upon us. It is time for all to wake up!  One more important aspect that needs to be clarified now, is that some amount of discussion about Christianity included in this article that may offend Christians who do not have an open mind. Fact is, sadly, the original teachers who came to Earth in the long past, were impersonated by ET species who had the ability to look and sound just like the
original teachers of Humanity. 

I do not profess to be a biblical scholar so the detailed facts that I am aware do exist in the bible will be lacking in this document. A good amount of knowledge shared by the original teachers of Humanity are in some portions of the gospel texts which were dropped from the bible. The heartfelt resonance I have with some of those tells the tale of just what Humanity lost of our original teachers teachings. That being said I know there is good Christians, just as there are good Humans. Simple as that, one who does unto others as they would unto themselves. (So long as they are good to themselves!) Service to others is a conscious choice of a person who has found balance within, the real “Kingdom of Heaven”

Finding balance is the intent behind the writing of this article. That requires some tough
concepts being spoken of and a lot of hypnotic spells being broken of certain labels,
words and names, and dark magic practices. Also, please try not to forget while reading all this disclosure of what the Draco species have done on Earth..remember that there is service to others Draco souls here as well, more than a few have grown past the abuse their species has made the norm.>>read more…