Self Empowerment


The Illuminati are well aware of Humanities potential to overcome their control. They have succeeded in controlling Humanity by one thing alone, by keeping our individual and collective vibrational frequency low by keeping us in a continual state of fight or flight, trauma= a state of imbalance. This has been done, and allowed by the collective of humanity via many methods over a long period of time.

Centering, Grounding and Shielding practice to re-affirm, claim, clear, Balance your auric field energies for your own well being.

Heart Wave a “New old” energy exercise to practice inner and outer balance that will not only rewrite, heal our DNA but it will allow us more access to it by re connecting us to our higher selves.

Now is the time for this story to come to the full light of consciousness, there is nothing you can do to stop it, or Humanity from knowing what truths we have gleaned from your own hidden in plain sight disclosure, and actions upon us. 

We are all connected- to each other to the planet..some call it quantum entanglement, I like to just call if our collective consciousness. You can use this interconnected-ness to diagnose in yourself where you are blocked, most likely programmed- look to the repeated problems you have getting along with others..