Body Mind & Spirit

We are all connected- to each other to the planet..some call it quantum entanglement…

The purpose of this practice is bring our selves to the present moment…


Shadow “beings” are limited Artificial Intelligence (AI) entities that are attached to our auras, aka spheres of influence via our traumatized shadow aspects…


Chakras, Charlatans and the Saturn/Moon Matrix

Now is the time for this story to come to the full light of consciousness.>>read more..


Heart Shield Breath-work

This is a simple breath work practice that will greatly help you activate and charge up your bodies energy centers.>>read more..



The question of “who?” is the focusing energy of the “messages” is a difficult question to answer tactfully and yet completely. >>read more..


Heart Wave Energy Clearing

This practice is so simple and so powerful! We do not need to call in anyone to help us heal to do this.>>read more..


Nicolai Levashov

His work as seen through the eyes of an American Doctor/Trainee.>>read more..

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