may4th 2017 thru July 2017
*Everyone was talking crap, until today Rv happened blah blah, Then everyone woke up tuesday to nada 1005th time it failed then, but no worries it will happen again wed before 9am or should make it before the weekend if not guaranteed next monday morning, yeah right oops

*Fed scrambling to pay the first 500b of the $1.5t And not let congress et al know they are broke, their bill is due friday.

*They have been following us all around trying to figure out what we are doing, we have been doing sovereignty and first filing is now all in place, approved and accepted globally.
which means it is now recognized as an official sovereignty globally, but for those who wish to do the right thing for humanity, will all be granted parity, so no 1 group, country or superpower will have any authority over anybody else.
Will that mean funding? no funding will come from the trust, until sovereignty has been restored to a nation properly. To include but not limited to the usa,. All has been prepared for all 209 countries to step out of the cabal system and walk a better path, no need to be controlled by superpowers or tied into Rothschilds, rockerfellers, factionss, zionists, bloodline families or nazis, all the paperwork required for sovereignty is prepared for all 209 countries and it can be filed and concluded within very short time once it is started.
sub sov of the trust and 1st to be indep, own banking, asset based trading system not debt based, also own credit card system, kom is seperate entity from everyone else and is a blue print for other countries to follow suit of their template, of how it came to be its own sovereign. all transfers in Kingdom and with other countries now become transparent, cannot steal it or transfer funds illegally. 122 countries now showing willing to replicate the system but they will be a separate entity, each country can still have their own banking system and still work with kingdom as their is a intermediary program between all systems. Also ends clearance times for debit and credit, it will be instant with thsi system.

*Paris climate treaty or bs agreement, deep down in said agreement there is a small clause for the UN, where they feel they have the right to takeover and run as their own, all in ground assets of every country on the planet. It is my understanding all 209 countries have been made aware of this situation and many are taking steps to bail out on the Paris agreement.
Under this clause UN also feel they have the right to have sub bases (aka military) in every country, they are on our soil at this time at behest of treasonous entities supposedly representing America, but clearly representing globalistic ideals.
Rothchilds are pushing and funding the UN into claiming all inground resources globally.
Our team and many others in high circles now have full proof of coercion and payments made by Rothschilds to all individuals who signed off on the Paris Treaty, oops.
Yesterday a LOT of chatter about the Paris Treaty which is not a treaty but an agreement (reason why is the UN has no sovereignty and so cant make treaties) therefore no nation is obligated anything to the UN.. now this today the clowns were back over to the Commonwealth and trying to get something signed off by the royal family. We are guessing that the UN is looking for Sovereignty, which will not fly as we have the power to veto them and did so.

*The real reason for the Comey testimony is the first public gambit in creating the doubt of current administration, with the goal of installing Ann Droid as the new president before the end of this month

*un vehicles were trying to take members of the foundation team yesterday, Govt sent apache helicopters to intervene, With instructions to blow up un vehicles, this was ordered by cabal Americans. UN soldiers on our soil is a direct attack on our sovereignty

* UN claim all BLM land – Phillip was trying to force queen to abdicate and install Charles and he would then sign off on sovereignty for UN.
*We got paperwork from SSp asking for sovereignty? I had never heard of them. This was last week


* Desperation of the Nazi faction and their breakaway group SSp are threatening all in their path and to wreak havoc on the whole planet, with their advanced spacecraft people having been seeing around the world, to date this has been prevented.
Message to members SSp, US Naval space command, ICC, MIC SSp, Sphere being Alliance are all service to self and have no interest in helping the human beings of this planet, only to use as trade conduits via slavery for various nefarious purposes.

* A craft containing both Draco and a hybrid group was shot down over Vancouver Island recently, there is an underwater base just off the coast of Victoria, part of the discovery ascertained from this craft is a major issue that concerns us all on this planet, it is called PPAI or pathological predatory artificial intelligence, or more commonly known as Black Goo, the entire race of the draco are infected with it.
Parasitic entities have pervaded this world for longer and on a more widespread happening than most realize, most have some sort of this attachment and why we stress on doing your inner work to cut down the chances.
Parasitic entities are far more prevalent in negative based people, negativity is the conduit, you wonder why many who listen to this show, now no longer have a desire to deal with these people? once infected it can be stopped, unless the parasite takes over the individuals heart center, at that point it is my understanding those people can no longer be helped, those are then hooked into the hive minded parasitic system.
There are some in here that are immune to the virus, due to different DNA and these are assisting to fix this issue once and for all.

*Pentagon is now split into several factions, some with us, some want to be paid on their dinar, Some with rothschild with or without the dinar as they are on some other sort of “payment promise program”

The joining hands of Langley 1 2 and 3 has resulted in a fight, that goes way beyond throwing pens at each other, the harsh reality is, is if pentagon people don’t all fly straight we are scared they will start killing each other same as the Langleys are doing right now

To the Dinar people you all got scammed by Rothschild, NOT the government nor their peers.

* An attempt by certain people residing on our soil who purport to be Americans, but are opposed to America regaining its former glory where plotting an attempt to remove Trump by any means this week, and before the end of April, things are getting real ugly

*The govt spending bill expires on March 31st and the USA Inc Government is broke, courtesy of Rothschilds banking heist I might add, Rothschild are broke, Chinese elders are broke and yet they tell all and sundry they will fund the RV?

Rothschild, Chinese elders, Asian Faction are all one big group, like 1 big dragon family, for those new or those who have forgotten, there are only 3 real dragons groups, Blue, Black and Green, all the rest white, red, gold are bogus entities, all dragon families have reptilian overlords as their leaders, anyway they have been caught using computer hackers for the last number of weeks, trying to steal money from other countries INCLUDING CHINA

* When UK joined the EU it allowed for a leverage against all the inground assets of the Commonwealth Countries, so right now what is leveraged to the Trust there is around 1.8 Quad worth of CHF, GBP and EURO out there, the Rothschilds et al owe the trust, so, no further leverage is possible further hampering the Rothschilds agenda


* Today.. the Rotten Children gave old access codes for several US Treasury Accounts and for BLM assets.. they tried to access lots of things today via Federal Reserve, US Treasury and Pentagon, All attempts failed.. but not sure what the point of the exercise was.. They also tried to pull assets via the Canadian Central Bank?!?

when they tried to do an asset reassignment of the BLM we sent back a message “This asset has already been pledged as collateral to Manna World Holding Trust by Rothschild , Trilaterals/CFR under the Federal Reserve. No further assignment nor leverage is possible until the trust is paid $387T in full by these parties. USA Government was not the assignor nor the borrower, although they may or may not have received benefit via these channels. We declare USA Government assumes no liability for debts incurred by third parties

Further to this affect, we Manna World Holding Trust assumed all debts incurred by the USA Government to the Federal Reserve aka Debt Ceiling on 5th of September 2012. We have no interest in collecting any debts at this time until further discussions and agreements can be made.
The clowns are “contemplating” another secret bankruptcy of the USA government over the last few days

*China is cleaning house, Russia is cleaning all the Baltic states as they are just about clear of the Rothschilds. UK has for the most part done the same

Vatican has called for assistance to get them out of there too

Most of the other countries are standing up as well, I mention 6 countries 2 weeks ago asking for help to remove the rogue elements, I imagine that has increased since then, so lots going on around the world at this point.

* and then you have the good old USA, So what’s happening here.. buckle up

They forced the new Treasury Secretary to sign a “New Federal Reserve Agreement”

However it is not valid at this point until a vote of Congress comes into play. They believe they still control over 60% of congress, so the clowns think that Congress will not be an issue.

However, they must show assets first. The problem is they don’t have any, nothing, zip, nada.

So they sent people to try to convince the holders of the trust account/collateral accts to transfer funds which belongs to the people over to their new treasury, then the Treasury would transfer it all out to the New Federal Reserve, and Rothschild would then lend it back to the USA.
This is what has gone on for last 104 years, American peoples income taxes which is not a tax, but a voluntary tribute to The Crown of England aka City of London, which like DC is a separate state compared to the rest of the country, that pays no tax and operates under different rules compared to the rest of the country. IRS which is a Puerto Rican Trust and so not an American company is the collection service for the Federal Reserve, which is not an American bank but a subsidiary of City of London, who operated for and on behalf of The Vatican and IMF.
They collect taxes and 67% goes to The Crown, 23% to shareholders who are mainly the same people and 10% operating costs, 0 goes to the American government, American government then has on it imposed budgets that always leads to an overspend, then American govt goes to Federal Reserve and borrows money at 6%, so in essence we the people are borrowing our own money and then they make us pay it back at 6%, this is insanity, and the clowns in Pentagon, Langley and lesser degree FBI either fail to grasp or just blatantly ignore, ignorance is a choice and you have failed your duty to the people of this country.

So apparently the new Treasury Secretary has said this doesn’t make any sense, no shit sherlock, well if it doesn’t you best get to work to fix it.

*Message to the Dinar holders of Congress, Pentagon and Langley you are living in a fantasy of getting paid quadrillions of dollars, I know you were promised 10 to 1 for your dinar and that is the responsibility of the Rothschilds to pay not the American government and subsequently it’s people, so quit holding us to ransom.

Your greed has overlooked basic economic sense, no law passed by Iraq, USA nor Santa Claus will allow for Quadrillions of dollars (or any other currency) to enter the market, it is all about

supply and demand.
The GDP of Planet Earth all nations totaled is around 90 T per year, even $1Q added is 11 times the current global GDP, there is no trade possible even if you included every drop of oil in existence to support 1 Quadrillion, never mind $160Q the Pentagon people originally asked for, or the clowns at Wells Fargo who tried and still think they will become the New Federal Reserve, who asked for $60Q, utter idiots, and you dont need to be a Jim Willie or Sirius Dogstar to grasp that.

They the Rothschilds and Chinese elder made the promise on your dinars and so ultimately it is they who need to deliver, accept there is one major problem, they can’t, never could and never will, how many years have you been waiting for your non existent payout? you have been duped on a massive scale and only your own greed, stupidity prevents you seeing reality,  the dangled carrot awaiting you was always just around the corner wasn’t it? newsflash for all you Dinar holders, the carrot never existed to begin, get over it and suck it up and move on, meanwhile could you PLEASE remember you have a duty to protect this country?

You in the upper management right, now looks like a giant circus to the rest of the world, a laughing stock, they maybe laughing but we the people are not.

Message to the Iraqi people and government, We are in no way offending nor discounting the hell the country of Iraq has been through, and WE do hope their country can once again flourish
WE are only referring to the fake currency the Rothschild printed up, we want to make that very clear.

*Message for all the people who have been promised a government position, promised to be the next head of state, secretary of the UN or any other position in exchange for political favors given by you for free to Rothschild.. Their political clout across the world is waning. They have been working on this Iraqi program now for OVER 20 years, they have been trying to overthrow the Ukraine now for the last 6

They have tried to assassinate or impeach Putin, Trump, now Xi.. Obviously all are still president and will continue to be, so given the number of failures by Rothschilds and their entourage, It is safe to say they will not fulfill their promises to any of you either, wake up and smell the coffee.

So think before you give your resources away to them for free, as doing so would be considered by we the people as an act of treason against our country and every other country.
Think about it, as if the Rothschilds had so much clout, why is it they threatening everyone with sovereignty to sign off on their bs’ery?

* There has been a lot of media coverage recently about Russia, blaming them for everything, this is another of the Rothschild and entourage plans to invade Russia.
You see Russia is one of the most resource rich nations on planet earth.. combined with the former USSR states, quite possible the most resource rich. However, they also have one of the most technologically advanced militaries on planet earth.. You fooled them once 100 years ago, Maybe twice during the cold war.. but they wont be fooled again.
Now Rothschild is trying to use the USA and MSM as a tool to over throw Russia to steal their resources. Why you ask? Because they are BROKE.. They think if they USE USA like a tool they (Rothschild, not the USA) can control all their resources and have money to push the USA further indebt to them. Now there is a big problem with this plan as A) No way will any country win a military war with Russia on it’s soil, and b ) why would any nation spend it’s own resources to attack a nation to collect resources for Rothschild? and subsequently deplete USA military budget and wipe out many of our people and infrastructure? all for the benefit of megalomaniacal Khazarian hook nosed family with their reptilian dragon family counterparts?
So word to Rothschild, if you want to go kick Russia’s ass then you are going to have to get your asses over there yourself and do it, seems your mercenary groups won’t play ball with you anymore either, why? because you never paid them either did you? gave them the same lies as the clowns in the Pentagon, here have some bogus printed out Dinars and wait for the 10-1 payout via the RV. yeah right, not all of us ride the short bus Rothschilds.

Russia does not want to rule the world, No one is interested in another Bolshevik Revolution

However, we all know you do Rothschild, and Russia will not help you. They are still pissed off over all the shit you stole from them. Russia is NOT an enemy of USA, Rothschild are, regardless of what land they sleep in at night.
So the question remains are you going to grow a set to defend your family, friends, colleagues and country men or just remain as the slaves to the paymasters? who oddly enough dont pay.

Message to Generals, Pentagon, Langley, FBI and Government officials, this country and it’s history has been a lie from day one, starting with a fair portion of the Founding fathers and their special interest groups, bogus signing of Declaration of Independence on July 4th 1776 same year House of Bavaria group came into the light with Adam Weishaupt, not a co-incidence, within 2 weeks of July 4th 1776 Britain sent it’s renewed tax tariff for America, which confirms we never got Independence at all, all hidden by the sleight of hand.
Civil Wars in 1812 more bogus bullshittery and staged events, 1871 brought an end to the Organic Constitution, and further eroding of any heritage we had.
1913 the money people decided to hijack our whole economic system with the support of quizlings, and the traitors in Congress and other more insidious rogue elements, some of which aren’t even human.
1917 these people threw us into a world war which was all about destroying Russia and stealing their resources, not to mention eliminating millions of people so they can fulfil their other agenda, rewriting history.
1930 led by Federal Reserve they marched us into a Great Recession for the people, whilst they continued to live the lives of luxury, no sooner had that died down, we where then led into another war part funded by GE and the quisling Prescott Bush whose real name is Scherff, who after being found guilty were subsequently banned from being involved in politics ever again in this country, and yet we still ended up with the absolute evil that is GHW Bush and his idiot cokehead offspring GW Bush and cocaine trafficker Jeb Bush, whose security firm was also in charge of the twin towers on 9/11, IBM, Siemens, Ford, Rockerfeller Foundation, Hugo Boss, Bayer and BMW, all involved with funding the Nazis, this time to collect more wealth in Asia and kill 50M in the process.
Even during the war the same countries who were allegedly fighting each other, where making trade agreements, doing banking restructures and setting up the bogus organizations called the UN.
Since the end of WW2 this country has invaded 81 countries at the behest of these hidden vampiric parasites, be it human or not, at great cost to the people of America in terms of finances, yes in case you have forgotten it is the people who pay for all of your shit, the standing of the country and it’s people in the eyes of the rest of the world, the sons and daughters of our country lost or maimed in battle, yes the ones you neglect after their usage to you is spent, left with adverse reactions to drugs you administered, untreated injuries, no health support, no financial support and those you step over sitting in our streets here called the homeless, not to mention the deaths of millions of people and devastation done to their countries, returning them almost back to the stone age.
All of you sitting there in your ivory tower pushing pens and computers with your phoney badges of honor, message to all with those badges, it is not and never was honorable to kill people, least of all bomb countries with no defense from 30K feet, that is cowardly massacre and to what end? American freedoms, my arse, no it is to appease certain gods, hideous non human entities and their agendas, bloodline families, covens, corporate egregores, occult groups, religious constructs and psychopathic humans whose lust for fame, fortune, wealth and power appears to have no limitation of depravity. That is who you are and what you stand for, that is your legacy to date.
All of the above you should all be aware of by now, you know most of your ET connections are now severed, most of the rest of the control system is now also severed, so no excuse now that you were being threatened or coerced by this group or that, you are on your own now with few psychopathic humans, soul stealers, hybrids and the synthetics, and you still sit there and play the frightened little boy being bullied in the playground? utterly pathetic.
You all now know that you have been lied to every day of your lives, just like the rest of us slaves as we are called, you have recently found out that you are also classed as slaves for the cabal, so you are not as important as you all thought you were, oh the irony, so are you going to continue to live the lie of being important? or do the most important thing ever on this planet and save not only the American people, but support the rest of the world in ridding this planet, of all the evil perpetrators once and for all?
A golden chance of correcting all the ills, time you all took that opportunity up dont ya think?
Remove all rogue elements from our soil first, this can be achieved by staged withdrawal of all troops in all wars zones currently ongoing, and also a staged removal of all troops and bases off foreign soil permanently.
Once rogue elements are removed the 3 branches of military can start a clean up of the damaged areas created by troops in our name, land clean up by army, sea clean up by navy, air clean up by air force and space command group
A cease and desist of all genetic, psychotronics, biowarfare, mind control, cloning, hybridization, abductions, chemtrails, transhumanist agendas and all other exotic forms of weaponry harmful to us and the planet.
Set up, a full on multi disciplined assessment team including some members of the public to analyse all technology available as to whether it is beneficial to humanity or not, if not it should be destroyed
Set up, a full on multi disciplined assessment team including some members of the public to analyse all underground bases for full disclosure on their intent and purposes, and whether from a financial or ethical point of view these are cost effective for the public or the planets benefit, and dealt with accordingly.
A multi disciplined team to liaise with all other countries threatened by these rogue elements, provide support and logistics for them to complete their process quickly.
A steady release of the new technology that has been denied to the people, providing that technology is deemed of benefit by the assessment team.
Ensure swift release of the funds so we can get the many different projects designed to improve this country and rebuild it’s infrastructure.
A cease and desist of funneling taxpayers money into black budget accounts, find all the accounts and return the money back to the American government and subsequently the people via tax breaks or direct refunds.
A cease and desist to all drug and other trafficking implemented by Langley and others, locate the accounts, confiscate and return to the American government to go towards health care.
A full withdrawal of any connection to United Nations, NATO or any other organizations who are sieving money out of this country at the behest of the cabal.
Shut down DHS and NSA they are Nazi creations to spy on us and you funny enough.
Shut down Federal Reserve and it’s IRS counterpart as they are foreign imposters
Restore the Organic Constitution and make necessary amendments for this time
Restore the American government not USA Inc, we don’t want or need any form of labelled government be it Republic, Democracy or any other ism ideology, we want a government that solely operates on the premise of acting at all times for and on behalf of we the people, nothing more and nothing less, the people are owed that much at least.
I came to this country 15 years ago from England the country that has done so much harm to this one, not the people but the same ruling elites.
I have spent most of my spare time for over a decade now trying to educate and help the American public free themselves from the tyranny of UK and others control, even though it isnt my duty to do so, but you do have a duty, to aid and support the American people, and to date have failed to do so, it is to your shame that, as an American born and bred here, that you need a Brit to guide or cajole you onto a better path for your people and it’s country, the irony of which is not lost on me or many others.
You all have an opportunity and an obligation now to correct the wrongs you have taken part in, a chance to do the right thing by your family, friends, colleagues, country and humanity, a chance to set a brighter future for us all, free of tyranny and control systems, free of war, poverty, starvation, poisoning, these are the real badges of honor, helping people not using or killing them. So are you going to be the Rothschilds slaves or the peoples heroes? your choice, please make the right one.

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