open ness and safety, whole raft of information, how the control system works or worked, stealing your souls, property and name and a whole host of other revealings and people want or demand to know the lady’s name? really is that where are thinking level is at right now?
criticism fine, questioning fine, this show is more open than most others, you hear intel and info here long before others do in some aspects, it has pushed the boundaries of disclosure and yet people still look for faults rather than the positive aspects, this plays into low self worth, low self esteem, insecurity issues, we have won but dont know how to claim it, but if I say a name or a piece of info cannot be relayed then you can guarantee 1000% it is a valid reason and not to hide.
this show doesnt hide from anything or anyone, we have questions each week infact each day or night with some members lol, were I am accountable for what I have said, available to answer q’s on all subjects and state whether it is an opinion or theory or rumor.
problem is although not a full excuse is your programming, each of us has different levels of it, so if someone mentions x.y and z as being wrong they dont allow for xy and z to be corrected, changed or the fact nothing or no one is totally dark or totally light either, info, people, organizations can all change with different people owning or standing in, but problem is too many are so rigid in the belief or ideals, that change is almost impossible, lighten up. make yourself open to all possibilities and not dismiss everything to a point where you will miss things as life will inevitably pass you by, there is no change? there has been enormous change if you only open yourself allow yourself to see.
Am I aware of let downs/ failed promises etc absolutely until foundation starts I will always be under doubt as to my input or requests on that front and it weighs on me heavily.

A few of things complained of was the term Kings, religion, there is no island, I dont like the buildings, one day you will all realize you cannot please all of the people all of the time and flexibility has to be a key going forward, or this charade will just roll on until all the families, cabal have died and no one will have noticed, it is we who are carrying on the slave system and ultimately the control system through our own thoughts and actions
council non violence policy
human v human
politicians level
ss trust fund
soul stealing
kom achieved extraordinary
144 nations now actively or considering not only sovereignty but also establishing KOM embassies on their soil
i hope people grasp enormity of what is ongoing
now you all need to get your thinking caps on to create jobs not just for yourself but for others also,
In 1921 the deceptive corporate “Congress” abdicated its duty to control the money and turned it over to the Holy See’s Federal Reserve System to be the Fiscal Agent of the United States Treasury, which promptly ceased to exist in 1924, taking vast amounts of American wealth with it. That did not stop the Holy See and the Crown Agents from pre-tending that the United States Treasury still existed. They just renamed their own shill companies after it, in a dizzying array of permutations: The United States Treasury, the Treasury of the United States, the United States Treasury Department, the U.S. Treas-ury, the Department of the Treasury.

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