sol diers sacrificial lambs to the slaughter for their bogus solar god

In 1921 the deceptive corporate “Congress” abdicated its duty to control the money and turned it over to the Holy See’s Federal Reserve System to be the Fiscal Agent of the United States Treasury, which promptly ceased to exist in 1924, taking vast amounts of American wealth with it. That did not stop the Holy See and the Crown Agents from pre-tending that the United States Treasury still existed. They just renamed their own shill companies after it, in a dizzying array of permutations: The United States Treasury, the Treasury of the United States, the United States Treasury Department, the U.S. Treas-ury, the Department of the Treasury.

Sovereignty for america, no more wars, bases, mercenary groups, no more foreign banks or tax collecting for foreign invaders, no more double companies with similar names (treasuries), no more resources stealing, reduction of or ending dual agencies, it could also end the collection agency on behalf of the crown known as the courts, so no more maritime law
You know who are holding this all up from progressing, The war pigs those in high offices in America with their badges of dishonor, stuck in an old paradigm with a mindset of destruction, greed and unsanity.
To these people and you know who you are, there is an opportunity in this lifetime of yours to redeem your unsanity but you need to learn another word that appears to not pervade your illusionary corridors of power – flexibility.
A flexibility to see a vision of the future, a real future we only recently acquired, but you people continue to remain in the illusion with your fistful of dinars, promises of HD money coming in to save you, RV promises, Chinese elders promises (even though they told you they couldn’t fund it months ago)
Rothschild promises all of which have been replayed over and over like a sick and twisted groundhog day movie, and what’s funny is it all failed repeatedly and still you continue to swing your old paradigm dicks, in some banal attempt to finally get one plan right, news for you – it won’t come right, as that paradigm no longer exists.

I understood you were under and following orders of M all of you and all of the previous so called presidents of this country, promised titles and riches, that never worked out much either did it?
Kissinger told you all what they think of you, expendable slaves that do their dirty work and bidding and in reward you get badges, titles and entitlements, but what you don’t have his common decency, heart, compassion, truth, honor or integrity, you remain in your cesspool swamp like nothings changed, but it all has changed hasn’t it and yet through your own mindless crass stupidity you roll on like yesterday never happened.
The control system you continue to prop up has collapsed in on itself, like a giant sinkhole (maybe that is the swamp Trump spoke of)
All of the clowns have been offered deals to move forward, all refused as they are terrified of the people lynching them, understandable but we can create a directive of a blank slate (except the pedos) and the ones who created the mess can start to fix it.
Top brass military blocking of us moving forward as they wish to control the money supply, like you were told this week, we dont tell you how to run the military (although one could argue we need to given your gross incompetence) so how can you want or need to tell us how to run economics?
Because you know what your economics or lack thereof has looted trillions of American peoples money on a vast scale that literally defies belief, and you wish to run the new system? seriously, many maybe seriously under educated in this country, but rest assured we are not all retards.
You have a soul choice to make generals et al, do you continue with your stupidity and awful legacy, or will you do the first honorable thing in your life and step up and do what you are supposed to do in this country and defend the people, not attack defenseless boogeymen like some fat arsed bully in the playground, defend the people of America, we have been rape, plundered, pillaged, had our health, education, homes, lifestyles and are dignity in light of how the rest of the world view us, all down to your direction.
You have failed us repeatedly since Bretton Woods, invaded 91 countries for no apparent reason than to serve the El-ite, destroyed and pillaged countries all around the world, to protect American freedoms? my arse it is.
Time for you to get out of the butt cracks of el-ites and do something for the benefit of this country and its people, you know the same people who pay your salaries, quit with your half witted plans they have all failed, and will continue to do so.
If you wish to continue being the pet poodles for the crown, rothschilds, chinese elders or the vatican, fine, just go and live in another country where your treasonous and traitirous behavior is more suitable, and leave us genuine Americans to get on with rebuilding our lives and this country, if not then it is time for you all to deliver for and by the people, end all wars, withdraw from NATO, withdraw all our sacrificial sons and daughters back to America, end all bases on foreign soils, end all spy programs in this country and others, we know by now no one is coming to get us, it was all an illusion, you all got played big time, now suck it up and do something decent, your judgement day is upon you and time is short, a legacy of death and destruction or a new legacy of rebuild the country, the people of America and the rest of the planet. and remember the only title you need is in this song.

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