*American govt, banks, pensions and military are broke, 6 weeks ago top brass sold all military equipment to china to stay afloat and are now leasing it back, I mean how stupid can you get? all to keep an illusion of control? or to keep the inbred family of rothschilds happy, how do you think the American people will view this stupidity, puppets on CNN telling Americans we are nearly at war with China over a few sandbanks in their sea that’s not ours, and you sell all our equipment to the same people?

*On Sunday, Well they tried to leverage Puerto Rico’s inground assets to Shanghai exchange and use Bank of China’s depositors against it.
*They tried Africa, Russia, UK, Falkland Islands, Canada, Middle East and USA

*American and Scandinavian based Nazis are on the brink of quitting i’m hearing strong rumors of from more than one source, they now realize in full the chinese elders or rothschilds will never be able to deliver the said RV or anything else, that benefits the EL-ites

Alice Bailey’s book Education in the New Age lists the New Age agenda to indoctrinate children. Bailey’s list includes the following objectives:
“Children should be trained to accept a One-world global government and culture without question.
“Full implementation of the anti-Christian educational philosophies of John Dewey, but with a more eastern metaphysical approach. (like kali and shiva whose statue adorns the front of cern)
“Destruction of the ideals of patriotism and national pride, helping kids become “world citizens.
“Hinduism and other pagan religions must be emphasized as attempts are made to blend them into Western civilization.
“Orthodox Christianity must be demeaned and declared obsolete to the children, while lifting up the New Age “One World” religion.
“The New Age pluralistic religion (All paths lead to God – all religions are equally valid) will be taught as the only acceptable belief system, excluding Jesus’ unique claims.
“Adolescents will be encouraged to force these doctrines on their parents and rebel if the parents do not cooperate.
“Essential Christian doctrines like hell, judgment or even heaven are to be mocked and denied. Rather, karma and reincarnation should be taught.
“Permissive methods of discipline will be fostered, and concepts such as sin and guilt are felt to be unevolved and counter-productive.
“Children are taught that death is not an enemy to be feared or fought off, but rather is to be embraced as part of ‘the Plan.’
“They are also to be taught that people who do not accept the New Age teachings (i.e. Bible-believers) are an evolutionary “drag” on humanity and must either capitulate or be killed like a bacterial infection.
“The model of the traditional family and its sexual mores must be discarded, and loyalty to one’s family must be replaced by loyalty to the world.”

Alternative media battlelines are being drawn
Goode/Wilcock/Tompkins/Gaia-TV faction – backed in part by money from GaiaTV and a portion of the SSP under Admiral Bobby Ray Inman.  This faction was only recently joined by Tompkins shortly after my interview with him back in December 2016.   I know from prior dealings with Tompkins that he does not support Wilcock/Goode information however, it seems he was persuaded to ‘go along’ with the agenda because it contains enough disinfo to muddy the waters.  This in their view is necessary as part of the overall drive to disclose but keep the public in a confused state of mind.
The Tom DeLonge faction – various top military brass are behind this faction including a division of CIA and OpenMinds TV.
The Steven Greer faction – associated with a portion of CIA
The Kerry Cassidy/ Project Camelot faction – a grass roots organization with a huge youtube following (152 million unique visitors with 165,000 subscribers at the time of this writing).  Emphasis on high level whistleblowers with above top secret clearances. Recently backed by grass roots effort by right wing pundit Robert David Steele who has teamed up with left wing Cynthia McKinney on #UNRIG to reform the government. 
A good list done by kerry but is missing the role of the coven people in it.

Corey like david now has his script writers working overtime, writing fake threats to himself and jordan sather, and presenting it to the public via sock puppet Justin deschamps, again classic reverse psychology to deflect the narrative and play on the we must valid as we are being attacked routine, no it is more narrative driven bs’ery again to confuse the public.
Justin goes on the say these fake people making threats are trying to split the community, really Justin? because this Corey and Wilcock bandwagon that you are part of is exactly doing what they were paid to do by the coven members at Gaiam TV, split the community.
I was accused of supporting partial disclosure by some of corey;s other sockpuppets a few years back, again a divide and conquer attempt, we have done real disclosure on this show in a way that all can get a grasp of it, their type of disclosure is a total distraction from the real narrative, which co-incidentially falls right in line with the cabal plans of 50 years before disclosure, so lets make public think they are getting disclosure in a few years, by promoting a pair of egotistical clowns and we can get on with hiding the real narrative, so just how many pieces of silver are you getting Justin?
You may think it is cool currently being with the incrowd of corey and david, startled by their perceived fame, startled so much infact you overlook the basic facts, of no corroborating evidence, ssp are rogue, corey works for fbi and also admitted being a trainer for agencies to troll the alt media, all admitted by corey himself, are you aware of the collusion between Corey and his wife to create a story in line with the Law of One bs’ery to get the attention of David? this was known in the Avalon circles, but you carry on Justin playing their sock puppet, when they have finished with you they will drop you like a stone and were does that leave you Justin? think about it you and they are not supporting disclosure, but mass disharmony based on bs narrative and marketing or lets call it as it is racketeering on a massive scale.

Here is a synchronicity David fails to mention, DW yet again after the furore has died down which he created, he then re-appears 1-3 months later, he warns of fake attack on him via his car brakes which just happened to be a repeat of same incident in 2001 allegedly and yet he failed to notice the synchronicity, and then writes an article that was straight out of 2013 narrative.
A few things that cropped up in the article was a picture of the washington monument to open the article, a very illuminati phallic shaped symbol to start off with Mr. wilcock you, bearing in mind in his last post he outed his past life as the script writer that founded the illuminati, indeed mr wilcock indeed. He stated he set up the esoteric material that would later be used as the foundation for the Illuminati.
Says the Dark Alliance are attacking him, really david? so the SSp are attacking you? as they are the dark alliance.
Comes out in support of another distraction called alex jones, but more significantly has No mention of defending Corey Goode now or in the last 2-3 months when the whole UFO converged on Corey and to a lesser extent you were yet again overlooked of your role in it.
David then proceeds to mention many times (again missing the synchronicity of it all) a CIA operation called Mockingbird and went into great length explaining that it was a mock on the american eagle, no david it was the birdie program with the blue masks, you know it and we know it, CIA may have started and ended mockingbird, but you and corey re opened it and mockingbird became the blue avians or the blue chickens, but you feel free on your marketing plans to create a new episode of Sesame street with you corey and big bird blue avian, so we can all have a laugh.

Appears now David has his doubts about Corey as he has pulled out of the eclipse conference, and also states in his latest article a few times IF corey is correct, IF indeed David, you knew from the off it was bs and along with the Project avalon crew who promoted him and yourself into the desperate charade it is now, you David and your fellow Blue Brethren (not a reference to the blue chickens, BB is a large group of people many of which are famous in alt media for pulling a stunt on the unaware public, with deliberate cointelpro bs’ery ” COINTELPRO (an acronym for Counter Intelligence Program) was a series of covert, and often illegal, projects conducted by the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) aimed at spying on, infiltrating, discrediting, disrupting and destroying domestic organizations considered “subversive”. so it was created by the FBI to disrupt things, guess who admitted working for the FBI as an infragard agent? Corey Goode, guess who admitted setting up IT programs and training people to be shills and trolls for the purpose of disrupting the alt media? Corey Goode again.

David Wilcock is the master of reinventing the narrative when it suits his purpose, those that have forgotten here is a reminder, he did a fantastic piece called Financial Tyranny with Benjamin Fulford that came out in January 2012, yet when I spoke to him on September 25th 2011 he was completely unaware of who Benjamin Fulford was, and yet suddenly within 12 weeks they both write a novel sized book on Financial tyranny, he continued with Ben for a while, then when Ben went missing, David stepped away from him, only to reappear later as a critique for Bens blog.
he told everyone he would be ascending on dec 21st 2012, that he was more special than the rest, wrote books on it and then went missing again for a bit after another failed promise, only to return again with I am edgar cayce, then the family of Edgar Cayce threatened to expose him and all that died down, saying he was losing members over the Cayce material so was going back to ascension, et’s et al.
In the mean time he introduces Drake into the equation, who he said he had personally vetted, but what David kept quiet is, he was hiding under a pseudonym back in 2002 ghost writing articles for The Skolnick Report under the guise of Art Aqua, back in September of 2002 David wrote a series of article of military overthrowing govt, prosperity/nesara packages, mass arrests, militias involved and ET’s, sound familiar? it should do as it was the focal point of a show he did in March 2012, but Drake became an almost Trump like figure on the internet, some liked him some hated him, there was no inbetween, so as Drake was getting flak on the internet, David played the distance game again.
I wrote to wilcock numerous times via email, fb, pm and his blog, for David to come on our show in general and also the anniversary of his interview with Drake twice, he never answered it once, so Drake like Fulford was dropped like a stone, only for him to return and interfere with drake at a later date, again same as Fulford.
David was getting intel from our group on ET’s and also from NK political, until Harry and Corey came along, Harry being Shane the Ruiner, Shane warned DW that Corey’s story was all bs many times, he ignored it as David thought he could use that material to elevate himself into the all knowing, I’m the only one with the intel narrative.
We have covered the Corey issue enough now, but as the heat was turned on Corey David went more and more missing, our show outed Corey back in June of 2015 and so the bandwagon began, ending with wilcock, neil keenan (also exposed at this time) and drake arranging a meeting that went on until 5am friday morning 2 days before we were booted out of CV, of how to get rid of me as the show host, which duly followed, yet again another furore and yet again the invisible man DW did his disappearing act leaving drake to face the flak, getting the picture now?

Now 1/2 of the alt media has decided 2 years later that corey is bs, Randy does a post on it, Bill Ryan another 4 year loop man returns and runs with Randys story and on we go again, but yet again DW disappears like nothing has happened, and leaves Corey to defend himself, like he did with Drake, Shane, fulford, Kerry and Keenan, now he has pulled out of corey mt shyster conference citing he has been too busy or is it the case needs to count all his money he has duped out of the public, from his datamined books and material and bs stories, and now he is saying in his blog if corey is correct, like a politician who slithers away like a snake from a baying public who are demanding accountability, David runs off and hides, despicable behavior.
I extend the same offer to Mr. wilcock as afforded to Corey Goode, come forward and tell people you were part of a long running script with the Blue Brethren group and Steven Greer to dupe the public and sidetrack real disclosure.
*sin eaters and guilt

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