*Rothschild is dumping “US” assets this morning because he realizes that the titles he claims to own to all these assets are based on fraud — worthless — but he is trying to sell them anyway.  I have never seen a more flagrant example of Bad Faith since the Florida Real Estate Swindles.

The banks have been involved in a multi-generational fraud scheme in which they have created, bought and sold interests in property in which they have no valid interest. 

Pure and simple — they don’t have a valid interest in anything they are selling. They are selling the equivalents to Quit Claims to property they don’t own.  Those “US” assets belong to and have been claimed back by the American States and People.  All Secondary Creditors including the Rothschilds are out of luck.

*Rothschilds threatening banks to not support any new system being implemented, but the whole episode was recorded and sent to all agencies and pentagon, to hopefully finally deal with it

*In further news all the people the rothschilds have stolen money from are now starting to come forward, so that is now creating less resistance for those trying to fix things, and also adds to the ever expanding group willing to end the old system of control and make the changes, so people who formerly worked with R’s are now jumping ship

* there has been a lockdown on digital currency, which has foiled the clowns other plans

*they are still trying to fire up old money platforms to try and keep going, using the Hercules platform first which failed, so they are rolling out the Apollo platform on september 1st – that will also fail

* behind the scenes a raft of disclosure that is filtering down even to the lower levels of govt now, so not just the president, is having a huge impact in many ways

*cabal now been told their licenses to the inter banking system has expired and they no longer have access to it

*yes harvey was geo engineered, appears they have new machines now, Gai was right it is in part due to collect more money from fuel, that failed, they forget we remember we have one of the largest surplus’s of oil ever, unless they sold that to the chinese and leased it back.
Weather manipulation had its first US Patent back in 1891 for cloud seeding for rain purposes.
Other more important issue that distraction and event has been engineered for, is the ongoing issue of America being bankrupt and a debt ceiling, they are now preparing a $60B increase in the debt ceiling but that will not just be for the damages of the weather, oh no, talking of war budget and other funding safely tucked inside the agreement in the tiniest of fonts.
They did this with other staged weather event known as hurricane Sandy, which was a hook in more ways than one, new york exchanged flooded and where all the bonds and birth certificates allegedly kept, the increased the debt ceiling then and went to war with it and are planning the same bs’ery again. I expect that will fail also.
Increasing the debt ceiling is purely to keep the illusion going, America is thriving, has full employment capacity, best at this and best at that, back in the real world this country has been stripped of everything, leveraged, black budgets, off shore accounts, rogue foundations, charity orgs reported to be helping the people yeah right pull the other one it’s got balls on. Houston disaster funds dont give a single cent to it, it is going to the same rogues to keep going for another month or two, they will keep engineering these events and setting up collecting off a gullible public, until we realize it is all a sham and a scam. Having milked everything they have nothing left, time we realized that as shut off their bs disaster events.

* Narcissism is the pursuit of gratification from vanity or egotistic admiration of one’s own attributes. The term originated from Greek mythology, where the young Narcissus fell in love with his own image reflected in a pool of water.
* Egocentrism is the inability to differentiate between self and other.
* religio-centrism is defined as the “conviction that a person’s own religion is more important or superior to other religions.” In analogy to ethnocentrism, religiocentrism is a value-neutral term for psychological attitude.
* Ethnocentrism is judging another culture solely by the values and standards of one’s own culture. Ethnocentric individuals judge other groups relative to their own ethnic group or culture, especially with concern for language, behavior, customs, and religion.
U inverse

clones phase out,

we planet pockets of organic

city of light pills wearing off, past memories returning not now although perceived as now, co-incidence pills and shape on pole of saturn were one and the same
What if blue beam was to remind you of past wars?
touching on people and their loved one connections, you are only responsible for you, let go of the guilt you are not responsible for the folly of others, who in reality may or may not be real to begin with, I know some will struggle with that concept, but this whole construct is a mindfuck of epic proportions, beings who traveled amongst the stars with no bodies to feed, pee or poop with, no illness or injury to these meat suits, it is an epic downgrade.
But you are responsible for you only, I said last November it was time to focus solely on your choice and let them fend for themselves, a post this week by one of the members highlighted her worry and guilt as someone close refused to wake up, but wanted to continue with it as it felt like abandoning the person, NO NO NO, let us call it as it is, they have abandoned us, cast us aside as a group of freaks, lunatics, mentally deranged, trouble makers and the classic conspiracy theorist which is a misnomer in and of itself Conspiracy – a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful, theorist a person who deals mainly with the theory of a subject. Do they think for one minute our lives have been anything but hell on top of hell? do they shite, they just carried on rolling their eyes, turning their backs, spitting venom and casting us aside with zero compassion.
All the so called conspiracies are now out in the public eye, how much more do they need to see reality? or is it purely the case they dont see our world anymore?
So I ask again who abandoned who?
For those that still feel guilty you have to remember this is a soul level choice to step out of the illusion, not a meat suit choice.

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