*so we have emergency teams west and north west due to fires, ET’s in south due to Harvey and ET’s down east coast due to Irma, ya get the feeling they are trying to do something here?
You bet they are and then you can add UN troops on our soil being reported they are in at least 8 states and you see the picture. They tried to push UN into Florida today, Trump blocked it
Look this is a deliberate attempt at creating chaos, Ordo Ab Chao it is what they are good at, so they can bring their type of order to proceeding, a quiet 12 years in major storms and suddenly just after USA pulls out of the Paris treaty on climate change, it turns into a weather shitstorm? co-incidence I think not.
Rothschilds group trying to goad us into civil war so they can then print money to cover it and roll out the rogue military, my advise is to stay calm, do not give to named charities they are stealing that as well, predictably fema and red cross not doing anything to help people in Harvey carnage area.

*Hurricane Irma is different in every way, something outside of here is producing it and driving it, it appears it is inverted, we will find out who has done it and also conducted it, consequences will be swift and unforgiving.
Island of barbuda is 90% gone

*Tropical cyclone disruption US 5441200 A patented in filed in 1993 and accepted 1995

* The meeting at Jackson Hole raised a number of issues as the financial panic reaches a climax, they were trying to intimidate foreign dignitaries into making decisions in their favor. appears that failed also.

*Mr. Sino who thinks he is the M1 along with Keenan and at least 72 others, announces himself this week as the king of kings, good luck with that lad.
Says in a speech that the UN is not only for humans, but angels, djinn, demons and devils as well again good luck with that lad.
He is connected to swissindo along with Cindy Kay Currier, likely Karen Hudes and Sino is connected through the world bank, these people are international fraudsters and own nothing, have nothing and can produce nothing, bit like the chinese elders really.
You may also see the term God sky earth kingdom these are the same people and bullshitters.
Swissindo are traffickers on and off world as i understand including children.

*remember me mentioning of an invasion on the Phillipines and also recent events, invasion ordered by Obama to look for Marcos wealth, well that has ramped up again there and it is more of the cabal fun and games to oust Duterte and insert another Marcos, former Marcos was a cabal agent.

*appears from all accounts that someone fired 2 weapons on N.Korea this week, real earthquakes are not at depth of 0 and 1 km

*lots of fun and games surrounding the now legendary and all round comedic group known as the chinese elders, they are desperately searching for a way back into the game, and also fending off irate cabal agents and puppets for not delivering the golden egg known as The RV.

*Has it been made clear to you that Heather Tucci Jarraf, has worked as the IMF lead Bank Inspector. This person has also worked with Jacob Rothschild, to clarify how deep her ties go to the Central Banks, Jarraf has now declared itself as the Queen of Africa, funny how all these people self appoint themselves with titles isnt, like king of kings, pindar, M1’s, judges, heads of state, rumor has it both Heather and dani or daniel arnold McKenney of OPPT are both males.

*floating cities
Question of the day, can clones be arrested?

*But the LORD came down to see the city and the tower the people were building.

6 The LORD said, “If as one people speaking the same language they have begun to do this, then nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them.

7 Come, let us go down and confuse their language so they will not understand each other.”

*It’s like the Chinese Elders, etc.

They HAD the ball, they HAD access to all their funds for nearly a millenia, they lost control just like all the rothschilds etal in 2007. They never paid ANYONE

Every idiot that thinks “today is the day” you are a fool..

IF they got back control you all would get NOTHING just like before.

At least if you went the right way you would have a fighting chance to survive and a choice.
So the clowns are thinking of ww3 to gain control and lets all following the Marduk plan to the letter, like little sheep
The reality is the directive from the very top calls for the Illuminati to all be killed off, yes you the illuminated special ones, your first then we the people in their plans, so like us you have become expendable

*I am going to play two songs now and give some background into them, the opening on the 1st song on the video gives the etymology of the word illusion : to mock, the action of deceiving, the act of deception, a misleading image presented to the vision, perception of something objectively existing in such a way as a to cause misinterpretation to the actual nature.
The name of the song also has an etymology and it is what many who listen to this show are now feeling or experiencing, the etymology says to remove customary environment or associations, 2nd meaning is to arouse mutual enmity or indifference in where there had formerly been love, affection or friendliness, 3rd meaning implies the development of indifference or hostility with consequent separation or divorcement.
1st meaning remove from customary environment plays into the organic/inorganic aspect of nature where many of you have felt you dont belong here, feel this world is wrong upside or backward, and also plays into the 2 worlds separation now transpiring.
2nd meaning enmity and indifference instead of love, affection and friendliness, we have been driven into a world of hate, violence, intolerance and greed and this feels inherently wrong to us all
3rd development of indifference or hostility of separation, many fear the change or changes and this is where the term Stockholm syndrome comes in, we gain love of our abusers as a safety and comfort zone, because we fear what is outside of it, in reality we fear what is inside of us, not outside. Too many of us have tolerated abusive relationships or vampiric friends looshing our time and energy, because we feel it is all we have or worse all we deserve, this plays into the damaging victim mode all of us have experienced and played a role in our lives, we are not good enough, well stuff that because we are, all of us, everything you ever wanted or wanted to be is on the other side of fear.
many will resonate with this song in a relationship way, but all will resonate with it on a soul level, this song is called Estranged and the 2nd song is the answer to it and all our problems. 

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