* As forecasted on this show they increased debt ceiling again and kicked the can down the road to oblivion a further 3 months, Well some deal made about increasing the debt ceiling and funding for hurricanes to FEMA Inc. an American NGO, It is not a federal dept.
Fed are broke so unless they use the FEMA funding for trade over in HK, But the banks have no allocations so that is defunct.

* They didn’t get much in donations as yet drop in the bucket.. they tried to transfer it to hk last night and it “disappeared” – oops again

McCain was talking yesterday during the IRMA updates on how we need to increase defense spending, blah blah North Korea except the banks have no liquidity in any currency – oops.

*We got a call from the “UN people” aka rothchild bitches, asking for $318B because the FED can’t pay the govt through Dec 8 as promised Sorry can’t help.. can help the govt directly but not via you

*Behind the scenes there is a lot of dissent in the ranks, Especially the last week with A ton of skullduggery going on with bitcoin right now, which is all about to crash.
Koreans came up with the Hicoin which they were trying to release on the back of the bitcoin

It started with the idea you could buy like “facebook coins” to play games and birthed into being able to buy real goods In reality it tested the fiat system and proved it is all bullshit The point here is if you have “thomas dollars” and someone will take them for services.. you have a real currency. But in the case of bitcoin the rotten children were trying to make it the next FED Reserve Note. As the TRN were not kicking off  so they tried that for a while and no one would accept as the world reserve currency.


* The NGO and Government have contracts with hotels. They pay an annual fee and if there is a need, the hotel rate is either zero or like 20 dollars, and they have first right to any room.
Marriot Chains (Ritz), Holiday Inn
Same goes with airlines.. So US Govt pays American Airlines 500M per year, And Govt employees, soldiers etc. fly free on standby

Delta charging $10350 for 3 flights miami to NY, people wanting to flee were quoted that flights $199 went to $550

Well they are not supposed to, They should have been free for residents as it is sponsored by the Govt in a disaster area, It’s in the contract, As it is in their contract with American Airlines and United. so Airlines have basically scammed the Govt, and time US Govt needs to demand a refund to all those who had to pay through the nose on those flights.

*storm interfered with on both sides, old methods of interacting no longer worked, required new thinking, katia and jose were steering it.
Winds numbers I think everyone knows by now was bs, naples with wall showing 59 max, that is not even a cat 1.  they even use cats for fear storms i have told you about them cats haven’t I.
more interference whilst on land as was being injected to whip up winds, this can been seen on local radar

* Further to that effect, price of water, plywood and gas went through the roof in Florida, yet again an example of poor behavior of in some cases people or cases cabal money snatching programs, the simplest way to stop this is to outright boycott delta airlines, red cross
*In further examples of poor behavior is the looting.

*Bilderbergs has gained a reputation as the world’s most secretive group of billionaires and political leaders who conspire to impact global events — but reports indicate that they don’t hold a candle to another group that includes a host of war criminals responsible for the “War on Terror.” The group is named Le Cercle. In a report dated Sept. 13, 1982, the German publication Der Spiegel describes it as a “legal cartel” made up of “loyal Bundesnachrichtendienst agents, foreign intelligence agents, reactionary politicians and ultra-right journalists” who played a crucial role in the 1980 election.
The Federal Intelligence Service, CIA code name CASCOPE,
The FISA Improvements Act is a proposed act[1] by Senator Dianne Feinstein, Chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee. Prompted by the disclosure of NSA surveillance by Edward Snowden, it would establish the surveillance program as legal, but impose some limitations on availability of the data.

Places of operation for surveillance and data collection is GCHQ (uk), Fort Meade, Menwith Hill, Pine gap, Southern Cross Cable (NZ), Utah date center cost us $1.5B to build in 2014, and $2B for the hardware. The Bad Aibling Station  which had an official designation as the 18th United States Army Security Agency Field Station, or as the pseudonym Hortensie III) is a satellite tracking station operated by the German intelligence agency Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND) in Bad Aibling, Bavaria. Created by the Western Allies in 1947, it was run by the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) until the early 2000s, when operations were gradually transferred to the BND due to public outrage over U.S. surveillance operations in Germany. As part of the global surveillance network ECHELON, Bad Aibling is the largest listening post outside Britain and the USA. The Dagger Complex is a US military base in Darmstadt (Germany), The complex is operated by the United States Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM) on behalf of the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA).
The existence of the group was revealed by Bavarian constitutional protector Hans Langemann. According to the report, he described the group as: “In the case of CERCLE, which is clearly defamatory,” as far as my earlier knowledge of the BND “and my present knowledge are concerned, a “loose” “concentration “about two times a year and at various” places of conservative- anti-Communist politician,” “publicists, bankers, and VIPs of other professions,” “which originated in the former French Prime Minister Antoine PINAY, and the circle to which guests are invited continues to this day.”
Former U.S. Defense Secretary and President of the World Bank Paul Wolfowitz, former Iraqi Coalition Provisional Authority Leader Paul Bremer, former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and former Chairman of the Defense Department’s Defense Policy Board Richard Perle — some of the most notable neoconservative architects of the Iraq War — are all reportedly members.
Other reported American members of Le Cercle include former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, former Directors of Central Intelligence Bill Casey and William Colby, and former President Richard Nixon after he left the White House. In a report from The Independent dated June 28, 1997, the “exclusive think-tank said to be funded by the CIA” is mentioned because its chairman at the time, former Member of Parliament Jonathan Aitken, was reportedly going to be removed over a libel trial that ultimately sent him to prison for perjury.
Accusations that Le Cercle receives funding from the CIA have been made by Robin Ramsay, editor of Lobster Magazine; and by John E Lewis, author of The Mammoth Book of Cover-Ups. Its purpose is to subvert the democratic principles and processes of individual countries and are by nature ideologically ‘hawkish’ – distributing propaganda, stoking fear of communist plots from Russia, vote rigging and hacking the accounts of politicians and prominent global figures.
Promoting the ‘war on terror’ has been a major factor in their activities of recent years and in so doing broker weapons deals and setting up false flag operations the world over to suit its own agenda.

First they came for the neandrathal, the tribal and native people but we ignored that as we are not one of them
Then they came for Jesus(radomir), Magdalene and their children, but we ignored that as we are not related to them
Then they came for the templars but we ignored that as we are not one of them
Then they came for the heretics, romany, spiritual people, psychics, visionaries and we ignored that as we are not one of them.
Then they came for the Rus but we ignored that as we are not one of them
Then they came for the Tsars
Then they came for the jews
then they came for all the islanders including Samoa, Guam, Mariana, Virgin and Puerto Rico
Then they came for the Africans
then they came for the middle east people
then they came for the asians
then they came for the gays, homeless and mental disabilities people
then they arrived in Americas and they came for our education, wealth, lifestyle, homes, lands, farms, businesses, jobs, security, constitution, rights, justice and our minds, but we ignored all that cos that is all a conspiracy isnt it – welcome to the 4th reich America
then they decided to poison our air, water, crops and food but we ignored all that cos that is all a conspiracy isnt it – welcome to the 4th reich America
Then they came for the children all 1/2 million of them per year, for sexual, ritual, sacrifice and organ harvesting, but we ignored all that as it wasn’t one of our children and again that is a conspiracy isn’t it?
then they came for Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California but we ignored them as we dont live there
then they came for Colorado Connecticut Delaware Florida Georgia
then they came for Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa
then they came for Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland
then they came for Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana
then they came for Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico
then they came for North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania
then they came for Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah
then they came for Vermont West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming
Then we are left with 3 states we will ignore their people as well as we don’t live there, but what we cant ignore is the policy makers in these 3 states District of Columbia, New York and Virginia, they were always the problem but we ignored that as well. Ignorance is a choice now, you have had disclosure but ignored that waiting for someone famous to announce it.
Time we quit ignoring our own little bubble dont ya think, and time to act for the benefit of the all, before they come for the planet as well.

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