We live in a very sad world where everything is inverted, love turns to hate, admiration turns to envy, strength turns into insecurity and caring for people is perceived as a sign of weakness or worse an opportunity to play on them. Caring for people with no financial compensation or gain is seen as something that is dodgy or suspect.
Loyalty to people is frowned upon or shunned, again like caring it is dismissed as a weakness or an opportunity to play games with those who display it.
This group is called THI for a reason as that is the principles I stand upon, I will not deviate from that principal, I will not change to fit in or to suit others, as I feel it is ultimately important for the all to stand in Truth, Honor and Integrity.
People acting within personal responsibilities not just to themselves but to the all, there is a lot going forward with the sovereignty movement at this time and much progress is being made, but sovereignty for a country or an individual is pointless if the people of the said country are morally bankrupt.
When the love of the me, myself and I becomes all encompassing to the individual and we fail to look beyond our own bubbles, selfishness, greed, envy, hate will prevail and tyranny will reign.
They say a govt is a representative of the people, America is viewed as a wealth and land grabbing, consumeristic, self serving and self centered, gun toting warmongers is that how we wish to be perceived? Since when as patriotism been classed as a love of your country over the love of your people? yes since 1933 and the Reichstag fire, built up over there and transported here during Operation Paperclip, do we continue to march exponentially to the tune of the 4th Reich here, or set out a new path for America and it’s people and ultimately the rest of the world?
I see people struggling within our own group and I feel it for everyone of you, people are struggling for various reasons be it health, financial, foreclosure, insecurity, relationship issues or recovering from an abuse relationship caused by a snake in the grass, who has done this to more than one member in CV and THI.
I see people playing the woe is me game and sucking the energy from people, people playing games to disrupt the group, people with imbalanced egos and their, it is all about me mode.
People over burdened with the Truth and the pain that brings, people in the community have absorbed much of the sins coming out of the truth and why I called us the sin eaters.
I see the shills and the trolls long before they out themselves and their true purpose, self serving knuckle draggers who have no purpose in life but play games with others.
Some of these people are even paid to subjugate, obfuscate and distort the picture, those people are completely devoid of any human morals or traits, common decency or sense is beyond the capabilities of these people, lets do anything for a buck like the paid actor in recent london bucket challenge, it used to be pour ice water over your head, this version pours bullshittery over your head, these people make me sick to the core, that they would prostitute themselves to the very lowest common denominator, nice profession to put on your life review CV I was a human sell out. good luck with that.

We have one choice come together for the benefit of all or face the consequences of our own inaction. Big shout out to those known as the cajun navy
I am heartened by the efforts of certain groups in Texas and Florida who made sacrifices of their time and money to be of service to others who are in need, whilst facing a hideous in your face demonic presences, people hellbent on destroying life, belongings and property for their own perverse satisfaction gain, yes you FEMA you non govt org, yes you the UN, yes you private contractors and yes you masquerading as National guard, nazi guard more like, do us all a favor and fuck off you steaming pile of turd. I hate to say this people but we have this on our soil right here right now, time to get real and see things for what they are. This song says it all

*UN meeting Rothschilds have threatened them and nations that if they are not in control of the UN by the next meeting they will unleash germ warfare across the planet, possibly the zika virus.

*so the planes that flew out of California a whole heap of C-130 to spray Texas allegedly for mosquitoes, was not government ordered, they appear to know little to nothing about it and was organized by a private contractor it seems

*SCOURGE (active ingredient: Resmethrin) is a synthetic pyrethroid insecticide. Pyrethroids affect the nervous system. They have been linked with liver and thyroid problems and they can also interfere with the immune and endocrine systems. Scourge contains the synergist (a chemical that increases the effectiveness of the active ingredient), pipernyl butoxide, which is classified by the EPA as a possible human carcinogen

ANVIL (active ingredient: Sumithrin) is a synthetic pyrethroid insecticide, which may affect the

central nervous system. Anvil contains 10% pipernyl butoxide. Sumithrin was shown to demonstrate significant estrogenicity in a 1999 study.¹ at the Mt. Sinai School of Medicine. This means it may promote tumor growth in cancers of the reproductive organs including breast cancer and prostate cancer.

PERMETHRIN is a synthetic pyrethroid insecticide and neurotoxin. It is more acutely toxic to children than to adults. The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has classified it as a human carcinogen and it has been shown to cause immune system damage as well as birth defects.

Note : Pyrethroids are highly toxic to fish, crustaceans, and bees. For that reason, EPA has

established restrictions that prohibit their direct application to open water within 100 feet of lakes,

steams, rivers, or bays.

MALATHION is an organophosphate insecticide that can cause acute and long-term neurological health problems. Malathion is being reviewed by the EPA for its potential as a low level carcinogen. It is toxic to fish and highly toxic to aquatic invertebrates and amphibian

*The Air Force is using naled, which is in the organophosphate category of insecticides, and though widely used in the US, is banned in the EU. The EU decided to ban naled in 2012 out of concern for human health. Naled is already everywhere in the US—health departments spray roughly 16 million acres in the country with the insecticide each year. It’s also often used after disasters like hurricanes and flooding to curb mosquitoes.
The chemical has caused controversy in recent years. In 2016, naled spraying inadvertently caused millions of honeybee deaths in South Carolina, and Florida health officials’ decision to spray naled in Miami Beach caused protest among residents. (Spraying there has continued.) When the CDC send a shipment of naled to Puerto Rico to combat Zika, Puerto Rican governor Alejandro García Padilla sent it back, according to the Guardian. Naled works as a neurotoxin, killing mosquitoes by interfering with an enzyme essential to the nervous systems of both insects and humans. Another study looked at Mexican-American children living in agricultural regions in California, where organophosphates like naled are used regularly—children there had higher rates of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder.

*Trump did an executive order recently opening up federal lands, which can work both ways.
But with events in texas flattening the area, no people allowed back, spraying for mosquitoes or is it killing off the ecosystem there, then declare the zone something else, change the code of the land from residential or agricultural to something else?

*London bs’ery, magic bombs, magic fire, magic damage, magic injuries – all distraction to focus attention away from the other staged events, like I said a few weeks ago these events will continue to increase as each event is now torn to shreds within a day, so they create a new one to take peoples attention away.
where is the information or pictures of the damage that allegedly killed 20-30 people in Manchester, why is the 2 london bridge incidents now forgotten? what about barcelona? see where I am going here?

*whilst we allow the crisis actors and the police thuggery to walk amongst us with no fight back the war against us will continue. I have been saying now for a few years we have to fight back and not with violence, but find out who these people are, find out where they live and have posters put up all around the area, naming the crime and shaming them, allowing them free reign to walk around us, is a failure on our part. Imagine the crisis actor being pointed at, verbally harassed and called out in their own community, bar and shop owners refusing to serve them? this is real activism.
Same applies to bailliffs stealing homes posters around their homes pointing out what they are doing? post the picture of the fake injured red haired bitch in UK like crime watch series, then harass her (non violent please) maybe she will be forced into a confession.

**Under the name “Rosicrucian”, there is AMORC from San Jose, Calif. which claims derivation from the original R+C. Max Heindel from Oceanside Calif. The inner Order of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, Rosae Rubea et Aurea Crucis. The Societas Rosicruciana In Anglia, a Masonic body. Lectorium Rosicrucianum, in Europe. Swinburne Clymers group

*Cultural – Cult = worship,” also “a particular form of worship   Ural is pertaining to Ukraine = Nazi and Khazarian peoples
Cult – ure (“effect, operation, practice,”)

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