*ok here we go this will likely yield a wave of different sets of emotions, something so off the wall but something that also might make sense.
Occasionally I get what I will call downloads of information, is it from HS or another aspect of my own multi dimensionality no idea at this point. but this next piece of information, may bring ah ah moments and may bring wtf.
It comes in 2 parts that may or not be connected as always time will tell.
For many 1000’s of years our sun has been interfered with and possibly switched out for an alternate version that was not conducive to our life here.
The sun as some may or may not know, is a portal that allows things through and into this system and allows things out to other portal suns to wherever that destination is.
Recently we had a solar eclipse and that triggered some events on the real bigger picture scale, they of course, have tried to interfere with that process, well -it failed and we have progressed onward.
In the past week a crystalline orb which is the power pack that has been missing from our original sun for a long time, it had been removed and held underground, for how long i am not sure at this point, anyway it was recovered and was returned to the suns core, what we can derive from this is, that aspect of the restoration here is now completed, with the new organic sun, prospects for organic life and systems should improve dramatically but no timescales were forwarded, so the sun and planets are now restored fully or very close to it.
I watched a recent show on discovery channel I think, were they were at a loss as to why the sun isnt doing what they think it should do, lack of sun spots, solar minimum and maximum now awry, and the 11 year cycle (interesting number) is way off their charts, why? because they dont know or realize the composition of our sun has changed, and old paradigm models no longer work, oops.
In fact much of their old paradigm science models will no longer work either, as time will show.
With the sun fully re- established means the way home is now on the horizon, wherever that home may be for each of you, it may also trigger a series of beneficial ET groups to come and help here, once we have made good on the ground.
So the big question most will be asking is why does it look like hell in a handbasket then, because we haven’t chosen to be the change we wish to see is why, most think it is outside of their responsibility or outside of their capabilities, but here is the kicker and the mind blower are ya ready?
What if all we are seeing is not happening on our world but theirs? I have discussed and detailed the 2 worlds a number of times, since first bringing it forward around 13-14 months ago.
Initially some thought that far fetched and thats understandable, but as time has gone on and more and more of the symptoms of the synopsis have been revealing themselves at a rapid pace.
Well, the two worlds now is reaching a rapid pace and getting more strange by the day, this is literally two worlds side by side, that occasionally interact with each other, but is mainly bled through by the portal people who I will explain about later.
I mentioned about the separation of the 2 worlds around 4-6 weeks ago, this was witnessed and subsequent confirmations received since, well what we are witnessing now is the echo of events being played out, but its not real.
The old world is buzzing through to this world, it’s negative and psychotic frequencies to overlay into our world that nothing has changed, But the issue is the residual resonance of those malfrequencies still lingers on like last weeks curry meal, the curry has gone but the smell remains, and this is symbolic of the residual frequencies that are still around to tune in with your memory set and also due to programming set memory, but once you recognize your own knowing and learn to counteract those frequencies by non consent, those frequencies for you will cease to exist, amd more elements of the real organic world will bleed through into your reality.
These are some of the examples, we have all seen strange cities appearing on the sky line, all have witnessed the increase in synchronicities, co-incidences, the mandella effect, all remember now certain people dying and then redying, all have witnessed major events with large casualties and yet few appear to be actually dead, even Sandy Hook records for the month of that event showed up as 0 deaths or homicides for that county for that month in the FBI database, strange glitches appearing in front of you, increase in orbs out of the corner of your eye, or those that linger for 2-4 seconds, buildings going missing when driving one way but reappearing when you drive back, nazi base appeared in the middle of Australia this year and then disappeared, and the key one, things phase shifting in and out, both objects and people.
We have false flags being reported by the AI media and internet, and recorded date wise before the actual events, donation pages set up again before the events takes place, Fema turned up before 9/11, FBI turned up before the Mandalay Bay incident, is just 2 examples, so where is all this leading to? good question, well here is my download that may explain what is taking place.
All the events are not happening here but on the other world, and is being played out like a movie scene in this world, disaster drills being turned out as real events, no they are the replays of the other world, whose time is ahead of ours (which also may explain how the looking glass technology works – who knows) as the event in one virtual world plays out, they repeat the event into our world to maintain the illusion of non reality inorganic world. In essence it is a hypnotic suggestion to entrance us into their negative world, where the nazis actually reign supreme, it requires our consent to participate to their perceptual matrix bubble, once agreed to and aligned with, it pushes you into their world of illusion.
Who are the purveyors of all this? well I mentioned earlier about the portal people, those that operate to align the two worlds, for the average folk these are your newsreaders, it is they who deliver to you what they want you to know or believe, the vast majority infact maybe all of these so called people maybe clones or the generative adversarial networks which work to manufacture people, there was a video I put out recently that is supportive of this hypothesis, also around 12-18 months ago someone on the internet did a photo page of the many newsreaders around America and remarked how all similar they looked, blonde just past the shoulder length hair, straight with a hair part on their right side, look for yourselves. Is this cloning/ synthetic or a computer generated vessel to read out the news?
To add to the mix of mindfuckery and to re-enforce the illusion, synthetics were added to the mix to make everything inorganic look like normal, to uphold the status quo, making our lives more hectic, chaotic, stressful, filled with angst and frustration.
One of the many things that puzzle me with the increase in phones with cameras, is why is their hardly anyone meeting the so called famous people and taking a picture? The internet should be flooded of pictures of the famous in shops, restaurants, theaters, bars, airports or vacation places and yet hardly anybody sees these people – why? well maybe they are not a part of our world either, with their satanic and cult like groups and rituals, all kinds of reported debauchery, all of which appears to go unchecked.
Over a number of years now we have heard the term ascension bandied about, infact Mr. Wilcock told us all he was ascending on 12/21/12 no ifs or buts about it and yet it never happened, why? because the perception was we were getting airlifted off the planets by some flavor of the day ET, bearing in mind this was 2012 and this date was known as -2BC, as in two years before the BC not before christ but before the Blue Chickens.
Well what if we have already ascended, not in ships, biospheres or carted off planet by some archangels, but ascended enough in our consciousness to bring about the return of the organic world and life that humans had long before the interference of psychotic AI, Draco, Mantids, Greys, Abraxans and the often overlooked and undernamed group who were possibly the worst types of skullduggery, where the humanoid Alduzzani, all of those like the cabal here are control freaks, but also a collection of very weak species, as only the weak formed in a collective wish to control others.
All of them are frightened of our capabilities and chose to entrap us within this construct system, so they remain kings/gods or solar beings in their own tiny insecure minds.
I wrote in CV and mentioned it on the shows several times that January 1st 2013 was their end of the game, yes they loop a cheat on us by adding 4 years up to December 31st 2016, but in reality their stall for more time ended in the summer of 2015, then it was a case of monitoring between then and the end of 2016, which I then forecasted an increase in the unravelling, the highlights of which are as follows, many will be exposed, some who are thought to be good are not, some who are thought to be bad are not either, news will come at us from all angles and much will be disclosed, as we are nearing the back of this year, do you think those predictions have been borne out? your choice
We have been on a stair step of awareness across a broad spectrum of fields, and I would like to think this show has prepared you all well for it, lets look at the main aspects of life here and how things are changing, due to a precipitous rise in awareness, the political illusion not just in USA but everywhere is collapsing in on itself, politicians being caught out with fraud, corruption, collusion, sex crimes, treason and crimes against humanity, all are now being exposed more than ever and that field is collapsing in on itself, so much so now that many see through the illusion and dont vote and also are railing against their politicians. The illusion was, that politicians are there to look after the country and more importantly it’s people, reality is they do neither, the reason we have no organic constitution or real American govt is because we the organic souls have not stepped into it and reclaimed it.
The fix for this is, we the people step up and into those roles, currently we have no candidates only those provided for us, the illusion of voting for their candidates will phase out, provided we step up and into those roles, then most importantly not repeat the mistakes and ways they did, a new way of governing, that doesnt create wars for profit, infact works to eliminate war, doesnt sign off peoples rights, bend over to societies greed merchants, rapes the country and the people of their wealth, but uses every accountable cent towards providing a better living life, not just an existence for all the people.
Religions, again like politicians exposed on a massive scale, add in their worship of the draco lord that is Anu, add in their ritual sacrifice, sexual criminality, child trafficking and their illusionary bubble of religion is it is beneficial to the people, that illusion bubble has clearly been popped to the reality of what it is, is a control system, of looshing your energy in churches largely situated on leylines for maximum output by getting you to worship their lord or god Anu, I would imagine many will feel very sick when they found out they worshipped a lizard and the demonics.
They also worship the fake solar beings as well, look at the word sol ar, given inorganic sun was a mirror effect, sol means sun, now mirror version ar and you have RA, RA god of the sun, my ass he is, RA is also Marduk, it is another one of the titles the Annunaki gave to each other that made them feel so self important and they should be worshipped by the humans, who they see as inferior, essentially they played the role of god/source, a fake illusionary version.
What is the fix for this, well it will be difficult transition phase on this subject, but as more of the truth reveals, as more of the people gain a more spiritual outlook, the desire to seek outside of yourself, which is what religion promotes, will be rendered mute.
Financial system, again a stair stepping of awareness and the aghast at the lengths they have gone to rape and pillage all over the world anything of value and collect for themselves, many of these bankers have been exposed and many more will follow, this is why so many of them have taken the cowards way out and suicided, although some of that list were pushed as well, to avoid them talking and implicating higher up the financial skullduggery scale, Global accounts exposed as real, off shore accounts shredded and now in the public eye, trust accounts exposed for all kinds of shenanigans from blackmail to torture to assassinations to political favors, Rothschilds et al scrambling for funds via donations of bogus events, false currencies like dinars, dongs and zims, creating tokens on a computer and calling it real, false accounting as well, these are all signs of desperation, a recession currently standing at 9 years and no sign of changing (in their world anyway) whilst the illusionary stock market doubles in 4 years, whilst wages, jobs, factories, companies are collapsing at an alarming rate, so we have all gained a strong awareness at the depths and levels they use money and in some cases fresh air accounting and currencies to create an illusion of all is well and the system is working well for the people, clearly that illusionary control system bubble has collapsed as well.
Fix for this is the new totally transparent banking system which is being implemented, along with full and open clarity on all aspects of banking, a release of the accounts to fix the worlds ills and then over time when all is completed and people see money not as a substitute god but for what it really was, another control system and an eventually phasing out of it.
Next on the list has been a more hidden control system called Health care under it’s various guises.
yet our awareness of the vast crimes against humanity have been exposed for many to see, vaccines issue no longer a conspiracy, pharma drugs not there to heal but to harm, and then force you into another round of being a guinea pig plus paying extortion fees to do so, female products, childrens products again all exposed, doctors and nurses who dont spend 1 minutes training on cures, in essence those in this industry have been exposed as legalized drug pushers, isn’t ironic that a black person selling drugs on a street corner is arrested and jailed at alarming rates and yet Walgreens and CVS selling drugs on the same street corner are given prime time advertisement slots.
Fix for this is again a spiritual background coupled with the knowledge hidden in this field, whether that be holistic medicines or practise, so called health machines or for people to believe in themselves as a cure machine, thats right self healing.
Another control system that has under gone a vast change through awareness is the television, 500 channels of illusionary bs’ery, again has been exposed as not only mindnumbingly crass and sadastic mindcontrol, but pushing fake news via the portal people, propaganda on a vast scale, numbing the senses to violence, numbing the senses to lewd behavior and bad language, and numbing the senses to empathy via the plethora of only 1 winner shows, where the winner takes all and the rest cry in their beer, a bit like life really with 1% and 99%.
TV is there not to drive opinion but to enforce it upon you, leaving the majority with no thought process of their own, it crushes critical thinking and engenders a policy of we think for you, you repeat what we say (bit like teachers and military currently really, sad thing is the vast majority of teachers like doctors and nurses have no idea what they are saying or relaying to the children)
The fix for this remove nearly all of the bs programming and tv to become the medium of knowledge and awareness.
Part of the problem here is the memory wipes that have gone on in the past and also currently, the AI and negative beings do not want us to have all our memories restored as this would be all over in an instant, the status currently is we may get back one loop of memories.
All our life force energy that been looshed and harvested over our life time that was stolen by consent trickery, we need to call back all of our stolen energy, a call out from within for all parts to be reintegrated, and then step into the empty roles of leadership, to ultimately take back our world and our sovereignty.
Reality is they thought they could get away with things forever here, but we are not creator beings for nothing, only lack of memory of that fact created this abomination, they never reckoned on us working things out, they underestimated the power of the people, the resourcefulness and never expected a glitch in the matrix to arrive, all empires eventually fall through greed and pushing the boat out just that little bit further, their boat pushing just hit the rocks and is now sinking fast, perhaps that swamp is draining after all.



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