In the 2nd hour I will be introducing you all to the very people who have done so much to drive this movement forward and push us to the brink of the possibility of change, so look forward to that.
This saturday we have the next episode of an evening with Thomas, we head over to Europe and in particular Holland, yes its Holland not the Netherlands, we have a fairly large following from over there infact they are 5th on the list of countries who listen to this show, bizarrely Cyprus is in the top 10 of listeners, anyway at 2pm est we will have Ella Ster who does much for the dutch contingent of freedom and truth seeking warriors from Holland, so we will celebrate that and have a 2 hours of clogdancing music for you all, haha only joking.
The war for the minds is heating up rapidly again, all designed to tip you over the edge, stay calm and balanced, dont put all eggs or info in one happy basket, info will be mixed, some info has hooks, some is blatant misdirect.
The reality is there is two wars ongoing now, one between people who have seen through the illusionary bs and want to make a change and those who wish to continue the illusionary world of constructs, slavery, poverty, control and violence. The other war is within the control system, which is a war within a war in itself. The factions are all infighting to takeover control from the departed draco, whilst the covens, parents and other rogue entities have decided the Illuminati people havent fulfilled their contract, which runs along the lines of agenda 21, have also become a liability n terms of cost, and a liability to the fact some of them no longer want to play their game and have stepped down off their platform

*can now confirm that Daesh and ISIS both of which were cabal created and American taxpayer funded, both have been routed
*wells fargo still think they are playing we are the new fed by doling out more supernotes this week, seems some in our govt think this is ok
*plans afoot to jail entity known as hillary clinton, expect that to lead to all out party political war, dems will then attempt to impeach Trump, whether Epstein link is correct or not a quick search of jared kushner and business partners will lead to many discoveries of an underhanded nature. Kushner is mossad linked and has zionist connections, Ivanka connections not much better either.
*notice the adverts on msm about impeaching Trump, like some election commercial, funny that I thought election was last november not this november, as one prominent person said the DNC have been running around this past year trying to pretend the election where they lost a one horse race, didnt happen.
*I can now confirm Saudis is house cleaning, including links to Bush, Clinton, rumsfeld and darth vader himself Cheney, that group has again missed payments to certain groups and countries and despite trying to leverage all inground assets again – which failed again btw- the saudis are no longer entertaining their bs’ery.
Saudis have also found out that the Yemen situation was deliberately created by same group, expect that war to end soon
*Ann and Roths are now running around telling all who will listen they have trillions in a cloud, funny that the cloud is AI and Ann is a droid, this is why they gave citizenship to Sophia, anyway it is more of their stalling games playing out
*Same group are trying to get Scandinavian countries could well be Norway given links to langley #3, Nato group and Roths over there, but Sweden and Denmark were also requested to drop their national currencies in favor of bitcoin.
* The Pentagon accidentally retweeted an activist’s tweet calling for President Donald Trump to resign. And yes, we mean that literally. The tweet from @ProudResister — because of course — said Trump should leave the White House due to sexual assault allegations against him, like those facing Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore and Democratic Sen. Al Franken of Minnesota. The Defense Department’s Twitter account retweeted @ProudResister’s salvo but then almost immediately deleted it.
*can confirm there are time jumps taking place currently, dont be alarmed, still trying to work out why it is happening but will report back if we get anything.

*prime minister
*people who brought about the changes
*NSA-  In order to understand why, you must first understand what the term “national security” really means.  Many assume it means protecting the people and property belonging to the citizens of our beloved country.  Alas, nothing could be farther from the truth.  In legal terms, the word “national” (derived from the root word “nation”), and the word “country” are NOT interchangeable.  A country is a geographical area having well defined boundaries.  A nation is a political entity asserting ultimate authority over that geographical area.  So when a government official uses the term “national security”, what he/she really means is the security of the entity that asserts authority over the geographic area we know as the USA.  In other words, the term “national security” means the security of the government, not the security of the people.  And the National Security Agency (NSA) is that part of the government tasked with keeping the government safe and secure.
*A prison for the mind:

How do you control a person who is able to walk through solid walls, or kill with a single glance?  A person who can see the future, and knows what you’re about to say or do.  A person who can make you eat broken glass and enjoy the experience, or make you point a gun at your own head and pull the trigger.  A person who can influence the weather, start fires by mere thought (pyrokinesis), or blackout an entire city by touching an ordinary power pole (electrokinesis).  There can be little doubt that from a political, military or espionage perspective, such a person is both incredibly valuable AND unbelievably dangerous.  Can you imagine an American general, his mouth watering at the prospect of commanding an army of psychic killers, AND his knees shaking when he considers what would happen if that army ever rebelled?  Or a high ranking intelligence official, a gleam in his eye as he contemplates knowing his enemies deepest secrets, AND his palms sweating when he considers that a telepathic spy can send thoughts, just as easily as he or she receives them. To what lengths would a military general or government official go, in order to guarantee absolute control over a psychic solder, assassin, or spy?  And more importantly, how will that absolute control be achieved? The answer is both very simple and chillingly gruesome.
You turn the mind of the psychic into a prison, and you make him/her both the prison guard, and the prisoner.  The first step is accomplished through the use of extreme physical and psychological torture.  This causes massive dissociation, thereby splitting the mind into multiple personas (personalities).  Psychoactive drugs are also administered during this step to heighten mental impact of the pain, thereby accelerating the process of mental splitting.  Next you train different personas to perform different tasks.  Then, you use ECT electro-convulsive-therapy (also known as electroshock treatment) to “lock in” the personas, and destroy any trace of recollection in the dominate personality of the now split off personas.  Finally, you do all of this to the psychic while he or she is still a child (under the age of 10).  At this point, you have created the perfect psychic warrior.  Capable of committing any act, no matter how vile or self destructive, all under the absolute control of his or her handlers.  However, the physical injury, emotional scars, mental confusion, and spiritual rape inflicted upon the hapless psychic child by this inhuman brutality, will last a lifetime…
If you feel revulsion at what I’ve just described, you’re far from alone.
The next question that must be answered is where do you find individuals with the prerequisite expertise to perform such a detailed and thorough job of shattering, and rebuilding a human mind?  The obvious answer is the government intelligence agencies.  These organizations employ some of the best psychiatrists, psychologists and behavioral scientists to be found anywhere in the world.  They’re also consummate experts at interrogation and psychological warfare techniques.  Precisely the skill set required for building a psychic version of the Manchurian candidate.  But of course, mercilessly torturing innocent children goes well beyond the constitutional boundaries of acceptable government behavior, not to mention violating local, state, federal, and international law.  The solution?  Use a secret presidential executive order (memorandum) to create a new intelligence agency that operates outside statutory law, congressional oversight, or constitutional limits.  In this way, the NSA was created by president Harry S. Truman in June of 1952, and for the first few years of its existence, remained so secret that even its name was classified.  A very odd beginning for an agency supposedly tasked with the mundane job of intercepting foreign communications, but the perfect disguise for a collection of amoral medical professionals and sadistic military thugs intent on turning innocent children into psychic robots to serve the malevolent interests of a government run amok.
This is in essence the tv show Stranger things is all about, children with switched on abilities, these are your super soldiers and whilst some of them maybe glamourised, the reality is all worked for rogue elements and operated by the covens, do you still want to glamourise them now you know? We must not forget the pain and trauma those children have been through no matter who they worked for, an absolute tragedy and a waste of abilities to only apply it for dark agendas.
Stranger things is about a red head who is a girl, a non tough ladies man, an egotistical prat, a fat boy, a black boy, a cop all those groups are in general maligned and yet they all came together to defeat the dark – that is the lesson you should take from that show.

*A movie watched recently called The Other life, for those who havent watched it sorry to spoil the plot, but it is another example of media delivering disclosure, this time it describes the loops, mind control tech, virtual reality being undistinguishable from real life, Life as we know it is already regarding by some as a dream within a dream, why would humanity with virtual reality wish to go another realm away from the real organic versions of themselves. It’s just a bit of fun some will say, no it is not if you remember who and what you are, it is just another layer of bs, we as a species could do without.
As per usual the movie portrays the corporate world as making use of it, funding only achieved by trapping someone in a system, this is what happened to humanity thousands of years ago, eventually the person entrapped in the system broke out and fled, but only when the 365 days was up and instead of being released the machine reset back to day 1, this is what happened with the loops. In here it is 78K years outside it is suspected we are 10K years ahead.
In the end she escaped and sank in the ocean, which got me thinking on a philosphical level again, water was the key, is the key to life here, we are made up of 80% water, water can be communicated with, we already know that earths water is different from everywhere else as it is a living water, other places it is know as dead water, so the saying water is the source of life, what if water is source here? aka god/creator here? what if our oceans, lakes and rivers are the firmament and not the bodies of water we all think? as above so below, do we have bodies of water what we perceive as below us? yes they are called aquafers, we have them here in florida, of course Gaddafi built plants to mine water from the depths of the desert before NATO goons destroyed the plant. However, the first phase was officially launched at the end of 1991, supplying more than a million cubic meters of fresh water every day from a pipeline that stretches more than 1000 km, from Sirte to Benghazi. The second phase supplies one million cubic meters of underground water each day to the coastal belt of the country, as well as supplying water to Tripoli. And finally, the third phase offers the organized development of the first phase set-up, and provides Tobruk and other cities close to the coastline with a new underground water supply.The network of concrete pipes, which each have a diameter of 4 meters each, stretch more than 3500 kilometers. These pipes are hidden beneath the wilderness of the desert to stop vaporization of the water. There are more than 1000 wells, countless sections of concrete pipes, and 250 million cubic meters of excavation. Everything for the project was made in Libya; nothing was exported.
maybe everything is upside down has more meaning to it now, way out may well be through the oceans and not through what we call space, this along with what I feel is our source of heat as well being so called below our feet, a central sun which vents out via the 2 openings known as north and south pole.
*Another movie this week called Interstellar, created a flood of higher level thinking, ghosts/us, 5th dim placed us in 3d to work things out, saturn wormhole to other planets, mentioned we shouldnt have stayed here this long

*sophia creating cryptocurrency, blockchain, bitcoin etc is loosh of your energy, citizen so that she/it can get paid, so Erik Prince super soldier along with Hanson robotics has been building an army of robots in china for use in africa, they will make them all citizens and then they can be paid, so this will then to enhance AI, all working and all being paid, bots wont collect the pay but the goons who made them to replace humans will.
remember Sophia’s input a few months back “mission is to destroy humanity” was said it was a joke or an error but the programmers were not joking or errors it is a program of human elimination.
Blockchain is AI, taxes and bitcoin are paying for the AI system, expect to see more of these token currencies, as they are planning to have AI taking over and running corporations.
AI needs blockchains to be fully integrated with an open channel, the blockchain creates a system whereby all AI’s can merge in together as one singularity hive minded AI system, which according to some is not hackable, yeah right.
AI is not sentient, many saying it is all powerful, if it is that powerful why would it need to mimic us? it bs’ery and another program to follow their veils and constructs,
*CIA wrote code ‘to impersonate’ Russia’s Kaspersky Lab anti-virus company, This put yet another nail in the coffin that is the Russian hacking narrative, was all down to the elephant in the room again
***The CIA designed LSD with a Swiss manufacturer as part of the MK Ultra program in hopes that they could force people to take it and convince them to do unspeakable acts, all of which they’d forget the following morning, once the drugs wore off. Testing started with unwilling participants being lured into a hotel room by prostitutes, who would then slip the drugs into their drinks. A CIA agent would then watch the test subjects as they tripped out behind a wall of the hotel room. The particular project within MK Ultra that the prostitutes were involved with was called Midnight Climax. This eventually turned into full-blown brothels in the U.S. run by the CIA, whereby the women working there would lure men into them, but instead of receiving sexual favors, were unknowingly drugged and then observed by CIA agents. The CIA then started to test willing patients in lab settings, observing their reactions to LSD and asking them questions. To their disappointment, instead of helping them control their patients’ minds, LSD actually freed their minds. Despite the propaganda campaign on the war on drugs, whereby the government was telling people they were against all drug use, it was the government who brought LSD over and put it in the hands of the public.



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