*Both agencies in the UK MI5&6 (mindless idiots) have now fully committed themselves to the Rothschilds clan, humanity sell outs

*war is ongong within Langley but not how reported on the internet 100%bs, we have the Bush group and MI5/6 from UK taking on the real Langley people aka not clowns

*Roths tried to file more papers in the UK – that failed, so they tried it here and were told to do one, so then they tried to kidnap prominent members of our team, that failed also

*the fake bills also known as supernotes is now all over the world and stands around $78B and climbing, sadly for some to hear but not a surprise to me I have warned over them for long enough now, but appears our military is involved in the fake bills operation as the planes carrying the notes are all unmarked and have no tail numbers, from all reports they can fly around America, but there is a block coming into America, this may explain incident cover story in Miami this week.

Also involved in this operation is group formerly known as Blackwater the mercenary group.

These notes are being printed here, Taiwan, Ghana and Switzerland and being distributed in unmarked white vans.

So why and how are they printing, well it was suspected Rothschilds stole a load of printing paper out of Bush Ranch last year, coupled with the fact that the 2 main printers globally are The Fed and a company called De La Rue which is a govt services agency, both are owned and controlled by Rothschilds.

*A big problem in some areas globally currently including here, is crimes are being shown to and witnessed by alleged authorities and very few in most cases and none in some cases are being followed up on, for fear of losing their jobs or heads, this will roll on forever unless crimes are brought to justice, no matter who it is committing them. The fact the FED continues to print despite their contract expiring 8 years ago is unacceptable in this country, time for military, agencies and judges to get some backbone me thinks.

Happy Thanksgiving day for those who celebrate it, to those who know real reason of today and dont celebrate it, it is called Unhappy for the Genocide of Native Americans day.
Of course tomorrow is Black Friday, the day when materialistic synths line up days and hours before to spend money they wouldnt have done normally on the promise of bargains, to me it is a day to show that we are being ripped off every other day of the year, because if they can sell stuff at that price tomorrow, they can do it the rest of the year.

*Well, today is of course declared Thanksgiving day here in America and is declared a national holiday, of course at these times the portal people media focus on the military guys being away from home and how the public should honor their sacrifice for the nation and the United States.

Many listening to this show would think the last line is all fine and dandy, nothing wrong with that most would say, but lets peel back the layers of propaganda and look and see if that, is all ok.

Nation comes from Latin term natio which means birth, spelt birth but really meaning berth, so meaning there is no land only the water, hence maritime laws, nation can mean 2 things state or sovereignty which is a government which controls a specific territory, which may or may not be associated with any particular ethnic group, Country a geographic territory, which may or may not have an affiliation with a government or ethnic group, in other words they are not connected to the govt of the country and so by definition dont apply to it’s laws or regulations and so they create their own. Depending on the meaning of “nation” used, the term “nation state” could be used to distinguish larger states from small city states, or could be used to distinguish multinational states from those with a single ethnic group.
United States means federal union corporation aka government services group, not for and by the government but a completely separate entity that because under a nation status again is not obliged to operate under the rules of the country. Look at definition of federal govt, the system of government as defined in the Constitution which is based on the separation of powers among three branches: the executive, the legislative and the judicial. This system provides a series of checks and balances because each branch is able to limit the power of the others, well you know who the others are, not the branches limiting each other, but limiting the people, So the United States is nothing to do with America, it is a private control system that operates not only govt services, but rules over banking, military, politicians and judicial systems for their benefit. US is a coup on the people.
Then knowing all that we come to the final term, soldiers performing great sacrifice for their nation, what civilized society ignores the implications of that word sacrifice, I know we all miss impacts of words on a daily basis, but knowing what you all know by now, is the term sacrifice now understood in the correct way, let me put in succinct terms, soldiers as in soul diers are sacrificed for the great satisfaction of the ancient bloodletting satanic gods, the same gods over 1/2 the bloody planet worship, since when do we as humans sacrifice anyone of us for others benefits? and what do we get in return for sacrificing our people? zero that is beneficial and a whole heap of bs’ery via mind control, dark magic and other heinous experiments, all for the benefits of the gods, really F that and stand up for your people, no matter which created border called a country is from, which bogus god they worship, which gender, race or sexuality and lets take on those who so easily sacrifice our sons and daughters in the name of not freedom but profit, loosh and general mindf’ery.
Time for us all to not see pride in our sons and daughters pretending to fight for freedom, it is all bs, time for us all to see that handing out medals for killing people is not a reward or something to be proud of, it is a complete degeneration of what it means to be human, these are not our inherent traits, these are the mode of those that interfered with this planet.
No country was ever worth fighting for, but what is worth fighting for preferably in a non violent way is all people and this planet here now, they are worth protecting not destroying.
Time for the people of this country to demand a full return of their loved ones from all bases and operations around the world and bring them home to heal and rebuild their lives.
The soldiers have been lied to, tricked  and poisoned long enough, time for them to come home, and a total end of this illusion we are fighting for freedoms, fighting for freedoms in countries that have never attacked our home soil is the illusion game that has played on for far too long,  time we demand all soldiers to return home to their families Its time to disturb our sound of silence.

*homeless person story teaches us lessons in humility but also not to discount anyone based on status, same applies to benefit people – working for 35-40 hours a week for an extra $20-30 less travel costs, means people lose out by working, now most would say they are cheating the system, you are wrong in thinking that for 2 reasons, people will say we need to lower benefits then to force them into work, have you ever tried existing on benefits? no the issue is we have to increase wages, not lower benefits -technology role – It was Lord Adair Turner, the former head of the Low Pay Commission, said “The UK over the last 10 years has created a lot of jobs, but today real wages are below where they were in 2007, recent budget report states wages will be stagnant until at least 2022.

*internet bs rampant again – marine in langley, indictments totting up and JFK files released all bringing hope, except no marine in langley, indictments are classed as pending until brought to fruition and we see who, and JFK files to date have not rendered the real guilty parties, all smacks of diversion and distraction to me. Sean Hannity in on the act with tick tock on Monday, well Monday came and went and unless you are interested in more mudslinging of a political nature then I’m not seeing the fruits the internet has all promised, as much as I would like Langley raided and other things to play out, if it’s not the truth I will say so, we’ve had far too many hopium stuff over last 6 years, this show will not be adding to it.
There is much ongoing even in MSM to see changes are being made, presidents, prime ministers, politicians, princes et al all being ousted and hopefully replaced by better versions with the balls to stand their ground and resist temptations of wealth and titles the cabal will proffer up, and instead take the fight to them and bring them down to their knees.
*pope announces Jesus is metaphorical not literal
*Ever notice that none of the people promoting or involved in the RV bandwagon associate themselves with the Roths or the cabal, when ALL of them are, knowingly or not.

*Prince William announces he like his meat rare “I like it quite alive”

*robot doctors being introduced now, their technology dream world is gathering pace

*US 5th fleet navy destroyers playing bumper cars again, plus transport planes falling out of the sky over there

*google rolled out mirror site el goog which reveals more of the word magic, goog le go is mirrored go og, Go is an open source programming language that makes it easy to build simple, reliable, and efficient software. le mirrored is El which means god

*the media bandwagon jumpers now running amok on people with bad sexual habits, Franken, Conyers, Barton, Spacey, Rose and Moore is latest, though suspect latter maybe more to do with a tax vote than actual correct allegations.
Now a lot of these allegations have merits but maybe the cynical side of me questions certain disclosures, but I suspect some of these allegations are financial oriented, if all these people have been molested in a certain way, why on earth have they waited until now to complain? Alt media has been around long enough to create a platform for them to expose the filth. I just suspect some of them are using it to gain popularity and another stage to perform from, plus the prospect of a big pay out in court. I hope i’m wrong and dont in anyway wish to play down the hideousness of sexual deviancy if proven correct, but cabal have often used sex allegations to remove certain people they want out of the way or have no purpose for anymore.

*DOJ going after M-13 gang formerly known as the cripps, cripps recently have been working for the bushes

*The main issue is that anything that comes close to a black hole is sucked in by its immense gravitational pull, which is so strong that not even light can escape – what is known as the ‘singularity’.

Double V or egg timer, we came in with width cone consciousness and it narrowed. what if you add to v’s east and west you have the sign of the cross, which is our own crossroads in some aspects, your soul choice will determine the right path to make for you, no choices are right or wrong, it all depends on your own level of development.
Russian dolls connection is a similar theme but our rise in consciousness, is expanded not outward but inward
Boxes, 1 recognizing you have imprisoned your own mind and breaking out of that with critical and analytical thinking, not following latest fad, program or path but determining your own course based on an arising awareness of what is real and what is illusion
conciousness focuses inward not outward, and then concentrated thought becomes a singularity of limitless potential
Box 2 the programming section made for you by the cabal/el-ites recognizing that and breakthrough it
Box 3 the construct recognizing that and breaking through it
once those 3 completed the 1st being the important one your own box of limitation, little me and narrow thinking, you are then faced with the singularity choice which is a membrane, breaking through the membrane is a key juncture for you all, and you must be prepared and ready to make that leap, breakthrough the membrane and contact with your whole self with the possibility you are heading home wherever that maybe, go back in and help others to escape or hold the gateway open to make available to others, this stage will be fraught with dangers as you can become trapped outside the membrane and may want or need to go back for others, be careful in this zone as it can lead to sleep death if trapped in the void.

*black hole pulls in singularity/zero point into a white hole emits out, When the torus is in balance and the energy is flowing we are in a perfect state to clear ourselves of anything that is ‘not self’ anything that prevents us being our authentic selves. A singularity where the law of physics no longer applies
singularity is choice section, where everything is and yet nothing exists, an empty void or an empty slate to then go on and create your new path.
This ZPE occurs at the junction of the white hole and the black hole where there is what is known as the Vertex.  The ZPE energises and enlivens living organisms.  It neutralises harmful frequencies. It increases spiritual awareness, a sense of oneness, and is in our higher consciousness.  This is ostensibly a void of no-thingness yet it contains full potential to create.
What if the you reach the singularity in your evolutionary development in this body? what if the planet reaches it also? reason I say what if is, what if the singularity is source? a void in space where your soul has the chance to recharge, assess your own development and not some fake god sitting on a cloud or at gates deciding your path, and then take one of the 4 opening of the cross, could that be the 4 elements, 4 horsemen, 4 winds

*memory wipes stopping your expansion of knowledge and retention, an expansion of knowledge fills in the void created by the mechanism, so increasing your memory to both collect the knowledge and retain it will automatically collapse their mechanism of control

*new theory to consider moon is nibiru/brown dwarf, self illuminating, most systems have 2 or more suns, full moon makes no sense at night, what if the moon was the 2nd sun and was being fed on by the parent star where all the 2nd suns matter is drained into the bigger star, what if when it neared the end it broke free or was landed on and taken over, it is already hollowed out in some ways due to the lost matter to the parent star, but some remnants of minerals and energy will still remain, what if an advance civilization with mining capabilities then took over dormant 2nd sun and converted it to a control space station, beings with that type of advanced knowledge and tech can also use masking technology to make the moon appear as is when he looks vastly different, by using the firmament layer to project an image.
At the end of the event the original had a fiery ball that could have resembled a dying sun, now if you see the series the fiery ball is more brown with small amounts of fire, why did they change the ending?

*lots of talk about dark magic and balancing it with white magic, so most people think because we are good and of the light we can use white magic in the same way as they use dark magic, do you think that makes sense? me either, dark magic is external magic sent to upset the balance of others who are their target, if we use magic for the same purpose as they have is that not then black magic and not white? maybe white magic is not meant for external use but internal use?

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