*watch for events unfolding in Alabama, all is not what it seems, think fraud

*New York event was as predictable as night following day, 2 reasons Iraq announced the end of ISIS control and financial failures reared up again, both are connected with NY being financial district and also the rogue UN on our soil. a distraction or a petulant attempt against the public the day they failed to deliver their RV again, except now we have a big issue in this country.
back in september when budget was kicked down the road for further 2 months which ran out 12/12, and a further extension was done last week and runs out next week, extension was for them to deliver the RV, 13 months now America has been running on credit on the provision that the RV would be forthcoming from Rothschilds and Chinese Elders.
land of confusion
This is why everything appears difficult to nail down in a defined group, I criticize Langley heavily but there are elements of support in there, same applies to Pentagon, UN, US Inc military.
Even the former Illuminati are split now into the 5 factions, overall they still want to control us and the planet, but we are getting some benefit from it, as they take each other out.
The days of “the white hats” and “black hats” are now gone, defining who is who is not so easy on this world anymore.

*I came across something very interesting this week when Prince Harry and Andrew along with Princess Anne were awarded or enrolled this year as Knights of the grand cross, no surprise there, elites love their titles and honors they award to each other, so we can marvel and pedestal them above us, except this entrance of the gran cross came under the order of isabella the catholic, this is a Spanish award. UK is the Church of England which is protestant, and here we have 3 prominent members of the so called royal family switching allegiances.

*California non burning organic and no death is suspicious in itself, evidence of synths?

*How time flies it is 5 years today for the infamous Sandy Hook false flag event, 5 years on and still no corroborating evidence to support their claims that 20 children and 6 adults, 1 of which turned up in a radio show the afternoon after the event and then turned up at the Boston Marathon false flag event. Question remains is where is all the donation money? who benefitted?

*Earthquakes in Delaware recently and also near Fort bragg things that make you go hmm

*Anna Von Reitz raised issue of US Army in control here, either that is a mistaken statement or a deliberate attempt to deflect.

*I have highlighted issues surrounding these alt media conferences (the bigger ones) and issues of people being attacked physically and energetically, it is a big problem.
I warned people to stay away from super soldier based groups like Bases project with Miles Johnson for same reasons.
I get why people go as they feel part of a greater community, a chance to meet the people who they have read about and or seen on videos, but it can come at a great cost for those not sufficiently aware of the dark arts and magic.
The reality is alternative media has been hacked and is driven for the public face as a money marketing ploy, sadly all too often that works for many, be it the speakers or the participants.
So where did this program all start? well you have to go back to late 1800’s and Madame Blavatsky who practically wrote the program for the new age movement, which was carried on by Rudolph Steiner and also Crowley. A watered down version of the religious program, which they knew back then they were going to collapse the religious program and proffer up a new directive, as they would never be able to achieve 100% followers to a reptillian aka the serpent race, so everything became masked in symbolism, that once you see you will wonder how you missed it.
In some parts it is a total distraction from the power of the self, and in some aspects religion and new age can provide that for you, but they are just the hidden hooks to pull you in, humanity once pulled in is then in trouble not from the program, but from ourselves, and the prime reason is we don’t like being wrong and will steadfastly hold onto that wrong path, even when our intuition is screaming at us to let it go, we have all done this aspect of the program to ourselves, the question is how far do you as an individual go with it? some go there whole lifetimes mired in religion and Jesus is coming to save them, but what if everyone reincarnated is Jesus or Mary? who saves you then? so, do you blindly carry on or listen to yourself? Here is a few examples of the self questioning your belief system whether that is religion, new age, political or main players in alt media, the minute you start asking questions to others on that subject, is when you need to look deeper into that aspect of what you are following, when you start staying some aspects of this, his or hers narrative doesnt make sense, then it is your sub conscious trying to poke out into the conscious realm, that you as an individual needs to look deeper and with a total blank slate and look at the information again. Recent example is Trump, I warned back in 2015 of his known links to AIPAC of which his son in law is one of them, people didnt want to hear it, as they had set their heart on Trump the outsider coming in and cleaning the swamp, with political rhetoric that people wanted to hear like America first, but here we are near 12 months later and how much has gone down the swamp? has Trump pulled all our troops back to safety or has he increased troops in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and also threatened the world with nuclear war over North Korea, is that what the people wanted? Then he plays his trump card pun intended and gets right in bed with the Zionists agenda of Israel claiming the capital of Jerusalem and ultimately leading to a caliphate for the whole of the middle east, wall height and length will increase and serpent race will rule from there again as the NWO with one world govt, one world currency (fresh air tokens) and one world religion where we all bow down to the lizard people, don’t believe me? fine but look into the possibility and see what has unfolded over last 100 years, all of it is centralized into one region? because Jesus was there 2000 years ago? If Jesus was that important why have they changed his name? letter J never came into our language until 14th century. I give pointers towards things but unless it has a darker agenda will not impose on others who choose to follow Alex Jones, Kent Dunn, Larrabee and even some aspects of the narrative of Drake, but others like the Blue Chicken group, Super soldier group, channelling groups and Keenan with his background of reptillian ran Dragon groups and backed by Langley, then I will be more forthright on those groups, ultimately the choice is yours of what you choose to read and or follow. The problem we face is again largely self imposed by the label being awake, and yes we all are, but let all of us not make the mistake of thinking because we are awake we should know everything, that is not fair on ourselves, people will think I have a vast knowledge base which I have to a degree, but I learn something new every day, lots fit into the information I have presented, but sometimes it doesn’t, I dont ignore that difference I look into it for greater clarity, it is more important for me to get as near to the truth as possible, than me being right. Sometimes being too right can cause frustrations – ask Chloe, but ultimately this show is geared towards all levels of learning, and us all striving towards a goal of truth, honor and Integrity, not just me.
So, back to the topic and the hijacking of our movement, the money marketing ploy like I said is just the surface, be it with conferences, donation funds, selling magic crystals, magic stones, accessing your akashic, free energy machines, healing machines, a plethora of various types of readings, chakra removal, entity removals, buy my books and videos many of which have been plagiarised, fix your kundalini (which is the symbol of the serpent I might add) the list goes on, then add in a more sinister money marketing ploy by installing agency stooges throughout our community to pedal a plot that we have been fighting against, by pushing dinars, zims and dongs that were largely the spoils of war but also part of their bogus printing scheme to get rid of them by selling them to the very people threatening their empire, with a promise of untold riches if the RV is established, so now the people who were fighting against them are now playing the game with them, all very clever, but also shows how easily the awake people can be fooled also.
There are deeper layers which the deeper you get becomes far darker and resets your whole reality belief pattern and this is where the conferences issue comes in as most people are going for the information and an excitement factor of meeting some who are considered famous, but it is a vipers nest of hidden entities and dark magicians the majority of people dont believe exists or block off the reality of due to fear or knowledge limitation.
Dark magicians come to these events because the people attending are seeking the hidden knowledge that has been denied to us, so you are more open in your head space to accept this not new knowledge but relearned knowledge, but some of this knowledge has been repackaged to cause more distraction and confusion, this is where the dark magicians come into play, by messing with your head and sidetracking your path, djinns are also heavily prevalent in these events and they are there to infiltrate you and influence your thinking process and send you unsane, or into a period of self doubt, which is a big problem everyone of us faces daily, so it plays on our weaknesses.
Demon spirits are then called on to add further layers of distortion, then you add in the agency people spying, hybrid entities and the occasional shapeshifter and you have immersed yourself into a 3d version of the lower astral night realm.
Part of the issues to do with connections to project camelot and more in particular project avalon is they are using their influence to bring forward people not only to expand their money marketing program, but to find out which in the community have started to access their abilities, people who have had strange experiences that will help others explain there’s, both groups moreso Avalon between Bill Ryan and Simon Parkes was finding out who is who and more importantly who has abilities or past memories, that information is then passed to their contacts and then those individuals then become a target of attack from the hidden demons, magicians, djinns etc, the problem is most don’t think it is possible and so your barriers go down and your whole energy vessel becomes open to looshing and worse.
My issue with Corey is not so much he is bullshitting over Blue Avians, whether Blue Avians exist or not is not really that relevant, so if that is all he is pushing I personally would just ignore it like the Sam Muggzi shows. but my issue is the deeper layer that are knowingly operating in of running a program for the covens, covens are all dark magicians, so now you can see the issues merging with these conferences. Corey’s sidekick or handler Wilcock has been running this program far longer, that clown was stating mass arrests and RV/Nesara type programs back in 2002 under the pseudonym Art Aqua, my issue with him is not that he is bs’ing people but he is pushing a harvesting style program implemented by RA the fake solar god and his law of one (yes law of their one world govt, one world currency, one world religion all under the control of the serpent race) Wilcock admitted himself this year he inadvertently wrote the program for the cabal in a previous life, inadvertently my ass Wilcock, you think you can fake who you really are, we know) in the contact in the desert advertisement board it stated they were going to plant the seeds for the children over next 3 years (funny that having mentioned in op-ed piece week of 2020 being a key time) so what happens after you plant the seeds with law of one and RA, you harvest them, now can you see where I have issues with him and Corey, it’s all there once you can see.
So, the choice will always be yours of whether you choose to go to these events, but unless you are stacked with abilities, you do leave yourself wide open for full scale attack, this can be a mild dose of headaches, but also various stages of possession or full scale takeover of the vessel, none of these ailments are cured by drugs pharma or recreational, cant be cured by a doctor, nurse or hospital, only a very few have the ability to cleanse you out once infected.
We have to be aware that the alternative media is now being used as a tool for the sleight of hand people to drive not only policy, but to deflect it as well. Get rich quick schemes, no the only people who get rich quick are them, and at our expense, I know many are struggling and the temptations are always there, but we have to be more clever. if synths want to chase lost causes and ponzi schemes let them be, but let us not follow their example.
Pedogate was started by the alternative media and driven to a point whereby they had no option but to address it, they addressed it by using our drive to force it out into the open, and they then tailored an agenda to it to force it further and remove the elements they no longer need or can afford to pay for anymore. Some may disagree with that analysis but it is how they operate, we have and will get benefits from it as the faction war gathers a pace, but we must also be aware we are being used as a tool as well. To the goons in our community playing for their side, question remains is how long before they sacrifice you?

Our Anu who art in hell, we are not in your name, the kingdom of manna has come and thy will be done, on heaven and our earth.
Give us this our daily bread, forgive us our sins, as we forgive the sins your people did to us,
Leads us not into temptation, and deliver us from your evil
for thine is the kingdom of manna, we have the power and the glory, for ever and ever, and you can stick your Amen (Amun) where the son dont shine.
People of Earth (Heart)


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