There are times in life and history when the difficult choices have to be made and endured, nobody particularly likes difficult choices or circumstances thrust upon us, as most of us have at various times feared what happens next?
Many of us have faced these scenarios many times during our lives, with no doubt varying results, many of us also have taken on the guilt of those decisions no matter which way the scenario turned out.
Many of us have also replayed events in our lives and wondered aloud, if only I had done this or if only I had done that, it may have been a different outcome, well inspite of all those trials and tribulations, we are all still here, all still fighting and all have a will or a desire to facilitate a positive change on this planet for the benefit of the all.
Nobody can take that away from you, no matter what the world and the evil intent lingering, largely hidden in our midst.
We have all taken the difficult path, one with many pitfalls, but from the day you realized yourself that something is not right with this world, and endeavored to find out why, you in your own way altered the course of not only yourself, but also history.
So, off on your journey you went learning horror after horror, new versions of history, new ways of looking at things and unlearning the bs’ery we have all been fed all of our lives.
It was and has been a painful and costly process, I called us the sin eaters as we absorbed all the hideousness of unspeakable crimes committed against humanity and the planet, most of which defied belief, we have all been told by the disbelievers “I can’t envision people being that evil, so it’s not possible” I can hear you all now collectively nodding, the problem is because many cant envision it, it makes the stories told unbelievable, but that is because we have applied our morals of our behavior, not theirs.
Their morals have no explanation short of using a plethora of cuss words, the levels they will go to obtain, land, resources, wealth, fame, power and control appears to have no end point, the saying that they are scraping the bottom of the barrel in morals suggests they have some to begin with, they don’t.
So applying our morals to situations is a mute point when encountering people and entities that are way beyond evil, it is actually beyond words, emotions or comprehension.
We have also on our journey lost partners, family and friends for having the audacity to tell the truth, or at least something far nearer the truth, than the bullshit we have been fed in a steady diet all of our lives.
This process of losing those close to us, has for most been the most painful, who would have thought the very people we are all trying to save from themselves, would sell their loved ones and friends short, by denigrating us or cutting us adrift, classing us as lunatics, conspiracy theorists and flat out rejecting us.
These were all painful lessons indeed, but you in essence received an unexpected boost by those failures around you, it inadvertently left you largely alone and with your own devices to chart your own path, free of the disbelievers, energy vampires and slaves to the system.
The reality is from a higher perspective is, those people had served their purpose in your life growth and now you are on a higher path of knowledge and self development, those people cannot sustain you any longer and fell away, leaving you kind of bereft, but ultimately in a better environment for you too grow, some can sustain the higher frequencies, sadly many can’t.
And grow is what we have done, despite all the rejection, despite all the sin eating, despite all the agents, shills, trolls, deceivers and dare I say it your own doubts.
The process of unlearning stuff for many has been painful, knowing they were lied to on every level of their lives, so we sought sanctuary for what many of us believed was an environment of safety, where like minded people could assemble and tell their stories, share their hopes and visions, and create a new family with people who were on our wavelength.
We have largely achieved that with THI, and whilst I will get the bulk of the credit for it, at the end of the day, without the admins, members and listeners taking it all on board, i’m just a visionary thinking talking head lost in the midst.
But, sadly over the course of our awakening we have found that our own safe haven has been invaded by those who choose to replicate the behavior of the clowns, dabbling in unbalanced egos, taking money off people under false pretences, writing blogs and doing videos ranging from portions of the truth to full on bullshit, deceivers of the worst kind in my opinion, the cabal or EL-ites have an agenda and know no better, they have a goal to destroy us all.
We have all learnt that by now and have no illusions about it, but sellouts in our midst creaming money, energy, time and deceiving us with their preset scripts, leaves me at the least with a very nasty taste in my mouth over these people, humanity sell outs based on putting themselves first and f everyone else, you all know by now who these people are and I don’t need to repeat their names.
So we have had another round of unlearning some of their bs all of us have followed at various stages, some still choose to hold onto that narrative and fight avidly against those of us who have worked it out, those people unwittingly are also selling us out, as the offshoot of that is exactly what the cabal/EL-ites want, divide and conquer, the oldest and most frequent use of the programming applied to humanity, sadly even to this day too many fall into the illusion trap, and fail to see what is unfolding in front of them.
Some have accused me and Randy for dividing the community by exposing certain people or groups, and so creating the divide and conquer in the community, that would be the case if we presented stuff based on hearsay and opinion, but it is based and supported on facts alone, it is then presented for you to decide.
Recently some have said my recent shows have all been on the negative side, well I could have been far more negative by relaying certain things held back for optimal benefit, impact or safety, it is not my desire to put out fear porn for clickbait blogs, shows or social media pages, the situation we face goes way beyond whether I am popular or not.
I could have also gone along with the plethora of bs being spread all over the internet, planets, beings, dumbs all being taken out, RV/Nesara/PPP all being delivered, restored Constitution and Republic, vast wealth from dinars and crypto currencies, mass arrests all happening now and in two weeks, but that is not the truth of what is going on is it?
I am not saying that there is not some things going on, because clearly it is, but I called this show Truth, honor and integrity for reason, as that is the principals I operate with, if I wanted to just go along with all the hopium I would have called the show Trash, Hopium and Insipid, but this is not what we are about, the truth comes out in a steady controlled manner which gives people of various stages of learning, the opportunity to grasp things on a better level.  
Kudos to you all for standing up for a better future for us all and seeing my vision for the group and the wider aspects through to today, and hopefully long into a brighter future.
Now, here is where we are at today, there are unpleasant elements in the next phase of intel that we have to absorb, take on board and focus our energies into a greater good and fight back against this insidious levels of darkness.
First a recap of what has unfolded on the various levels, for those that haven’t grasped the levels of their desire to control and or eliminate us.
We have learned they will commit any act of terror to push through their agendas, using mainly the 5 hooks of control in no particular order which are, money, religion, sex, drugs and alcohol, they are all used to distract, deflect or distort your path.
They have used terror events more commonly known as false flags, be it 9/11, Columbine, Pearl harbor, Gulf of Tonkin, WW1 and WW2 to name but a few, other less known events where the fires that killed millions in Europe in 1500 and 1600’s, Black Plague and Spanish flu.
They have decimated many of the ancient peoples, artifacts and knowledge, tribal peoples hunted down with the end goal of eliminating anyone who retained the knowledge and so they can rewrite their history, in their image in their books, not ours.
Created wars for greed aligned with divide and conquer, even in this very country it is divided into 48 lower states, they sacrificed ours sons and daughter to be the soul diers, wanton destruction and desecration of many countries and their peoples.
Created illness and dis-ease to deliberately lower our frequency and immune system and leave us open to infections, so they can peddle their largely non performing drugs and weaken us further.
Stifled cures of all known diseases to perpetuate our demise.
They then escalated it over the last 30 years or so as their time for completing their end game was looming, increased the levels of vaccines that are now know to be toxic to us,  they poisoned the water with fluoride, stripped the food of nutrients and vitamins, put all kinds of toxins, carcinogens, nano tech in the air for further degradation and elimination of us.
Rape and pillaged our labor, wealth, soul essence, energy, homes and businesses with their unsane approach that everything and anything belongs to them.
Corrupted so many people and groups by reversing their true meaning, but arguably the biggest damage done to us is, denied us the knowledge of who and what we are, finding out who and what is operating here, where did we come from, how long have we been here, where is home and finding our own path in life, doing the things we enjoy, all stripped away into a one size fits all meat slavery suit.

So, here is the gist of where we stand on a global scale, this planet was tied into a 16500 years into an agreement with largely off world entities, recently our team has uncovered this and in process of terminating that contract and bringing about a real world change.
These same beings aligned with the dragon race and the lesser known but more prevalent when you see their symbols dotted everywhere the serpent race, who were also in control of what is known as The World Trust account, which belongs to all the people not just them.
But their puppets who have been fulfilling their roles, largely those people have no clue of who they are operating for and on behalf of, they have been plundering those accounts and increasing their own wealth and buying up vast swathes of all the lands on this planet, not only that, they then lent all governments money out of our accounts and instead them being dividend bearing, which is what should be, they charged interest, interest they knew would get to a point of being unable to pay back, which eventually by their manipulation of the system, they would collapse it and govt”s where left with no ability to repay it, they are then forced to give away more of their lands, ports, airports over to the El-ites for more control, and if you think that only happens in Cyprus or Greece, think again and think America.
Since 2007, the cabals access to the accounts was starting to be blocked and some of their hidden offshore accounts raided and some of their ill gotten gains returned back to the account, this brought about the permanent recession we face today and will only go away when their demise is complete.
Their arrogance has been their downfall, they just thought they would freely continue to ride roughshod over us like they have throughout history, they thought wrong.
So by not gaining access to the accounts and the rogue Fed Reserve no longer able initially anyway to print notes from 2009 onwards, plus the Fed Reserve charter ending in december 2013, they now faced a real problem.
The UN treaties were all exposed as frauds as they like the Fed Reserve their validity is no longer valid, as their sovereignty ran out also in 2013 if memory serves me correctly, so they can no longer make treaties, agreements or plans.
So, the Paris Climate treaty then changed from treaty to agreement, and that  has no validity either, and work is underway to get the 120 countries who signed off that by bribery and coercion, to reverse that agreement.
Apart from trying to rape us some more via global taxes, based on the illusion that the planet is in dire straight due to global warming, the worst part of that agreement forces countries to hand over all current and future in ground resources to the UN for safekeeping, yeah right, they then would have all the assets to roll out their RV program, which is a bail out of their criminality and debts, and ultimately the funds to push through Agenda 21 or 30.
So with their inability to steal from the accounts ended, they then went about being creative and using the internet alt media as the new stream of revenue to keep them afloat, along with threatening countries, using bogus or defunct currencies like dinars, zims and dongs, they got agency gurus to peddle it amongst our community with the promise of wealth and untold riches, whilst some may gain early on, the vast majority will lose their money, and only they collect the riches, it is stacked that way.
Then this show alerted you all to their new game of printing supernotes to the tune of $170B which was dispersed globally to keep them in the game and carry on their long term plans.
Further collections of principal was received via so called charitable donations following various largely false flag events from Sandy Hook to Las Vegas, other notable collections was $19.5B into the Clinton foundation for donations to Haiti following their deliberate false flag event, to date only 6 homes have been built in Haiti in 6 years, they are now reclaiming land over there for pennies on the dollar, citing distressed land and because original owner has no funds to upkeep it, they can then put compulsory purchase order on said land, and use the peoples donation money to buy the land up.
Now the latest cash collection and wealth stealing is taking place via the Bitcoin cryptocurrency nonsense, again promising alt media and wider people untold riches, although this revenue stream has a deeper connection tying us all into an AI system of currency.

So where are we now? well their power, control and wealth has much diminished, they largely only wield the promise of power via threats, all an illusion as they no longer have sovereignty or the world trust, their former tight control structure has now disintegrated into fracture groups called factions, which are also infighting within their own individual factions.
Since November 2016 after the Rothschilds emptied various govt services accounts including US of America, called at the time the largest heist in history, the USA Inc govt services now bankrupt and being blocked from a solution via The World Trust, decided in their wisdom to use credit for govt services via banks which are also now bankrupt, aside from supernotes, on the basis the RV currency revaluation is delivered and then all the credit this country has obtained to keep it going, would be repaid from the delivery of the RV, a quite frankly ridiculous scheme that has put this country and its people in dire straights.
So the 16500 treaty is now all but complete and that will change things here more than anyone listening to this show realizes.
The cabal have a Luciferian covenant with the dragon families and for those that are not aware all valid dragon families blue, black and green are ran by reptillians from ancient times, that covenant ran out on December 23rd 2012  but bizarrely where given a 5 year extension which runs out on December 23rd 2017. hold onto that date for a moment as I fill in the rest of the picture to bring us up to date.
In September 2017 the USA budget was kicked down the road for 2 months to December 12th, which recently was extended again to December 22nd the day before the covenant runs out, all this kicking the can was to bide more time for the RV to be released, as you all know by now, that RV will never take place, they have been trying to pull that off for near 25 years and failed spectacularly, but sadly large swathes of our top brass in this country still think it will go ahead, it won’t.
They have all been seduced with untold wealth via fistfuls of dinars, promises of titles and self importance, except they were all promised the same thing. oops.
So Monday they tried to implement the RV again and it failed again, possible explanation to the New York incident on the same day to provide distraction again.
There is strong evidence they are testing and using very advance weaponry in the destruction of California, where they are displacing many people again, is this the first recent attempt of emptying whole regions? think New Orleans, Think Haiti, think Puerto Rico, think Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, Congo, Yugoslavia, Ukraine and other regions but you get the gist, so the question is what is this all leading up to?
Well, it is to coral us all into tighter and tighter regions to implement their programs via zombie virus (zika) which failed, ebola which failed, so now they are onto the next stage which is where we are at, they are threatening a global biochemical attack if they dont get what they want.
On December 22nd when the RV is not delivered again our USA Inc govt is likely to go into default and a govt shutdown will prevail, all efforts are being made to prevent that, as it will cause untold suffering to the people that rely on those paychecks to keep their heads above water, so that is all govt workers, military, ss checks, benefit checks and foodstamps cancelled overnight, banks would also close without warning, as they only have limited funds which were boosted only by rogue supernotes.
December 23rd the covenant runs out and this terrifies them more and they have issued threats beyond comprehension should they not get what they want.
The threats are as follows: they will unleash global wide biochemical warfare which is bad enough, but they appear to have an ancient weapon from Atlantis times, of which the dragon groups were a part of the group known as The Atlanteans, all love and light my ass, master weapons experts, master geneticists sound familiar, it should.
So they did a small test sample of their new weapons, which was shown briefly in California recently, that incinerates all in it’s path, similar also to what happened to the Twin towers. My intel on this is it an all consuming weapon that rolls across land like a tsunami and destroys everything in it’s path, everything turns to dust and once implemented, as I understand it, it can’t be stopped.
This weapon is why we have deserts on this planet, which wasn’t there originally, that is the type of damage this weapon can unleash.
So, the beast in them has been unleashed, some would say they were always that way and who am I to argue.
It is indicative of their callous and petulant nature to try and strike out like the vipers they are, but rest assured we are ready for them and their plans, and always remember we have prevented many of their bigger plans, and so while it is deeply concerning try not to hold onto any fear, that is all they have left is fear programs.
The work done largely behind the scenes which frustrates some I know, but it had to be that way for us to prosper, they operate in stealth mode and we had to do likewise, the benefit of listening to our show, is you get more direct intel than nearly ever other show, some have opinions on things, we get the facts as they happen, and released when safe to do so.
Some demand intel and just say throw it out, I suspect quite a few would have rather not heard what I just had to say, it is all about the balance and the delivery of the information, you have had the last few minutes of shock to the system, but some of us have had this held in for a while, it is deeply uncomfortable I can tell you, so please allow myself and the many good people out there to decide when it is best or not to release certain things.
Last year they threatened to blow London and New York to smithereens, by putting it out it went some way to preventing what they had planned, hopefully it will make some of the people with a fist full of dinars waiting for their payout to rethink their stance.
So for second year running they have threatened to destroy the holiday festivities, these people care for no one but themselves, we know that by now and never underestimate their will to cause maximum destruction, if it fits their agenda, all of us whether the road sweeper or the president of America are just pawns in the game for them, there to be sacrifices for their gods they worship and honor.
So it is presented tonight in the hope of changing how things roll out, please stop asking for Jesus, UPU, plaiedians to come and save us, we have within us the ability to save ourselves, and they hopefully go on and prosper, minus the satanics that walk amongst us.
It is ultimately up to us and our power to shine Light on Dark and provide sense and reason, and to remember time and time again reports from several sources have stated the plans and events they planned, and yet so often it does not happen the way they were shown, or revealed. This leaves one potent conclusion, Just us speaking the truth, the reality of who and what we are , they can threaten to do something awful, but we can change the outcome! Voicing what they want in the dark brings it out into the light and THAT changes the future.  Our thoughts and especially us processing our fears, rising above them has power…   Our thoughts have power over anything that they try to DO.
To rise above their threats and stand in your own power, rest assured we will not be backing down to their threats, and we will continue to take the fight to them until their end.
I ask all people of the world to rise up against the beast, face it down and defeat it, forget what religion, country, sex, gender you are and rise up as one, they are terrified privately of what we can do, it doesn’t always take violence to take down a bully, but if that is what is required having been provoked, that is what we will do.
America is the ultimate battlefield for various reasons, and it is the prize they wish to have out of all of them, let us not stand round and wait for them to come, let us take the fight and our power to them.
Time for militias to quit training and start defending the people of this country, time for the military to quit being up bloodline and family assholes and defend the people of this country, time for politicians who are more interested in humanity, to call out and shut down those in your midst, who are not.
We have a genuine opportunity for humanity to end this system, let us not waste that only chance, we will only get one go at it, make the most of it, they will not stop their relentless pursuit of destroying us, and we must match that effort as a collective, inspite of all their resources, they still havent took us down.
Time for all to get active in whatever role suits you best, annoying banks, corporations, politicians, tv people, smashing robots or speaking out and spreading the news, all of us have a collective responsibility to save ourselves.
I have faith we will all come good when we needed it most, I will not promise it will be easy, because it wont, it will get very ugly hereonin, be under no illusions about that.
Ultimately we will prevail, but the concern is how ugly it will get between now and then.
Unlike the past when dark prevail this time we will write a new chapter and install our own history, on how we overcame all obstacles, trickery, deceit and evil to go forward with a better world for us and all successive generations.


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