*How can FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, the man in charge, along with leakin’ James Comey, of the Phony Hillary Clinton investigation (including her 33,000 illegally deleted emails) be given $700,000 for wife’s campaign by Clinton Puppets during investigation? FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe is racing the clock to retire with full benefits. 90 days to go?

*A lot of chatter about AI via recent youtube additions into our midst about mind control and how it runs everything, here is the reality of where we stand with AI. AI was handed over to the council to run to stop it’s nefarious uses. It only operates now to run certain financials and collect intel and is no longer capable of mind control over the masses, that is another fear program, whether the person delivering that info is aware of it or not.
So, the operational aspect of the system is monitored by The Council and not by the creators of the system The Mantids, who then used grey’s as slaves to build and run the system until they got pissed off of being used also.
Once the system was obtained and contained, various functions of it was turned off and rendered non harming, the council are overseeing it as it affects all life here, and in the event who erased the programs is taken over or rendered obsolete, the AI would not fall into rogue hands ever again.
Situation now is the Draco have now all but bowed out, and they are under heavy restrictions to observe Cosmic Law by the council, so they are under a tight rein currently.

*For all the people involved with the RV program, Chinese Elders and Dragon groups listen up and close as to what you are actually dealing, no ifs and buts I don’t want to hear your excuses of this one is good and this one is better, it is more illusion, this is what these people are all about whether you like this fact or not.
The off spawn of the darker off world elements known as the Chinese Dragon elders had a dinner party in honor of their gods, last week on the 21st, they sacrificed a number of virgins for their gods to return, and as it was a dinner party, then consumed the sacrificed girls, just think about that for a minute. did their gods return? no, not going to either.
This is what you are really dealing with, still want to play in their game of sacrifice and consume, still want to play their illusionary stall tactics of it’s coming this week next week or 2 weeks, whilst you wait for non existent funding based on false promises, whilst many of humanity is consumed in this heinous practice they have.
Are you willing to ignore that? if you are you are complicit in murder and worse, this is not about money.
So all the Gillilands, Tank, Josef, Keenans and other internet gurus promoting RV’s, re-align and call them out like we have or face the consequences.

*On December 23rd all the banks found out what we have been saying all along, the mirroring of accounts via the RV, all the mirrors dropped and the real accounts revealed, what they all found to their horror is there is much less funds in all banks, most of them are now in negative arrears, and will not be able to balance their end of the year books next week, oops, seems the banks mask of illusion has now gone also and the ugliness of that corrupt system has been revealed to all, now you know why I warned of having cash available. I will remind you all of a small clause in a document January 2015 or 16, in the event of a national banking emergency ALL funds in the accounts belong to the bank and not the owners of the accounts.

*Expect to hear again soon about the fake USN being released and all will be saved – it’s bollox, solution is ready and available when clowns see sense.

*the 9/11 court documents are more bs

*So, as we ease down towards the end of the year, known as the year of the unravelling it is time for a review of what this year has revealed. An extraordinary one in many ways, as forecasted, we would see an unravelling of the information and system, many you thought were good at the start of the year, you now have doubts or questions about, some you thought were not good have an opportunity to correct that, whether they take that opportunity will be a key in how things develop in the coming year.
Trump came in in January with a heap of promises and also a load of problems to face. Some see improvement, many do not, I do have sympathy with Trump and team if they are fully interested in turning this situation around for the benefit of all and not just one particular faction group.
There are still many in the community who have no idea of how deep, far and wide this control structure is operated, and yet we had some who believed, it could all be brought down in 2 weeks or within 3 months, 16500 years of control all crashing within 2 weeks, yeah right another illusion, with 80-90% of western and other regions population, oblivious to the fact there is a problem to begin with, the task of dealing with those clowns has been an arduous one, as we ran into the stonewall face of delusion and a plethora of denials bordering on unsanity, without recognizing the problem, what is the point of solutions? but we have ploughed through regardless.
I would still ask listeners to exercise caution going forward as the last thing I or anyone want is another sideshow distraction unit sending us down blind alleyways, and I will continue to call out anyone who I feel is not operating for and by the people.
We have tolerated enough bs’ery even during last 4 years in the alternative media, without having cabal promoted saviors pushed forward for us to follow all over again.
To be quite frank, the behavior, antics and operations of those operating in our government this year has been frankly shocking, he said she said mudslinging the order of the day, a plethora of theatrical scenes played out 24/7 for a largely gullible and drama loving public, but what many overlook is, that they are paying little or no attention to what they are supposed to be doing, which is looking after this country.
 I wouldn’t have more than a handful of that lot running a child soccer practice never mind a country, from an overview and non party oriented look, it is absolutely astonishing to witness such banal antics, surely we have better people than those presented to takeover?
Trump has had some plusses, the frequent references to sovereignty and independent nations, which our group is aligned with via The Kingdom of manna, he fired some rogues, ruffled the media in a big way, which at times has been a lot fun, particular against Clinton News Network,  a recent executive order on the day general mattis visited Guantanamo should not be overlooked, and maybe linked. he cancelled the TPP, stalled the TAP, rebuked NATO and its participant countries for making America pay for most of it, also the UN for similar, and obtained a reduction in Americas costs to the UN.
Something’s not pleasing of the Trump year was 11 months down the road and blights of humanity like Bushes, Clintons, Obama, Cheney, Mc Cain and Rumsfeld and the swamp draining has not yet anyway, delivered concrete evidence of their demise, maybe all these alleged at this point, indictments, may deliver some of what we hoped for. Threatening North Korea with nukes is not the way forward and hardly America first is it? other notable failures is the statement on Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and subsequent threatening of 126 countries who voted against that statement, this in anyones book is not putting America first but Israel, which has often been the case in American politics for last 100 years, having a son in law who is affiliated with Mossad and Zionist elements will not augur well going forward either, Kushner will get exposed in the new year badly.
Quite frankly our foreign policies have for well over 100 years been nothing short of disastrous, that has led to utter carnage and devastation, so if we are to have America first, our foreign policy currently operating, has to be scrapped altogether, and a new vision proffered. 
The other failure of Trump team is the latest tax budget, yet again it is stacked in favor of el-ites and the current money people system, the people with money have done nothing for this country or any other country for that matter, it was time to give back to the very people who made them that wealth, us, so a big opportunity was lost for me on that tax budget, and why I will still exercise caution of where Trump is at and who he is operating for.
The deep state as it is now called is, or at least was, a very well oiled machine, pulling in resources from all kinds of skullduggery modes, most of which many find beyond belief.
The deep state is not just USA based, as what many have found out this year, as aligning darker elements to a particular country now is pure folly, they don’t recognize countries and neither should we, this is a global issue requiring peoples from all regions and backgrounds to stand up in their own right and sovereignty.
So we had a load of appointments in the govt early year and then followed a load of firings, the fall out of that is still playing out via what I have coined this year as the portal people, for those unfamiliar with that, it is the news readers, who read out scripts that bear no resemblance to the truth and little relevance to our world, in their world the news is different, so in essence they are the portal between the two worlds, I will cover more on two worlds later.
Portal people are now in complete disarray, panicked by the onslaught of information exposing their overlords criminality, panicked by a President and others calling them out, they went into such a panic they created a meme of fake news to easier nullify certain stories and continue their propaganda spin.
That was a major success for the alt media community, the irony is not lost on us, that it is they, who perpetrate fake news all day every day. Their impact and their ratings have plummeted faster than a dodgy late night curry through a digestive system, I expect them to be stumbling over their narrative more next year, as more will be revealed and more exposed.
So, the deep state after years of running programs, systems and control in a largely unhindered manner, have faced the onslaught of the people this year, and the biggest compliment we can pay to those attacking them, is we now have them spending more time and resources to defend not attack.
All their big plans have failed, their false flag attempts that whilst, it may have cost some their lives, which is always sad, they have failed spectacularly to wield out their agenda of fear programming, 2017 was to be the year of the zombie apocalypse via the Zika Virus – it failed – oops.
Divide and conquer via black v white, male v female, they were both heavily promoted early on this year, but both of those programs have dwindled dramatically as the year has gone on, despite the portal people continuing with it.
We came into the year and Black Lives Matter was never far from some topic, now like other information it has flatlined, why? because people who matter saw through the illusion of it is why, aligned with the death of the funder of that organization in November of last year George Soros, he had played a big role in that program of trying to create racial riots on our streets.
The deep state is being attacked from above, below, within and outside now, and they know they have a real fight on their hands to retain their control of us, they will always throw out the distractions, the divide and conquer and the seducements, it is up to us and those who have been their puppets for so long, to see through their illusionary tactics, as many of them found out this year, they made the same promises to many individuals, groups and factions and delivered none of them.
They failed in their banking and market collapses this year, they failed to raise the oil price back up to provide profit, for the shale digging knuckledraggers, they failed to keep profitable trade agreements running, failed to halt their exposure throughout the year, failed via Langley 3 faction and NATO to launch an attack against Russia, failed to create sufficient trouble to kick start WW3, got their asses spanked in Syria as Russia dealt with their other program failure ISIS in swift time, but their most spectacular failure was the same as last year, failed to deliver the cabal bailout and agenda 21 or 30 program funds, via the asian faction supported by The Rothschild’s group of the now famous or infamous RV currency revaluation, that repeated RV failure, and subsequent delay tactics has halted investment and stability into this country in particular.
For 13 months now this country has operated on credit based on them delivering the RV, their RV will never happen, as with the new system in place and the old one controlled, they have to show assets to support it, and they don’t have anywhere near the levels required to deliver it, not now or going forward.
Military top brass and RV gurus clowns sadly continued to believe in the rothschild goons, they have stumbled around like an elderly gentleman with ejaculation problems, shouting it’s coming its coming, the answer is, it never, the old man they resemble has alzheimers and forgot his partner left him 25 years ago, which is how long they have been trying to pull off (pardon the pun) the RV.
One of the major plusses this year, has been done by The Foundation people, is convincing all the countries governments and notable peoples of how the system exists and operates to begin with, and the depth of lies and control many of them knew little about.
You would be amazed how so many of them, know so much less about the world and how it operates than we do, much progress on that front has been made, and we thank those who participated their time and effort in that venture.
Kingdom of Manna group is making giant strides with that, of getting out the information and knowledge to get respective govts and countries to see through the illusion presented by deep state bully boys, so much so that the Kingdom of Manna show done in August had between 70 and 120 heads of state listening in to that show to gain more knowledge of our world today, and our vision of and for the future.
Many people think it is impossible to cover things up to that level, actually it is breathtakingly simple, the example is a bank, does the teller, those that count the money or the branch manager know what the CEO of the bank is doing? does the CEO know those that own the bank, or know what they are doing? the answer is no both times, like the freemasons group you obtain knowledge for each level, each level are not allowed to divulge their information to lower rank members, this system applies to governments and many other organizations, as yet again if you think Donald Trump knows half of what we know, you are grossly underestimating the compartmentalization of all aspects of theirs and our lives.
You have all heard the term “the need to know basis” except very few have all the elements, as even the top levels known here, don’t have all the pieces either, some had non humans above them controlling the narrative and terms also.
But much of that changed in this year I called The Unravelling, the layers of the deep state onion rings have been stripped back dramatically this year, and revealed the rotten core or rottenchild for many more to see, many of them have reacted in disgust, as many thought they were more important than they actually were, oops.

High ranked badges people classed as pawns, oops, high level politicians thrown to the lions oops, portal people mocked and fired – oops, high level agency people exposed and fired oops.
The Kingdom of Manna unveiled the blueprint this year of the path forward for all, Kingdom of Manna is the master sovereign nation on the planet and hence could control from that platform base, but they gave all the blueprints away for free to all 209 nations to follow and become independent and sovereign nations themselves, with the same standing as the Kingdom of Manna, so everything is shared and not in the control of one group or faction to use for nefarious purposes, like it has done for so long.
Much interest has been garnered with that project, as it is a path forward for us all, think of Guam, puerto Rico, Canada, N.Ireland to name but a few, who would suddenly become a nation in their own right and sovereignty, and no longer be the puppet states operating at the behest of controlling nations.
As a sovereign nation you will have funds to rebuild your country, and it’s people with conditions set rigidly, which are you will clean house and as a sovereign you are not allowed to instigate war on another country, only defend.
This will hamper their idiotic war machine, and their idiotic psychopathic mindset that war creates jobs, and makes money and profit, no it creates sacrificial lambs called soul diers to appease your false and dark gods, death and destruction, rips people away from their families and friends, enrolls people into a program of mind control and drug abuse, destroys ancient knowledge and artifacts and desecrates this planet , we call home.
Ladies and gentleman of the armed forces, do you still think your badges of honor and service are valid in a civilized society? badges for killing people are badges of dishonor to this planet and all living things, you have been duped into their program.
Time for all of you to change your mindset that has been programmed into you, and work to rebuild, restore and re-align this world as a better place for everyone.
Message to Trump and other heads of state, the time is now to bring home all of your soul diers and back to their homelands, back to their families and friends, no more Christmas’s with half of a family missing or at worst lost altogether, bring them all home and send them messages to get ready to build not destroy a brighter future for us all.
i’m coming home song

This year in alternative media saw a defined split I feel, as the path to the truth was expanded out, so did the liars and deceivers initially, although remarkable how quiet many went towards the end of year.
Many were exposed this year by various groups or shows, some listeners like that exposure and some don’t, each have their own choice.
I have made my position quite clear, people talking out of their arse with no apparent gain or agenda except get more likes or views, I can ignore those, they harm themselves more as time moves on, but the ones with hidden agendas, covens aligned, money oriented, service to self and those clearly put into the community to lead people away from the truth and their path, I will continue to shout down and expose, these people are worse than the cabal in my opinion, snake oil salesman at best, blights on humanity at worst.
This year has seen the rise of more people having their say via YouTube and that is a great thing, it is important people feel and want to have their input heard, we will need more voices going forward, but information must be more stringent than has been put out, if it is your opinion, then fine but please state it is your opinion or speculation and not pass something’s off as facts, it makes things a lot easier for us all.
Unlike our show and some others, some of these people are not accountable, so they can say what they like and have no comebacks, this show as you know is accountable every week, I set high standards for myself, and my accountability is re-enforced each week when members ask questions on whatever subject they like, you always get an answer, sometimes the answer may not be what you want to hear, but it is still an answer.
So I used a new term recently for alt media people called flatlining, we have all seen many come into the community in a sudden burst, burble for a few weeks or months or years in some cases and then the information fades and then flatlines, I suspect you may see more who will flatline soon, as more of the truth is revealed, more of the sideshow people in our community will disappear.
The UFO narrative has flatlined this year with very few items warranting interest imo, exposure of some of them being cointelpro has increased, the main ones peddling the bs are running out of script, as agency guys are too busy in preventing the dam bursting on their criminality exposure.
The portal people who spit out news from their world continues to collapse in on itself, as many no longer wish to absorb their fakery anymore, a word of warning about them in 2018, they will try and seduce you back in, if the cabal hasn’t totally gone, they will likely expand on the Gaiam TV bs and disclose more bs or worse warn of alien threats, aka Project Bluebeam. NASA will again state ooh look what we found here and there, but mainly it will be stuff we already knew.

Clues to what is bs or not are always there, with those that have questioning minds, like The Blue Avians a big fanfare and then that after it was exposed, it just steadily flatlined, Blue Sphere Alliance – that flatlined into Sphere Alliance and then flatlined again into just The Alliance (alliance (n.) c. 1300, “bond of marriage” (between ruling houses or noble families), Blue Chicken group now asking Julian Assange for info on the SSP now, oh dear how the mighty have fallen, makes a change from him asking for donations to move house and his wifes teeth I suppose.
As I have said all along and Corey admitted eventually, SSp are a rogue nazi breakaway group with Aldabaran and others technology that is ahead of us technological wise.
This year as I forecasted we would see a raft of alt. media people returning, known as the 4 year loop people, that have been missing for 2-4 years, they did not disappoint, I dont have to mention all the names again, they have been highlighted at various stages this year, this was part of the 4 year loop cheat they added into the timeline.
It was great to see so many members reporting 4 year loop stories early on this year and to an extent blocked the bs’ery off altogether, second half of the year we hardly had any, so kudos to the members who spotted that.

Something else that was forecasted to reveal itself more for this year was the 2 worlds theory, many struggled with the concept at first, and then slowly it began, to reveal itself more as the year progressed.
It was stated that people would struggle in relationships particularly where their partner was not awake, friends issues would arise, family issues also, I think it is safe to say within this group at least, that has been borne out.
But, it is also been heavily observed outside of THI as well, long term relationships just collapsing as people are no longer operating on the same frequency anymore and are shifting their connections to people more in their resonance field.
It is always sad when long term relationships, be it partners or friends split, but longer term you will realize why, some maybe aware why, now.
The two worlds operating or alternating simultaneously will eventually fade out, the remnant echo only remains and the two will go separate ways due to operating from a different frequency, one organic one inorganic.
What will happen following the full split is largely speculative currently, all depends on full validation of the synths and the holographic overlay, if correct on both accounts, both will disappear with them being inorganic, how many human organic souls will be left is again open depending on full validation, but if proven correct it will be around 5-600M.

Many people have experienced various other maladies this year, buzzing in both ears, one is download from higher self one is frequency wave from central sun. heads buzzing, tingling skin, feeling of ice water being sprayed on you, increase in orbs, night attacks, vision glitches and some phasing in and out of reality.
Organic human souls have largely been bombarded this year to prevent growth and enlightenment, but we are all still here bar Rodney and heavily fighting back. I am aware of many in our group who have struggled through ill health, family issues, shadow and inner issues, I feel for all of you and it bothers me greatly if any of you are struggling, but we created THI to be a family and I am encouraged by the depth many of you have gone to supporting each other. It is sad in so many respects that we only have the people in the group to feel free to chat and unload with, but these are the times we live in.
For those that continue to struggle, reach out there is always someone in the group willing to hear and or help, I can’t do as much of that side like I used to, but continue to help people in private when time allows.
We, largely for many are all we have, cherish it and make 2018 bond you all closer together, new years resolution for THI? maybe unblock some people you have blocked, maybe they just needed some more support or an ear to listen, and their projections on the page was borne out of frustration for what can be various reasons. Reach out and touch song

*Factions war, this comes with a word of caution in current and up and coming events. Some have perceived our show is not fully on board with Trump or some freedom fighters, which can be a valid point, but I have warned in the past of how they try and turn situations into their favor, like the fake news meme, like pedogate stuff and the political shenanigans of American politics is no different, despite what many feel.
One of the many highlights of the intel drops this year was the fact the top end of the control system wants to eliminate ALL humans, hybrids and entities from the group formerly known as The Illuminati, this has eventually put the frighteners on many of them, which we used to our advantage, step down, step out and come and help us fix this mess was our way forward, many of them continue to believe they are the chosen ones with their special tickets, I expect 2018 will be quite a shock for them people.
The factions war I first highlighted in a show back in November of 2015 is now in full swing and many can now see it playing out, the five factions are doing their utmost to knock each other out and one of them to eventually control the world, or so they think, all factions are supported by the family who look like Mr. Burns from The Simpsons, known as The Rothschilds or their nickname of rottenchildren.
The Asian faction is in disarray following their heavy exposure and their failure to deliver the Rv program, which particularly upset the Roths group, Jesuits are largely in defensive mode as they came under heavy attack from the secret societies and Zionist factions, secret societies have in many areas stepped down, but still wield enormous power and leverage, and must not be underestimated, so that leaves the two main factions in America, which is the final battlefield in this war The Nazis who came here via Project Paperclip and Operation Overcast and have been busy assembling the 4th Reich since WW2 and the deeply ensconced Zionist group also known as Khazarians who have infiltrated and destroyed countries via finances for at least the last 2000 years, and why they have been thrown out of 106 countries in that time period.
A lot of what is playing out now is the war between these two factions Nazis aligned with NATO and the Zionists, Zionists who control the media, airwaves and Hollywood and so difficult to break down or into, but Nazis placed in alternative media via CIA and other 3 letter agencies have unloaded many files and secrets onto the internet in the past year and has led to full exposure of the criminality within certain circles, be that politics, films or media, it is another case of using the alternative media to drive a narrative for largely their benefit, but we will get to see some of those we have called out, brought to justice, how far it goes is anybodies guess at this point.

If we keep pushing on a narrative they will try and use it on a wider scale and we can get them to remove more rogue elements, then we will have fulfilled our roles to that end.
So, here is the kicker and the word of warning, we are getting lots of our material now pushed into wider arenas as the war between the factions plays out, but and it is a big but it will not be the end unless all factions are dealt with, 5 down to 1 will be great as many will get arrested, executed, jailed or removed, but one is too many for the planet to operate in the right way, these people have psychopathic tendencies and agendas, we must not lose sight of that fact.
All eggs in one basket is never a good gamble, Trump will produce some or many of the things we wish to see, but not all in my opinion, why? because Trump still has far too many leanings with Zionist groups and agendas, look this year 1st USA president to attending and pray with skullcap hat at the Western Wall, made nice cuts in budgets to NATO and UN and threatens to cut funding to other groups or nations, but one glaring omission has been made hasn’t it, yes our highest funding to one country Israel, no mention of cuts, Trump is also in favor of settlements, stated Jerusalem to be capital of Israel, threatened countries who largely didn’t agree with that statement with fund cutting and other actions. Trump is an open supporter of AIPAC, look at cabinet appointments, why so many from Goldman Sachs? Kushner, just today the lovefest continues with Israel announcing the new rail station near the western wall to be named Trump. I could go on but you get the gist of it, you can choose to ignore all those facts as it is your right to do so, but I have seen too many sideshow and sidetrack actions to not fall into line with more of that type of bs’ery.
Does it mean I just dont trust Trump? yes and no, for all of our lives we have believed this politician and that politician promising this and that, vote for change, vote for freedom, you did and did it change? yes it changed, it went worse, more freedom? absolutely not, our freedoms have been eroded away like the rocks in the Grand Canyon, so this is where I advise caution, why is this President any different? on what grounds should we blindly trust he is working for our benefit only? proof as always is in the pudding and we await the full public evidence of things that were promised.
With multiple layers of secrecy above the president, the task is a monumental one and requires a steady stream of people standing up for what is right, it is an unenviable task, but something all should be geared towards, those levels of secrecy needs to be crushed into a far more transparent model, with minimal restrictions, then we have a real government, bank, republic and constitution should that be the model for going forward.
Can Trump deliver? possible, can he deliver the basic outlines of what many in the alternative media clamors for? debatable, but can he change and drop faction connections and come on board fully with the people? yes he can and that is down to him and the people around him to really step into that role, of a man for and by the people only. I hope he does. I would sooner be the one wrong than a load of people wrong, and caution is the way forward, but more communication is required and what we have currently is.
Civil war song
Well the false flags operations ramped up this year again as predicted, to create more fear and also collect donations to keep them in the game, seems the cabal liked running people over with vans this year, whilst they drove over us with vans, we drove tanks through their control system.
These events increased awareness of many of the sleepers this year, as the lies of the portal people all fell flat, and more and more on deaf ears. the Grenfell tower fire in UK late last year woke up a whole range of people there, Vegas had a similar effect here also.
All their big false flag events have been prevented so far and we continue to be vigilant and in heightened alertness for any future attempts.
So, what of THI, well we are at the last show of this our first full calendar year, seems like we have been going longer than 19 months as we have covered so much. The flowing story book style, context and content of our show, has delivered many chapters, and so listeners now can see the connections and where it is all leading to.
Our show was built on it’s name Truth, Honor & Integrity and we have tried at all times to deliver shows with content that observes the name of the group. Do we get everything right, no but many of you have seen our narrative unfold and explode across the internet this year, largely without endorsement or recognition of where the material came from apart from a few notable exceptions, but that’s ok as at least the knowledge is getting out and more and more people seeing through the illusions and sleight of hand tactics displayed across much of our community.
We came in with this show with the intent of getting people to think and act different, we cant expect change following the old worn out model, and it pleases me to see so many in our group thinking and acting different.
The fact so many in the group are talking about doing their own shows at this time is encouraging, unlike others I dont see that as a challenge or threat, I see it as people growing in their own confidence and wanting to expand it.
Which brings me nicely onto the next portion I wish to mention is I introduced an extra show last summer, where each week a member or listener to the shows can come on and do their own show with me, the show is called An evening with Thomas, a chance for members to unload their stories and their lives to a wider audience, in my opinion those shows have been a great success and all have been highly interesting in various ways, these shows are to get others to stand up and have their say, as your voice is as important as mine. So a big thanks to Randy Dupre, Karl Appel, Dave Biondahl, Willow Niitsuma, John bryan, Eric Luis, Janet Elliott, Patrick pepper, Ella Ster, Tzu Xander, Alan James, Steven George and Ramona Helitha who have taken part so far, others are lined up for the new year.
We didnt have many guests on this year as the field narrowed and so did my time, but we did have Peter Eyre on in April, get well soon Peter, we had Kevin Annett on in May, Lily Earthling in February and the Kingdom of manna show with Miss Manna in August, members still talk of that show and I know some are still listening to it, yes you Robert what is it now 40 times lol, I suspect Miss Manna will return early next year with some more booming shows.
We did add 2 other special series of shows this year, Humanity unplugged 1 & 2 and the powerful and to many, disturbing stuff in The illuminati shows 1 & 2 based on the Svali material, this show in particular hit members hard and so a decision to cancel the 2nd show based on that, was taken to allow listeners to grasp and absorb the heinous acts and ways outlined in show 1.
We also added a website page called Thinkdifferent, which has leading articles done by Chloe and others, plus archives of all the shows, and separate archive for the special shows done, I want to thank Michael Jacquin for doing all of that and the upkeep of The Peoples Club website.
We also introduced another social media page this year, one without AI intrusion, mind control techniques, privacy issues, no data collecting issues and no ads called Mewe, it has most of what Facebook has with minor alterations, a nice chat box where all members can chime in 24/7, but it seems old habit die hard, some like the intrusion of FB it seems and just roll on with it, as saying goes you can lead a horse to water, but you cant make it drink it, maybe next year will see a greater outflow from FB, we’ll see.
We had a lot of intel this year and we thank the people who provided that for our group, too many items to remember but probably the biggest part was exposing the shenanigans of all things Rothschilds, that has led to a change in many people near the top re-assessing their alignment with those goons.
Much of our intel this year is ahead of the game, sometimes it gets repeated word for word a month or two later, I know some of you have spotted this happening, the MSM in particular ran quite a bit of our stuff, with their usual slant on it, but that’s good as it is forcing them to cover issues, they can call certain things fake all they like, but we know the truth.
I also introduced into portions of show op-ed pieces that covered various topics of interest and went into things on a deeper or broader level that seemed to be well liked, these pieces often overlap and tie in and merge other topics into a greater package, many of those pieces also contained questions for the listeners, to allow you things to ponder on and expand your own level of thinking, probably the most powerful op-ed included this tune about the Nazis and Hitler youth.
Tomorrow belongs to me
I also added into the mix word magic this year until the system decided to shut down the page I was accessing for the definitions, a bit like how they interfere with the shows at key times as well, an increasing sign of their desperation to disrupt imo, that was very popular as it shows how much words creates spells as in magic spells, and also shows the bullshittery all of us having been talking and largely unaware of it, etymology needs to be taught in school going forward, so we can make sense of their word magic illusions.
I also focused heavily on the psychological side of things this year and for good reason, given the chaos appearing all around us, it was important we took steps ahead of time to nullify or negate some of that chaos spilling over into our own lives.
As regular listeners know I try to inject some humor into our show and lighten things up a bit, you all have your own particular favorite terminology I sprinkle into the show whether it be bs’ery, clowns (I notice the term clowns has begun to catch on in certain intel circles lol), nuttyasshole, ann droid, plus the part truth part embellishment piece I did earlier in the year on the alternative media characters featuring David Wilcoque, the Corey kids harvesting program and a certain overweight fake irishman, the man whose name fits his character as he is keen an eager to take money off anybody it seems.
I hope the shows have taught you much this year, I know many of them got you thinking and pondering, I suspect in 2018 many will go ah so that is what he meant or was cryptically referring to in this or that show.
But although all the content of the show apart from chunks of the intel is all done by me, I couldn’t do it without the support of several people providing support in different ways, so I say a special thanks to Chloe, Miss Manna, Holly Hakes Peterson, James Godbeer, Victoria Plaistowe, Michael Jacquin, Andrew Simmons, Sol extempestas, tyler clifton and the lads at OYM Alan and Steve thanks to you all for your help and support of this show.
Of course we have had sad events in THI and of course our hearts go out to Lisa Porter Cook and family for her ongoing sad event, but the loss of Rodney Deloach hit many in the group hard but not as hard as it hit Cathy Smith, time as always lessens the pain, but the memories will always live on.
I’ll see you again song

So as 2017 winds down in an eerie calm there is a tinge of expectancy pervading our community of what next year may bring, this year I termed The Unravelling and that has largely been borne out. So much revealed this year it is, and has been, difficult to keep track of it all. At times to some, it has become overwhelming, but at least we were all warned of that, at various stages of the year.
So, what can we look out for in 2018, 2018 will be the year of the Unveiling, doors will be opened on all levels, for you to walk through. There will be new plans, new hopes, and new dreams, doors will open to hidden realms and dimensions, more intel, new agreements, arrests and removals will be unveiled. The Foundation will be built with lasting implications for many of us. The cabal will be ceremoniously beaten with a stick, pen and truth. Greater clarity will unveil itself on many levels as the year progresses. Justice will be served on many. I expect a rapid surge in technology some of it good, much of it not depending how deep justice bites into the cabal structure. I see a surge of awakening happening early next year, as some jump on board the truth train as it departs for it’s around the world journey. I expect many to lose it next year as more of the truth is unveiled. I expect more exposure of pedogate and child trafficking, plus a greater unveiling on and of organ harvesting. I expect a handful of the big players in alternative media will come to deeply regret their folly next year.
We have all worked hard to grasp, become aware and expose those that have shaped our planet to what it is today, a planet devoid of leadership, devoid of common sense, devoid of compassion, devoid of caring and sharing, devoid of morals and integrity, but the biggest flaw we have all faced including the puppets, is an extreme lack of knowledge, it is criminal what lies and bullshit we have been fed, and that must be an ongoing theme that has to be eradicated going forward, if humanity is going to survive without the need of rogue ET elements, without the need of Parents and the old elders, without the need of covens, Illuminati, dodgy secret handshakes clubs, royalty, bloodlines and class, race, sex and religious division. The key is knowledge, knowledge and more knowledge and I hope in the next decade we see a vast improvement in that field, so humanity can step out of their control systems and create a better world where all is equal, all has an abundance of the basic needs to support sustainable life for all humanity and the planet itself.
We have an opportunity and that is all it is, an opportunity to grow, it will be up to all of us to step up and forward to create that brighter future, being aware of the same pitfalls the cabal fell into of insatiable greed, over inflated egos, a sense of entitlement and remember only the weak and insecure dominate over others, we cannot follow their path, and that will be a test for us all going forward.
In many aspects people think the hard work is to get rid of the cabal, word of warning it isn’t, period.
Due to the programming many have consumed over their lives, it will not be an easy transition, but the one thing the cabal taught us, is how not to be.
To accomplish this we need new leaders in each country, who are there to lead by example and teach, and not rule with an iron fist they have done to us. The object of humanity is to make progress in our development as a human being and a soul essence, we’ve had the tough upbringing via the dark lessons the cabal have taught us, the question is, will we heed those lessons?
2018 opens the door to some or much change and that is all down to us of how much change we can make, I suspect we will get much more support than previous years on that front, in various ways.
Will we walk through the doors and embrace the change or freeze in fear of it, embracing the change means personal responsibility, which is something many have not done throughout their lives, as some threw responsibility onto politicians, parents or religions, but giving our power away has never worked too well for us has it, so the key is when the people lead, the leaders have no option but to follow, it is up to us to lead the way. The savior you seek was always in the mirror, it was you all along, ya just forgot that.

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