*In a week where we find out kids are eating laundry pods and others are filming a man in a wheelchair being bludgeoned to death by American cops and not intervening, In Riverside County California sheriff’s deputies entered the house where a married couple was said to be holding their 13 emaciated children captive in shackles, cops thought they were all minors and found out 7 of them where 18 to 29. Corey Goode thinks he is the biblical Enoch, given he is part of Nazi SSp perhaps he meant Enoch Powell. I mean wells the fargo is going on here? Drake announces he is Zeus, Wilcock hails RA and half of the internet is wrapped up by the RV bs or Q drivel. Fulford put out this drivel this week, a person claiming to be “His Excellency His Royal Highness (H.E. HRH) Ernest Rauthschild, Royal Prime Minister of The United States of North America” contacted this writer to claim, “The Federal U.S./USA comes under the USNA.” That clown and his family of miscreants and psychos had control of the accounts and did nothing, now they dont have control of them, they are pushing, they are now all humanitarian oriented, haha pull the other one Roths its got balls on. And Trump spends his time not draining the swamp but doing prime tv and fake news awards, the world is all a stage show with a whole heap of bad actors in it, and people even in the awake group swallow it all. I and many others who spend many hours educating people and trying to build a better world, wonder what we are actually saving here, a group of nations of spineless uncaring morons who have completely lost the plot, you do wonder at times why you bother.

*America is currently operating on credits from the DOD having gone through the banks credits, the country has no funds except that, but here is the kicker all of these credits are due to delays to implement the RV currency revaluation bs, that has been ongoing for 25 years and failed into infinity, the issue is even when the chinese elders had funds and access to accounts for several generations, they never gave any funds to America then, so why would they do it now? clearly they wont and that is obvious to all and sundry except the clowns outside and inside the US military, will have more on them shortly. There is a reason that on Tuesday China Downgraded US Credit Rating to BBB+

*Cabal have been trying to implement fake securities throughout mainly Asia, which didn’t work and may explain Indonesian stock market event this week, it is covering up something that is a guarantee, fake securities may have been it.

*Hawaiian missile is all 100% bs, no missile shot down nothing, no heroic act by new white hats hopium now known as Team Q, team Q is no different to Clif High, basing and releasing the info and data on web traffic and forming it into a giant cryptic puzzle, that has a semblence of something but in reality is a whole heap of nothing, all very AI to me

*AN attempt at a catastrophic event was made by the cabal this week, huge event and it was prevented

* Oil based currency, for the now increasingly under threat petrodollar and FR dollar is back on the radar (may explain oil drilling directive off our coasts)

*During the Haitian crisis the Clinton foundation did human experimentation on the natives before they were  moved here. They were attempting full DNA manipulation using live cholera vaccines as the vehicle to then introduce into the USA, like I said on FB page Ann has been probed more times than an ET abductee, how much probing, investigations, enquiries and proofs are required to pull Ann and her whole entourage in. This is what the money collected via the foundation was used for. This appears now at least the 4th attempt at mass infection of the populous be it H1N1, Ebola, Cholera and the Zombie virus known as Zika.

*did you know the foodstamp program comes not out of our taxes, but our birth certificates

*The clowns and their threats does not only apply to our team, but also larger entities, they threatened at least 2 countries and 1 major bank for attempting to work with our team and implement change, these are the parameters we are working in.

*so you want to know the ultimate in not only stupidity that is par for the course for the clowns these days, but also treasonous behavior by those at the top end of the US military, who in my opinion are not interested in doing anything of value to America the country or it’s people. They have had all the evidence of criminality by various groups, families and names and chose to turn their collective backs on it, in favor of megalomaniacal psychopaths like Rothschilds and their cohorts the bogus Chinese elders.
This week a test was done by the Foundation people to prove we had the means and the live banking codes to support a new system and way of operating, for those unaware to get into the main banking system you need access via codes, now all their codes are broken, shut down or not valid anymore and havent been for last five years, many high profile names had thought they had the codes for access, and many found out to their embarrassment they didnt work when they tried them – oops. a couple of Pindar’s cough cough
So our team gave the US military live codes and a nominal amount to prove we had the codes, they checked it out and then left it there, did nothing and went on their way saying the RV will be happening next Tuesday – which then rolled into a 24 hour delay to Wednesday and that failed also.
We also sent codes to Hong Kong as a tester, but with a short closing window so the funds were not removed, chinese elders now think and they are relaying information to the imbecilic half wits in dinarland that they have the codes now, except they don’t work, they tried hacking it twice since, utter half wits.
The message is now clear to our govt and USA treasury that we have the working codes that no one has seen for last 5 years, all proven beyond any doubt, message is fix the mess properly, real swamp draining not playing at it, clear out the criminal elements and substantiate a way forward for the benefit of all, until then you are and will be held accountable to the public for your actions and inactions.

*As I predicted last weekend the kicking the can of the budget will go back to February 16th and then onto March 31st, the reality is which will come as a shock to most, there has been no real authentic budget for many years, only fake mirror accounts and accounting, those mirrors have gone and nobody has anything left to give. Once the DOD credits runs out which is what this country has ran on for last 15 months, that’s it, DOD vouchers which creates credits and credit lines will run out sometime between now and March as I understand, then a total govt and total bank shut down could unfold for an indefinete period. America come March 31st will be completely insolvent, we expect they will try and issue a new note and move the Fed to Asia, then buy up the whole of America for pennies on the dollar, which in my opinion was exactly the plan the bogus chinese elders backed by Rothschilds wanted all along, and the idiotic clowns in our military are handing it to them on a plate. and you dont need me to point out I hope, the grim outlook of that happening. 3rd world country is their plan, all sounds very much like 1929 again folks.

*some will say I am anti Trump and that is a fair point, but I have supplied various evidences to support my stance as not anti Trump but rather anti politicians, unless they show proof of actually helping us. I am not interested in parties, titles, badges or personalities, my only concern is are you working close to 100% for and by the people, it is my only view and overview of what we are facing and dealing with, we should never blindly trust anything, least of all politicians.
The reality is even if Trump is 90-100% for the people, it is clear now he has no foundation or platform to build or work from. Some will say but you said he had a platform, and I agree I did and he did, but we can’t advocate for hidden spies, agent provocateurs, threats made to people, their families and friends, all that is bad enough but there is another category that sickens me more, those who have taken the seducements be it titles, fame or wealth offers to come and help the cabal, those people have a lot to answer for when the truth is fully revealed.
There are groups on this planet that meet in secret and discuss how to shape the world, largely in their psychopath image no doubt, like The Bilderbergers, The Trilateral group, Committee of 300, who elected these clowns to decide our future and why are we allowing them to operate in our midst without full transparency? How about an EO for release of the transcripts of all those meetings and their details discussed? They get to decide on our future and we have no input? that is fascism and dictatorship right in your face, time to unleash those files Wikileaks or whoever.

*there is a number of agency program members operating and influencing others within our community spouting utter shite, this show and host is already under attack as I warned would happen. Ya see this show puts out too much truth, proven to have not only intel but intel that bears out, plus we have exposed the many in our community for their bs, their platform is collapsing in on them, and they resort to all they have left is projections and threats, throwing mud and hoping some sticks, lol good luck with that. This is another test we will come through by staying calm and standing your ground, they can’t get at you or us, unless we allow them to.

*remember the story about the lack of rain In Israel, Syria and Lebanon, well the rains came this week

*The 2 worlds is now enveloping more and more of your lives, dont fear it, it just is what it is. An overlay world that some will permanently reside in eventually and some wont due to incorrect frequency or not organic.

I mentioned something as a feeler to put out a few weeks and some didn’t like it, the question raised is there something radically wrong with this planet, and possibly the planetary mother, so what is the evidence to question that, and is it something that needs to be looked at from a neutral standpoint? If you are immersed in a belief structure it is rather hard to view it, in it’s reality, or entirety, it needs something or someone external in a way to overview things.
Take for example the Catholic church and its basis of religion, as a Catholic, is it easy for you knowing the seemingly endless crimes of that system, and be accepting of it? that is a question only you can answer.
We have all heard the stories of not only men in the church but women via nuns also, of horrific and sadistic behaviors against humanity, but especially the children, via physical, mental or sexual abuse.
The financial skullduggery that has been exposed and vast wealth all collected off our labor, the birth certificate issue via control of the chattle, banking fraud, and the truth is the Italian mafia is ran for and on behalf of the vatican.
There is around 1.5 to 2B Catholics or derivatives of such like Protestants, who are all catholics in reality, as there is no religion called Protestant, the truth is a Protestant movement which was done by catholics against the crimes of the church in 1500’s morphed into another religion to play the divide and conquer game all around the world. Rome has either created or invented all other religions, and has distorted all spiritual practices. Sadly, there are many Catholics all over the world which live and exist in abject poverty and harsh cruel conditions, even those not in war zones, whilst they sit there in their gold laden ivory towers in a lap of luxury like priestly gods of the past, with no attempt to correct the issues, infact ambivalent to it all, why is that? could it be that is the way it is suppose to be, or could it be, we have allowed it to be that way?
Recently we have heard the stories on this show via The Humanity unplugged episodes, of how the church actively sort to kill off the person more commonly known as Jesus, but is actually the less familar name of Radomir, with his wife Mary Magdelene and children from 1000-1100AD, they chased them down to kill off the bloodline, again the question is why?
They have burnt people at the stake for going against their ideologies, be it witches, psychics, scientists, visionaries, contactees, renaissance people, heretics you name it, you question them and their presumptious authority, and you not only die, but with maximum fear and pain, there are some ways of killing people that is far less painful than the sinister examples they chose, ritual sacrifice and burning people alive. and yet vast ceremonies were laid on for the people for these events, and what did the people do? they all came watching and baying for the victims death, then celebrated it, question is why would they do that with no corroborative evidence to support the slaying?
Lesser known issues heard of organ harvesting, child trafficking and satan worship, have all surfaced and been exposed recently, again I ask is, is this what the catholic church purpose is all about?
Another issue not fully revealed is the sacrificial alter instead of the vatican, the higher dimensional hostages all held deep below the vatican.
You have all seen the statues of demonics, reptilian and serpent worship within the confines of the vatican, are all these demonic, reptilian beings and serpent depictions and statues, all just a sign of a deluded conspiracy theories mind, that has lost it’s way, or is an actual depiction of real events and representations of who they represent and stand for? The question is not whether they are real depictions of demonics, reptilians or serpents, the question is why are they in the house of so called sanctuary or sacred place? They shouldn’t be there to begin with real or not.
Then after all that collection they have added another layer of denying the people, via knowledge, vast libraries that tell the real tale of our history, all locked up, again the question is why? What are they hiding and for what purpose?
why does something that is allegedly there to be an example for all, teach morals and betterment according to them anyways, exhibit such a heinous, psychotic and completely unsane behavioral examples? 
Now having heard all that and most of you will have heard some or all of it, here is the kicker question, why are Catholics still going to church? I know there will be some of our members who go to church and that is your choice, but the question is, are you not, by making that choice of going to church, in essence facilitating the above horrors?
So back to the issue of the show, there have been many species and races here hydra reps and dragons, draco reps, greys tall, short and medium, tall blondes, tall whites who are perhaps best known as the watchers, mantids, dorsay, djinns, angels, demons, gremlins and trolls, fae, elves and dark elves, aquatics human type and not, various humanoids, and in my experience none of them, have in total appeared to live in any sort of harmonious way, be it amongst themselves or interactions with others, and in particular us.
Even the angels who throughout this planets history and narrative are largely looked upon as angelic and all things nice or good, but even they fell when they came here, started breaking cosmic law and fornicating the female humans here, to a point where the females if ancient scriptures are to be believed, decided they no longer needed man, and wanted to stay only with the angelic gods, and a mass genocide took place to eliminate the male humans, this is hardly angelic or all things good is it?
The dragons are revered all over the world also particularly in Asia, but the English word dragon and Latin word draco derive from Greek  (drákōn), “dragon, serpent of huge size, water-snake, for those who like a laugh the term drake means drakon aka dragon, it is a dragon without wings. The more nasty of the dragon groups are from Hydra Draco system, very nasty, spiteful and violent, best avoided unless well equipped. For those unaware hydra and draco are different species, the term most of us use for the draco is a lizard being, a bipedal lizard with some human characteristics. There is another version of the draco lizard beings, their royalty are white and have wings, and not angelic ones at that.
There are many sources throughout the internet where you can get a gist of the draco and their role here, it hasn’t been the savior program that they put forward to humanity, a humanity struggling with no or limited tech and weaponry, struggling with the total onslaught of war raging across the planet.
The war then involved the Atlanteans and other outside forces, the draco offered to end our suffering and provide us with tech, in return they took over the planet, which worked well for a bit and then as per usual turned ugly, they have operated mainly from the shadows over the last 16500 years duration, thankfully now their contract here is null and void, and no longer carry a major threat, though can cause some annoyance, so the main issues that permeated everything on this planet, has all but gone away.
The draco controlled all govts, banking and other control systems, looted our planet via off world trade and harvested a huge amount of humans, for what they see as their right, due to genetics issue, they are one of 24 races to have injected their genetics into humans here, all of them think that gives them the right to control us and the planet, many have stepped away from that bs’ery now.
Draco were here before this current version of humanity, but left to conquer many other worlds and systems, and left the parents, coven and lower clowns to operate on their behalf.
The greys, often shown as a nice cuddly little being in the movies, and yet they have also done untold damage here, with abductions, building the AI and operating it on behalf of the mantids and draco. Thankfully a number of their differing groups have had enough of being pawns themselves and have stepped down.
Mantids were the brains behind the AI/matrix/construct, very clever beings which has developed due to their hive mind mentality, often in league with the draco, they are ran by the females who completely rule their worlds and beings, which is a common theme amongst insects on this planet also, all protecting the queens.
Atlanteans were a mix of beings on a craft not an island, master geneticists and responsible for many of the abominations seen in depictions across this planet, they were also responsible for the chimera group, cobra often refers to, history books and narrative often speaks highly of and how great the Atlanteans were, reality is that is another myth, they were from it, they came here to hide from a previous war they were involved in, and we suffered the consequences of their folly.
Faes, fairies and angels are often portrayed as nice but there are many stories and tales of them not being nice, too often throughout our history those labelled good were not, and those stated as bad not necessarily where bad.
The dorsay many of you may not be familiar with, they reside largely in the Swiss Alps regions here, but their main interactions here are from the lower astral realm, those who have opened their psi field via injury, drugs, alcohol or some of the so called empowerment exercises like yoga and tai chi, that has been done without shielding yourself first, can allow these very small greenish gremlins to attach to the body and energy chomp, so injuries take much longer to heal as they need the attachment, these critters are not as hard to get rid of as some of the others, but a big problem to the host who is unaware, or people who don’t believe there is not a whole other world all around us.
Djinns are far more prevalent than people think, if you encounter them in sleep time they a largely appear has a dark human form or a smoky mass but with glowing eyes, those 5 foot human like shadow forms you see briefly out of the corner of your eye are mainly them, these are the entities who can interact despite shielding, as too often many shield down to the floor and dont complete the oval sphere shield, they are often used as a threatening tool by those who work with them.
The aquatics of which there is a few different ones, but to get the gist of them see the movie The Shape of water, I have met them recently where I was taken to a meeting with them by the dolphins to an underwater crystal city, they have provided some help here over time, and where prevalent in cleaning some of the mess the Deep Horizon oil spillage did in the gulf, largely they are a neutral group though who have provided some support.
So that is the gist of interactions here, there have been more, little of which was overly beneficial to us humans.
Here is some of the main interactions they have introduced that most on this planet is oblivious too, they have introduced some helpful interactions like education, agriculture, astronomy, in some cases history and language, which in the past was not made up of various languages or diallects, but a common language, but as stated in the passage of Genisis, the lord was not happy with one language and how humanity was developing a common bond, so the Lord who is Anu the draco reptilian king came down and infused extra languages to confuse humanity, and implement the classic divide and conquer tactic so familiar on this planet, the ultimate language being Latin which is their main language.
A lot of offworld visitations here, have in the main been about trade and resources, this planet is rich in resources of various kinds, be it metals, minerals or our unique living water, or worse us, the Sumerian tablets detail how one of the 5 species/races of The Annunaki came here to mine gold.
But there have been other more sinister purposes, using humans to fight wars here and elsewhere, using humans as a food source, using humans as an energy looshing battery and also looshing our soul energy, most of which was with our consent, due to our chronic lack of knowledge.
Others like RA and his law of one bs, tells you of the harvesting of humans at certain times in our history, where a group may have developed a higher vibration, and then they just harvested them off the surface into their waiting plant ships. There are references within the bible that talks of rapture, where mainly Christians but other religions as well think they are rising into the sky to meet and join christ or god, yeah right, rapture is a fancy term for soul harvesting. There has been many examples of whole groups of humans just vanishing without trace, like The Aztecs and Mayans, some native American groups and the less commonly known is the Rus people, the Tartarian people and also the Easter Island people.
There is and has been much talk about The Plaiedians all being good and coming here to help us, but The Alcyon group from there, they were the guardians of this planet, and sold us out for tech to the reps, so why should we trust them, Alcyon has a representative from their people in the alternative community, he started off ok, but recent developments don’t look too good.
We have had all kinds of councils of various names here at various times, and yet none did nothing to prevent the subversion of the human populace, we do have another council here now currently, and we finally have human representatives on there, were we can now at least put forward our case on behalf of humanity. But can we trust them 100%? can we really trust anything or anyone these days, when so many have used us for an agenda,  a definitive and long lasting proof of benevolence I believe will be required, before we trust anything from outside of here again, is that sad, yes it is, but the saddest case on this planet, is very few people trust themselves, and this has been a key issue in our downfall here, because a non trust of the self then invites in the savior program, I don’t think any that listen to this show, believe that has been useful for us in this lifetime or previous ones. 
So as you can see interactions with and from offworld entities have largely been a negative experience for us humans, and something we have to be wary of going forward, until we gain sufficient knowledge and truth here or on the new earth.
So back to earth and us, as detailed previous, despite all that it doesnt negate the behavioral traits we have adopted here.
Narcissism, unbalanced ego, nasty, divisive, uncaring, service to self, agenda driven, selective breeding for elevation above the masses, via titles, bloodlines or families.
We have also found and implemented a vast array of ways to make money, doctors in USA telling 2400 patients they have cancer when they dont, as it is worth $300K per person to treat that disease that was cured back in 1926, others peddling drugs, pharmaceuticals, prostitution, selling animal body parts as trophy items, chopping down a vast amount of ancient trees for profit, when hemp trees are easier to grow and a quicker harvest. Oil as a technology was rendered obsolete back in 1906 and yet it continues to generate vast profits, destruction, wars and death to this day. I saw a video this week of a dead child packed in ice sold for organ harvesting, people agreeing to have a kidney or a portion of the ir liver removed for financial gain, child trafficking, child slavery, children used as sex toys, even in our own community we have a whole heap of charlatans selling chakra removal, akashic records, holographic magic chips, foreign currencies, freah air currencies the list is endless, but you get the drift.
The issue is why the obsession with money, and must everything have a monetary gain or purpose, it has taken us away from who and what we are, and because we are so enamoured with it, we have ended up as the only species on this planet that pays to live or exist on it, question is why?
Yes, we have received tech from off world, but it is like giving a 5 year old the nuclear button and expect them to not press it, we were largely not ready for that tech, that ultimately leads to destruction of everything, you dont give advanced technology to what we are basically, children, and too much of that tech has been misused and weaponised against us, why? because we were and are not ready for that level of advancement.
Almost every alleged advancement in technology including some of which we have created ourselves, has been implemented in such a way of how can we weaponise this? weapons weapons weapons when we need food, shelter, health and knowledge.
Then we look at the insect world here, are they any better? some of them eat their partner after being made pregnant, or some that after mating, the males all die off, many of them are predatory in nature and this is a common theme on this planet, predatory.
Fish, birds, mammals all have the same traits of predatory nature, which led me to conclude something is radically wrong here, and we can all make attempts to blame this group and that group, but the fact that not one particular group has exhibited for any length of time the basics of humility, caring, sharing, service to others, showing love for all, compassion and empathy, of which empathy, there is a chronic lack of on this planet, because if those who have no empathy experience half the pains an empath does, most of this bullshit would have gone away a long time ago. Those 7 things humility, caring, sharing, service to others, showing love for all, compassion empathy, all have a common theme, none of them cost anything, except your time and energy.
Then we come to the planet and it’s mother, then add in the lord or god and even source, why have they allowed this abomination to happen, if as we are told they are all loving and caring and benevolent? Some people will react to that question, and I do get that, but the object of this piece is to get people to think on things and not just blindly accept what we are told or given as truth, the evidence regardless of which you choose to worship or follow, is fairly damning, when it is looked at with an open mind.
This is the world we have today an uncaring, greedy, comparative mindset mired in consumerism, that is destroying us all, but deeper questions remain as to why so many species and races suffer the same negative or dark consequences, can it mean most of the species are all bad? can it be a psychotic AI influence? can it be a fractal virus thing? Was this planet placed in a frequency zone not conducive to organic or harmonious life patterns? Or can it be there is something wrong with this planet and ultimately the planetary mother? Those questions are not for me to answer as we all have our own ideas and theories, but the overview look at it from a neutral background does beg the question, was it the planet all along that sends all beings into a downward spiral and predominantly predatory? That is the great question that remains unanswered, but something to ponder on.

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