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*Neil Keenan and his team of alcoholics has chimed in again this week, all very convenient Neil following the release of the first live banking codes recently, in steps Keenan with hidden partner Robert David Steele who both operate for and on behalf of the CIA and their Asian faction Chinese Elders, who are supplemented by the Rothschilds family, nice little cesspool of swamp material there.
Neil has apparently offered his book of codes to Mr. Trump, the question is, is if Keenan had the real codes for last 4-5 years when this country was going bankrupt, maybe he should be done for treason against the American people? This is basically to muddy the waters again with the Soekarno, Marcos bs again that went out in the last 4 year loop. someone needs to tell him Trump has the real banking codes, you know the ones that actually work, and is not looking for international phone codes to Thailand, Phillipines or Hong Kong.
I wish Neil would quit embarrassing himself and stand up to the clowns pushing him into this nonsense, time to call them out Neil is now.

*appears the train hit on 200 republicans yesterday was a false flag event, rumors of a helicopter take down in response to that attack, may get more clarity and details on those events, also possible military plane going down from Nellis base drill may also be related to ongoing war.

Politics is the last refuse of a destitute mind.

* How far this poor Government has been abdicated, renounced, deserted and forsaken by Malefeasance, Misfeasance, Nonfeasance, and at last by an utter Dereliction, I need not repeat, it being too evident to all, but those who will not see, than whom there is none so blind and incorrigibly ignorant.
— Hugo Grotius, The Proceedings of the Present Parliament Justified, 1689

*The title of the speech was alleged misspelt and instead of Union we got Uniom, i could go on all night as to how poor our education system is here and make the excuse for the misspell, but maybe it wasn’t a miss spell at all, but a deliberate word magic spell cast to take the piss. UN as in United Nations who seem to think they own the world and all its resources, who hide sneaky passages in the middle of bills to enforce it, and IOM who is known as International of Migration, who operate under the banner of? The UN, make of that what you will.
*The most intriguing quote was our military is no longer undermined by artificial timelines, so many connotations to that statement.
*So, Trump delivered his State of the Union address and quite frankly that at best was a disappointment, at worst propaganda of the worst kind. Trump came in the theater, it’s the assembly building Thomas, yes I know but it is still the theater, he came in looking decidedly plastic, like a Bart Simpson cut out, fearful and a very uncertain gait, was kind of ignored by the military and justice people near the front, which I saw as a good sign.
But then he delivered a stumbling vomit inducing delivery for and on behalf of the synths and the deep state, replete with the usual all American programming, of how great we are at everything, bordering on racist, devoid of any real change, devoid of ongoing alleged issues, like the memo, the multiple firings over the past year, whether Ann was going to be arrested, anyone notice the droid wasn’t in attendance, perhaps it had too many stairs hah, the speech was hideously patronizing and it was a massive slap in the face for all the American people, none moreso than the alternative community, but maybe that is what we deserve?
Too often we have fallen for the same bs of change, when in reality the only change is the time, the address which eerily represented a presentation in the movie Hunger Games, complete with the gallery of over indulgent clapping seals, laughing and clapping on cue, it was all about the image, which is a cor-pirate market strategy designed to pull people in, and provide the hard sell, well I for one am not buying it.
You have to feel for the man, whether you like him or not, he clearly was not in control of that script he struggled to read, and this has been the problem all along, whilst the hidden puppet masters remain in place, you can have jesus christ in the white house and not make a blind bit of difference, the puppeteers should be removed and at least give the man a chance, but we need to build those platforms for people to perform in the right way on, something I asked for 5 years ago, and we need enforcement to carry it out, again mentioned 5 years ago and again we still wait, why? because those who talk brave are clearly not by their actions, or should I say inactions.
America and it’s image which is based on falsehoods and illusions, is only believed in this country, as the rest of the world has largely seen through the illusion, I for one am sick of this false image and fakery of all is well and great when clearly it is not, but he’s going to release a memo and all will be well Thomas, great, but what’s next? until then wake up as this government is currently operated by people who are pandering to the alternative community, and taking the piss out of us. they know already the synths will follow and believe everything, and based on that last night they are trying to convince us of the same, only when it becomes too obvious, will people react, by then it maybe too late, only when we change will the real changes be forthcoming.
The usual mention of terrorists ISIS and never mentioning who operates or funds them.
The usual stabs at countries without a Rothschild’s bank Cuba, Venezuela and the cringeworthy anti North Korea piece, that resembled a classic propaganda driven agency script, again forgetting the atrocities within our own borders.
Again overlooking the vast expenditure of the American people who if I judge it correctly are completely sick of our sons and daughters playing the world’s so called police, which after we have invaded certain countries in the now frankly ridiculous statement under the banner of freedom, it creates a plethora of hate and venom towards this country and it’s people, in essence creating terrorism and threats, not preventing it.
A mention of threats Russia and China poses echoes what General Mattis stated recently, threats to our economy, really? are we the only country allowed to trade? this stupidity has gone on far too long, how about let all countries share resources then no one is a threat to anybody, utter madness and the other classic of a threat to national security, everything is a threat to national security these days, if everything from China is a threat to our economy and national security how and why did we end up with a huge trade deficit to them then? please explain that one, before burbling about perceived threats.
Amongst the grandstanding American schmaltz and repeated ramblings of how great America and it’s people are, how brave, heroes, heroic, valor, best, greatest, powerful, resourceful and how we build and do everything better than every other country, if it is all so great why is an emergency spending bill required for $1.5T to build our infrastructure? why is it so many of these great citizens as he called us, are treated so badly and with such disdain? you wouldn’t treat an enemy that badly, so please spare us and the rest of the world the vomit inducing whaling of how great America is, we are not, that is clear to all and sundry.
We have been drugged, poisoned, jailed, robbed, shot at, killed, experimented on, chemtrailed, dumbed down, permanent state of war, riddled with fear, spied upon more than any other country the world over, only when all of the afore mentioned ceases or drastically reduced, can we even begin to listen to politicians telling us how great and loved we are, clearly we are not otherwise government, military and agencies policies would not have done all that to us.
Americans we love you but chemtrail spraying continues, forecloseures continues and various other atrocities against the so much loved Americans, and frankly we are tired that listening to that total bs.
Jobs increased, wages increased and yet where is the actual evidence? the stock market increased by $8T how and why when the majority of Fortune 500 are laying off jobs or closing down, it is all an illusion Mr. Trump and no amount of spin will fix this country, which in case we all forget has been operating on IOU’s from the DOD for many months now, and still face another budget decision next week.
Attacks and the will to take on the opiods and drug issues is a welcome move, but again no mention of who is the biggest dealer, and addressing them for putting it deliberately onto our streets.
Plus the move on cures and lowering prescription drug costs, and I was pleased to hear of the 1500 VA people fired for not providing correct care for the veterans, and a promise to look after them better.
One thing that many have not addressed or questioned to my knowledge, is why the military is not responsible for looking after their employees? so we the American people not only send our sons and daughters to fight for bogus reasons, we pay for it as well and then we have to pay for the veterans in the public arena, to me that is a military expenditure and not an added public burden that takes away funding for other things, it is not like we are penny pinching with military budgets is it? So, those of us hoping for a stream lining of our largest budget expenditure item where badly let down by Mr. Trump asking for a bloody increase in spending, what the hell for? so we can sacrifice more of our sons and daughters in the name of freedom? enough of that shit Mr. Trump, we love you the American people but we will continue to sacrifice you in the name of American hegemony.
I lost count the amount of times the word sacrifice was used in the speech, we wouldnt have to sacrifice anyone if the short bus people in that theater room was in anyway competent, or the clowns with more badges for killing people than common sense brain cells, did their job of defending the country, not attacking all others, or the laughably named justice people actually did their job for the benefit of the people, instead of collecting multiple piece of silver like the Judas’s they are, sacrifices are for the idiotic gods from the past, time to play grown ups now and protect our people, not sacrifice them.
The nation has lost it’s wealth Mr. Trump announced, no shit sherlock, yes indeed and 12 months on you are about to embark on increased military spending, more oil drilling, more nuclear weapons and more wars with those you see fit, oh and build a wall across the southern border to stop them nasty terrorists and drug dealers, forgetting which of our own agencies not only created them, but armed them hello Mr. Holder, and ran the drug cartels for their own profits and black budgets, build the bloody wall around them and call it Guantanamo 2 and do everybody in this country a real favor, they are not called Cocaine In America for nothing.
I was pleased to hear about going after the MS13 gang as those people and their reign of terror has gone on far too long, but no mention of who hires them hello Scherff family or the goons in Virginia, both of which are heavily involved with them and actively support the MS13 gangs.
The most disturbing piece was his wording surrounding Guantanamo, not only keeping it open, despite not adding a single detainee since 2007, but espousing a greater use for it, he mentioned the term enemy non or combatant, incase you are not familiar with that term, it means you can torture and do whatever you like to those contained within, as it does not come under any Geneva convention, human rights protection or habeus corpus, what next Mr. Trump, are you going to call all Americans enemy non combatants?
Whilst it was good to hear the firing of the VA people for poor care, there was not one single mention of the plethora of crimes perpetrated by all agencies, DOJ or his fellow politicians, not one mention.
No mention of Fed Reserve, Wall Street crimes either, no mention of the criminal banks and practices that have milked this country dry for foreign interests.
No mention of swamp draining – not one
But he couldn’t resist could he proudly mentioned the new capital of Israel in Jerusalem, and incase anyone failed to notice, cue mass cheering from the happy clapping performing seals in the gallery, I thought it was about make america great not Israel, yet again our politicians are hampered and strait jacketed by foreign policies to countries who frankly don;t give a rats arse about America, until they hold their hands out for foreign aid, which of course we the people pay, but we love you American citizens, yeah right, because we are all utter dickheads and mugs tolerating this type of unsanity being imposed on us, but don’t worry we will all sleep safe on our street corners, tents, clapped out caravans, bus shelters, under the bridge and shop doors tonight Mr. Trump knowing we are going to spend $T’s more on nuclear weapons, you cant eat nuclear weapons Mr. Trump, tell that to the 1 in 5 kids in America who are living below the poverty line or the 47M people on foodstamps, the majority of people working 2 jobs just to get by, whilst you and your ISIS RA EL-ite friends decide on how many nuclear weapons we can buy or how many rounds of golf we can play, shameful, we love you my ass.  YOU GIVE LOVE A BAD NAME

*AI now gone as of late 2015, debate over new one beneficial or not, exists or not, if it does exist why is cabal pushing to get a new one on the surface operating, could it be to compete with a neutral or beneficial AI present or they have nothing left and need to control people on vast scale, they currently cant cope with themselves, all possibilities are still open.

*questions came up re piece last week over the rods and their purpose, and whether it is re-enforcing the construct via geometry, ancient symbols and certain computer numbers mimcry

*telling people YOUR skills is not bragging, we have to stop doing that to ourselves. It is another silence program to keep you in a box of little me. All have talents of varying degrees, society has dictated what is important or not, all talents have the same degree of importance. Grading/labelling it creates another set of boxes

*yes, my focus is less on them and more on the rest now, their time is short either way and their fear is palpable, they are not used to fear, so the judgement is already on them

*word of warning for attendees of the superbowl or is it superb owl this weekend, all hail and worship Moloch and give it masses of loosh energy, like the election farce and the bizarrely called day called Thanksgiving, which celebrates a British mainly massacre of the native population, maybe this is another American cultural event we should bypass? Until they get the message we are not falling for their rituals anymore. security for the event like the pulse nightclub, G4S will be running the security for the weekend cabal ritual piss take event.

*the god of knowledge is called Sin, so in their bizarre word magic spells, to obtain or have knowledge is a sin or perhaps another case of national security, everything else is these days. The 7 deadly sins needs modernizing I feel, try these out 1. Think Tanks 2. Agencies 3. Bankers. 4. Lawyers 5. Politicians 6. Military and 7. ET’s all have committed an enormous amount of sins, crimes and human suffering beyond all imagination. Are name is Human and we deserved better than these abominations of humanity.

*Had a conversation with Holly the other day about how my feelings and thinking process has changed, less on revenge and more on how we progress. So here is some more things to ponder on. I mentioned last week so mass arrests however many and whoever is removed from society. Yes make no mistake I want to see real justice served, but I worry at what cost? Society itself has become addicted to drama, worrying about other peoples lives rather than your own, the nosey neighbor syndrome, ooh did you know blah blah is cheating on blah blah, or he/she is working on benefits, someone’s put wrong items in their trash can are examples, and the classic one of illness, applies more to UK listeners but maybe prevalent here, the illness drama did you know the neighbors daughters, boyfriends cousin has cancer, or C, both of which are said in a whisper or mimed, why do people do that whisper or mime cancer, but again it is an example of people being embroiled in others lives and not getting on with their own. Various shows on tv now are all geared around the drama, even the news outlets over the last decade have delved into it and enhanced it 24/7.
So, the arrests happen and the issue comes up to me at least, the frightening reality of drama being played out on our screens of court rooms, police guards, high security, snake oil lawyers and tv cameras from all angles, relaying all the drama, with the people outside the court buildings demanding hangings, lynchings, torture etc the majority of which, will know little about what or why the person or persons in the court room are there for, only the alt. comm will really know why. It will turn into a disgusting sideshow of mock anger and perhaps eerily reminiscent of the roman church public live death by fire antics, it was wrong back then and I feel wrong now. Before you all jump to an instant judgement on that, please hear this piece out first. The thing that bothers me as you cant change everything overnight, is the fact the same snake oil salesman called BAR lawyers would cream off multi billions of our dollars to decide in reality what we already know, it will all be covered by the same organizations that have led and lied to us, to facilitate our perverse unlawful current system via the portal people, endless hours of pontificating and pointless mindnumbing debate of he said she said, Oprah and other equivalent proponents skilled in the art of talking shit, some how trying to convince the bewildered public, that they knew something was wrong but couldn’t put their finger on it, yeah right you knew and did nothing but collect your fake titles, a plethora of kickbacks and bulged wallets, purses and bank accounts, a bunch of sanctimonious bastards to me, they BAR, media et al were all complicit in it at various levels, yet chose to ignore the obvious incase it affected their perceived special status lives, judgement of their selves at a defined date will not be sweet, and will have a cost.
So what are the solutions, to still have and see justice but avoid the drama of it all, presuming the clean up involves all branches of them as well, well how about a closed military doors court with people from the alternative community observing true justice is served and implemented, and not some secret deal that can’t be released because of nazi security, i’m sorry did I say nazi not national, more like nazi secrecy to me, where we find out 50-60 years later they were secreted to some underground bunker or some hidden island, we want to observe real justice and then reporting it back to the community via shows, podcasts etc,
The reality is, it is us in the alt community that have pushed this scenario to its current situation and ultimately to their arrest, ignoring the faction games playing out and them throwing each other under the bus, because again we forced them to do that, with our relentless pursuit of the truth and justice, so I feel strongly that we should be represented in that process of justice and a delicious serving of irony loaded into the mix, those classed as nuts, unsane, conspiracy theorists, anarchists observing and serving justice to those who thought they were beyond incrimination.

*my thinking changing has another portion to it by going overview, one of the main and many obstacles to higher learning is being mired in midst of all narrative and picking apart every nuance of the information, arguing opinions and exhibiting cognitive dissonance all come to the fore, so it resembles ramshackle theater show, filled with drama and distractions, and too often the key point or inference is missed. An overview thinker will read a 1000 words but one sentence will appear to be in bold and a bigger font, all 1000 words are non bold and same font, but the over viewer will see that one sentence, same applies to listening to a show, much of it in overview are a drone of words, but your instinct tells you which part to take notice of, it is a cool skill to have and work towards. You then are able to see, assess, perceive in a clearer and more defined path, it is the key to perceived wisdom, like a long roadtrip the signs where all there to get you to your destination, but many miss the signs due to being distracted.

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