banking fine, only we will have our own non rothschild non crown bank
washington dc
mineral rights
fed res right to print ended
military comes under us not them, war is cancelled, can operate on our soil again
debts of country erased
assets that belong to the country returned
dividends on assets repaid
So, we have another show and this is a follow up to last night’s historic announcement, of America being declared a sovereign nation. Show will be in 3 parts and supplemented with music as we often do with our shows.
Part 1 will be some back ground and real history
Part 2 will be the reading of the announcement again
Part 3 will be the implications of it
I hope you enjoy the show and spread far and wide, for a speedy and smooth transition from being a colony country to a sovereign country. The first part for those who dont listen to our show regularly will be shocked at much we in America have been lied to, our history and knowledge base of the real history is a far cry from what you have been taught.
So, how did we get here, many of you will be confused thinking America is already free we declared Independence back in 1776, that is the first major falsehood the led us to this week. Reality is most of our history in this country has been built on a pack of lies and 1/2 truths, in this piece you will find out some of the depth of it.
Declaration of Independence was largely delivered and signed by either British or acting on behalf of British freemasons, under a banner known as The Crown. So the founding fathers much revered here were actually British Crown agents. Now many presume The Crown is connected to British Royals, it is not, The Crown which is based in a square mile in London UK, known as the Temple Bar, is entered by invite only and the Queen requires permission to enter that region.
The Crown and it’s region known as the City of London is not affiliated to England, Britain or UK, but a separate principality that has its own rules and doesn’t pay taxes, there are other regions known as District of Columbia or DC, Vatican City, Luxemborg and Switzerland also enjoy this special status they created for themselves.
So, the staged event of Declaration of Independence and America was free on July 4th (which is a ritual day for those unaware) and yet on July 18/19th of the same month America received it’s new tax tariff from Britain, so if we were free, why would we continue to pay taxes to a foreign country? clearly we were not free, if you repeat the lie long enough, people take it as fact.
War of 1812 was another lie and another staged event, all about slavery and other nonsense, but a key fact missing in the narrative was Jefferson wanted to attack and claim Canada as a part of N. America, lots of lives were lost over what was basically initially at least over shipping lanes and rights. So, allegedly America declared itself free again, except it wasn’t and nothing had changed.
1861, was a key date as more shenanigans involving American politics and legal lawsharks operating as all lawyers do, on behalf of The Crown, for those who don’t know, all lawyers are committing treason by operating under license for the BAR, which means British Accreditation Registry, this would become illegal under the original organic constitution, but those sharks cancelled it in 1861, America has not had the original constitution since that date, I know that upsets many, but it is the truth.
Currently there are 4 constitutions in operation, but organic is not being administered, the legalese people are fond of what is known as word magic, whereby they change the title of the piece, by changing the font size, lower casing and capital lettering, which subtely change the whole meaning of the document, for example Constitution of United States and Constitution for, it may not seem much, but in reality it changes everything. Same applies to the States, is it Florida State or the state of florida, looks similar but vastly different in the interpretation of the rules. So we have had no Constitution since 1861.
Also in 1861 was the last official American government, since then we have had a corporation known as the USA inc operating or pretending to be our government, it is not.
In 1864 the previous incumbents of the World Trust acquired vast tracts of land of America including what is now known as The District of Columbia, where their take over of America in it’s entirety was then formulated to include not just the original 13 colonies but the rest of states being formed or already formed.
Then came 1912 which a corporation was formed almost one year after the people who were going to vote against it where sank deliberately in the accident of the ship known as The Titanic, but was actually the sister ship not renovated called The Olympic, that corporation is known as The Federal reserve, for those who dont know, this is not our national bank, it is nothing to do with America or its people, One of the rothschilds was famously quoted with “give me charge of a nations finances, and I care not who makes the rules” well with the Federal Reserve in place, assisted by treasonous quizlings in congress, who sold out the people, the country and it set a course to loot it’s wealth.
Of course almost immediately they threw us into a war WW1, ya see war creates profits for banks and why this world has been in perpetual war since, plus it gets rid of some useless eaters as they called us, touche parasites.
In 1923 the official US Treasury was erased, and various corporations with similar names were created and subjugated the real Treasury
Then they crashed the country and the economy led us into great depression, where more legal sharks came in and then declared all Americans as their property, and put us up as collateral for the Federal Reserve debts, not our debt.
In 1933 they declared the Emergency war powers act which put us under martial law and rendered militia irrelevant.
Then they threw us into another war WW2, which was all about looting ancient gold in Asia, so they wouldnt have to pay back the loans received in the form of gold bonds in 1933.
For those that don’t know, by putting us up as collateral, it meant they should have paid all of our expenses, oops, instead they, in 1934 stiffed the public again, not only did they force the public to hand over all their gold and precious metals for a pittance in return, the hijackers then created a temporary measure, they said at the time, to get America out of debt and back on it’s knees, yeah right, 84 years is not temporary, of income tax on your wages, this is illegal as wages are not capital gains and so not subject to tax. In came the next bogus entity to enforce the taxes the IRS, again this is a corporation, well actually a trust that is not part of America, infact it is not even domiciled in America, but is in Puerto rico, it is a Puerto Rican trust and a collection arm of the Federal Reserve, that collects taxes not for America, but the crown, oops. 67% goes to The Crown, 23% Federal shareholders who are all Crown members and 10% is operating costs, and 0 cents goes to American govt, zip nada. Then when the USA Inc government runs low on funds, which is deliberately created so we go low every year, the government has to borrow funds from Federal Reserve at 6%, when those shysters had already taken our money via the wrongly named title of income tax. Your income tax as it is called has no reference as a tax in the IRS tax code manual, none, why? because it is not a tax at all, it is a tribute to The Crown, and as declared in 2013 by the CEO of the IRS in a house session, income tax is voluntary. Following WW2 in came corporations like World Bank, IMF which is who collects social security payements via your chattle number known as National Insurance in UK and social security in America on behalf of The Vatican who own every person on the planet or so they think. The UN, Bretton Woods agreement more banking theft, all of which think they own America the country, it’s land and all of its resources.
If you think that is not enough you can add the American flag, is a British designed and is red white and blue the same as the Union Jack, State of the Union indeed, which union? as clearly not ours, the gold fringe around the flags means it is a military flag in a state of perpetual war, and also signifies we are under maritime law, which is British based.
The anthem was written by a Brit as well and adopted by the British agents here operating as Americans.
All of these facts can be verified yourselves by a simple search, so not taking my word for it.
Our history is bogus, we have no constitution, we have no independence, we have no american bank or tax office, we have no american flag or anthem, we have no American government or military, and had no American president in our lifetimes, it is just a CEO position for the corporation, until now and it is up to all of us to see it is properly administered, and delivered to the people in a speedy and smooth manner.


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