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*RV failed again on tuesday oops, still trying to provide a non working solution when th new solution is required, various hacking attempts were made last night – all failed, then they promised to have funding again before noon today – that failed as well, so in stepped the evil old soul from millenia past

*roths now facing financial issues and forced to sell large properties oops

*heavy meetings continue, progress is still on course, progress continues on at least 4-5 levels of operation, Kissinger now involved due to Roths failure to provide anything but a fire sale, old guard now in total desperation mode and have sent old fogey’s like Kissinger to steer and continue their failed path of stupidity, plus stall for time, this now may delay budget call which was on course to pass until melted candle face turned up. Some 94 year olds can impart wisdom, this imparts and embues evil

*dont be surprised about shutdown, its called leveraging

*5th show in a week

*lack of support from fellow alt media people

*disappointed to find we have long standing members in THI clicking like on trash Thomas posts in CV, if ya don’t like me or information, leave the group, look i’m not expect people to believe, follow and think the gospel of Thomas is all there is, only I can be right, that is so against what we have done with these shows, I welcome diverse opinions provided it is based on learning and not just challenging for the sake of it, there is a difference, some people use it as a projection of themselves to push onto others, and as I am the one who is challenging us all to be better people, hence I get more projections.

*person largely responsible for attacks via CV, perhaps people need to look into his background and boating activities, and why he is connected to keenan and chambers. apparently he thinks I’m an illegal lol a case of more of the lets find anything to dig up on Thomas as the last round all proved unfounded, very sad, I think most know I have put more effort into this country in last few years, than the man who won’t give out his real name. I hear Drake was supportive of what we put out last week, which is good, time he stamped the vermin out in his group me thinks, he is being made to look weak.

*challenged, dissected and sliced and diced but only one show or group faces that level of investigation, funny that, personally I welcome it but when others are challenged in the same way, we may get a lot more truth

*Manna, Manna and Manna

*there is a lot to undertake by being declared sovereignty, so people need to be patient whilst things are thrashed out, cabal still want to play and threaten, but their task is becoming futile. there was hints in SOTU, and Trump wants military parade in DC, things that make you go hmm,

*chemtrails issue


*military mindsets weakness/strength, programming, perceived enemies created by the system, mind abuse

*cabal and their system has failed

*all the toing and froing in the political debate and yet not one comment from Ann, i wonder why

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