“Truth, Honor & Integrity show 2/15/18” on Spreaker.

background of mwht who held it at various times and what was the funds purpose and how did it come about?
MWHT purpose now?
What is your role in MWHT and how did you come to do it?
Chinese elders/dragons background? have they ever given anything to USA or other non aligned country?
Trump letter and its significance?
Does this end the USA inc corp if implemented correctly?
How does sovereignty apply to the crown and usa inc to vatican
pledges to the trust what did that entail?
the right to hold central banks, military and agencies?
without influences of sovereign/monarchs what does that mean?
The federal reserve now defunct, do they have the ability to print notes, why are they still operating when contract ran out? what do you foresee for them in the future and subsequently the IRS as a sovereign nation they both have to go?
Where does the real US treasury stand currently?
What is your understanding of other treasuries the ones certain OPPT people went after and paid a heavy price for?
Is it still the case the cabal have vast quantities of notes printed but are not valid as they have no allocated numbers on them as govts are blocking it?
do you have some background on the supernotes that were printed
The trust held DC or DOC how did that come about and is this what Trump referred to in SOTU address of giving DC back to the people?
Trump mentioned god bless America and not USA is that significant hint also?
What is Global Marshall Law?
Any possibility this can be turned into another cabal takeover or sovereignty ignored?
Attacks fended off and people writing bs rip reports to discredit you
Keenan came out again recently try to hand over or sell his black book presume thats not his underage girlies book for the phillipines and thailand, so what is the low down on that book and is it real now or ever?
Live codes it is my understanding you as trustee are the only one with live codes and went about proving that to various entities recently?
What is your understanding of our so called military involved in all of this, are they still blocking and if so why?
any update of interest from other countries declaring sovereignty?
this movement all done largely without the need for violence?
Some people i get feel uncomfortable with potential changes what do you see as everyones role in this?
Obviously this is a major undertaking and will take time to implement here in America, is there an announcement to public in 2 weeks, imminent or soon?


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