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*Financial issue meltdown

*Delay in moving forward due to military hardware lease deal to asian chinese elders but now we have the full backing, support and assistance from Chinese pm XI a solution ot that is a lot nearer to conclusion
But if ya think it is just elders and roths who own the USA inc military, they dont, in steps the next faction to make their claim The Jesuits are trying to enact a law from 1488 where they think they totally own our military, they think they own the Chinese military as well, America was only refound again by vatican agent Columbus and so how can they lay claim from that date, maybe this is why the vatican attorney Anna von reitz is fleeing the country, to lay hold on blocking the American sovereignty plans. Vatican thinks military ownership is separate from sovereignty or so they think, work underway to correct this nonsense as we speak, once this is corrected and military hardware deal, American sovereignty should be rubber stamped in some way soon after.
Jesuits need to understand they are no longer our slavemasters under the cestui que vie act of 1666, as America is no longer under that act as the covenant expired.
Jesuits need to grasp they are no longer the powerhouse of anything and we will remind them they are a sub sovereign to the trust, not the other way round, going forward it may be the case the holy see, rc church, vatican will not be declared a sovereign at all, i hope they like that. Trust has the power to declare sovereignty as proven with Kingdom of Manna and also America, so by same token has the ability to deny it as well, one of teh conditions of a sovereign is a sovereign nation entity cannot attack another sovereign, it is possible some may view this stance by holy see as an attack on a sovereign nation and so an act of war, time will tell.

*work continues on other fronts and meetings with GHCQ have gone well as now they realize they have been stiffed by Ann droid and rothschilds hallelulah say all, and some headway is being made in the house of lords in uk, so positive news all round, as we continue to educate the world to teh truth and reality of life here, you would still be amazed at how little each so called authority knows.

*Another week goes by riddled with staggering hypocrisy and public waste as $100M of public money spent to come to the conclusion that Russian trolls interfered or decided the outcome of the last USA inc election.
All of it spent at the behest of Ann and her democratic collection of criminals, plus foreign interest groups.
So we have the memo and vast funds spent to conclude that one politician dig dirt on another, woo like that doesnt happen at local state or national level ever, now we are in election year again watch the plethora of adverts of dirt digging and ask where did that information come from?
$100M and they think it was russian trolls and yet we are told we have the best military, best nat security, best spy agencies and yet none of them spotted alleged Russian trolls, perhaps the firings needs to be the whole of the national security? these same best this and that groups according to their story also missed all the 9/11 planes, did anyone get fired for that lapse, no. and let us not forget that a corporation acting on behalf of America has been directly involved in interfering in 61 countries elections and yet no one got fired for that either, like I said staggering hypocrisy.

*Mueller charged attorney Alex van der Zwaan this week for not being truthful, I hope that same directive applies to all politicians, agencies and top brass in the military, if not – why?

*did you know that 40% of cops admitted they were violent towards their relationship partner, 40% admitted violence against their partners in last 12 months, and you and your children if you are in a relationship with a cop you are 15 times more likely to be violently struck or abused, as a recent video guy by the name of  brian young  suggested, where are there background checks on whether they the cops should hold guns?

*I dont doubt what dominated on tv this week, all about gun laws and gun crimes, perhaps a little balance is required. I have stated I don’t like guns, I come from a country that is not used to seeing guns, but I have also researched about what happened to the people of many countries who gave up their guns, they all got slaughtered by the authorities. No one knows for real whether people died or not in Florida, but what everyone does know, is yet again the news reports do not match up to what allegedly happened in the school, as reported by more than one pupil in the school, why is that so common? why are they stating a narrative contrary to what the eye witnesses are saying? and why havent the people or the authorities dealt with these purveyors of lies and distraction? Yet again the repeat narrative comes up the shooter was known to the FBI or authorities, and yet again the shooter allegedly did what he did, and i guarantee yet again no one in FBI will be held accountable for incompetence, same thing happened in Vegas it was said FBI knew about him, but he also still allegedly shot a load of people. Until a proper govt is installed that looks after it’s people and not other interests, until the police learn to exercise caution with their weapons and not shoot unarmed people in wheelchairs plus many other cases of shoot first ask questions later, deny all knowledge and have corrupt courts get 99% of them off of what is essentially a murder charge, until agencies stop using gangs for their illicit means be it drugs, trafficking and money laundering all of which said gangs carry heavy gunfire, until govt and agencies stop poisoning the people’s mind and bodies with narcotics, opoids and other mind altering drugs, and until the govt, agencies and military stop playing MK ultra games with people that create manchurian candidates to commit these gun crimes for an agenda. Then keep every single gun you have locked and loaded, carry everywhere and never give your guns up. Authorities as they are called in this case have to set the tone, it is they who have created the fear of why people want or need guns.

*CPS was turning these children over to with such “gruesome” statistics, Stefano replied that what she discovered, and what the Los Angeles Times was kind enough to publish, was that 1000 “convicted sex offenders” had been given a “green light” by CPS to become “approved foster parents” just in Los Angeles County. at which point does it go beyond being incompetent and into organised crime?

*people believe me or they don’t, the question is not whether you believe me it is whether you believe or trust yourself at the end of the day, and this has been a large part of our show. We all came into this new theater of operations with a common theme, something just ain’t right, that then is the basis of our movement, what we have been led to believe is not correct on most counts, as we have all painfully found out.
Last weeks piece on Anna von reitz needed to be said, as she called us frauds and acting fraudulent, the money belongs to the people she cried, perhaps she is hard of hearing as that is exactly what has been stated, a 50% split between the country and the people via a variety of methods, big projects, small projects, hand ups were all mentioned for the benefit of the people. But two issues come to mind here, are we as a collective in the right mindset to receive and use the funds wisely, or will we fritter it away with same comparative, competitive mindset many too easily display? Can we fix our own house and then help others do the same? Clearing up your own traumas, hurt, pains and damage is unpleasant in the now, but the festering unpleasantness many have managed to mask quite admirably, delivers far more pain and damage in the long run, that the mask is and can be seen as the prison cell of your own making.
Does the child who was picked on at school suddenly turn from the victim to the bully him or herself? the swing from one side to another is not the way forward, surely the better option is the middle path, neither victim nor bully, it is this third option many of us have forgotten we have, they say blue or red pill, I choose neither, are you left brain or right brain, how about both? the same applies in the alternative media and trust me I have tried to pull people together, those that know me close know that, despite some of the hit pieces done on this show, all have bits of a puzzle and have had some input into the wider picture, but sadly some are paid to drive a narrative and others let their self importance rule their decision making, nothing worse to me personally then people acting under false pretenses, it’s another layer of fakery and illusion. I have said before the show name is not just a fancy title, it is something I myself try to abide by, and ultimately the goal is for us all to abide by, not just me.
Do I have everything right no I haven’t I have made mistakes the same as you all, but the key is how you react to them and not the mistakes themselves, the person who never made a mistake is the person who did or said nothing, so do you castigate yourself for getting something wrong as many do, or look back on it and see where it was useful for you and go forward with the positive aspects of that learning curve.
Many people feel I made a mistake being on Drake’s show, many felt I needed my own platform and discard Drake, I didnt feel it was necessary as I was still learning as well, learning too well in many cases of how not to be, as evidenced too well of those connected to that show have made all too clear, what I did was trust my own intuition and let nature take its course, if it was meant to be to have my own show, a path will be made, it did and here we are, it was my time to grow and expand and pull others with me on that journey of discovery.
A journey of discovery that involved thinking and acting differently, with a balanced ego, no one putting themselves above others, that is the old system of heirarchy that has controlled, stifled and abused us for so long, and the key to the change is we all have to change from old way of acting or thinking into a newer, better more streamlined way, as replicating what has gone in previous, will ultimately lead to our demise.

*some like to throw mud and hope things stick, take for example the ripoff reports on Kim that is being spread as proof of her being bs, perhaps you will have noted there is no author, no contact details and those who made the claims, it’s classic cabal tactics just throw out the headline knowing most will not fact check. So the writer of the report stated Kim was falsely claiming to be sovereign, oops that is now proven, stating she claims to have a large trust and claiming it bs – oops that is now proven, and the kicker is the banking codes that they claimed was false and oops again now proven, only cabal and team knew the codes, get the drift now? so everything they claimed she was a fraud on, has since been proven, I did enquire about these reports 2 years back and was given a satisfactory reply. So sorry to disappoint those in CV and camp Anna.
But this is part of a larger problem the internet is now awash with facts being fake, the fake being facts, and the clowns seem to think this is all great fun, I warned last year the fake news meme was part of a greater plan to distort your thinking process, and leave you not knowing which way to turn, it will get ugly hereonin.
as tv theater events are getting more and more exposed, the actors roles are being portrayed by amateurs, the sexton greenberg family role in all or most of these events is now becoming more and more obvious for many to see. So clowns do what they do best, move the walls in the maze of confusion, so you dont know what is up or down, left or right, by now deleting many posts, blogs, videos and sites as the fake news meme is backfiring in their face

*I feel i have said enough on ms von reitz and her collective army of promoted agendas, but a few things came up during the plethora of words that filled the page and ultimately said nothing. post after post that is bordering on resembling a spammer.
Trusts dont exist and then they do, Kim and myself are frauds and then we are not, Kim isn’t the trustee and then she is, she doesnt have the codes and then does, and then the classic statement yes the funds will be dished out by Manna Trust but all who received it are accepting stolen goods, I mean what type of fear porn drivel is that, so an awful lot of backtracking and sidetracking that has more plotlines than a bad soap opera.
So now she claims that we claimed we own the umbrella accounts, nope we don’t, Kim is the account guardian and custodian of the trust, does she think for one second it all belongs to her, nope only in the cabal world of thinking, it is the cabal and nobility families who think they own it all, and appears now Anna comes under that umbrella as she calls it, as well, as they and their army of minions wheeled out the big guns to discredit mainly her but me as well, over the past week, citing bs ripoff reports which they wrote, but I think we both held our own as unlike them we provided the proof and the facts, whilst unpleasant the closer scrutiny we got, it ultimately left many more with more clarity and more than a few more have jumped on board.
So after Ms Von reitz failed with all her false accusations and assumptions she then went about stating Kim and I are promising untold riches, erm selective memory syndrome or just doesn’t listen properly or at all.
If you think for one moment that what we are doing is ALL about the money, I will say it again for the clearly hard of hearing people, you dont understand a single thing what is going on – zip – nada, money is a control system and we have highlighted that, and we see the trust as a way of improving the 489 aspects of life with it and then once everyone understands how this planet has been ran, re-educated to the needs not the greeds, then ultimately phase that system out.
Anna feels she should be part of it because of her ancestors role in this and that, given they were and are nobility, is that the best way forward for we the people, these lords, duchesses and all the other fancy titles they give to each other, have led the life of luxury at our expense, where they in the slightest bit interested in the useless eaters at any other time in recent history, no these societal vampiric entites just carried on their high life, and yet Anna expects us to believe they would do it different now they have lost the trust, think about it Anna, because they clearly wont, path forward is inclusion of all, not just a bunch of ponsey people with nobility titles based on fake history.
Anna is now citing about Draco and their role erm hello, whilst nobility and other EL-ites sucked up to and bowed down to their Draco overlords as long as they kept their riches whilst everyone else suffered, I have a newsflash for you Anna, it was our people who dealt with, battled with, fought with and had them overlords deleted and or removed.
Isn’t funny, well actually it is not it is indicative when you look from overview point, Anna’s posts splattered throughout so called alt media sites and yet ours were nowhere to be seen, this is what I warned of back in my first show on OYM in March 2016, that much of the alt media is co-opted, like 95% how is it that wilcock, corey, fulford, von reitz, keenan until exposed, robert david steele and jordan sather get plastered everywhere, spouting largely drivel and yet get all kinds of so called listeners and followers, and yet many of the good commentaries of people all over the internet get little to no publicity? why, because along with Drake and Alfred Webre and a few other minions who live up in Vancouver, those people mentioned are all part of an agency program to send you away from the truth and real facts,  I am no longer going to cover up Drakes role in this group, as he failed his listeners again last week with another flip flop change of narrative, that became all too familiar to those who listened regularly. Some have said we should stop the infighting and i agree, but those mentioned are not the in crowd far from it, so this is not infighting, it is exposing a program of distractions. How can it be deemed infighting after the exposures revealed all of the above group have been distorting or deflecting the truth? The work Randy Maugans has done, the vast volume of knowledge Shane has done and barely a passing mention throughout the community, or the work Kevin Annett has done exposing the crimes of church, state, cops and paperclip crew only for a former govt agent Alfred Webre to discredit it all, yes Alfred also at the time got much column inches when exposing Kevin, yet where is Kevins inches for exposing these proven crimes? well you know what truth hurts and we have the big guns element as well, its called supported facts, proof and the truth and provided the people who partake in this community start to see that, their games of harassing, threatening, corraling people into a narrow thinking, bs’ing, flip flopping is there for all too see, and time people shut them down, we dont need their repeated dramas they play out on the internet year after year, we dont need their bs and subjugating the truth, we need people to walk the path of truth and knowledge without the infinite distractions those people have delivered. I am all for working together those that know me know I have tried more than most to combine, but these people dont want to combine anything, except to fulfil their own egos and drive a certain narrative of savior programs and distractions, the 2 weeks never arrived, the disbanding of BAR lawyers never arrived, the $6M per person aka OPPT never arrived, the nation states never arrived, the cest que vie trust never arrived, the RV never arrived, the blue chickens never arrived, the sphere beings or the pleiadians never arrived, Annunaki and Nibiru never arrived, the mass arrests in public circa david wilcock in 2002 never arrived, Hudes and the world bank never arrived, the chinese elders and their humanitarian prosperity packages never arrived, NESARA never arrived, St. germaine trust never arrived, and ultimately until unveiled The peoples club will and should be cast in the same light, but now even Ms Von Reitz admits the trust exists and Kim has the codes, and so once the govt people, military and heads of state learn the real truth and declare lets clean house and fix this planet using the funds to do so, then The Peoples club will come off that list and be the first thing ever delivered in the increasingly ugly looking swamp called the alternative community. That will be a joyous day for us all, and worth tolerating all the lies and aspersions cast on myself and others who have at least tried to do the right thing.

*Many have spoken about the matrix, construct, the veil in great depth over the years on the internet and that has led to many of us thinking in ways we never thought we were capable of, a vast array of high level science most shy away from but suddenly things began to make sense. So here is my input into The grid operated by the electro magnetic field that bind the construct around us like a vast fishing trawler net, and like the giant fishing nets, it cared not what it collected in its wake, as it was designed to harvest and loosh us all like batteries. All of this was overlaid by an AI system that became psychotic in its program, this is why I personally struggle to trust any AI, as it is always at the behest of the intentions of those who operate and program it, and as many have heard via this show and many others, most off world entities who have lived here before and during our time here, or visited here have not treated the human population too well, infact too well is an understatement, gist is appallingly.
These beings who are more advanced in years and tech than us, have used humanity for various collective whims, be it trading as slaves, fighting their wars, looshing, experimentation, harvesting and dare I say it in some cases as a food source. In September of last year I mentioned the earth falling away and wondered whether this was a vision of now or the future or just something symbolic, then as often happens comes the mention of the rods to be placed around the world, buried deep into the soil, which caused some to worry or panic, the mother is getting speared some cried, forgetting she has been speared, gouged, torched, bombed above and below ground for all of our lives, but this is often the first reaction of people learning something new, they jump to the negative conclusion straight off and not listen or learn the full narrative before making a balanced assessment. 
So, what are the rods for, basically a dispersement of the source based energy which is contained inside of the planets and dispersed globally, currently only has a weaker signal version exists and is only noted or felt the nearer you are to the poles, and secondary purpose is to be able to rebalance the planet back onto it axis, which was knocked off due to the massive solar system wide war in Atlantis times, Atlanteans were part of the problem and not the solution for those who don’t know.
Now I and a few others have spoken about a New Earth being terraformed currently and has a few human inhabitants who are overseeing the new world, plants and animals of various kinds are already there, and here is my understanding of what is taking place between the two worlds who are not in the same universe, the new earth is being readied for the higher evolutionary humans to eventually transfer there, I spoke in the humanity unplugged shows of how the evolutionary planes of human development work, 1st plane is earth/physical, 2nd plane is etheric and where your cord connects through to the astral, which is the 3rd plane, now the 3rd plane is where most human spirits reside or go to in dream time, but the 3rd unlike others is split into 2 phases, one lower astral which is more commonly known here as hell, filled with the taunted remains of the deceased, all the extinct beings, demons, dragons, multi headed snakes, minotaur’s and centaurs who chase you down in your sleep and wake you up with heart palpitations and cold sweats, and the higher evolution phase of astral more commonly known as heaven, a blissful place, filled with peace, love and harmony, which is the preparation stage for those who develop for the next 4 stages known as the mental planes, on these levels is where you develop or remember you have magic skills, that can influence the weather, influence plant growth, heal yourself and others, and where you can attain knowledge that comes to you rather than you searching for it, telekinesis, telepathy skills can all be obtained operating from the mental planes, these are the 7 growth learning modules for the Earth based learning, then there are 7 cosmic, 7 universal and then multiversal and so on, which leads you towards the soul aspect of you becoming the creators of solar systems and universes. There are some in here who came from those outside Earth levels, known as higher dimensionals, who dropped down the evolutionary path to correct the multitude of wrongs in this and other solar systems and also other universes. these were known in the past as the teachers in the various cultures around the world, sadly too many were only believed after they had died or left, wouldnt it be novel and different if people listened whilst they were here?
So those people who dropped down those levels will likely be the ones to transition to the new earth first as they already have the levels required, they will be able to handle the different vibrational frequencies, sadly not all who came retained their knowledge and many fell by the wayside in plots and sub plots all craftily engineered by the controllers at the top, with their endless meddling and genetic interference.
So, what happens to those left here, well your all going to die haha only joking, a few hearts missed a beat there haha, nope this version of earth will undergo a better version of a reset, with all living beings remaining intact. Previous attempts at resets including wars and the engineered floods led to catastrophic loss of life and a refill of angry, violent and lost beings into the lower astral level, sudden death is the most traumatic event and causes some issues in the next life, unless that is part of your treaty to experience that, note I said treaty and not CON tract.
The plan is as I understand it is that Most of the human population will still reside here, but free of interference unlike in the past, it must not be seen as a failure, a penance or some karmic debt pay off, I want to make that quite clear, it is just many here are not ready yet, and the overall goal was to rescue the all, not just a select few. There is a number of reasons people haven’t yet developed the evolutionary levels required for transition, and all including yourself has played a role in that, whether that truth sits comfortably or not, but the argument will be by some that we can learn quickly, but it is like giving a child nuclear codes and buttons and asking it not to press it, or asking it to learn how to build it all in one week for a test, I have said before we are in essence as a collective children starting off in kindergarten and learning to develop, so what will take place for those staying for now.
The rods will be inserted and the source energy will be evenly dispersed planetary wide, in addition there are small spheres that are hand held minature versions of the source energy contained within that will develop other things more quickly.
So the pure source energy will heal, learn and force a speedier evolutionary growth pattern of all who are still here, ready for the next transition phase which will take place within 2 weeks haha not quite, it could be one lifetime, it could be a couple of lifetimes. but unless you are killing people in every lifetime it wont be 13k years, you see killing people carries a karmic debt of a least one lifetime, you know when the say in court they will receive many lifetimes sentences, which doesnt make sense here, but perhaps now that would explain why.
So the source energy will then produce a rapid evolutionary growth for all who remain on and in here, who operate in a better way, a planetary reset and for all who are attached to it to learn, thrive and grow at a rapid pace, and not suffer the dramatic traumatic events of previous lifetimes and this.

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