“Truth, Honor & Integrity show 3/1/2018” on Spreaker.


*Well the Jesuits and their worship of the serpents race reared it’s ugly head since the last show, apart from a private group in Asia demanding all the US Military hardware which is still being dealt with, the jesuits still think they own our military, so a suggestion has gone into the team to tally up the military budget each year allocated by the government that the Jesuits think they own, well if they own it they can pay for it and re-imburse the multi trillions the American people have paid towards a military we don’t own apparently, we’ll see how they like that, if that goes ahead.

*The Jesuits tried to open a gate to bring others, others being their gods the serpent people in here after the previous attempts failed following chinese elders human chompfest in December, well they never came again and they will not be coming again anytime soon, their days here are over. 8 of the jesuits were taken out permanently and others dealt with in other ways, for violating the peace treaty.
many others are in and facing trial over the last 48 hours also. When they were being questioned they all admitted working and worshipping lucifer
Following those removals numerous hacks to the system were observed and details of who, when and where was sent to relevant people, so why were they hacking?

Because they were trying to do the RV again, in the name of satans portion how many more times are you going to fail before you quit? the saturday attempt if rumors are confirmed got some of the RV people themselves very pissy and 10 of the people who failed to deliver the payout were shot and killed, The RV failed again, and like a faulty robot they repeated failure again and tried “operation stupidity” again early Monday morning and the outcome of that? it failed again, so the government and other top brass asked The Trust to provide funds for everything that was needed including the foundation on Monday afternoon, transfers were made and then because system is transparent, we all sat back and watched where the funds were going to. All was going well until the Cheney, Bush, Obama and Clinton group stepped in and blocked 72 banks from accepting the funds, not only that they also tried to steal some of the funds via The Comex group, which is linked to Bush and Chicago crew.
This set off a chain of events, as for the first time, all groups be it politicians, agencies, banks and markets actually saw the funds, so now they all know without any doubt the funds exist and Manna World Holding Trust and the Trustee Kim was telling the truth all along, so all those who doubted can now go and kiss my hoop, including internet trolls.
So, war broke out literally between factions, govt people for change and those stuck in old system and ways, agencies, pentagon and military the same, all now are infighting.

*Monday night military guys showed up in an attempt to snatch and grab Kim to prevent her and team going forward, that failed as well, but it highlights the dangers people face doing this stuff, and this is what gets my back up when people moan when is it happening, or he or she is bs when they don’t know jackshit, of what is really going on.

*People are getting killed here for your freedom and we can do without the internet trolls sent to distract or unload us of how self important they are, if your that important, why haven’t you done anything?
Anna Von Reitz did a rather good piece on Tuesday supporting the facts and hammered into the Cheney Group, we are still fairly sure that he was taken out, but the group still wields power and thuggery, although as Anna pointed out that power is paper thin now, and only peoples fear holds that alleged power in place now.

*Tuesday evening brought more attacks on the team and more goons lost their lives.

*Wednesday came a release of the funds again and all where in attendance US treasury government, military, agencies, pentagon, many heads of states in various countries, all now know who is the real trustee and its not roths or chinese elders, its Kim as we have said all along,  you name it all watching the funds being delivered to the various banks, and then whilst live the clowns stepped in again and cancelled all American bank transactions until further notice, to much horror of all officials who were watching, all have been shown again, who did, where they operate from and where their machines are, no illusions anymore, time for action and actions to fully unfold, anger at clowns now getting ugly, even by their own people, as many of them have business about fall into the abyss.

*all cheney, obama and ann followers have now realized they have been duped on a massive scale, and that is not sitting well with them, well they now have a choice do you want to help your country and humanity? without the fun and games of the order, and move forward wqith the rest of us, reach out to us, we will listen, your choice.

*So all of the above fun and games took place between the 24 and the 28th and Qanon did no posts in that time, make of that what you will.

*There is so much swamp draining currently team is struggling to keep up with actions taken

*SSp I can now report have had all avenues to assistance, support and access points on this planet closed off to them, no one will allow them access anymore, including their former entity allies. As a sidenote I see coreys latest he talks about aquatics, funny that, I wonder where he heard that from, 1st hand news free, data mined 2nd hand news please pay subscription for, I wonder how that works and more importantly why people pay for it?

*In the continuing ongoing drama and debate of he said she said of american politics, whilst aware of threats and coercion within political circles, it doesn’t bode well for the future if this nonsense rolls on. Of course the advent and implementation of sovereignty could well change all of them with a new election. Trump can set the stage for a better future, whilst people realize that he isn’t too clean either, with various allegations in a few different levels. His business dealings now under heavy scrutiny, reality is you dont get to Trump’s business standing by being, fair, legal and honorable, it’s a sad fact but also a true one.
This is why I felt for next President we need someone outside of military links, outside of lawyer links and certainly outside of consumer, big business corporate links as well, all involved in those practices at the top level, have all been involved in acts and deeds that would not sit well with an informed and educated public.
Trump has business dealings with Russia they cry, really have we all missed something or is there a global ban on speaking to, dealing with or trading with Russia and all of its people, judging by the media aka the portal people you would think it is only republicans who liaise with Russians, but we all know too well the democratic party and their colluding news outlet CNN are riddled with real damaging collusions with Russia, and yet under the carpet it is brushed, one sided information is not news, it is propaganda.
Those that have served up the propaganda and fear porn, portrayed false events as real and laid it on thick to a largely unaware people, causing untold trauma, fear and guilt, should be tried for treason and face the penalty it will carry in my opinion. You think media usage by agencies is a latest thing like a few decades, think again first one was CBS back in 1923, they have been doing this a long time, and they should all face the consequences over a long time as well.

*you see it is all a script in the other world, a call was put out that teachers should be armed and would prevent some events, unless said teacher had the backbone of the cops in Parkland event, then 48 hours later some pseudo teacher goes nutty in an empty class firing off a gun, what a load of b movie drivel that is

*Mad world, of deleting accounts, be it fb, blogs or youtube, Richie Allen, Natural News and Jeremi Corsi latest to come a cropper at the hands of the fascists. a world where cops who are paid to protect but don’t, whether told to stand down or not is irrelevant, what happened to heart instinct? what happened to do the right thing regardless of rules, regulations, statutes or some order, there are times in life when all that goes out of the window, and you have to do what is right.

*In the week of the anniversary of Rodney King 27 years ago a major story of actions of the cops has again been called into question, unlike what happened to Rodney where a number of thugs beat him senseless whilst on the ground and unable to defend himself, 4 cops were faced with someone who it is alleged wasn’t defenseless and was armed and shooting at the children, according to official narrative anyway, and these 4 stayed outside, one of them got offered up as the sacrificial lamb to the baying media, all 4 should be shamed to me, I’m sorry but being told to stand down is bs, you do the right thing, everything else is a cowardly cop out (pardon the pun)
Its all fine if your cop when in a group kicking, punching, shooting and tasering people on the floor, but when faced with real actions of people who can fight back, suddenly the big tough guy shits his pants and does a runner, exactly like what happened in LA 27 years ago, police chief pulled the cops out of harms way after the frankly ridiculous but predictable given America’s darkest shame and past in the area of race, and the 4 thugs in LA were acquitted, citing necessary force, yeah right.
And so following removal of all cops in LA carnage, violence and death ensued.
That event was not the first or the last, as people hopelessly brainwashed all played the cabal game of divide and conquer en masse, the sight of seeing anti black demonstrations with women and children spewing hatred towards people they have never even spoken to, lives long in the memory for many around the world, men and testosterone can take over and go all bullish and acting tough in front of fellow to make sure they are not seen as weak, reality is they were all weak to begin with despite posturing, but women and children I cannot get my head around, shouting go home nigger, i mean really, that is and was shameful.
What happened after the cops pulled out in LA then revealed the ugly side of the black community as well, burning, looting, dragging any white person out of their vehicles and beating them to death or near to, again what type of behavior was that, setting fire to all the Korean businesses, which is racism in itself and proves racism is alive in all cultures not just whites, I can understand the frustration and could even understand it, although not necessarily agree with it, if they had dragged cops out of their cars and beat them to death, as at least it was targeting the same group who started it all, but no, they picked on the innocent, the wrong ones.
Yet again the people of all colors missed the elephant in the room, as to who was the real cause of that and many other issues, but lets ignore the elephant and pick on the innocent ones and extract revenge on them, as they are the easy option to face, that policy by the people has not worked out very well for us has it, ignore the problem and problem gets bigger, we did and it did.
How did so many people go along with separate toilets, bars, cafes, schools, buses for so long and not think that was wrong, all expertly packaged by govt think thanks and amply supported by the Democratic minders or better known as the KKK, of which most cops and justice system were members, but they had a plan and the people played the game, this way of thinking had to and has to stop if we are to make it a better world for all. The same applies to the immigrants issue here, blaming them for all ills, when the same issues that caused the Rodney King incident still prevails hiding in the background like a malware or rootkit in a computer, immigrants are people, let us not forget that, just because they are not from America doesnt make them 2nd or 3rd class people, unless you think I am 2nd or 3rd class as well?
So if ever a situation arises in this country and we may well be not that far off it, remember people you stick together and support each other, it is all you have got, because if the shtf and if history is anything to go by, cops do a runner or hide, so don’t rely on them to protect you, protect each other.

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