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Monday brought out Operation stupidity again yes the clowns promised their fabled and legendary RV to there nightly memory wiped minions, and yes again it failed.

*next I want to make an apology for putting out info that turned out to be wrong, Dickhead Cheney is not dead yet as previously stated, that info came directly from the military, and appears maybe a double was removed and not original, original is in hiding, why? because he has to.

*Cheney and Rothschilds were given a final ultimatum on Monday to get on board and go straight, yet again they made the wrong choice and basically told us to go f oursleves, and so actions were unveiled, following their blocking attempts for releasing the funds again on Monday, Tuesday the team capped off the black market oil fields out of Iraq and cut off their funding from it.
Another attempt at transferring the funds was made and They then blocked another transfer, so actions taken for that misdemeanor as well, the team arranged and burned the poppy fields in Afghanistan, cutting off another source of their funding, maybe now we can no longer justify our military being there for the sole purpose of collecting drug money for black budgets and operations. 17 years we have been there, Osama died in dec 2001 of renal failure with Rumsfeld at his bedside, 2003 bush jr said mission accomplished so why are we still there 15 years later, Obama, Clinton did the staged event of take out the CIA agent Tim Osman, better known as Osama Bin Laden in 2009, and yet no evidence was produced that that event took place, no body was brought back for analysis, as it was bizarrely buried at sea, Osama was a sandal wearing cave dweller so why was he buried at sea? rhetorical question.
Any further blocking of the release of the funds, will have a retaliatory effect on their income sources, you were warned, now we ain’t messing.
A further transfer was blocked again and so a deal was struck with the people of Zimbabwe to divert all funds garnered from the mines there, away from the Chinese elders and back to the Zimbabwe people.

*Wednesday brought more hacking and more failure, as today Operation stupidity was tried

and contrary to a posted video, there is no fixed date for arrests, some have already happened, and some are ongoing, also in that particular video We interupt this program, well i’m going to not only interupt that program but trash it, it sounded to me like Roy Potter who offered and delivered nothing 4 years ago and was exposed, anyway it was stated no country will use USD after March 7th, this is more bs and an attempt by the clowns to scare people into accepting a TRN, as for the Galactic connection video or piece, one would have thought by now, to ignore that bs, this is the woman who said she gets emails from the Prime Creator, I mean come on it shouldn’t need me to discount that.

*and whilst we are on more bs some people want to connect all kinds of dots none of which exist so, mannabase, manna blogs, manna cryptos, manna forums, manna pages none of which belong to Kim or the Manna World Holding Trust, she is connected with this host and this group and recently interacted with the RV people to educate them on all things reality, she was also involved with the setting up and working with The Kingdom of Manna, that’s it, the 2 shows with her on and another one coming up on Sunday, plus an opportunity every week to ask relevant questions or concerns you may have is always available and yet few take up the opportunity to do so, and only complain on the page

*corrupt people have been leaving and stepping down all very quietly, you maybe surprised at how many have done so. Message to the members, listeners and the cabal, the time for going after the lower end minions is over, we are now heading to the very top and removals or eliminations will be coming, you have had long enough to go straight, we the 99% have had enough and our patience ran out, your time will now also run out.

*New steel tariffs are another block on cabal corporation not only profits, but also their cartel involved in that field. All those companies paid no tariffs, and there are rumors they have been selling weak steel to the military on purpose to then encourage them to buy from a particular company, maybe Japan company is related or maybe not.
*The Russian who died this week due to a nerve agent, was same russian who worked with and for British MI5/6 agent Christopher Steele, Steele supplied the dossier of digging dirt on donald trump that was paid for by Ann and her team of assassins and criminals.

*China’s bank regulator is easing buffers required for problem loans, according to media reports. This is another incremental move to offset a crackdown on shadow banking. More cash for lending will boost bank profits, especially at smaller institutions – or make it easier to bring off-balance-sheet assets back aboard.

*dis and derives from disrespect, so were going to disrespect closure aka diss closure, so ET’s disrespect closure, indeed they wished to remain hidden to carry on their dark magik, aided and abetted by so called ET disclosure groups, one day the real truth about the blue chickens will come home to roost.

*Did you know the average American spends $1800 a year on food? vacation? children? health care? nope alcohol, so a 2 parent family spends $3600 average per year on booze, and they say no one has no money? with that level of spending which is an average spend, no wonder many are struggling and have financial issues, that level needs to and has to drop, when you realize the damage excessive drinking does to your psi field, perhaps some will a have a rethink? if you want more information on psi field and the damage drink and drugs does, listen to Humanity unplugged 1 and 2. When you didnt know it was excusable, when you do know, you have only yourself to blame.

*The Oscars Awards ceremony attracted its smallest recorded US television audience. The live show averaged 26.5 million total viewers, down from 32.9 million in 2017, according to Nielsen data reported by the ABC network, which broadcast the event. So 26.5 million watching in the gallery like the hunger games movie, seeing them lord all over us and expecting us to worship them like some gods and goddesses, f that, remember most of these people have no talent, except a desire to sell out their own soul in return for your worship and idolisation, these people are lost souls, so why are we following them around? cut them off and let them wallow in their self congratulatory stage shows. all done with grand entrance on the red carpet, to rmind them of the blood sacrifice of many people for them to stay at the top and lord over us. tick tock to the lot of them, utter parasites.

*after years of programming promoting various brands of fear, what is now happening is people are seeing through the first layer of the illusion, the next stage is to see the problem, of where the illusion came from, the elephant in the room so to speak.
Decades of fear bombardment on the american peoples psyche has left a toll on the older generation, that is not easy to shift, fear PTSD is as big as issue as Veteran PTSD, it goes in deep, it festers and consumes you to varying degrees.
Fear can come in many forms, back in UK where I lived we all had a fear of being robbed, people left their homes and I can guarantee before they left their road, all where thinking have I locked the door, did i shut all the windows, did I turn the alarm on, is the deadbolt on, it was a daily process and brain space consuming and a total mindfuck in essence, some of the more worrying natured types added extra layers of have i turned the stove off, is the coffee pot off, are the lights off etc and this is the environment we have created for ourselves.
It took 12 – 18 months of living in Florida before ending that personal fear program, but you get the gist.
Fear is riddled via the portal people of either some war is threatening to start, already started or then escalating, someone always coming to get us here in America, be russians, commies, muslims, mexicans, nuclear bombs, african killer bees, some virus laden mosquito, ebola, H1N1 or some viral flu from times past, even the weather channel people have got in on the act now, with a blowy day being described as catastrophic, 2″ of rain described as a biblical deluge, it just went on and on, like a stuck needle on a record player, showing my age there lol, but they know via various heinious experiments by the Paperclip crew yes you Mengele and Dr. Green in Canada, and others what triggers the brain in a certain way, and how it all plays out after the trigger is released, then once the fear is delivered, how easily manipulated you can and then become, because your thought process is full to the brim in fear. It makes people insular, insecure, uncertain, frightened of change, terrified to speak, sound familiar, it should do, in essence fear is a partial to total body shut down switch.
But fear is also part of our own making, fear of not being as good as your siblings or parents, comparative mindset is often caused by the fear of looking or feeling a failure, fear of changing jobs, changing partners who may not resonate anymore, fear of moving house, state, country or continent, fear of speaking because you fear you may upset someone, fear of heights when most have never gone above a step ladder, fear of going to court even when you are only a witness, fear of cops, fear of having children and fear of losing them, fear of growing up and the fear of growing old, the list is endless and many of you will see, some of those examples in yourselves, the outcome is it renders many unable to be themselves, because some even fear themselves and their own shadow, the key is to integrate the shadow, face it and be at one with it, fears are a future event and something that hasn’t happened yet, so why would you want to manifest that fear related event? real freedom is letting go of your fears, they were not real to begin with, and only a possible future event, which you have the ability to change it, you have just forgotten YOU have that power within you.

*religion is like a fishing line with a giant hook, which you cast out from your body, essentially pulling the inner you out and inverting it, so everything is outside of you, your morals, lifeforce via praying, power, the lord, the god, the jesus and the savior all projected out along the fishing line, as you reach out for them, you give your funds away to them, your thoughts and penance away to them, your sins they take away also, and then you get to the hook and feel it is too late to turn back to your own church and temple, as you have invested too much to turn back, like a poker player in Vegas on a losing streak, few cut their losses and run, no they keep going in the hope they strike it lucky, it rarely does as we all know, for those who wont turn back, are now faced with the reality, of all you are left with is a controlled empty vessel, waiting for salvation and forever chasing the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, it never arrives and maybe one day you will realize it is YOU, you were looking for all along, you were the salvation, the power, the knowledge and you were the god, as the god you seek was the reflection in the water holding the fishing rod along. Never put anything or anyone above your own heart.

*Synths aka soulless entities, ambivalent to ongoing things, film or observe and not interact or prevent, watch violence and are not phased, infact appear to relish it, lack of empathy, understanding, robotic actions, mindset and ways is all suggestive of it being a real depiction, but I cant say I am 100% certain of it at this point, to me it does look a valid fact but until we get full facts supporting it, we can only base it on what we see or know to this point.
It is said that between 70-90% maybe synths, and the evidence supports it at this point, and this is where many people struggle with the concept as then it affects those they hold dear to their lives. Back in may/june 2015 I did a piece on CV that I felt was the right time to put it out, I spoke of dealing with shadow sides and doing inner work to be ready for the onslaught of what was to come, I also spoke gently at the time you may see or experience some disconnect from friends, family and loved ones, I was introducing you to the possibility or probability that that would take place, some things you have to introduce gently for people to process, and that is what we have done with this show, a steady but increasing drip of the knowledge, I feel it is the best way of delivering knowledge or the truth, people say they can handle it and then bam up popped the Svali shows and many revulsed at it, which is not a weakness but a natural empathic response of those with organic souls, and yet when you tell others of it they just shrug and walk away, is that a natural organic response? clearly not.
So the main issue of people struggling with the concept of synths is not the practicality of it, but your connections to those who exhibit the behavior modes of those called synths, that is all that is holding some people back from accepting it, it is an emotional attachment issue, and yet many who listen to this show will know in the last 2 years in particular those emotional attachments have been disconnecting at an alarming rate, long term relationships falling apart, be it marital, family or friends.
Does that disconnect in a short period of time make any sense to the observer? not when you analyse it it doesnt, and if it doesnt make sense, that then means something is going on, on a wider scale or path, like any good analyst or detective when you have gone through all the evidence and the only thing left is the unpalatable truth, you then have a choice to make? do I accept the truth even though it is limited in it’s base form, or go with the mass illusion and mask it, these are the choices you have all been forced to look at in these last few years, on many levels.
So, we go back to the start of this piece with what we observe of these peoples actions, ambivalent to ongoing things, filming bad situations or just observing  and not interacting or preventing, watching and glorifying violence and are not phased by it, infact appear to relish it, lack of empathy, understanding, robotic actions, mindset and ways, people dying, starving, suffering and it phases them little or not at all, they think this world and life is what they like to term normal, if that is normal it’s not in my world, and shouldn’t be in anyone else’s world with a heart and organic soul.
I suspect over this year a further increase in the separation of people, as more and more seek like minded individuals, I cant imagine being with a partner and not being able to discuss, possibly the most important time in human history, it is limiting and stunting your development, dragging people along who feel life is all just wonderful, in a one person closed off bubble life is always great, until the time their bubble of life is popped.
So the evidence of basic human emotional behavior with repetitive responses, reactions and thinking, all does point to something that is clearly not on our wavelength, how in a world full of hurt, anger, greed and violence do these people not feel anything, unless MSM tells them to do so, via a false flag event, then the wailing party comes out for a day or so and back to bland life and thinking pattern, i can hear you all now thinking aloud, oh my god he is talking about my blah blah, indeed.
So the choice comes down to how much you tolerate in a relationship, what are you prepared to put up with? does the other person value me for who and what I am or do they just ignore you, too often relationships became stale and we hang on in the hope the other one changes, some do, the majority don’t, then it ends and you wonder why you put up with that bitch or that pig for so long, the reason is or was you dont value yourself enough to warrant making the great leap of change. I know I have been there.
So either we are dealing with a biobot/ synth or a human so programmed into oblivion they are a replicant of the real synths, so much so it is indistinguishable. You can program a robot to show emotion, but you cant get them to feel the emotion when they are not part of the hurt group.
Most will want to know what happens, well assuming they are, then as organic overlays inorganic world totally, they will phase out, maybe a filtering will take place where a separation will occur on earth, time will tell, either way whether synths or a replicant will not being heading to new earth anytime soon or ever.
So, whether you believe in synths or not is your choice and I hope this piece helps.

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