*Operation stupidity failed again on Monday, this coming after another fund transfer of $100M was accepted and cleared through the banks, but rogue elements asked them to hold it until Monday, so they can act stupid again and again fail to deliver anything.

*Operation stupidity was held over again to Wednesday and failed again, there was frequent attempts to hack the system and all failed again, the funds held in account since last thursday remains there untouched $100M to kick start various projects and funding requirements, but the military tied to the space program aligned with Majestic 12 group are still continuing to block all attempts to kick start things. Their reign as SSp aligned with rogue offworld elements is crashing around them, being denied all portal or gateway accesses now and none of the underground species want to work with them anymore, in fact a few are working against them, and this is why Trump announced a possible Space Force of our own.
*The cabals money system known as Babylon has collapsed, Babylon has fallen oh my, they are threatening today and tomorrow to collapse the whole banking system to prevent funds being released now.
Today and tomorrow are crucial days in this ongoing war and process, spend a little time thinking of those in the firing line please.

*On March 11th, Chinese People’s Congress voted to allow its President have no term limited 2958 to 2. President Xi is staying in office to carry on offensive against rogue elements, clowns are trying to install one of their own to alter the path, so Xi is staying on to complete task, I suspect if Trump was nearing the end of his term, the same would happen here also.

*Political shenigans in the UK surrounding more bashing Russia rhetoric all stems from petulance from the oh my 5 and 6 groups still aligned with the Rothschilds, net is closing on many of these elements.

*Political musical chairs in America will increase not decrease, think along the lines of appointment >appointee highlighted > appointee exposed > and appointee fired and you may see a pattern.

*Well Q and Drake both promised mass arrests again and again gave out dates, this time March 11th to cries it’s all happening, all hopes risen and all hopes crushed again it seems. This show did say it wasn’t expecting that to take place, not what you all wanted to hear I know, but it is what you needed to hear, as there was no evidence supporting those events taking place, at that time.
It’s kind of silly and also in a way irresponsible to tell the cabal we are coming to arrest you a week, or even 2 weeks ahead of time, this is not how it works, it will be done and dusted and you will be told after the event, that is how it really works and how it will take place, should the event arise.

*I hope you all enjoyed and got something out of last Sunday’s show, a lot of interesting questions and all were answered in a way most could get a grasp on. The message from the show from all four is what can we do going forward, how can we be of service, were can we all use our skills. Each has their own abilities and all will be valid going forward. A lot will be down to us to formulate a new path, and will require a massive mindset change by the majority and that includes those in the alternative media.
Yet again in essence we were challenged and answered all the questions, if only all in the community would do that with their narrative, we might get less bs in our community.
And in response to some members enquiring as to why we haven’t been asked to go on more shows, well that fact is telling, and does support what I said back in 2015, there is not that many clean or non co-opted people in the community, it is a sad fact that I personally wish my prediction was wrong, but the fear of the el-ites of we the people waking up and seeing reality in a new light, was too much for the elites to bear and risk, and so they infiltrated heavily since 2011-12, but to answer those that did I ask, yes I find the lack of support for our show and material has received in the alt community I find staggering, but not surprising in many ways.
The announcement of the sovereignty was a major thing for the alt media and also the world at large due to the snowball effect, and yet whilst our show is often datamined and used elsewhere with no reference to where it came from, then suddenly an announcement like that is not posted on most of the sites in alt media, or any requests to do a show to learn more, is all very odd and staggering.
We have shot down a lot of the alt media game players over the last 4-5 years and it has left very few of us to go forward, but the fact that so many have ignored our show and its content is damning in so many ways, yes i get people were skeptical at first, they should be, but the proof has been borne out many times now, despite rogue attacks against us, all of which failed.
To date only one show has bothered to contact myself or Kim to come on air and give people the facts, what people do with those facts after the show, is their choice, but just one show bothered to find out the details and ask their questions?
Some have just called it bs because they are too lazy, too stupid or too ego unbalanced to look at the facts, is that how it is going to be going forward? because if it is we will be no better than the msm or the cabal, being part of a cabal cointelpro is one thing, worrying about whether one show host or group will get more attention than theirs is another, that’s ego related and that mode of operation has never been conducive for  people to come together on an even keel. So I want to thank Oym lads for bringing us on and also Starshipearth and Ella Ster sites for posting the updates, the rest need to have a look at themselves closely and ponder whether their position or stance is a good one to go forward with.

*How will the foundation go forward, how will funding be done, who gets the funding will all be revealed once things are completed.
We will do a show on how it will all unfold and i will make a video for the TPC site outlining details of funding and how to go about it. Focus currently is getting things into place for teh safe release, plus dealing with psychopath rogue elements, hellbent on the status quo.
For every millionaire created, 10’s of thousands are created to live in poverty or without, is that really the way forward for us, would it not be better to have all people on a reasonable with all basic needs met, than replicating the same system they have given us?
What if everyone was earning $30-50k a year, surely that is enough for most families to comfortably live on, everything else is just excess is it not? new cars new phones new handbags each year all designed to impress your group around you, but the cost of impressing people is often too high for us all, and the main reason why most people are in debt, surely if we are to do something different then the comparative consumeristic mindset has to be top of the list of dont do’s going forward.
One of the many examples here although now making headway in the UK is the graduation day, with lavish expensive dresses and attire, hired limos and even hired helicopters as parents play the game of outdoing each other and who can spend the most, forgetting they are setting the child up with an entitlement complex.
Excesses around bank holidays also plays heavy on our budgets, it is all down to marketing and strategy, corporate bullshittery in other words.
The cost of impressing people comes at a great cost to us all, less people take vacations, which has an impact on their health, people cut back on things like better food, health or dental costs just to keep impressing others, from an over view it is a ridiculous concept and yet we have all at some stage have bought into it, lets not going forward, we have to be better than that.
But I would like people to consider a few things before they ask for funding, an honest assessment is it for you to make a vast amount of money or is for you to make a reasonable wage doing something you always wanted to do, whilst helping others improve their lives? If you employ staff are you giving them a reasonable wage or minimum wage? if the latter you are replicating their system. Can your business operate with a low profit margin and give some of the profits back to the peoples club to then help others? remember the funding in most if not all cases is for you free of charge, it is not a loan based scenario, so you have been helped by the trust and the foundation, should it not be shared back in some way to then help others, this is the essence of thinking and acting different, not everyone for themselves, but everyone helping and supporting each other.
That is what I would like us all to do going forward, that is my vision for the future, creating a legacy of real change which all of us can accomplish, with a simple change of mindset, that way we the people end the greed, have and have not’s cycle.

*here is a theory of mine that i cant guarantee is correct but i have tried to put various pieces of a puzzle together and see if it makes sense.
One of the things that puzzled me is how all over the internet there are chakra diagram systems and most have them aligned with planets and the sun, and my observations were how and why are the planets all different on each diagram or culture, something is not right, and in particular with placing the sun into one of the chakra/energy center positions, i felt that the Sun doesn’t belong in that alignment and so off i went with my knowledge, pondering and an unexpected input from a piece remembered from dreamtime.
So the 7 energy centers/chakra system had the sun in most place at the heart center and the 3 planets stationed in the 3 energy points above and 3 points below were different planets, so I replaced the sun at the heart center with the planet that is an anagram of heart, that being earth.  It makes sense I thought, so then we were left with 3 planets above the heart and 3 below, then i had a flash of inspiration that these 6 planets 3 above and 3 below all had to be rocky/solid bodies to appear in the physical plane, the 3 below I had no problem fitting in as it was Mars, tiamat and selene, the latter two destroyed in wars of the past, and remnants of such are contained within the asteroid belt, it has been suggested that some of the organic souls here on earth were refugees from Tiamat and Selene.
But then I ran into a problem as there was only 2 planets Mercury and Venus above the earth, and that is were another flash of inspiration came up, i woke up one morning a month ago with the letters PV and E and like the GNA I mentioned in Humanity Unplugged show, I couldnt make sense of it, so whilst pondering on a possible missing planet, those 3 letters came into my head P V E, then something triggered in me V and E are Venus and Earth, but what is the P, cant be Pluto, so I looked up ancient stuff and found that planet name going by Phaeton and checked to see whether that would then fit into this theory, well to my surprise it did.
In mythology Phaeton was hit by a brown dwarf known as Nemisis which kind of fits in with other aspects of whether the moon is actually the outcome of that impact, moon is far too large for natural moon, so could moon be nibiru, could it be remnants of Phaeton or mixture of both, either way moon was partially hollowed out by some groups and parked in our orbit or should I say trajectory.
So with 3 planets either side of heart center earth, I now moved onto the next conundrum, if sun is not the center of the solar system or even if it is, how can you have a geocentric orbit for all planets? you would need 2 magnetic fields to create that spin and currently we have one sun, so I drew the diagram and placed sun above the top 3 planets, but to create the spin you need a magnet below the bottom 3 planets, and then viola, the planet below the bottom 3 planets of Mars, Tiamat and Selene is Jupiter, A so called planet that even mainstream science admits doesnt orbit the sun, yes because in distant past it was the sun, again this is mentioned in mythology, but also mainstream science believe it is a failed star,  and from all accounts with certain technology it could potentially be fired back up again.
So now I had the complete system earth heart center, 3 planets equalling the 3 energy centers above the heart and 3 planets below representing below the heart energy center, 1 sun above and 1 sun below, a portal in and portal out, one light and one dark aka black hole sun, but this was the balance and dance of the cosmos, planet above earth is Venus known as the light and planet below Mars representing war and the dark, all balanced out.
But with Jupiter now not firing and creating the harmonic dance of balance with the sun, the magnetic field has then been broken, so the planets are not going in a geocentric orbit, but they are being pulled by the remaining magnetic field left – the sun into a heliocentric motion, which is now being considered by mainstream science after Nassim harramein and others mentioned it a while back. The heliocentric motion is created by one magnet which is the Sun and so the sun is pulling all the planets behind it in a spiral snake rolling type motion.
This then explains when we have a planetary alignment and you can see 3 or 4 stars not in a row as the geocentric model would have it, but they are seen in an arc, which then supports the heliocentric model further.
Question remains, if this is all true was the failed 2nd sun done on purpose? if so why? And if it is given the sun is pulling us to a new area, are we moving out of a certain space and time that is more conducive to full organic life? Who will we meet along the way?
And does this model then explain if you put a fixed camera in position with time exposure lense we only view one spot and the night sky spirals?
Something to get your thinking caps into.

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