I feel I need to address a few issue that keep cropping up, there is a group of questions by one person that judging by the way it was written this person is does not appear to asking questions for knowledge but direct challenging, there is a marked difference, I dont wish to denigrate this person but i’m asking you to show more respect when asking the question, your usage of quote/unquote tells the story, I have said repeatedly on this show I will answer all the questions put forward, but I do have objections when those questions are leading or not questions at all but direct allegations or attacks, like the post yesterday on fb, it wasnt asking for clarity, but it was posted to cause issues, you wouldnt mind if it was new information that needed some clarity, it was not, clearly that person doesnt listen to the shows, because that particular issue has been addressed a number of times. Infact repeat questions seems to be the order of the day recently so much so I was going to open with the song Time Warp, or the show is thursday and people posting a load of questions on friday or other days that where already answered in previous or recent shows. I’m not asking you to only listen to my show as that is not the right thing to do, but please for the benefit of the host and to the regular members who dont wish to hear repeat questions, either listen to all the shows and then pose your question, or dont listen to all the shows and dont ask questions, I do not have the time to do that anymore and have far more important things to attend to than people asking questions already answered several times in the show or people playing games on the page. It is not easy doing these shows each week as all show hosts will tell you, the volume of information to keep up with now is extraordinary to what it was a few years ago, the small d disclosure has ramped up beyond all reason, so the last thing I or any other show host needs is people playing games, our show is different due to the levels of intel and involvement and so that time is further consumed, and I also work full time as well. People have to get real with their own situations, are you interested in freedom or just creating drama, if it is the latter, it is indicative of your own life and a lack of dealing with your own shadow sides, I’m not one for advertising or promoting my own show but those that have listened consistently and absorbed the information, for the most part have now realized there is few other shows like it, for content, consistency or accountability, and unlike many others it is also totally free of charge, including the support given behind the scenes to members, but the fact that the major announcement on our show in regards to American sovereignty has been totally ignored by all but a few of the alt media, is a full on confirmation that most of the alt media sites big, medium or small are agency controlled, cointelpro, coven ran or service to self, there in that one incident proves what I have said all along, the alternative media is corrupted way beyond I or you could imagine, I wished when I said it 2 years back on OYM show I was not correct, but the evidence is all there to see, question remains does any of the other shows have this level of questioning or accountability? and the big question to the person asking the questions and to others is, why not?

*Breaking news and as forecasted on this show many weeks back General Mcmaster to resign and replaced by John Bolton as national security adviser
Big deal on executive order today regarding china This all has to do with military deal unwinding And Chinese elders failure to perform

We are still fighting on bank level…however we are getting help from some people that uses to work for the factions due to not getting paid. The turn over rate of high ranking positions in the government is nothing compared to what is happening in the factions.

As one example Cheney got relieved of his position with the black dragon family, Excommunicated twice in two weeks lol.

*Chinese elders who are feeding everyone the tomorrow game on the RV are now in hiding due to non payment again this week.

*I’ve also gotten calls from all colors of dragons this week looking to make deals. So far only one looks viable.

*I warned dragons today either they cooperate or we will sell jp Morgan, wells Fargo and bank of America off to us government for one dollar each.

This is bigger than you think as this is where all their money laundry is. Income from black market uranium, arms dealing all the way to drugs. Selling these banks to USA government gives full access at all . levels of agency to their accounts.. So if any Langley 2, DEA, Military, FBI and Homeland boys and girls who work in any of these industries on their behalf want to clear our funds we can forget we had this painful conversation… no rush you have 7 days to comply.

*No more games with our wires. we know all 150 banks where you do your dirty laundry and have no fear of selling them. These banks are not solvent and should be shut down.. the trust holds all the stock certificates and capital of these institutions.

Time to buy or die. and you know my word is good


Do you expect Kim and Team to get everything right?
Do you really think the be all and end all is your own losses?
are you in it for the glory of the self, how much will I get out of it?

*appears not much ongoing publically, although it depends on your perception, there is a perceived lull and the reason for that is the top end are being addressed, once that is completed then you will see the lower minions whose names are more familiar to most will dealt with in more speedier manner. Uncertain of the timescales as it stands but we will get to know when things and the pace starts increasing.

*Prominent names of the lower minions think they can run away to foreign shores and be safe from arrest or removal, message to those people, you won’t be.

*We are currently in another heavy wave period that is dividing things up again, not necessarily a bad thing think of it more wheat and chaffe, these episodes will increase in intensity and frequency as time moves on.
Regular listeners will know that this show has warned of things ahead of time and have watched it all unfold sufficiently to see a pattern for them to follow.
A key aspect of this piece will be the psychological side of things, many people are now seeing and experiencing some of the behavioral aspects that was put forward as a likely event from May 2015 onwards.
For those new to the show, I had warned of turbulent times ahead whereby a volume of information and disclosure would ramp up and would be way beyond what you would expect, it will also be a case where many of you will lose friends, family (we consider them as family in this reality, but it is not always the case on a wider scale, some have family elsewhere and some have soul families here but are not aware) and loved ones.
To counteract this I asked for all to work on their shadow sides and do their inner work, I think most are now familiar with that terminology for me to not go further into that.
So we decided after that show to prepare a load of documents on how to tackle it and go about dealing with not only shadow and inner work but a whole heap of other stuff, Chloe took on that task to write it all up and compile it, and I chimed in here and there to just round off the edges, when time allowed, all of those documents are available on the FB page and now going on a blogsite Chloe has created called oneheartspirit.blogspot.com
This has many aspects to it, doing your shadow work, as this in general terms is something only you can do, yes people can help you along the way and we have tried with the documents and also helped people privately with their varying issues, but the one thing from a psychological aspect that most will overlook is dealing with your own shadows and traumas, is personal responsibility, too often society has dissolved their own responsibility in life and handed it over to governments, churches, teachers, doctors, lawyers and personal trainers to run their lives, this has not served us well on that I think all who listen to this show can agree on that. So dealing with your shadow sides is your responsibility and this will help you going forward with regards to your own personal responsibility.
Dealing with this stuff comes with much pain, much angst and is very uncomfortable for all who go through it, people may think ah i’m ok it’s all in the past and i’m not bothered about it, but then wonder why they are being triggered on certain things on an all too frequent basis, because you haven’t dealt with it is why, sorry to spoil your own lies you are telling to yourself, but this is why it triggers, and what happens then is you over react to a situation with a veracity that doesn’t match the situation that has arisen, it is completely out of context, but it has been taken out of context deliberately by the individual, to mask their own illusion of having dealt with it, in observer mode you can see it all play out, but if involved in it and you become mired in it, the situation looks and feels bizarre as it doesn’t make sense, the over reaction or the angst that most project to cover it.
Helping people dealing with their shadow sides comes at great cost, the people being helped very often turn on the people helping them, due to projection, and so it can be uncomfortable for those helping as well, but it can also be very rewarding watching another find their truth path, look at last weeks show AEWT and Glenn Connon, a fairly hectic, traumatic drama filled life, with at one point it appeared he had a disregard for others in a some what selfish lifestyle, but also he also realized he had a disregard for himself as well, that realization is the start of the healing of the self, the idea that people can’t or won’t change in one lifetime is a myth, and he was testimony to that in that show, he reassessed of where he was at and took the leap forward into the unknown like a giant black hole, which he found on the other side a white hole.
My own lifestyle as a teenager was not great either safe to say, i was the kid who all the parents didnt want their child to play with, as often we got into mischief and a sense of adventure, but I turned it around and all people can do that, including cabal minions, those at the top less so at this stage.

*I received an email that asked why I referenced german people often, and perhaps it was unfair on the German people, fair comment I have, and the reason why is we have a massive problem in this country due operation overcast and operation paperclip that flooded America with outright Nazis that has taken over this country and created the 4th Reich and only very few Americans are aware of it, and ones that do still have issues accepting it, that is sole reason for repeating, so people get it, it is a hidden cancer in this country, that have all kinds of other boogeymen like Russians, Muslims, chinese and mexicans that the masses all go to, to attack, within the real issue is within, and the nazis are prevalent in that.

*yes I am aware of the turmoil involving a number of high profile alternative media being implicated in distributing child porn and making money from it, general porn and money laundering, being ran through their radio show servers and domain names, apparently FBI is now investigating the links of connections that involves issues stemming out of  Florida (before anyone freaks out this story original broke long before THI and does not affect me in any way) UK and also China. I am not prepared to speculate on this in any shape or form, I have in the past been made aware of at least one name being involved in something similar to the allegations made, but I will wait to see how it all plays out, but if it is carried through and proven, some of the biggest names in alt media will no longer be on the internet or free. I have only addressed this as it was brought to my attention and until something concrete is forthcoming I will be commenting no further.

*brian heatley MT russell Pine JM, kerry fake, sean and oliver stone is silverstein, henry deacon, rumors wilcock name is eric, cara st louis and more I wonder why they all have stage names? is it all

*silence of Zuckerberg could well be indicative, when it appears from sources Bill Gates was summonsed to the White house by Trump at short notice, the clock may well be ticking on both of them.
FB stock is going down and sell offs are underway including Zuckerberg, is collapsing in on itself including our own FB page, riddled with agents, people thinking it is a social media site it is not, it is about solutions and highlighting how to gain our freedom and warning of those preventing it, private splinter groups being formed how is that helping the collective when people are splintering off the main group? people projecting at each other for no apparent reason, it’s not looking good.

*latest bs HRH Prime Minister Diana Urban PM of what? interesting it was posted on avr page as this is same as AVR sidekick Mr. Belcher labelling himself as President of USA, Keenan as M1, Karen Macdonald top Klanmother or whatever that means, Sino, Soekarno, OITC, some unknown Phillipinos head of the world. head of this and head of that, Pindar all titles of self importance everywhere, what use are those titles going forward? How have all of the titled people acted on this planet in recorded history, have they ever done anything for the public ever? NO, so why would a general member of the public want to bestow themselves with titles, I’m not sure it would be something to be proud of in my book.

*funds only partially help, change of mindset is the issue

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