truth honor integrity_april 5, 2019

*As announced last week in reference to the Citibank group, that is being broken up and parcelled back to the former USSR countries including the assets stolen from them, given it’s size it will take a little while longer for that to come to fruition.

*Wells Fargo it is expected it will take 60-90 days to complete that process of transfer to a nationalized bank

*The wall is underway and is under heavy guard and watch right now, reasons why will become clear in an oped piece shortly

*There is an ongoing issue currently to do with time slips and time jumps that have been occurring with increasing frequency recently, this is the clowns messing to try and go back in time and reclaim the covenant again, it hasn’t and will not work, but it has created distortions in what we perceive as time. Warning to the clowns this is against natural law and punishments now are fairly steep, these times are not like the past, where you did whatever you wished and with zero consequences, those days are over, period. We will not warn again we will just act.

*SSp are still trying to gain access the onworld portals via selective mountains, in their desire to fix or obtain more tech, underground beings are still holding firm and blocking them gaining access, it is expected they will hold that stance as they are excited by the fact they are close to freedom as well. 

*The Duke of Edinburgh has been admitted to hospital in central London for planned surgery on his hip, Buckingham Palace has said. The surgery will take place on Wednesday at King Edward VII’s Hospital in Marylebone. Prince Philip, 96, retired from royal duties last August. The duke did not attend the Easter service at Windsor Castle on Sunday, with his absence said to have been because of a hip problem. Perhaps Phillip could share costs and hop in bed with nuttyasshole, question for the day is, is going into a hospital a new term for something else I wonder

*notice all shootings are lone gunmen, perhaps if we had more people with guns alongside these lone gunmen maybe so many wouldn’t get killed?

*venezuela $2.75 pm

*What’s the most important lesson we’ve learned about ISIS’s ability to leverage the internet for recruitment? 
Yasmin green who works for a group called Jigsaw at Alphabet inside Google and is tasked with internet clean up as she calls it, did this piece in a journal. ISIS pretty much masters many media, from radio to leafleting. When it comes to the internet, they’ve really understood the power of microtargeting. They create content in a long list of languages, including Arabic and English, but it goes on and on, and even gets to Chinese and Hebrew. The language that really blew my mind to see a video in was sign language. So they are creating very local recruiting materials and using the algorithms that are available through social media to distribute this material and reach people in all corners of the world. – so in a war ravaged middle east isis are able to do all that, from underground bunkers, caves and other concealed locations with mobile phones and wifi, as first thing any military does is bomb the communications networks, they are operating in countries with limited access as well, but can still do all of the above according to Yasmin, Yasmin the key is in the name of your group Jigsaw at Alphabet, they instead of visiting these countries under the banner of internet freedom or are you going as an agent, look more closely to home of who has those capabilities, because it certainly isnt some ragbag militia in the middle east.

*wall and why, wall is to prevent the free movement of 10’s of thousands and possibly 100’s thousands of humans from S.America whose regions are riddled with  poverty, drug laden and war zones being transported into private holdings, which is a polite term for concentration camps ran by the Bush cartel who operate and control The Texas rangers groups. So what is the purpose and reasons for the wall, well the purpose is to prevent of, mercenaries, acronym led groups created by our own agencies, drug gangs, gangs intent on and that live for violence which are later used to do the dirty work of others in a plea bargain, the sex trade and trafficking, child trafficking, child porn industry, human slavery selling, or the worse aspects of this is people are being used for snuff movies, dissecting them live or otherwise for organ harvesting which are then sold to the hospitals for between $90-225K depending on which organ, extracting children’s adrenal glands for the kool aid juice the elites drink that helps life longevity, and you think that lot is bad enough, the worst thing depending on your perspective is some humans are used for food. Wall will go down deep enough to encounter any tunnels underneath, wall is expected cost roughly $35B in total.
So what has been coming in are caravans of death, the latest one Trump alluded to contained 1000 people to be used in various forms, hezbollah and other mercenary arabs funnelled into Venezuela and onto these caravans.

This piece will bring up many emotions and it should do, don’t feel guilty for not knowing this stuff, we have done more than our fair share of sin eating.
To most people and even some in our own community these facts are unbelievable, but there is new knowledge that has now come to light that has been barely believable previously, only to find out later on, that most of it was real or true.
I think most are familiar now with the first aspects of trafficking, slavery and even child porn and the depths of it, it is been a hard pill of truth to swallow for us all, that so much of it can go on in society and yet so few were aware of the staggering scale of those operations.
The setting of the stage for these operations are simple in it’s scope and delivery, create a war or create a famine or create a disaster, false flag or otherwise, these 3 modes then pulls in all the other players like the UN, WHO and the misnomer group known as charities, plus foundations Clintons cough to provide additional support to begin their operations.
Those 3 modes create mass confusion and people traumaed by whichever event, are largely not in a good thinking mode, confusion reigns and they are horded into regions where the prey awaits, via boats, planes or facilities, this is why we have seen the increase in migration, so easy for people and families to get lost, except many are not lost but deliberately herded into separation mode.
It involves all aspects of the so called upper echelon of society known as institutions, to older folk the term institution was meant more along the lines of a mental facility, kind of ironic as those who created it are the very people who belong in them, but this whole operation of secrecy is embued throughout our society and largely unwittingly by people who have no idea this exists, never mind they are participating in a nefarious program.
By now most are familiar of the role of the misnomer called intelligence agencies, it is less about intelligence and more about subversion of the human race, and also governments roles in these levels of criminality, but they can’t do it without the systems and institutions of society to play their roles as well.
So, what are these institutions military, police, judges, lawyers, teachers, social workers doctors and nurses, all the professions that are suppose to operate for everyone’s benefit, and yet, all those 8 professions are all a part of that system that creates the problem and feeds the need to take what is a fairly radical action and build a wall.
But the two items that most struggle with as it is fairly new evidence is, one the kool aid extraction where children are put into extreme states of fear, via torture or a total terror event, which causes the child to produce excess adrenaline, this is then extracted from them via the neck and spinal column through a needle into adrenochrome. Adrenochrome is more potent if it is from a child rather than an adult, it can also be used as a psychedelic drug, and has been known to have been used during MK ultra experiments in relation to mind control, but it has also been developed in a way the methods of which I am not familiar with currently, into a potion that enhances life longevity, for obvious examples look at some of the actors and actresses who never appear to age. You are going to have to accept that most if not all the so called famous people have participated in some or all portions of this.
The 2nd topic that people will be struggling with, is the news we are not the top of the food chain, yes we may get chomped by a gator, lion or some other beast from the animal kingdom, but there is rogue ET elements who think of us as a stable diet, so be rather careful of your own words when using the term harvest, yes it is more familiar to use it for agriculture, but the same beings who taught us agriculture, which was designed to fatten us up, had other intentions for harvesting, us.
That is bad enough but thoughts of it being fellow humans consuming the people most find abhorent and leave you sick to the stomach, but it has been going on far longer than people imagine, again taught by the same gods for a specific purpose, like the human sacrifices to the gods that still goes on to this day. Some have become familiar with the term spirit cooking recently, whether it is real or not, I find the whole concept even if it is fake disgusting, spirit cooking indeed.
These people and I use that term loosely in league with others not human, are completely depraved and have pushed the boundaries of the dark elements to a whole new level, they have to be dealt with not in a manner whereby we stoop to their levels of depravity, where some come up with the same level of thinking to destroy or incapacitate them, but in a manner more fitting of being in the balance, all actions and crimes like magic comes with a consequence or a price, our role is to stop them doing it, and dealing with it on a soul level way, not in a mind level way which invokes angry, revenge and deepening levels of violence, but in a way where we safely ensure they have crossed and passed over into another existence that then begins their own judgements, karma and ultimately healing, that way we never end up stooping to their levels of cycles of abuse, that is or should be the ultimate human way, it is called being humane.

*Often hear the cry of where is my free will in matters, how can The Council, Kim or others speak for me, my question is did you vote or proffer up anything in the way of solutions to exercise your own free will, or did you sit back and wait for others to do it, and then complain of where’s my free will. Well you had free will all along but forgotten to exercise it, and this is a common theme, a bit like how people can create bad luck by frequent mentions of i’m unlucky me, or nothing good ever happens to me you hear some say, exactly because that is what you keep reaffirming, or the worst one those who think they are going to get cancer or some other disease at a later date, often end up getting it, why? because they asked for it.
So if you can create bad luck and illness, how is it people dont believe they can create good luck and heal themselves? why is that, because people have got themselves into a rut of victim status, a box that can be filled up by others, but in essence the box is created by the individual, this is sometimes where people struggle, do you think I enjoy this life? is the retort often heard, and yet when you break it down as to how easily people can do things to themselves, it all dawns on them, then the question arises well how can I fix it? well if you created the problem, isn;t it you that can uncreate it, by exercising the right use of your own free will?
The problem most dont see with free will, is it has no boundaries, it flows one way or flows the other, but free will with no defined boundaries can and has lead to problems, if people are not aware of its powers.
To give you an example, there is lets say a galactic council hovering above Earth after requests by a few humans to review the sad state of affairs on this planet and see whether correctional measures can be taken, Council observes from a non biased point of view and see much of the inhabitants happily going on with their lives with little or no dissention of poor conditions and poor life, except a relatively small number of people complaining their free will is being impinged on and life is nasty and unfair, if your the council acting in neutral observance, would you intervene? why would they when the majority think they have free will and contented lives? so as you can see free will can work for and against you, so perhaps people need to be more aware of it, and maybe it was best with some boundaries? your choice to decide

*memory wipes/synths and walk ins Many have no noticed lapses in peoples memory this past month, as it became more frequent and subsequently more obvious, even some within our own group, unable it appears to remember basic information given in recent shows and beyond, but if it was just isolated to one group of people it is easier to pinpoint, but it is clearly not the case, and what has become clear is this is becoming common theme and has a few options of possibilities, first one in reference to our group is they dont listen to the show or some people in the group are more than one person using one profile, time will tell.
But away from the group people are noticing this phenomena at an increasing pace, there are really only two options 1. is they are being completely memory wiped of certain information garnered or 2. they operate in a different timeline and supports the 2 worlds narrative I put forward over a year ago.
Option 1 would occur during dream time and would suggest some form of transmitter between the memory wipe machine and the host, a scary thought but incase people think this is all science fiction and future tech, it’s not, think MK Ultra and Paperclip crew, think Russian KGB back in late 1940’s, its been going on a long time
Option 2 of a different timeline and the 2 worlds theory seems to make so much more sense these days than when I first proposed it, explains all the mandella effect easier, explains why so many remember so and so dying years ago only to be told they died this week or month. We all operate in 2 or more worlds, it’s just that most cant remember or distinguish the different worlds, some of you may have met yourself in dream time, do ya think that is just your imagination? if yes, why is that version you meet always slightly different? be it younger/older, taller/smaller, thinner/fatter and different dress code.
A key thing to remember in dream time is you cant imagine something that doesnt exist, the idea that imagination creates fantasy is another mode of the control system, so you don’t think that aspect of life is real, a bit like kids talking to people and adults pass it off as their imaginary friend, because adults are brainwashed into thinking that is not normal, remember normal is a limiting program. My own son was chatting and laughing in his bed before he could talk, and told his mom Anadoon was in the cupboard, which freaked her out, so i recorded his sleep time and lo and behold a female voice spoke and he replied to her, so clearly this phenomena is real, not imagination.
But then I got thinking on a deeper level in regards to all of this and where and how memory loss or the appearance of being two people in one vessel or fB profile, and then it hit me, what we are potentially dealing with here, is a load of walk ins, where the vessel is inhabited by another being and temporary or permanent control of the vessel is garnered. Possession is gained by trauma and ruining your own psi field via excess alcohol or psychedelic drugs of all varieties, or seances, this takes you into the spirit realm, and as most of humanity is stuck in lower astral cord connections, this brings in the demonics, trauma based peoples and extinct beings.
So why are so many stuck in the astral? because insufficient people have done nothing to develop themselves and their understanding, it is a personal choice and yes we can blame this group and that group, but ultimately through your own inner strength and will, you can chart your own course.
So this now begs the question with an increase in the condition known as bi polar, is bi polar actually a vessel possession in some way? this line of thinking opens up the possibilities of such, and yes it will create fear in a way, but if it proves to be true then you have just gone directly to the source of the problem, and ultimately to then work out the solution, which doesn’t involve mind altering pharma drugs.
Fears can always be overcome, if the source of the fear is recognized by and within the individual, part of the issues with alcoholics is getting them to recognize they have a problem to begin, it is the first steps to recovery.
So it is possible that people diagnosed with bi polar we may well be looking at a mass walk ins scenario, at a time when it was crucial to our survival as a species on this planet, it is not beyond the dark, draco, parents or covens to pull this stunt off, their whole existence relies on us not waking up and standing in our own sovereignty.
This type of possession has gone on for thousands of years, and the system tells you these people are just nutty, like schizophrenia people who hear voices in their heads they say, what if there is actually nothing wrong with them, other than they opened the back door so to speak and a walk in or multiple walk ins just strode in, and occupied your space and vessel, perhaps this version explains things in a lot better and more rational way, rather than saying those people are just nuts.
*leper scales or scaley, chaun is khan or cohen means priest, so what do we have at the top end of the justice system? a set of scales, the justice scales are a representation in origin out of Egypt and the heart weighing malarkey they did back then, of course it is also represented by a female who wears serpent brooch over her forehead. and what do the people who administer their version of justice wear? robes, just like the priests. perhaps we should look more carefully at the ancient myths and mythology, as it seems 1 it is more real than imagined and 2. most of those beings eulogized where not as nice as made out

*masks of illusion reveals truth, but is that truth comfortable or not for the host or for those around. So, what is the mask of illusion that I first brought up around 18 months or so ago, with warnings it would eventually lead to something resembling all out chaos. All people wear masks of sorts to cover up short falls they dont like others to see, observers will still see it regardless of the mask, and this is a key to psychology. But over last 5-10 years many have demanded the truth about themselves, this world and how it all operates. The biggest question is how deep, wide and long have the lies gone?
well that depends on how far and how many rabbit holes you have gone down, we have been down more than most with this show, as I am able to cover many topics all in the one show.
But I did warn the masks would start to come down and we would see a lot more being exposed on all levels, but also warned you would see it within yourself and also those around you, masks not just coming down for the cabal, but all of us, some will ask why?
The reason being is, how can you demand truth of others and not be truthful within yourself? it’s not how it works, selective truth is what they have done and used on us, time for revealing the full truth is now upon us and underway.
Do you think it is a co-incidence that cabal, bankers, govt, scam artists, agents, trolls and even co-opted or corrupt people in the alt media are all being exposed now? it isn’t, the reason being is sufficient demanded it.
Of course truth comes at a price, of which too few can really handle it, many can handle certain portions of it until it impacts them or their own world bubble around them, then all hell breaks loose and they struggle to absorb and process it, which is the key to all information absorb and process, but many ignore certain aspects as too painful, too traumatic or too triggering, an example of this was the reaction to The Illuminati 1 show with the Svali material, many in the group freaked out and lead me to delay Part 2, this is not something to be ashamed of it is a natural reaction, but often people use their masks and go oh I was fine with it, reality is no one was fine with it. So people wall it all off and this then leads to a back up and a subsequent overload, which then often leads to projection outbursts to cope with it, which is not fair on whoever is the projection screen.
These masks of illusion in essence is what humanity signed up for many thousands of years ago and was alluded to in the series The 100, the city of light pill, all love and light, no pain, no trauma, where the people who took the pill ambled around in a false state of apparent bliss, just a mindnumbing of the senses, with an illusion of all is well, as chaos ensues around them, sound familiar with the unawakened? so to correct things we have to go back to the beginning of the problem and retrace steps, humans of that time chose to erase their memories, trees kept theirs, and so we have had repeated life recycles of forgetfulness, stumbling in the dark, with a few fragments of memories returning here and there, working it all out is one giant puzzle, problem is too many want others to work things out for them, it never worked out well in the past and will definitely not work out too well for the individual now, you demanded the truth, I say be careful what you ask for, as truth comes with a heavy price, are you willing to pay?

*interesting Fulford mentions that Neil Keenan is now dead and replaced by a clone/double, perhaps if he had listened to our show he may have learned about that sooner, this is the 4th time I have heard it now, a recent version of Keenan looks older and fatter go and check the videos he used to do, funny how they all became so infrequent. personally speaking I’m not bothered whether capt irrelevant is live or dead, he is no longer a player in the game, once an agency asset is outed and subsequently compromised, they rarely survive much longer after that. Keenans role was taken over by Robert David Steele. Now perhaps people will start to see where I have been warning for a long time of elements within the community, Keenan, drake, anna vr, fulford, tanaath and Wilcock mk2 were all the same team pulling for wrong agendas, perhaps people will back off saying I’m causing infighting within the community by exposing them, it is was not infighting as they are not in our community, but theirs. Drake was given a heads up on Keenan by many including me, as far back as October 2013, he chose to ignore it, saying he had vetted him, but one wonders where that leaves Drake now it is becoming more highlighted, will he still support someone who has ripped people off including himself, or do the honorable thing for once and call it like it is. Reality is Keenan had dropped Drake long before he did, I know as I was speaking privately to Keenan when he was telling me to drop him as well, which is why I stayed quiet on the last appearance of Keenan on CV show, all too false and hypocritical for my liking. Lets play this next song for Neil, shame he was old and not good though if ya ask me.

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