truth honor integrity_april 12, 2018

*4 marine accidents in like a week, Trumps helicopters 1 crash 1 failed engine. 2 fires at Trump Tower. White powder mailed to Ivanka, battleship bumper boats. none are a coincidence, this is all out war

*remember what I said about certain appointments and how it would play out? listen to this and see if the timeline I gave you all fits in.

CIA Director Mike Pompeo did not disclose last year that he owned a business linked to a Chinese government-owned company, McClatchy reported. Pompeo — who was recently nominated by Trump to be secretary of State — failed to disclose his business’ ties to a Chinese government oil and gas company in the questionnaire he was required to fill out to be confirmed as CIA director by the Senate. That omission could be an issue for him during his confirmation hearing before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Thursday to be secretary of State. Senators did not bring up his links to the Chinese government during his confirmation to be CIA director last year. He was confirmed by a 66-32 vote, with 14 Democrats voting in favor of his confirmation.

*with regards to threats on syria I ask people to remember what happened after N.Korea was threatened and not fall for the fear porn and propaganda just yet?

*Update on the wall piece “According to a stunning Fusion investigation, 80 percent of women and girls crossing into the U.S. by way of Mexico are raped during their journey. That’s up from a previous estimate of 60 percent, according to an Amnesty International report,” the well-known news outlet continued. Read that again: Those are statistics from Amnesty International, a liberal humanitarian group, showing that not only are women raped in shocking numbers during these immigration treks, the problem seems to be getting worse.
Over two hundred members of the Arizona National Guard are en route to the Mexican border to support President Donald Trump’s clampdown on illegal immigration and drug trafficking. Defense Secretary James Mattis authorized the deployment of up to 4,000 troops to the border last Friday, following an executive order from President Trump. The troops will be under the command of state governors, but will be paid for with federal money until September. More Arizona National Guard troops will follow on Tuesday, the state’s Republican governor Doug Ducey said on Monday. The troops will be stationed near Tucson and Yuma, and will assist federal border control personnel.

*As America rip roars towards a full on soap opera, filled with theatrical live events real or not, where politicians play the roles of damning duality whether it is good guy bad guy, republican or democrat, for the people against the people, white lives matter or black lives matter, hire or fire, male or female, he said she said, with us or against us all played out and laid out by the portal people known as the media.
If ever people doubted about the 2 worlds theory it is all in your face, they are setting a theatrical play that bears no resemblance to real life or our reality, look at this week alone, FBI raids home of the Presidents lawyer and removes material related to whether Trump slept with a slapper 12 years ago, what in the name of satans portion has that got to do with running a country for and by it’s people? Does proving Trump slept with her solve poverty, crime (unless you think having consentual sex with another is now a crime) homelessness, corruption, fraud or the 350K kids that go permanently missing or die of malnutrition every single week, or does it stop kids being used a sex toys, forced labor, organ harvested, adrenechrome suppliers, ritual sacrificed or being consumed, for those new to the show yes consumed means being eaten, well does it?
Show me a single person in power that hasn’t abused their position and garnered sexual favors male or female and I will call them a liar, unless you look like diana feinstein, they have all done it, it is not new it happens every day within our own communities, people having a bit on the side to spice up life, but since when does it become an over $100M investigation that started off with all things Russian is bad and end up with a voyeuristic witch hunt.
I could spend the rest of this show highlighting better things to do with that money for the people, or spend same amount routing out the cesspool of filth in political circles, all media, police, judges, agencies and the military, I could spend another whole show giving examples of whose homes should have been raided by the FBI but 1 will suffice Hillary Clinton better known as Ann, what about her off the side sexual exploits FBI, Huma Abedin is mild compared to the numerous little girls she has taken advantage of, did Huma Abedin affair not cause concerns? No you used the cure for all ills and cover ups termed National Security, which a veiled hint to Nationalist Socialism aka Fascism, with a name like Mueller running it, how convenient is that?
Of course Hitlery has various other criminality attached to her, like the between 1-200 of those who challenged or went to expose her and how they all mysteriously died just after, like how she signed an agreement before the election took place to sell all Americans current and future inground assets, figuring she had already won the election and lets not wait around I will sign it now, where was the FBI when that took place? someone commits high treason against the country they profess to love and is ignored, but someone sleeps with a rather loose woman 12 years ago is valid enough to waste vast sums of our money and vast resources, to do what Mueller? impeach the president for having sexual liaisons 10 years before coming a president, really.
I recall a former president doing it right in the very office, not only office of power, but in the actual White House and being impeached, but you and I both know Mueller, that wasn’t the real reason Bill Clinton was impeached was it? no like Trump last week threatening to pull out of Syria, Bill Clinton refused Tony Blairs request to invade Iraq in 1998 having been forced against his then wishes, to invade the country then known as Yugoslavia, so in came the Mossad agent Monica Lewinsky a few blowjobs later, and a national scandal unfolded, Bill then gets into debt defending himself to the tune of $7M and in steps in bushes to bail them out with conditions of course, stage 2 was the fake election of 2000 where not the people decided an election(I mean that loosely as we have never decided an election) but corrupt judges that were a part of the Bush cartel and boom the idiotic coke head signs off on war in Iraq and Afghanistan, lots of free money to syphon off for the black budgets and slush funds during war time isnt there Mueller.
So what we have now is clear evidence this country is ran by psychopathic war hawks, that if anyone threatens to disrupt their global war and destruction plan, we will spend $100M plus digging for dirt no matter how flimsy that dirt maybe.
I don’t care whether you like Trump or not, that is irrelevant, but what I do care about is the flagrant abuse of our system, flagrant wasting of our resources, flagrant waste of our finances, flagrant waste of our children fighting their unsane never ending wars, that serves no purpose, gains no benefits for any country never mind America, and only seeks to serve the depraved minds of what in real terms is a few lost or never had souls intent on doing the most despicable acts ever perpetrated by any living creature, and yet amidst all that, is by and large ignored by the ignorant and frankly stupid public, whilst they lap up all the salacious details of someone else, having been caught out having an extra marital affair, that is nobodies business outside of the man, wife and the extra, least of all a public arena that involves services for the people.
But until people deal with their own shadow sides, this type of voyeurism of watching and salivating at someone else slipping up or make a mistake in their lives, so it covers up their own mistakes and failures, then this tragic theater show will continue run and have sequel after sequel.
At the beginning of this piece I mentioned the duality choices we have been given, another limiting program like the word normal, have you forgotten you have a 3rd choice? many have even in awake community, your choice, your free will, your own mind, are you going to sit there like you are in some giant pharmacy store waiting to be given your latest dose of poisoned theater, or get off your knees and say fuck you system, I want my own choice, I want to exercise my own free will and I want to use my own mind, I want a better world for all whilst standing in my own sovereignty and personal responsibility, then do it!!
As groundhog day sequels are getting very boring and frankly from an overview absurdly unsane to watch people hand over their power, thoughts, life force and energy to psychopaths.
Talk time is long over it is actions required now, we need millions to remind the so called authorities running this country enough is enough, and if your first thought is what can I do Thomas, think again please and exercise your mind and free will spirit. Wake up and use it.

*awareness of targeted weaponry and attacks
Ok there has been an alleged chemical attack in Syria which Russia contests actually never took place, several pictures and video produced of the so called event, but what if they were from an alleged chemical attack a few years back, would we know? The attack comes in the week after Trump threatened troop withdrawal in Syria, do you think that is a co-incidence? Cabal and Neohawks in DC are desperate to keep wars going or start a new one, as the money is provided carte blanche in western countries for war and yet same money is never available for the people whose money they are spending – funny that, well actually it’s not. $7T of our money wasted in Iraq and Afghanistan, 17 years we have been in Afghanistan and worlds so called greatest military hasnt beaten a rag tag army with no planes or ships yet, in anyones book that is a catastrophic failure and long past time the heads of the top brass of the military should be fired for incompetency, but it is all part of the theater you see, as one American military general said war creates jobs so we shouldnt complain, response back was it maims and kills people, General said in reply well maimed people create jobs also when you fix them, spoken like a true synth, devoid of compassion, empathy or anything resembling a true human organic soul.
But these are the same people that request research for the purpose of weaponising everything, they have a plethora of attacks available to them that would shock most, and this is the purpose of this piece.
All kinds of nasty germ laden modes for all types of warfare, nuclear is most common one for most, but they have neutron bombs that can do specific things, direct energy weapons that destroys everything except trees, heart attack inducers that has various methods of delivery, cancer inducers again with various methods of delivery, EMP’s, Insect sized attack drones, psionics the list is endless, but my focus is on a couple of things of how they pull off theater events.
Say they bombed a Syrian school and emergency team goes in and declares them all dead, military move in and remove the dead people and into a holding facility, media weighs in of this atrocity and that atrocity and then after a set period of time, but what if there is a weapon that fakes death and even a coroner will declare the people at the scene dead, but what if they are not dead? but just in a stasis mode, all the dead people in the holding facility then wake up, in total fear and panic which is useful for the next stage, extracting adrelin from them, children and parents are separated and then it goes onto the next stage, trafficking of all the now media declared dead people.
 what happens next is what has been happening on our southern border, outlined graphically last week in the wall piece. But what about the family or friends of the dead people wouldn’t they want to see proof, yes but it was a chemical attack and so declared dangerous to view your dead child or person, all too convenient cover, and this is not a scenario of possibilities, this is what really takes place in this insidious plot these psychopaths are playing out on us.
Next point I need to make people aware of is targeted weapons, like the sleeping dead weapon which is used in some events, for those who remember the series The Event shows you how that weapon works, they have DNA and genetic style weapons also that can kill individual people or groups, one such weapon is the black only attack, you can have a room of all colors and set off a weapon and only black people die, they have vaccines that can target certain people as well, likely possible they have same weapons for other colors also, but the black only one was outed 3/4 years ago.
So, because of our lack of awareness of the availability of smart weapons, they can carry out most attacks and have a viable cover of their tracks, coroners and even media people can be fooled through lack of knowledge, well I have covered the gist of it tonight and raised your awareness of such things, then you can then yourself work out some attacks, think Sandy Hook, think Parklands, think Las vegas, think Batman theater attack, none of those events have shown any proof that people died at all, or at least in the manner put forward, and yet so many just accept it as fact, because the media and politicians told us so, and people trust them 2 professions? really? why?
why should we trust anyone or anything unless we were at that event and saw things for ourselves, only then can you have some assurances of what is the truth or not, not withstanding staged events that look to all and sundry like real events these days, but with a questioning mind and digging deep enough you will find the discrepancies in the narrative.
 This is where the critical mind kicks in and why the few people in comparison who have the critical thinking ability, become targetted individuals, the bulk or the rest were told to follow orders, dont ask questions, just listen and repeat, that is exactly how they have stupified the masses, regardless of whether they are synths or not.

*who do you trust to tell you the truth, a serious question, that is not a test or a trick question. At which point does the individual end a particular pursuit of one topic of the truth, which persons version or which organizations version is the absolute truth? Is it god, the lord, a priest, a politician, a news channel, an alternative media host or speaker? which is it to be, because seriously I would love to be given that answer, I answer questions all week and each week, but that is one answer I would like back. The reason I ask is it seems very few really want to except the truth whoever it comes from, always wanting extra proof in a field that this show operates in, that extra proof is hardly forthcoming, your talking about presidential level documents and yet some people expect an alt media host to hand them over to you, to prove validity, seriously do people ever stop to think about what their asking, in essence it could be seen that they know you cant provide certain things and so then person is set up to be doubted, questioned, challenged or dismissed as a fake.
and therein lies the problem for many, no one believes in anybody, least of all themselves, so we are at a point of even if someone was telling you the truth, too few will recognize it.
In a world where most things are fake, and the few who try are subjected to ridicule, ignored, threatened, asked to provide endless streams of proof that has no ending, and people wonder why so few stay the course, by quitting or being co-opted. The problem is the people themselves, perhaps they don’t really want the truth as then they would have to show personal responsibility, as heaven forbid some may have to do their own research and work things out for themselves. It’s frustrating putting tens of hours in each week for a show and the page, to have people ask the same shit that has been covered multiple times, because they can’t be bothered to listen to the show or do listen and not absorb or process the information and then expect me to spoon feed them on a daily basis, in the last month I have had 2 members trash me because they felt the show was somehow critical of them, we have people who wish to argue my stance over Simon Parkes, please go and argue with the people he abused and tell them that Simon is ok, been accused of causing infighting in the community over my stance on Anna Von Reitz, please go and challenge her in the same way I have been challenged and see how many misdirected answers you get back, judge? where is the evidence, lawyer? where is the evidence? talks to god/yahweh? where is the evidence, notice she never referenced AAIA aka nazi group that she is a member of, ask Drake where the all the 2 weeks went to, ask Keenan where the collateral accts are, ask Gilliland, Dave Schmidt, Mr and Ms M and others where the fabled RV is or where are the chinese elders, but hey Thomas just ignore all that, as we dont want infighting, well I thought you all wanted the full truth, and not selective truth that doesnt disturb your own personal bubble. So I ask again under whose banner and platform would the truth be acceptable for it to be fully believed?
People who are always seeking and demanding more layers of “proof” required, when it is already given, ultimately have no trust in themselves, and subsequently trust no one else, which leaves us with the status quo creating a box within a box humanity does too well.

*If people still want to follow Simon Parkes be my guest, but I have not listened or read his stuff for over 2 years, to me he offers nothing, yes he occasionally throws in some truths, but are we that desperate and morally bankrupt for information to 1. ignore his obvious background connections and 2. ripping off his own followings by charging for sessions and making money demands eerily reminiscent of Corey Goode and then find out he astrally rapes his female clients due to his abilities, the man admitted it for christ sake and then did an about turn and blamed his father who people will know as The Lord in the bible Anu, really you cant make this stuff up, and yet people defend him? fine just dont do it in my back yard, as this host is not buying it, I have and set higher standards of morality to lower myself to those levels of coercion.

*astral realm is not to be dabbled with, for those new to it tread lightly. Yes we hear some saying they slayed this and that down and that is all very admirable if true but it is not to be treated as some dickswinging contest. But in reality the astral realm is fraught with dangers, riddled with entities who all want one thing – you. Many of you will have experienced it but not recalled it or dismissed it as a nightmare and brushed it off, but I think everyone at some stage in their lives have recalled struggling to open your eyes whilst awake, or awoken in a panic or fear, or awoken with heart pounding, lather of sweat and struggling to breathe, these are all examples of returning from the lower astral. Various diseases come via the astral realm the most common one being cancer, all nicely piggybacked onto you through lack of experience or knowledge of what you are getting into, or a lack of personal development, that has become stunted via various reasons but largely due to lack of mastery of the self, via integrated shadows and inner work having been dealt with.
You want to know why so many people die in their sleep? a failure of the spirit to get back into the safety of the vessel and its psi field. When the spirit leaves the vessel at night, your body system shuts down to minimal levels, the spirit returns only when the vessel is fully charged up and then it enters, and you then wake up, but if the vessel isnt ready as the spirit is fleeing demonics or other entities and is forced to slam back into the vessel before it is ready, this can lead to heart attack and overload of the system, hence the waking up with heart pounding and struggling for breathe.
Yes it all sounds so much fun, but it aint fun if you come back with disease, injuries or attachments, trust me I know by experience I received a nasty torn shoulder injury that lasted 9 months. The lower astral where the bulk of the battling takes place for those who like to embellish the fact they are battling, should remember you are only stuck on that plane due to lack of personal evolution, lower astral is not the place to be on so many levels, but is part of the progression through the evolutionary planes all humans must go, key is not to stay on that level for too long. The best or real warriors will keep quiet about their missions, as then you can fly under the radar, the ones who out it for various reasons, leave themselves wide open for attack in both realms. Think about it.

*letter received from 1 member I have been looking at this thread for hrs. trying to find my courage & words to speak up and ask for help on this subject for me and my grand daughter..It takes alot of push back if you know what I mean..With the mind FFFF…Hook…So here goes…I too have had to deal with being raped by the ones that growl since a child and other paranormal things..Chelsy was 2 yrs.old you could tell she was being messed with sexually…humping etc..Around the same time I became friends on facebook with this so called human being through Chelsy mother..I started puting 2 & 2 together when things started happening to me as well..Feeling seeing him in my home as well as dream time & daytime visions..When Chelsy was 3 yrs we had some things happen us in our bed that she talked to me about..So I went on the attack and called him out..Thats when things got really severe..Try telling anyone that an invisible man slammed you around a room and beat the shit out of you or having Chelsy scream when shes being sodomized in the bathtub to name a couple details..I will spare you the rest of the nasty details…The ones that don’t think this crap is real have no clue what kind of lonely hell & fight this is and part of the problem is just that..Thomas nailed my problem in humanity unplugged 2 ..Got to say my heart jumped out of my chest when I heard it..In the beginning of this fight he nearly took me out I slowly stood back up and using some of the tools and listening to Thomas & Chloes advice..Empowerment Etc..Sometimes I have been able to push back and hold my own with all the things I have tried until a yr ago I took 10 steps back with what I tried…Not sure I had a plan…I was pissed & fed up..I built an energetic grid around our house..Anchored the hell out of it with mother earth..Left my body and went after him in that place he mucks about 24 7 in my lady parts..I must of asked for help because the indian guy or guide was next to me helping..I couldn’t tell you how many times I popped in and out of my body going after him..He rolled up on my left hip. I kept trying to throw him out but all i did was light up the grid every time i slammed him against until i intended for him get out and blew a hole in the grid could see the stars in the sky…In short I may have kicked his butt for a short but I kicked my own butt and left us sitting ducks..I was in pain for days..Not a speck of energy….Flat no push back..Tried breath work & couldn’t felt like a strap wrapped around my chest 3 times..All I could do was sit in the sun and put my feet to the ground in nature..I felt so defeated and kinda mad at myself but was a big lesson on energy..Chelsy is 6 now she sticks to me like glue..She won’t go in any rooms by herself always afraid in her own house unless i’m with her…I don’t know if I should of said all this here…Thomas I very much trust you & Chloe…I have been wanting to reach out to you since last year & still struggling to recover….Things are still out of wack…Thank You…

A harrowing story posted in our group this week and one that is more common than people think, and because society dictates this is not possible or normal, one that festers within an individual for all of their lives, it is very damaging to the soul and also the physical vessel.
I mean here is the problem with this scenario, female in this case but it has happened to males as well in our group, who does the person on the end of the abuse go to or speak to? parents, partner, friends, doctor or the police knowing full well that it is unlikely any of them will believe them, be honest anyone listening to this show, would you 5 years ago have believed the abused person? if honest very few would, and the abusers know that all too well.
Picture the scene, doctor I was raped in my bed, Dr. did you see who did it? erm no there was nobody there, dr shuffles papers and writes down attention seeker or wackjob, dr then asks how family life is looking for an excuse for the abused persons utterings, no matter what the abused says, no answer will satisfy those told and so because most people are closed minded, they then just declare the person unsane and administer some psychotic drugs, and or carted off to some mental facility in some cases, which then leads to be fed all kinds of drugs and a possible loss of the children to the state.
The same scenario applies when people see in the physical often off world beings in their bedrooms, again no one believes them, do you really have any idea of how that feels, when you have actually experienced something, felt it, smelt it, heard it and touched it and yet your eyesight fails you, so again according to society even though 4 of your senses worked and only one failed, that is enough to declare bullshit and not real, and in line with what I mentioned last week of how people are always looking for extra layers of proof that has already been given to them, it is a chronically stupid way to be and act, and something we do to ourselves.
So the person goes through the trauma of being raped, then is tormented of who to confide in, only to then find out very few if any then believes them, and then on top of that they are declared nutty, it is the ultimate in mind f’ery.
One hopes by doing this piece we may give some solace to the person and any others who have faced this scenario, to come forward with their stories, safe in the knowledge this group will believe and will support you, it’s what we are all about.
Unburdening yourself of painful knowledge that has festered within for the time it has, is very liberating and also the start of the recovery.

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