truth honor integrity_april 19, 2018

The highs and the lows of being a radio show host and speaker, up one minute down the next, the rollercoaster ride I predicted back in 2015 is on TR3B mode currently, one or two steps forward is always followed with one or two step back it seems. I did pieces recently about proof and truth and how no matter how much of it is given it is never enough to some people, yet wonder how much utter shite they will allow or easily accept will also be never enough for the many
Tonight’s show has so many possibilities of which way to go or which news to cover, do we cover Trumps increasing allegations against him, do we cover latest hiring and firings, do we cover rifts, skullduggery, propaganda, actions of ill repute and mudslinging of both FBI and CIA, do we cover peace treaties, do we cover sovereignty, do we cover hi speed rail, do we cover rods stablization of the planet, do we cover stormy daniels, james comey, john mccain, paul ryan, trey gowdy flip flopping, Ann joining a coven, scooter libby pardoning.
Do we cover memos, leaks, emails, servers, do we cover he said she said, whether black lives matter or all lives matter?
Do we cover alleged Russian meddling in all things from elections, poisonings, middle east or anything else that can be pinned on them, perhaps it was the russians who messed with the inm.tv website and not me
Do we cover UK crimes and deaths soaring, or Irish stormtroopers forcing people out of their homes.
do we cover trust accounts being released, do we cover the now 100’s of CEO’s, presidents, directors, politicians, bankers fired, resigned or not running again.
Do we cover SSp being dismantled, do we cover the alt media also being dismantled, alt media personalities being exposed, do we cover followers of personalities defending their sources of knowledge inspite of in some cases proven allegations against them, do we cover radio show hosts ignoring all previous allegations and continuing to carry on hosting that personality for the sake of his show and standing, and then refusing to speak to this host who warned him well over a year ago.
Do we cover the latest frequencies, the ongoing exposure and arrests of pedo, but curiously asking why are the bigger names still walking amongst us.
Do we cover MWHT, Kim, sovereignty, trust accounts or the 489 aspects of life under review for radical improvement.
Do we cover Syria, Iraq or Afghanistan, do we cover time loops in general or look at the time loop this week re mission accomplished, do we cover the wall, drugs, opiod crisis, sex industry, slavery, human trafficking, harvesting, organ harvesting, ritual abuse, torture, adrenachrome.
Do we cover failed RV’s, chinese elders, rothschilds, bush cartel, clinton foundations issues, do we cover Parklands and the fact that the cops in that region who spoke out against it mysteriously died last week aged 43 with no health issues, do we cover Las Vegas still, Sandy Hook, Pulse shooting, do we cover issues surrounding debbie wasserman schultz, or huma abedin because if rumors surrounding her and Ann in a video are correct, the public must take actions.
Do we cover ongoing issues of chemtrails, vaccines, homelessness, poverty or foreclosures.
Do we cover SES, SERCO, Blackwater or Xi
Do we cover abuses of cops, lawyers, judges, agencies, politicians and military and how they flagrantly break all laws and yet carry on like nothing happened.
Do we cover the synths crisis, the data stealing crisis of FB, Google and Twitter
Do we cover that large chain stores are closing and collapsing at an alarming rate
Or do we cover the fact that in the week of discussing food stamps reductions for the American people, the american people have just paid $160M to send 120 tomahawk and other missiles to a country that hasn’t attacked it or it’s people? do we cover most of them failed to hit there target, do we cover WH stating its goal is to end ISIS, but just wanted to remind Assad who is boss at our expense, why didnt russia, china, india, pakistan, uk or france pay for and carry out the Syria operation, why does it always have to be the American people who have to fund this shit and then face the barrage of abuse and ridicule from people all around the world? news to Trump and policy makers we cant eat missiles for christ sakes.
do we cover 17 years in Afghanistan and mission not accomplished?
Do we cover the convenient sidestepping of the nazi base in Virginia when all focus was finally on the giant f’ing elephant in the room suddenly sidetracked and onto everything not Langley, funny that.
Do we cover time loops, 2 worlds, masks of illusion, the council, ET’s past, present and future
Do we cover grounding, shielding, centering, self empowerment, shadow work, inner works, energy centers, psychic and energy attacks, how to be better, how to be calm and balanced, how to be service for self to be of service to others.
I could go on and on and maybe some will realize how much this show does cover and all free of charge, we may not get everything right, but what I do strive to do is provide a largely overview look at many things all around the world and provide clarity where possible, given hints were possible of what to look for and what to expect, provoke ponderings to make you expand your thinking, consciousness and understanding, in a rational calm and balanced way so that all levels of learning have a hope of getting their heads around of what is a monumental mess. I suspect there will be a aha moment for some in our group and many outside it, and look back at how much we have covered and how much got validated, it is certainly being lifted from currently and transplanted into many blogs, forums, shows, at least the information is getting out. So it is a lot to cover and keep up with and perhaps people should remember that with their questions for the show, I do have a full time job on top of this and there is nothing worse than putting stuff out numerous times and have people ask the same question over and over, the shows are not for my benefit but yours, how much you learn or retain is ultimately down to you.

*Latest Rothschilds plan that failed again was to dump Treasury notes and bonds and collapse Central bank, plus enhance their own missions. They tried to gain treasuries for free from Russia and China – that failed, then they called the treasuries that is in one of the fed accounts, but that was stopped as they couldn’t prove they own them – reality is they own nothing of note anymore, they lost that when they lost the Trust, and the Trust is not going to allow them blights on humanity back into the game.

*Rothschilds also tried to claim the money the Trust sent to the Treasury as well, that failed also.
But I am asking the relevant authorities a good question, why when high level fraud and corruption evidence has been presented to you multiple times and has even been live witnessed, are you allowing these charlatans to roam free and cause no end of damage, vast resources and energy to counteract them wasted, lives threatened and lives lost, and you haven’t acted yet? question remains as to why they havent been dragged out their homes and into cells, inaction makes you culpable imo.

*I am going to announce a special award tonight called the look in the mirror award, Our first winners of that award is for the Rothschilds following their attempts to ring everyone who is anyone and tell them Kim and the Trust are frauds, so congratulations to the rottenchildren on our look in the mirror award, we will forward the award onto the prison cell you will be stationed in when you arrive there.

*Yet again several hacking attempts were observed on the Trust accounts to activate #operation stupidity more commonly known as the RV, talking of the RV apparently it can only be signed off by Obama, haha you RV’ers who still follow that bs’ery will have a long wait for that. Hey Obama I hear your attempt to steal Phillipine gold never worked out too well. It seems the title of Pindar doesnt come with guaranteed results anymore, but certainly comes with bucketloads of stupidity from the occupant it seems.

*IMF in a total panic this week of which we will find out why in next intel piece, IMF has been threatening all central banks, Presidents and Prime Ministers this week, as a full on investigation being undertaken now to find any Central Bankers or ordinary bankers who have taken bribes from the UN, The IMF or World Bank

*yesterday and finer details are being done today The Trust sold the UN and all of its subsidiaries back to all the nations.
The properties of the UN is in foreclosure for non payment of lessor fees by Rothschilds, rockerfeller and Asian Families.
The sale comes with a complete file to all nations of the orders done and the misuse of the organization.
A total of 108K files of intel against the operations of the UN was handed over to all nations as part of the selling and an equal share to each nation.
Finer details being worked out as whether all membership fees are to be refunded, as in the original charter there was not supposed to be any fees, of course USA people paid the bulk of the fees, just like NATO and every other war or operation.
So what does this mean, well it means next time the IMF or World Bank shows up at any Central Bank or Presidents door demanding anything, they have the full right to turn around and tell me we own you and you owe us $x amount of dollars, following on from my Bon Jovi concert last night and a slight change of line in the song so when the world bank gets in my face I say have a nice day.

*Please bring my hammer and toy I like to use to Comet tonight, swing by the office and grab my inhaler, nothing gets my heart going like a sacrifice night

*HRC and Huma video is it real or fake, if real would you watch it, if real it is beyond comprehension but I did try and soften it with recent shows. The idea that someone would fillet the skin off a young child’s face and then wear it like a trophy in front of the still alive girl, is beyond depravity, in fact beyond words altogether, then extract the adrenachrome whilst the child is in total fear mode for their own sick needs. I have never advocated for revenge violence but this news if proven 100% correct, it stretches that opinion and stance to the limit.
I understand many would want to repeat that behavior on Ann and Huma but the question is should we stoop to their levels of violence and depravity, it is not for me to answer, but I dont think we have too much longer tolerating those beyond evil in our midst, now you know why no one off world wanted them either.
There are some who don’t wish to face this type of truth reality and I do get it to a point, I think most of us are tired of sin eating, but being unaware of this type of criminality was going on is one thing, knowing about and turning away is another, those children who have suffered terrible and awful ways of torture to create maximum fear, did not have the opportunity to just turn away, we owe to them and any future children planned genocide to speak out for and by them, it is our duty I feel, I want people who listen to this show to ask themselves an honest question, are you frightened to speak out on this as your fear the ridicule or consequences of stating it? be honest please. Now imagine if that was your child being tortured, filleted and organ harvested, never mind the sexual abuse, what would your reaction be then?

*I have covered organ harvesting a number of times since THI, the Haitian one and also spoke about the Syrian issue last year, it seems this week it has finally been brought to the fore and not before time, some will have seen the video of the child screaming for her parents (this is not the same video about Ann and Huma) sickening and something most choose to turn away from either viewing or listening wise, well we cannot continue that level of ignorance anymore, we just can’t, I know it’s painful, I know its traumatic to see or hear, but unless we all face it and expose it, more and more of these atrocities will continue.
Organ harvesting is one of the reasons for the wall, Central and South American countries are being turned into a cash spree zones by degrading peoples lives and forcing them to flee into trucks they have to pay their whole savings to get on, only to find they are death trains, buses all very reminiscent of the nazi death camps in WW2, and people thought they ended there, nope courtesy of Paperclip and Overcast we imported those same sadistics to run amok here as well.
Of course it has gone into over drive over the last decade or so, with engineered weather events, engineered earthquakes and engineered famines and biowarfare events, alongside war on terror that is spelt terra, not terror, have led to enormous upheavel of people from their homes and into migration status, this fulfills 2 agendas 1. send them into Europe to collapse their economies 2. removing as many as possible from the caliphate region I first warned about 5 years back, all about the so called gods trying to reclaim their former land and build wall around the whole area, people didnt like that idea I put forward back then, but I think many are now trying to see it potentially unfold, yes the area known as Israel is prominent the name tells you that ISis RA El, all about the gods you see and their chosen ones, funny the Annunaki where also self titled as the chosen ones as well, but this is nothing to do with the people of Israel, they are just pawns in the game, like the mk ultra style program members telling people they are special sadly leads to more exhibiting poor behavior than not.
El-ites all think they are above or better than us because that is what they have been lied to, and led to believe, one day that self titled specialness will get rammed down their throats and the meek will inherit the earth.
But whilst some are now getting knowledgable about harvesting and how they achieve it, there is one category of people that has been left out or overlooked, the homeless or the street people, easy targets as very few people are bothering to look for them or after them otherwise they by and large wouldnt be on the streets. Remember last year during the hurricanes of the disappearing homeless? where are all those people now? There were reports back in my home town in the UK in the 1990’s of not only homeless being taken but people passed out drunk on the sidewalks and wake up with bandages and a kidney missing, many thought it was some sort of prank or practical joke, as it is barely believable, but it wasn;t and it isn’t a prank, it is real and people should leap over the control boundaries of what is believable or not, society itself has dictated what is normal, believable, fantasy or fiction which leads to closed minds and a wall off of the truth, now we have learned of it’s reality, lets not wall it off again because we cant handle it, one day it may be your child or family member.

*who said the following back in 2013 we should stay the hell out of Syria, the rebels are just as bad as the regime, what will we get for our lives and $B’s – zero.
* who said in March we will pull troops out of Syria, yes you Mr. Trump on both counts

* But by mid-February, Trump was telling his top aides in meetings that as soon as victory can be declared against IS, he wanted American troops out of Syria, said the officials. Alarm bells went off at the State Department and the Pentagon, where officials have been planning for a gradual, methodical shift from a military-led operation to a diplomatic mission to start rebuilding basic infrastructure like roads and sewers in the war-wracked country. In one sign that Trump is serious about reversing course and withdrawing from Syria, the White House this week put on hold some $200 million in US funding for stabilization projects in Syria, officials said. The money, to have been spent by the State Department for infrastructure projects like power, water and roads, had been announced by outgoing Secretary of State Rex Tillerson at an aid conference last month in Kuwait.
So lets get this right our dollars pay to bomb towns, villages and countries into oblivion and then we pay Haliburton, Bechtel and other NeoHawks affiliated companies to rebuild it all, what sort of unsanity is that? and why do so few only see that is some sort of issue?

* Congress by passed check
no corroborated evidence check
inspectors on the ground check
conflicting evidence check
UK/France involved aka Rothschilds check
Mission Accomplished check
In 2013, Theresa May’s predecessor tried and failed to get approval for military action against President Assad. There was international alarm, then as now, about his suspected use of chemical weapons. But MPs rejected David Cameron’s plan and he didn’t try again to persuade Parliament it was necessary. This time, she has avoided that particular obstacle by taking action alongside the US and France while MPs are away, exactly the same as what happened in 1998 and Clinton not approving attacking Iraq, out went Cameron in came Nazi May, out went Clinton in came Nazi scherff, for those who dont know that is the Bush’s real name, and while we are on the UK the nerve agent poisoning issue that has been pointed at Russia, as been identified as BZ toxin and produced in UK not Russia, hypocrisy at its finest and talking of that.
VP Pence displayed staggering hypocrisy in a message last saturday, describing how chemical weapons wont be tolerated, and how they should not be allowed in a civilized society, lets remind ourselves which 2 countries supplied sarin, chlorine, Vx, Phosgene and various other nerve agents to Iraq, Iran, ISIS, Hezbollah and Hamas, which country used Agent Orange not only on the Vietnamese but their own troops. America and Britain.
If chemical weapons are such a problem Mr. trump and Pence I am wondering when American bombers along with UK and French bombers and support are going to attack all DARPA facilities, and not only rid ourselves of these awful chemical weapons but save $3.44B a year of American peoples money supplied to operate DARPA, or if chemical weapons used on the public is such a freaking problem why are there planes in our own skies spreading chemical weapons on our own people and why hasn’t that issue been resolved? 15 months you have had to fix that Trump and still it is ongoing, without a single shred of documentation explaining as to why it is happening or why we are funding it.
This is further evidence of the staggering hypocrisy this country has been used for now for last 80 years, no one can have nuclear weapons, chemical weapons, espionage tools, advanced weaponry except America and who it approves of, unless of course it is a country of huge size like Russia, China or India.
Pence said him and Trump were proud of what they did in Syria, proud would not be the word I would use Mr. i’m a pedo and a few pence short of a shilling, I would use cowardly, criminal, hypocritical, embarrassing, none sovereign, abuse of power as more appropriate terms. Proud indeed, nothing proud or brave about firing missiles from hundreds of miles away, with no guarantees of where they land, how about sending politicians, tv stars and military children into the chemical facility and arresting those working there and shutting down and then a controlled destruction of the facility, now that Mr. Pence and Trump would be something to be really proud of, the rest is cowardly bully boy dickswinging contest that really like yourselves have no place in a civilized society, but sadly you and your clowns have created a totally uncivilized society, and therein lies the problems we face.
Now of course there is a potential of a completely different spin on this as well, as the research facility known as NTI.org was hit in Syria, question remains as to why the following entities are directors or advisers of said research facility in Syra, like Warren Buffett, Ted Turner of CNN and CA Governor Jerry Brownshirt as well, which could well be very significant in the near future. and in essence threw UK and France largely operated by Rothschilds under the bus as well.
This is the difficulty of the times we are in currently, the deeper we get into the mire of the filth the more murkier the intel and information on the ground becomes thin, so I have covered both aspects not so that I am covering my own bases, but because at this point, both aspects are of equal value, as time moves on it will as i suspect become a lot more clearer.
Speaking of Mr. Jerry Brownshirt i see he has now relented and allowed national guard in CA to administer border duties, perhaps that was a response to research facility smash. time will tell.

*Jean Haines returns with narrative re keenan, wilcock salla et al, apology,

*be careful of spending too much focus and energy on wilcock, corey et al, they are low level pawns and their exposure could be used against alt media to take focus off the bigger picture, the high end game is now in play and focus should be on them
Odonnell $174 or $447 for remote viewing course, well Mr. Odonnell I remote viewed your courses and found them to be bs’ery.

* what if Scott Pruitt is finding money funneled by the Obama administration THROUGH the EPA? the Dems and Obama were using the EPA as a massive slush fund for deep state antics, $2bn in settlement money had to be dispensed somehow…is it a co-incidence that Obama had $2B in the vatican acccount before it was purged back 3-4 years ago, when Michelle or Michael also had $1B in an account there and she removed it and flew to Spain on her or his own and deposited it in Bank Santander

* here is a little known fact of the clintons time in the white house, Ann stole $200k of furniture, china and artwork from there and was made to return it

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