*Prince Charles wielding his alleged authority again this week, tried to send mercenaries over to take Kim and team out, that never turned out to well, they were blocked from entering the country.

*Appears some in Naval intelligence may not have wanted meeting to take place, as a missile was fired from region of the Naval Air Station Whidbey Island on Sunday June 10th, naval deny it but all evidence points to rogue elements trying to disrupt things, not 100% confirmed as yet, but suspect it is close to reality. SSp????

*Propaganda in full swing this week with all kinds of claims, demands and threats flying about, personally I find it amusing as it is a sign of their sheer desperation, to throw stuff everywhere and hoping something sticks. A raft of fake  documents on how the “chinese elders” own everything.. then Japanese “elders” came forward (there’s a new one) with fake bonds saying the FED has to make good on old bonds blah blah

They claimed to “own the usa” and all this gold. Then in the same breath they told him they wanted Kim extradited for stealing all their money. Response was well if you have all this what do you need her for?
You have to laugh at their utter stupidity and hypocrisy, Kim stole their funds indeed, hello mcfly fake elders, the funds belong to the people, as it came via their labor, most of you claiming it, have never done a valid days work in your lives, just vampired off the public like the banks, so do us a favor with your whining you own this and that, you don’t – simple as.

Using meeting tomorrow with Kim Jong Un, an asian family bitch from day one to tell Trump which way this is going to go

*So depending on Trumps decision, either this will escalate and he fails miserably while the whole world is watching etc etc. and threats against the USA will escalate or he agrees and signs everything they say and it will go well
*Blackwater now being run by Chinese generals Black dragon, so Erik prince ousted from there as well

*Kim and trump signed agreements. Seems there is a lot coming to light about military agenda and cooperation with blackwater, imf and China deep state aka one faction black dragon aka kumontang aka miltary generals

Apparently this was found out by cia/Pompeo and worked out in trump’s favor

*On Sunday we sent a message direct to Trump on the tarmac warning him of danger and preferably to not fly to Singapore or was it China? either way Trump decided to go ahead and meet up with original Asian families patsie Kim Jong Un to basically humiliate Trump and America in the public glare, well that was their plan, that didn’t work out to well for the Rothschild’s led families group, but more about that later.

On Sunday a missile launched out the Naval base of Whidbey Island in Washington State in an attempt according to all sources to knock Air Force One and Trump out of the sky, due to change of narrative between Trump and Kim Jong Un, basically a peace deal was worked out long before Trump left and Kim went against Asian families instead, and peace broke out between the countries. Trump was being flanked or guarded by rogue black dragon groups so they knew exactly where he was at all times, this is why we asked him not to go, so to recap some rogue elements within our own country and military fired a missile at The President, just let that sink in a minute.
To some in the alternative community it will come as no surprise, to the average guy on the street and many of the soldiers under their command, this idea is preposterous.
Many people wonder why our military haven’t done something about our situation here yet, answer is simple, they are NOT our military, 100% correct NOT our military, the military is owned by on one side The Rothschilds and the Asian Families aka Chinese Elders or two The Jesuits via The Vatican since the 1500-1600’s according to them, and yet we, the American people pay for it all, between $700B and $1.1T per year, and yet it doesn’t operate on our behalf?
American troops incase some don’t know are not allowed to engage on American soil to defend us, don’t believe me? check it out yourself. 
These are the same people that in last two years sold all American military hardware to an Asian group (not Chinese govt) and have been leasing it back, the trust (MWHT) has been negotiating for an end to that deal over many months now, and yet they tell you we are in competition with Russia, China etc and here we have top brass within our country, selling all our military hardware which was paid for by the American people I might add, to the so called “enemies” of our country.
Reality is we have no enemies in other countries, all of them are working together to just create the illusion of division

*as you may have seen picture of Trump facing Merkel, Marcon and May the 3 M’s with an FU look as America is not rejoining the so called Iran nuclear deal, that is more about looting the American people again than anything to do with nuclear deals, and as we are also now no longer funding NATO and UN at exorhibitant levels or allowing our trades to be undermined by virtually most other major countries, the EU/NATO alliance have gotten all pissy as their cash cow America has now cut them off, ignore party politics as whether you like Trump or not, it has and will be good moves for the people of this country. Part of why it has worked is Trump is not a Republican, Trump is just Trump.


*recent suicides were not suicides at all, or the suspected heart attack either

*IG report as stated on this show a few times like all previous reports, they proffer up nothing you didn’t already know and redact anything that leads to some sort of actions being taken against those responsible. All pure theater of bad guys calling out other bad guys and all getting away with it, but rest assured it wont always be this way and part of why I did the appeal in last night’s show. Maybe we should form a new real American not USA inc government altogether for and by the people and leave them to their shadow govt, funding will go to real govt not rogue corporation, just needs the will of the people to enact it.

*the laptop in the Anthony Weiner case was successful passed through the courts and signed off on June 8th, the papers have now been unsealed, what happens next is anybodies guess, why they show it to the public? well unsealed does appear to suggest that, an unveiling of those details and naming names, will change life how we know it. For us it is confirmation of what we know, for the rest of the public the tsunami shockwave will hit hard and last some time, we must be ready to support as much as possible.

*The US would suspend “provocative” war games it holds with South Korea. Mr Trump said he wanted to see US troops withdraw from the South. A spokesperson for the US forces said they had yet to receive any new guidance
On denuclearisation, he said that Mr Kim had agreed to it being “verified”, a key US demand ahead of the meeting
Mr Trump said Mr Kim had also agreed to destroy a “major missile engine testing site”
But he said sanctions would remain in place for now and argued “we haven’t given up anything”.

Several reporters asked whether Mr Trump had raised the issue of human rights with Mr Kim, who runs a totalitarian regime with extreme censorship and forced-labour camps. USA INC reporters has no right to question any other country’s human rights, when they have neglected the human rights of Americans for last 70 years. It’s staggering hypocrisy on a massive scale, 2 world wars it had no right to be in, 81 countries invaded in last 70 years, those American lives lost in those fake wars, is a humanitarian issue completely unaddressed here. That’s without mentioning ignoring homeless going missing, 100K Americans killed to get a vaccine for elites, 19M Native Americans killed, 1/2M plus American kids vanishing per year, Mk Ultra I could go on and on, but please look closer to home about human rights before railing against other countries, because here is where it all starts. it is suspected this was added to the meeting in response to attack on the President by rogue elements within usa inc military, who shouted the loudest against this measure? when you do you know, you will see who is the problem.

*Roths dumping holdings of assets in various companies over the past quarter but moreso in the past week, a vast sell off along with the family estate homes done recently, why? because they have nothing left to keep going with, hiring MSM, mercenaries globally, spy agencies globally plus extra security comes with a large bill. But if this mass sell off that doesn’t tell the RV people what is going on, nothing will at this point, they are selling fast as they have nothing left in hand.
Remember me asking you all to target individuals online be it newsreader or rogue cops, known pedos or so called elites, well according to reports this week Rothtillians are not happy about the aggressive online conspiracy theorists attacking them, ooh really Roths karmas a bitch. if ya like being bitter, just suck a lemon. tick tock Roths for you, your family and your assets, everything for you and your ilk is entering this song timeline

*Tank did a video post and as a reminder to many of the newer listeners I thought a recap of what we are or were really facing on this planet. The common theme is if we get rid of bushes, clintons, kissinger, cheney, blair, obama, netanyahu and Putin along with other noted names of the former Illuminati everything will change. wrong. Those names are so far down the list of what is known as The Order by them, they can call it what they like i’m sure we have more colorful names to call them.
I have seen the full list 6 of the old printer fax length pages and names you may be familiar with appear on page 6 and last couple of inches, those pages are The Order.
So here is the full structure of what we are taking on and winning on many levels currently, despite obvious frustrations of this hasn’t happpened and that not happened, which I do understand that, but perhaps after this piece you will begin to grasp the enormity of what has happened and is happening here.
From the moment our tribal ancestors signed an agreement with a group known as The Draco from the star system Draconis 16500 years ago, now I know this aspects disturbs some as they are uncomfortable with idea of aliens etc, but unless you open up to the possibility of that knowledge into your psyche, you have zero chance of really understanding the bigger picture here, none whatsoever, from 16500 years on, we have been raped in more than just a sexual way, harvested, traded, poisoned, sacrificed and looted of the most important thing we have, no not money (that system is in part their creation of looshing our energy and came from the Orion system) or material things, but looted our life force energy and souls on an unimaginable scale, it is beyond comprehension what is gone on here, the lie is so big it is beyond unbelievable, average people can just not get their heads around it, due to externalizing everything in their lives, it is only when you go inside of yourself in an open way, where everything is possible, than you start a very long road to the path of truth, it has many bumps in the road and various side streets that lead to dead ends.
This show in many aspects has built up knowledge in a stair stepped way, to allow people to begin to grasp it,
Anyway back to the structure the Draco topped the structure and everything flowed down from there, initially headed by the being known in the bible as The Lord, the lord is Anu. Later controlled via Enki and Enlil and onto the nephew known as M as in Marduk, he controlled the whole system either AI or financial, and no one else knew the whole structure bar him, the financial system was ran by anologue initially via the IBM system, he was telling you via this company who ran it, I be M as in I be Marduk. Draco left here back in 2013 but M stayed behind as punishment, a punishment that we paid heavier for than he did, until November 2016 after an appeal to the council, it was decided we could remove him from here altogether, which was approved and members of the team ended his reign here altogether, he is no longer a threat. Part of the problem for being here is the Draco were lied to by Abraxans and also possibly Alduzzani and told that they had no soul, the lies at each level will be a common theme.
The next structure down were known as The parents, an earlier version of human known as 1.0 who were tasked to look after things on behalf of Draco, they were told they were created to look after us, which was a lie. They live way longer than our version and are much taller also. The Parents were 13 in number and also a further 8 of higher caste, totalling 21, one by one they left or were removed, but it may surprise you that 9 of last 10 were females, 4 of last 5 were females, the only male was an Arab Prince, Cassandra was one of the last 4 i’m sure most are familiar with her and the letter by now. It all went down to a female set of twins who both came out of stasis and went haywire due to frequencies changes here, they are now gone but have a VI version of themselves in here as I understand it, one of those two is known as the red queen, some may have come across her in dream time, nasty little biatch she is. The Parents mode of operation is equivalent to a maze and we all reside inside it, when some people are at the gate of leaving the maze, they distract you and then move the maze walls, this type of interference has now been stopped.
The initial 13 parents each controlled a coven, a coven can have a range of members in each one, these are the life manipulators, the dark sorcerers or magicians, who control the djinns of lower astral trap, that can have awful effects on the people who encounter them, they are not easy to shake off. These are the people and beings that play with your spirit during dream time, and use targetting techniques to disrupt people who are breaking free. Gaia TV is ran by a coven member, remember that when following Wilcock, Blue Chicken man and now David Icke.
Then we come to the Illuminati level which many are familiar with, that includes group such as Council of 300, UN, Trilateral and Bilderberger groups, these are the public pawns we take our angst out on so much, but they are the sleight of hand firewall to protect the hidden names. The Illuminati was broken up in 2012-13 time and morphed into 5 factions, which are Zionist, Nazi, Asian, Jesuit and Secret Societies, all 5 vying for control, all 5 dont have the full knowledge, all 5 now fighting each other faction, all now infighting within their own faction, and all 5 who are basically followers, pretending to be leaders, none of them are. The Rothschild’s family who have the most Draco DNA of all the bloodline families operate in all 5 factions, so they win regardless, well we have other ideas and plans for that thinking they have. The former group known as Illuminati where put on an extinction order, as The Order decided they no longer serve any purpose and they can carry on with their top 150-160 or so people to run things.
Illuminati were all lied to as well, all were promised title of Pindar aka King of the World, this resources, this corporation, this country, dinar billionaires, all of it was lies, and as far as the king title, whilst he was here there was only 1 king – M, those that followed Putin (lasted less than a year and called it bs) Obama and potentially Hitlery working alongside him or replacing him, it doesn’t matter which, both are sickos and neither will survive.
Lies upon lies upon lies became truth in their world, the same as our world, but many in their world are seeing through the illusion now, and have stepped down or deleted themselves.
After those whole heap of layers and structures, we come to the public puppets who are of little to no relevance whatsoever, lower level pawns used to play the game, and occupy the public with their theater, these are known as politicians, whether senators or presidents or prime ministers, all are or were pawns in their game. They are not there to represent the people, only the order, so people can scream at politicians all they like, even if they wanted to help or change, they are so far down the chain of command, they are on same level as us.
I hope that gives people a full idea of what we have taken on here.
System they have only works when there is 1 controller and that controller is off world, think about it. cabal take everything and everyone has nothing, who is going to buy their goods, keep them in position of power when you have everything? it only makes sense of looting everything into one giant system at the expense of all others, is if you are not from here and you are emptying the whole planet into another system, then it all makes sense to strip everything away.
But with M gone, the cabal cannot sustain current set up as it is like the ouru borus where the snake eats itself until nothing left, this applies on all levels finance, resources, land, eventually without an external looting system, those operating on the planet will consume themselves, and this is what is taking place now. They have reached their point of no return.

*nightblood – nuclear vaccine In the 100 series which does cover many aspects of our past truth here, they talk about the night blood group and how they survived a nuclear blast on Earth, due to their blood type, so the story last week that they killed over 100K Americans to achieve a vaccine that made them immune to nuclear fall out, now makes more sense.

*Many reporting sleep issues, waking up 2-3 times which is consistent with the spirit time going in and out, people getting tired different times of the day, if possible take the nap you maybe surprised what is revealed. Reason being is the frequencies have changed and you are experiencing a different time/space and subsequent frequencies, your body clock and bio rhythms are not were or are where they used to be, it is not something to be concerned about, but it will take time to re-adjust, and then re adjust and re adjust again. The reason for adjust and readjust will be later in the show.

*shar man time man –  A lot of talk about shamans and I have said it that way for a reason. Having spoken to many people around the world, most of these shamans appear to be fake, some say all are fake apart from the few ancient tribes left, Aboriginals being one group in particular. Horror stories abound from our guest Willo and the damage they do, collecting huge sums of money for fakery at best and demonic possession at worst. Their goal on the front side of it is too collect vast sums of money for your alleged enlightenment, most of it administered by the power of suggestion, rather than real teachings, infact most of these shamans have only had 1 years training, which is not sufficient to cover the arts of that field. So, you drink down the poison whatever potion you ingest and go to the spirit realms, where you meet all kinds of gharish creatures all waiting, to consume you, or worse infect you with illness or disease, most illness or disease comes from lower astral realm, or their ultimate goal of inhabiting a vessel. Now many come away from there all woosy and saying i feel so much different, lighter and enlightened, different and lighter you say, have people considered it could be because it is not them anymore? think long and hard on that thought and its implications. What if your in an under educated path of journey of self discovery, you have left your life force in the astral realm and another person or being walked into the vessel, could that be the reason why so many say it is life changing? Your time is up here and your life force is in another time or realm. I said earlier i said sha(r)man instead of sha(y)man for a reason, shar mean time, so you are working with a time man, who operates in and out of time.
Reality is ultimately, we don’t belong in the world governed by time, When you listen to radio, you are a witness of the everlasting war between idea and appearance, between time and eternity, between the human and the divine, listening to our show no matter where you are in the world you are travelling through time, it could be thursday afternoon or friday morning depending on where you live, but in that instant if you all listen live, time stands still and you all go through it.

*Talking of time and in particular the sands of time, known as the egg timer, it goes up and down, as you turn it upside down each time through the torus shaped vessel, key is go out at void

*ADHD A topic came up recently to do with ADHD, rather curious acronym for what is essentially a mark down on children coming in with more dna strands, in essence more of their so called junk dna activated, that junk dna is where your magic or abilities lie, and by and large those receptors have been switched off, until you learn to re-activate.
ADHD kids suffer because the vibration here is not conducive for them, a permanent state off feeling off, and so they busy themselves and make lots of noise to cover it all. Once they reach puberty or just after they start to be able to adapt better to the background noise that bothers them so much. ADHD kids walk in 2 worlds, so they are not not paying attention, they are not here. Clowns here now by the signature who these kids are and target them to prevent them developing, so because too many parents have the tolerance level of zero, off they go to the pill pushers known as doctors and out comes Ritalin, Ritalin is a cord disconnector, takes you out of other world and slams you into this one, say no to Ritalin or any medication for ADHD kids, maybe ADHD means altering dimension for Higher Dimensionals.

*As predicted the suicide rates of the so called famous people continues and will not stop in my opinion. These people sold their souls for fame, stardom, wealth and high society lifestyle and live for the idolatory energy we the people give these, what are essentially low lifes. Public disclosure of their heinous activities will cost them everything they have desired, public worship, after that is gone, they have nothing left, no conscience, no empathy, compassion or love of anyone but their shallow selves, they sold their souls for a shallow existence, and with nothing left but to face public anger and derision, they choose sell their final thing they had left, life.

*Ronald Bernhard the dutch banker, I keep getting asked about this and received opinions from Holland that supported both sides, one he is a fake and other he is doing good.
I just don’t have the time normally to do any videos or very few of other people’s material, it takes me all my time trying to keep going my own life, THI show, 2 social media pages, TPC, Intel and think tank groups and other stuff.
Anyway I took the time to listen to a 2.25 hours interview of him and finally make my own mind up about him.
So he was a social climber, not bothered of who or what he trampled to get to the top, and relentless ego driven lifestyle that enabled him to be in the inner circle or close enough to it anyway, to garner some of their knowledge. He described the more familiar pyramid system of control which is the public version in limited form, but the top part has another layer in and of itself. He says it is basically 8-8500 people who run the whole world for their own ends.
He lived the typical high roller life those inside those circles live, and he admitted he thought life was great, ceremonies of naked girls, free booze and drugs and total debauchery parties, until something hit his world, and the proverbial brick wall, so what brought it back into some sort of reality, they asked him to sacrifice children and his whole mask of illusion collapsed in on himself. That life of his ended from the moment he refused, whether he was aware of it at the time or not, you don’t refuse psychopaths.
He then reading between the lines endured a life of hell, inside and outside of him, threats to not reveal the secrets and yet through it all he somehow survived, this is perhaps one of the things that make people suspicious of him.
Other aspects are, he wont reveal too much of his 1st life before the sacrifice request, he is not on this register, not on that certificate or record are other things that raise suspicions. Well, until you walk yourself in another persons shoes how can you make full assessments on that persons life, if he revealed full details – he would likely be dead, revealed inner circle names, groups, meetings all would likely equal death, would you the listener reveal it with that over your head? well would you? bearing in mind the fact that revealing this stuff most people choose to ignore it or dismiss it, which he alleyed to in the interview, and I agree, he said something in his last interview about how much proof do people need to stand up, I think most people know I have been saying the same for a while and moreso recently, it is staggering the depths people require proof and truth, even when they have already been given it, so the fact that he chose to not say certain things for safety of himself and others is a valid reason, and if people don’t get that aspect by now, you really haven’t woken as much as you thought you had.
I and others put our necks on the line to bring you truth, knowledge and occasionally proofs, I and others have had death threats for doing that, all for people to become better informed, and yet the slightest thing they disagree with they jump and complain over this and that. The hardest thing ever is to tell people the truth, we all know this too well, we also know they many don’t want the truth, even in awake community, often it can be the case they want their version of the truth only, so if someone outs another alt media person for being rogue and not telling the truth, they react badly as though it is their fault, all projection. Deep down the person themselves knows they are being bullshitted but it is a comfortable version they want to hear, I so wanted to believe Neil Keenan but my inner intuition was screaming from October 2013 onwards, I can blame Drake for saying he had vetted him, but that is not fair either, as that is putting the responsibility of my own reputation in the hands of somebody else. Truth, proof and trust all comes down to personal responsibility, that each has to observe, process, collect or release depending on what is available, but you cannot learn anything or move forward without trust and knowing yourself, you will stay in the realms of impossible rather than i’m possible.
Ronald Bernhard seems a genuine enough guy, could he be acting? always a possibility as they often use actors to play certain roles, the key to him is how he comes across in the now, not in the past, all of us have made mistakes in life, the key is to learn from them, not pillory yourself or worse project it onto others, he took personal responsibility for his past and will be paying his own dues for the rest of this lifetime, and he knows that, but he wants to step out and help others do the same by giving us an insight into the hidden circle, that must be heard regardless of what you believe Ronald to be or not. He knows trust is hard to come by and best way to do that is be observed in his actions, words can lie, actions and sincerity will always find you out, eventually. I say give the man some slack and listen with open mind and heart, ignore the past and focus on the now, maybe we can get Ronald to come on our show sometime, as it will give people a better chance with someone interviewing him, who also knows how the top end work and operate. Reality is if Bernhard is an actor and all the tears are theater, it won’t be long before that shows up as fake, mask of illusions are all coming down, people are starting to get the feelings of others a lot more now, and genuine people are starting to been seen, heard and felt, people know by my own tone and delivery how I feel on a particular show, as even on radio the signal transmits.
Ronald appears to be genuinely remorseful of his past and has a desire to correct it, we should all admire that spirit and endeavor, no one goes through life squeaky clean and we should all reach out and pull up all those who chose to operate in a better way than keep reminding them of their past. This is why this show appealled to Wilcock, Corey, Keenan, Anna to step down from who they were working for and come and help. Kim and the team have spoken to Roths, Bush, Koch bros, Jared Rand and Rand Company, Wells Fargo and many other top CEO’s of rogue banks to name but a few, step down and come and help us all, in essence they are the perfect vehicle to get on board, as we are removing their numbers and adding to our own, so its a double win, and in many of those cases a more fierce determination to help.

*For the past 5-6 weeks an increase of source energy has been added to this planet and is spread globally, this explains some of the changes you are seeing, feeling within yourself and those around you. It is designed to be an awakening tool for the masses including the cabal, a reconnection back to source that has been blocked in various manners over a prolonged period of time. For most in the awake community and those not still mired in religious dogma this will have a good effect once it is absorbed, as for the others, it will leave them confused and irritated but will also bring long term beneficial effects as well. I wouldn’t totally describe it as wheat and chaffe separation but it will have that effect, but providing those do their inner work and integrate their shadow aspects, it can be adapted to fairly quickly. Those resonating with a higher frequency will obviously feel greater benefits in the now, the rest it will be filtering through as time goes by, these energies will increase incrementally over time to provided maximum benefit going forward.
So, go outside and absorb it all in, collect it and store it within you and transmute it for the benefit of all. How do you do that and how will I know you will say, well, go out on a sunny day and look at the sky, squint your eyes a bit and just stare at the sky, eventually you will see thousands of very small golden pieces floating down from the sky, darting here and there, that is source energy, learn to collect it and pull it into you, pull it down into the solar plexus and then push it up and through your heart to the crown, with a thought of then transmuting it for maximum effect, over time this exercise will not be required as we will be bathed in it, but this can be a tool for you and others in the now, that can bring better changes.

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