*First off Hawaiian missile was not fired, not shot down, that incident did not take place, the codes for launching stuff like that is no longer in their control,
*The Davos meeting is a load of nothing of any value anyway, so dont look for pointers in that meeting, will be a gathering of people who are crapping their pants thinking how will we get out of this mess
*The rothschilds and Chinese Elders were asked for the payments again by the military, pentagon and US govt on Monday, it didnt materialize, and so the world trust this show is connected with stepped in and Trump was shown the evidence and then confirmed it’s existance, and proof of funds, then an emergency liquid fund was supplied to the US Treasury/US govt to cancel the shutdown from our team and prevented a continuation of the shutdown.
*Roths and chinese elders then stated they would deliver the payments on tuesday, that failed again and now it is tomorrow, and we all know by now where that will go to – fail again
Monday emergency funds rolled out chaos at all levels, as not only was the funds delivered as promised, but also now the whole world knows we have the only working live codes into the banking system.
Subsequently amidst all the chaos and was expected, in came the threats to the govt, threatening the USA with all kinds unless they stopped dealing with our team, major disruption have ensued and I lot of very panicked and worried people right now.
*Remember when we put out that the military had sold off large volumes of our military equipment to the Chinese elders in return for more funds, deal was we sell all or most of our military hardware in return for receiving funds to keep US military and country going, Chinese then loaned back all the military equipment until they demand delivery, well, now they are demanding it, so our military is now in deep poop of what to do.
Military have been operating on Rothschilds and Chinese Elders funds, nothing major but a sufficient flow of money to keep going, now military realises they have been put and ultimately have put this country in dire jeopardy, their only way out of this mess is via the world trust, but the Roths and Chinese elders have threatened if attempt to pull funds once from WT the chinese will cut off their funding and demand military equipment, and will pull all support funding to the Pentagon (quite how America’s top brass got into this mess is beyond me and no doubt will be debated long and hard into the future)
So now the military is in a giant pickle and backed into a corner with potentially no funding and no equipment, and a defined choice will have to be made by them in next 24-72 hours I suspect, go without funding and wait for RV, or get funding but with conditions of cleaning house and operating a better way, I hope they make the right choice, but even if they don’t, the world we all see who the problem really is.
* the USA govt is now pushing all financial entities to work with us and lets get this planet rolling the right way again
*dinarland people are suddenly coming out of their collective stupidity trance and are now seeing the real truth, of not only the bs of chinese elders, but proof of them hacking the system every time they throw out a date for the RV, but a challenge went out for people in dinarland and challenge was show us the codes, we will produce our live codes and get chinese elders to produce theirs, well, they couldnt produce nothing – oops, so now a whole load of dinar people are and have jumped ship, I dont have much sympathy with them people being honest, they have been told repeatedly it was bs, only the single cell amoebas amongst them now still believe in the RV.
*Roths fired up the black screen (hidden money platform) from the UN building and created to try and transfer fake SKR’s (safekeeping receipts) out so they can allocate real funds against it, except no one would issue certificate coin or currency for their fake SKR’s – oops
So now they are trying to force the US govt to issue a new note, haha how many fake notes do you want in circulation, you have to laugh, here is a real note to you Roths – fuck you

*the guy who created the credit card system and its core of operation was threatened and told today demanding him to crash the global credit card system worldwide for tomorrow, this will obviously create much panic, chaos and confusion, which will then overlook the Roths and Chinese elders not delivering the payments tomorrow, an inconvenient and convenient diversion, suffice to say their demands will not be met
*their attempts at false flag events over last weeks have ramped up exponentially, they are trying to do a bigger event than 9/11, rest assured all their attempts have failed to date, we have big eyes and large ears everywhere stopping this shit
*there are high level meetings going on everywhere currently thrashing out all kinds of details and deals, flies on the walls will be listening and smiling.
*Increase in chemtrails noticed and increase in anti spraying has increased also
*North Korea issue is not solely about Kim Yung yet again the Roths spin their web of evil, it was the Roths who convinced North Korea to build weapons, because they dont have any, so putting 2 and 2 together you now understand some of the rhetoric regarding North Korea

*they the Roths dont have the nuclear codes anymore, and as M was deleted back in 2015, the codes for any nuclear missiles are not in there hands anymore, and can no longer operate them, this reconfirms today what we had been saying back in CV days.

*remember the piece I put out about the heat source coming from within the planet and not object in the sky? well this was explained in detail to our team today, we all know planet is off tilt and that is being managed to move it back on its axis without causing tsunamis.
What was relayed today is not only is the heat source coming from the poles but pure source energy, this was known in the past, many thousands of years ago and was harnessed until the many fun and games kicked off here with atlanteans bs’ery, draco, reps wars and created floods, all but destroyed it, it is suspected the atlantean war was when planet went off its axis.
So the source energy comes out in a torus shape comes out of both poles, when the system is working correctly the shape that gives out an even spread across the whole planet is the flower of life, this planet had it in the past, and this is why that shape is documented in every culture.

**I hate to tell you all this and it will not be borne out until later or people see through the illusion now, but the alt media is now being used as a tool to discredit anything of any validity. The fake news meme was designed to deflect and distract you from what is real and what is not, things were already difficult to discern, have now become nigh on impossible.
Tv advertisements now have a plethora of adverts again designed to mock the alt media platform and those inside it who try to bring the truth and expose it, it is not just the taco bell advert either, there are other more subtle ones, all in your face.
This is in essence a victory for alt media that they have had to pay us this much attention to distort everything, but it saddens me how easily people fall into the same trap again, even in our own group.
Suddenly a new group pops up out of nowhere and is splashed all over twitter and also various alt media sites and blogs, much fanfare, much promises and again stating it is all happening, a giant post of cryptic comments, codes, with bits of already stated information, add in a few key words from our show and bingo, we have a new white hat group called Q, now has the description ever happened before in alt media, where something new crops up with all the ingredients, heightened attention, heightened excitement, then it starts to wobble a bit and then flatlines as dates come and go, we have seen this all before with many names and groups, that I dont need to repeat here.
It is in my opinion a full on distraction ploy from what is really going on, no self respected group would tell the world what they are doing in real time in these situations, war requires stealth not splashed all over the internet for all to see and for them to counteract, it just doesn’t happen that way, unless you are 2 sandwiches short of a picnic, which kind of fits in with the clowns really, hmm maybe it was them all along?
Look I know many of you are struggling, life no bed of roses here either, but this show is built around providing you even without the intel an insight of where you yourself can make and be the change, the intel is a small portion of the show apart from occasional weeks where it is volumous, our intel comes from the very top end of where the real stuff is happening, whether people choose to believe that or not is their choice, but much of it has been proven to be borne out as fact, the fact so much of it gets used after the event is testimony to that, even the MSM have ran a number of pieces that came from our show.
Sometimes it can be a burden as others see you in a more beneficial position and envy kicks in, some see it as having too much of an influence on things and send agents to attack and distract you, many know I rarely promote or big up myself it is not who I am, but just maybe i was selected because A: I could handle it B:I have responsibility with it C: I have no rogue connections or criminal activity background D:proven to be a man of and for the people E: I could be trusted. F: I have done the research over a long period of time, learned to eventually discern better, provide insight, problem solve on my feet and provide a wealth of experiences to support it.
Our group has been accused of being a cult, this is always the stock answer for those with limited understanding, a cabal oriented meme, if you dont agree with their people or material label them a cult.
Well you can call us what you like, but I have to say it is the strangest cult ever, as the leader doesnt have multiple wives or girlfriends, doesnt demand sex from his flock, doesn’t charge for shows, documents, material or ask for any compensation for the many who he has helped privately overcome a range of issues.
Strangest cult ever perhaps I have gone wrong somewhere lol, the thinking process for too many is, you are only valid if you charge money for doing something, well can we all say that that process has not worked in the past 50 years has it, so lets do something different
Some people don’t like I have outed or dissed certain alt media and yet many still ask my opinion on this one or that one? you cant ask and then project on the person you asked if they didnt agree with your opinion. It is kind of unfair that those types of questions put me on the spot, the problem comes down to a lack of self trust in essence, because if you are asking about whether x.y or z is right, good or honest, it means you the person who asked the question dont trust that individual or group, yes I can add insight into certain things but ultimately you yourself believe there is an element of doubt and wish for me to confirm what you suspect.
One of the questions on OYM which was shortened suggested I had dissed Cobra, this is not exactly true, I suggested he was not the same person I spoke to 3 times, in essence Cobra has dissed himself, perhaps a small recap of the things Cobra stated on his shows and blog. He stated there is no Blue Avians, there is also no sphere beings, then stated that Corey’s whole story was based on an old book which was partially confirmed, and also stated his sources and contacts said there was no evidence of Corey attending meeting with underground beings, on Mars or the Kuiper Belt, these are all the things Cobra said about Corey not me, so clearly he believed on all levels that Corey’s story was bs, then suddenly all that is forgotten by most and Cobra and Corey are all good buddies and doing shows together, unlike many I have a long memory and not prone to 4 year loop stories, until Cobra explains valid reasons for his full 180 then he has dissed himself not me. I just questioned the full on change.
Clif High is another one, many where trashing him 4 years ago and now all of a sudden people are defending him, I have no issue with Clif High as his info is take it or leave it and has no impact in real terms. His info is clever as he bases it on web traffic in general and certain things crop up after the info is ran through a database, possibly AI and it will spit out words or sentences that are current, from there Clif High makes it into a narrative, much of it is projection, prophecy and wild guesses silver 10K an oz Gold$30-100Ketc, but to be fair to him Clif High doesnt determine the data, he did one show with Randy I think where he said his whole web bot data set was off because Corey and blue chicken group was skewing the data, so what if Q is now also skewing the data, Clif’s predictions will be off again. The info which he presents very well is not based on fact, the above statement by him proves that, so again I have not said anything that would be considered out of order, Clif High stated himself his data stream can be distorted, that to me makes it unreliable.
I was accused of shredding Wilcock and Corey yes absolutely, there has been enough said by me on that, the key aspect is they are paid to operate and relay material, albeit dubious material via Gaia TV, which is operated by the covens, these are the dark magicians group that operates and controls many aspects of our lives, covens operate to play games with humanity not serve it, this is my real reason for outing them, but there is a plethora of things they have said that has changed their narrative, Corey has stated he is part of FBI program, also admitted working for govt agencies training them to produce trolls and shills for the alt media, my question is for people who question my stance and ignore the fact that both are paid agents of the covens, is being fbi agent and shill trainer someone who we in the alt media should blindly trust? that is not a statement that is a question. Lets not forget the $6K asked for his wifes teeth how is that helping disclosure? and the $12k received to move house when his Blue Avians can allegedly move him instantaneously to Mars and The Kuiper Belt but cant move him and his belongings to a new house in the same state, you cant make this stuff you would think, well they did and many fell for it and too many still do. $6K for his wifes teeth indeed, perhaps I will do a gofundme to have my ass hairs manicured.
Another the OYM listener brought up was Michael Salla, again no relevant background but again is put up as a trusted source, Mr. Salla came on board via Alfred Weber who I might add worked in the Jimmy Carter administration, a politician and a DC Bar lawyer, again with Alfred should we automatically trust him with that background? Anyway Alfred was part of the set up exopolitics.org group covering ET narrative based around the govt suppression of the knowledge, Alfred stated directly to Michael Salla that a whole heap of his information was flawed and he had the proof of such, Salla and his wife were basically running a commercial enterprise based largely on material Alfred had shared with them, they then stole Alfred’s material and threw him out of the group to stop Alfred from exposing them. Salla and his wife who are both part of occult ritual and ceremony groups, used Alfred and then when commercial aspect was up and running, discarded him, this goes back to around 2003 through 2011, so again now Salla is involved with another commercial enterprise around the blue chicken group, again should we really be trusting Michael Salla with that background? again a question not a statement.
Jordan Sather questioning by me, why? is connected via Wilcock and Corey to Gaia and covens, again came out of nowhere and suddenly has major numbers watching his shows, when people like Randy Maugans has been around a while, done a vast array of shows and wonders where all Jordans followers come from. His first interview was with Robert David Steele which I found indicative, as he is the likely source of Jordan’s videos. Steele is not ex CIA but current operating from Norway via the NATO crew who are pushing for war with Russia at the behest of the Rothschilds goons. I hope Jordan steps out of that group if he can as he is good at what he does and would potentially appeal more to the younger listeners, than old gits like me.
Simon Parkes came in in a blaze of publicity, I gave him a chance despite knowing he is part mantid, a son of Anu, his parents worked for CIA and MI5/6, they are also an Illuminati family and on top of all that his was a politician at the time, again I ask should we blindly trust someone with that background, I outed Parkes for using his abilities to sexually interfere with alt community clients, which he admitted to, but again I am just the one who is dissing everybody, how about questioning their narrative, proof and who they operate for and by?
I exposed Keenan not for spouting bs, but for defrauding people of money including Drake, yet Drake defended him and threw me under the bus, saying that I was the bad guy, yet Keenan stuff was all proven as fact.
Final one I was accused of dissing in the post was James Gilliland, who I remember from the past talking about channelling and Pleiadians saving us and so I never listened again, my choice and I think by now most realize why Drake and I banned channelling posts back in CV. But my issue with James is he is pushing the RV which has been exposed ad nauseum as a Rothschilds global takeover plan, aside from the fact the chinese elders and dragons are either bogus or ran by reptilians, even the other addition who also came in in a blaze, then wobbled and then flatlined out, Red dragon Ambassador admitted the top of the tree of the dragon groups is reptilian. James has been told all this personally and yet still pushes a cabal bailout of which would see an end of humanity, but of course according to some I am the bad guy for exposing these people. With a tiny amount of research all of the above can be found out for yourself, and until you do it for yourself, I politely ask please quit dissing the people who have done the research and investigations on it and then relay it to the listeners. This is not like political parties and soccer rivalry of our group, party or team is better than yours, this is about our freedom and future, of which we only get one chance at, the alternative community was set up for people who think outside the box, recognise their is something radically wrong with this world, recognize what we have been fed is a whole load of bs’ery, and wish to seek the knowledge, truth and solutions to go forward in a better way, and the above people to varying degrees are muddying the waters, stealing off people in the community
The reality is I dont like outing people, but I will not stand by and watch frauds destroy the freedom movement, like I have said I ignore most bs until I see and overarching agenda then I say something, last year we had a lot reporting of George Webb and i listened, then I investigated as his narrative appeared to be slanted in favor of one faction, the zionists, Mr. Webb admitted he was working with Mossad and had leanings to them, that is not to denigrate all of his material, as he will be exposing the other faction groups, but be aware he is still attached to their system, not ours, this same faction slanted narrative applies to Robert David Steele, Catherine Fitts, Alex Jones and Jared Rand, again I will repeat, that does not mean you should discount all of their material, but be aware it is faction based, not people based.

*so we according to some on the internet we are going to get a load of mass arrests, we’ll see how that unfolds, but here is something i want each listener to ponder on if that takes place, what happens next? how will you feel? if your answer is elated and justice will be served, my question is still, what happens next? if your answer was cool now we have an opportunity to move forward and step into their shoes and do better, I have no further questions for that thinker.

*Something to ponder, we have often heard about Muslim camps on our soil, Russian and Chinese camps also, funny they have never mentioned the Nazi base on our soil dont ya think? I will let you ponder that and reply later

*one of things I have constantly referenced is consumerism and how it is killing us, with latest shops of Amazon and Apple with no staff, no staff equals no jobs, equals no pay, no pay equals no one to buy their goods, short of bringing in a load of aliens with a bunch of dollars and dinars, how is losing 800M jobs to robots going to keep their current consumer system going? The things people buy these days astound me, i must buy this as it has a famous name written on it, be it a bag, cosmetics or perfume, why do we do that? I mean Jennifer Aniston’s perfume and Cindy Crawford’s make up will not make for example Karen Hudes look any more appealing will it? But I digress, something really doesnt make sense in how they are operating currently, unless there is a push for a basic income pay system to replace the jobs, all sounds very nice, but until the clowns and psychos are removed, we must avoid the seducements they will offer imo

*I have often praised our members and listeners at various times, but a few things have cropped up recently where a number of members are falling into the programming trap again, for those like me who see patterns quickly you will spot it a mile off, like why when every financial downfall occurs do people suddenly start to blame illegals and immigrants, every single time some go back to the lowest denominated thinking process, its all the illegals fault, yeah right, to me this is at best shallow thinking at worse shameful, I could sit here for the next 24 hours and give you all more valid reasons for financial failure before coming anywhere near illegals or immigrants. This is bad for several reasons 1. you are over looking the $23.5T missing DOD money 2. missing the fact the military takes vast quantities of our budget, add fed res, The Crown and IRS for that category 3. you are forgetting who or what brought them here, could it be our ridiculous foreign policy 4. one of the reasons for immigrants it increases the per head funds to that country 5. western countries are having less babies, they need extra bodies to prop up their ponzi schemes 6. the elephant is now in view and yet you still dont see it 7. your are forgetting the main issue also you cannot be an illegal on your own planet, that line of thinking is cabal speak all divide and conquer, to be able to move forward as a species that way of thinking is abhorent and absurd and it must stop. Absurdity of it all is there are real illegal aliens as in non terrestrial aliens living here and have been influencing things badly for humanity, funny you never hear of deporting them, is it not? most people in alt media would love to meet an ET and invite them into their home, and that is great

*One of the worst thing that has happened to not only this country but all westernised countries is the cabal cor-pirate takeover of everything so they have fingers in all pies, and subsequently make money on every level, this has an impact on the whole economy, but the biggest thing it has done is stifle growth, entrepreneurial spirit was alive and kicking in the early growth of America, now it has been crushed by the avalanche of greed merchants, patents denied, ideas stolen, people threatened, people killed all because they want everything, funny thing is they can have everything and still provide growth in ideas, technology, health improvements, water cleansers, new energy modes, organic farming, anti gravidic travel and many others that would benefit not only humanity but also the planet. There is a vast array of people waiting in this country to implement new ideas and new ways of living, new ways of operating, new thinking, all denied because of largely a relative few old bastards are still stuck in their one tracked tiny minds, with zero expansion for growth not only for the now, but for our very future.
These people have had their time and game, and whilst they may have collected resources, bits of paper, titles and control, what in real terms have they done with it? nothing of any real value, it is all a shallow and hollow ideologies, but the key is they havent managed to do it very well, they have failed spectacularly, our lesson is to learn to grow and step into their roles and do and more importantly be better, not for the benefit of the few, but for the benefit of the all, imo we dont have much to beat, but we will have a lot of hard work to achieve the desired result, if you think it will be easy to re-educate the whole populace, think again, as the programming runs deep, but with an injection of free thinking, tolerant and caring people, backed with a return to the entrepreneurial spirit that encompasses a will to improve one and all and not just for how much you can make or profit, then we have a real future to look forward to. 

*So did you work out where the Nazi base is own our soil yet?

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