* To my dearest ALL, Many speak of a quantum system for the people. I agree, it is. By definition in the parts of the world most consider it an”unknown”, but a Quantum System (true Quantum) this quantum system can span dimensions, draws from past time and the future yet to come, it is based on it’s ability to “map” through time. It reads brainwaves, knows intention, and is locked by DNA (Living DNA) sequencing of the individual. Not one individual, but all.
Your “wealth” within it is coded to DNA of the individual. In the case of Nations it is the RNA of the original source, of the said asset. It can not go anywhere else. This is for the security and the safety of our human family. The way it is programmed it is not possible for “the elite” to steal wealth from another person, nor another nation any longer. The system DOES NOT recognize any “royal line”, only the line of “source” which is present in all of us. We are ALL sons and daughters of the only TRUE King, that is the Creator/God/Source itself.
Even myself, as I programmed the system, to perpetuate with or without me. Trust me, it knows my intent too, it knows if I am under duress or unwillingly making a transaction. EVEN IF I “change my mind” and try to allocate funds improperly it will reject it. So much for the 9000 or so snatch and grab attempts by the cabal, it won’t help a bit. It reads into all organic life forms, understands growth patterns and lastly holds massive amounts of data, in a compilation of materials the size of a grain of sand. Technology not even the “Secret Space Program nor the Majestic 12” has or had access to, let alone the current antiqued financial systems you are calling “quantum”. Gone are the days of data server centers the size of football fields.
It calculates true trade values based on REAL production, not what the “elite” wants the world to see, but real production. As of Monday, the Market revaluation shall begin to occur. The true production of commodities and their respective values will begin to unfold. This program was launched on Friday after business hours.
It’s power source is not electricity, it is not dependent on any grid, not even crystals anymore. It is powered by the very source of life itself. Yes, the very source of energy that powers YOU powers it. It can only operate in the light, rejects darkness and evil intent.
Each particle of source courses through it’s fiber, some of you may know it as, “The God Particle”, “The Fifth Element”, or Higgs Boson. Each particle is part of a whole, it connects to source itself, it connects to you, it connects to every living thing in this Universe and all the other Universes. Each “particle” is a small part of a “whole”. Like a tiny network computer on a mainframe, it easily passes through the time/space continuum.
Think of the possibilities if you could access the secrets of the Universe through one small particle. CERN has made attempts to isolate and access this type of technology. Where they failed, we succeeded.
The system has been running on full source energy for 6 weeks. At the point of convergence of the Two Torus currently flowing through this planet, is an incredible amount of source energy. Limitless and constantly regenerating. The SAME technology will power the Global Train. This works, a prototype has already been built and tested.
It knows no space, it knows no time, It only knows intention, It is NOT source, and was not built to replace source in any way. It is currently harnessing and sharing this source energy with all of you, until the original “flower of life” torus pattern can be restored, which is essential for our survival.
We will also have a far better way to travel, no need for ununpentium or other elements harmful to humans. This IS the beginning of FREE ENERGY, it works, Tesla knew and we know too.
Millions of people die every year over Oil and Gas, this genocide must and will stop. Has anyone noticed the price of food going up over the last month? It has, by 20 to 30%. Why? Because the Cabal Controlled CNN Fake Media reports “Oil Shortages” and “The Middle East will run out of Oil” and so gas prices goes up, then transportation costs go up and so does the cost of food.
This will no longer be the case, it is not possible to have a shortage of Oil, because it is a regenerating resource, and we have not even begun to tap the resources of Russia, America and many other nations.
Sometimes it is better to beg for forgiveness then ask for permission, no one needs the “cabal oil” anymore, the truth is we didn’t need it over a 100 years ago, but oil will become worthless within the next couple of years.
To summarize, a “quantum system” that has the capacity to map information sources throughout the multi-verse, it is powered by a limitless energy source, holds a football field worth of data sourcing servers, (hello five eyes, you can google this one) in a substance the size of a grain of sand, it accounts for intent via a hyper-permeable “brain wave” component, and identifies the individual via DNA/Living DNA, and the origin of assets from RNA/GNA.
Money is just a bunch of numbers, in a consistently running algorithm tied to the RNA or origin of it’s asset base, placing all proceeds into that “bucket” tied to it’s origin (RNA), and it’s people (living DNA) of that original location. This is what it is programmed to do, can not be stopped or changed until the task is complete.
This is why the FED/Families/Cabal/Chinese Elders can not register said assets of the America/Russia/Africa to a server in say Shanghai (yes I saw you attempting that last night- yet again it failed). See, your RNA is not a match, pure and simple, this system also saves me a lot of time in constantly identifying access.
I hope this explains the “new system” which HAS been launched, not “going to be” soom, imminent or two weeks but is done and launched.
One of the tasks of the system was mapping everyone, and now that it has mapped all living beings on this big rock, distribution shall begin.
It is IMPOSSIBLE to steal funds anymore, even though the “corrupt bankers” may chose to try and steal, from you the people (like they have for many years), well, now they can’t.
The new system will look for the living DNA of person “x”, consent through the hyper-permeable component, If it is not there, nothing will move.
So there you have it, a message to all the Cabal Stooges reading this (I am not addressing any of you in IDC for the record)? You can take your Oil, siphons, satellite diversions and stick them where the SOURCE does not shine.
Peace Out Kim “Possible”

*Why is the IRS sending money to a Rothschild Bank in Switzerland? to the tune of $780 billion last year

*Rothschild confirmed they lost control of siphon off financial systems,  but they are still telling everyone they control SWIFT

* So wells Fargo bs.. this was all done internally. If you took twenty out of atm or made a store purchase, they were duplicating that internally over the weekend..taking millions from Wells Fargo clients…it’s over as they didn’t know what to do with it, as couldn’t make it past firewall, And system caught it within hour and reversed it all


* Can you believe they tried to leverage the BLM AGAIN to china? well shanghai exchange and elders.  also Russia? inground assets


*Recently we mentioned a banking transition of $57B in cash processed by JPMorgan/Chase to facilitate an alleged deal of bayer buying out Monsanto, this in essence was not a business transaction, but a money laundering into the system transaction, that failed from their point of view, likely Monsanto will disappear into the wind, as bayer is now struggling also.

*I mentioned in April of the Commonwealth trying to wrap African countries into their domain, and push them onto using British pound to replace their currencies, this more looting in essence of their resources.
Well Zimbabwe rejected that vociferously and they tried to take him out via bomb blast last Saturday, clowns getting pissy their plans are all failing it seems, thankfully he survived, but it is a warning for the rest of Africa these people are nasty, do not work or reason with them, and take up our offer of sovereignty, you or they dont need these people. Join as one with Zimbabwe and Congo and throw these goons out altogether. S. American countries also, you dont need IMF with fake badges or otherwise controlling your banks and economies, because that hasn’t worked out well for any single country has it, not one country, because they were looting all countries, this is not stopping due to work Kim and her team have done, we have a new way and many new plans for the future, and I mean a real future, for those that dont know WE had no future with these clowns.

*well the backlash which was expected this week following last weeks hammer events, unfolded in a blaze of threats verbally and a group of goons turning up in a city in America thinking Kim was there, their car was laden with explosives, designated to blow Kim and her daughter up. These people are beyond stupid and completely sick, where is the military? acts of war and devastation being attempted on our own soil, and you sit their shuffling papers and clicking pens? clock is ticking for those who choose to do nothing, trust me.

*They are getting real pissy that they can’t have everything their own way anymore, like the financial system they’ve tried and launched various systems from Prometheus to Hercules and now they are launching another ancient system called the Alpha Omega. These are all replete with backdoors, hacking and syphoning funds systems, all designed to try and hack the real Quantum System. Good luck with that, time has moved on, humanity has moved on, whilst you still play the sacrifice to the gods game, utterly pathetic, as they will not be returning or helping you either.

* This is the letter IMF is sending around yesterday.. They are broke, just about totally:

Julius Bio, President of Sierra Leone received the email below from the “IMF” Apparently it is being sent to all African countries.
The IMF officially green-lighted the acceptance of China’s currency – the Yuan – into the IMF’s foreign exchange basket. According to Reuters, this move paves the way for the IMF to place the yuan on a par with the US dollar. This is the latest in a series of global developments that threatens to eliminate the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency.
Experts predict this announcement will trigger one of the most profound transfers of wealth in our lifetime. So if you want to protect your savings & retirement, you better get your money out of US dollar investments and into the one asset class that rises as currencies collapse.
The IMF Holds Supreme Power
The International Monetary Fund, or IMF, is one of the most secretive and powerful organizations in the world. They monitor the financial health of more than 185 countries. They establish global money rules and provide “bail-out” assistance to bankrupt nations. Some are warning that any move by the IMF to supplant the US dollar could be catastrophic to American investments.
And now, the IMF has made the first move. As reported by The Wall Street Journal, the IMF officially green-lighted the acceptance of China’s currency – the Yuan – into the IMF’s foreign exchange basket. This marks the first time in history the IMF has expanded the number of currencies in the foreign exchange basket. This means that the Chinese currency will now become a viable global alternative to the US dollar.
According to Juan Zarate, who helped implement financial sanctions while serving in George W. Bush’s Treasury department, “Once the [other currency] becomes an alternative to the dollar, rules of the game begin to change.”
Leong Sing Chiong, Assistant Managing Director at a major central bank, said this dollar alternative “is likely to transform the financial landscape in the next 5-10 years.”


As I understand it their “thugs” are threatening countries trying to collect on debts which may or may not have anything to do with them.

It is important that these countries know that the IMF is bankrupt and Power over the UN has been returned to the countries including, world bank and IMF.

Every country owns a share of the UN now, and it does not belong to factions even if the IMF is still running around doing their bidding, these people work for the nations each one with an equal share and not the other way around.
fuck you

*Something I want to cover as an add on to last weeks piece about what is weakness and strength. The notion to some men that being spiritual is not a manly thing to do, and makes them feel uncomfortable, this is yet again another program which dictates certain aspects of society are domains of only female or male oriented. But how is self development being classed as not manly enough? we have to stop and think about how certain aspects of life are only for one group or another, it is more limitation and divide and conquer narratives, they love to poke into our faces. Being spiritual is a return to who and what you really are, you are the spirit in a human suit. So please stand up for who and what you are, not what society or other people want you to be. you want free will? well exercise it then.

*I received a minor complaint about in part supporting Ronald bernhard, seems he is mentioned in every show now, I don’t know whether he is good or bad guy and made that clear. But I gave people both sides of the narrative to make their own minds up, like I said lets see if he will come on our show and then we can all decide.

*One thing that enrages me on rare occasion I do is people being fake, so lets do a roll call of this weeks fake, step forward rachel maddow and her false crying on cue emotions about the child migrants issue, do us all a favor Rachel your as false as a glass eye, you and your ilk have spent your whole careers in a vacuum of illusion, please dont try and step out into the real world by attempting false emotions for children, when you and your ilk continue to ignore the real news and reality of that situation, in this country or globally. Lets be honest you only became a newsreader because you are a failed actress, what gets me is this talentless script reader replete with spray on tears, earns $7M a year just to lie and deliver bs’ery to the public. Lets remind Rachel we wont tolerate her treasonous behavior. Remove her $7M a year we could employ 234 people $30K a year jobs, or 140 $50K a year jobs, which has more value? $7M to read CIA scripts, where were the portal people when 7M children went missing permanently during the Obama presidency? Hate to get into party politics but the irony is not lost on me, as the very people who shout loudest – The democrats are the ones who implemented and signed off on the bill that separated children from migrant parents, it’s a mad world.

*FBI exchange during election day. All the people who were initially voting her (ann) would not, or were not, swayed by any decision the FBI put out.
Trump supporters are all poor to middle class, uneducated, lazy pieces of shit, that think he will magically grant them jobs for doing nothing.
This is what we the people pay for, it is not the first time I have heard that type of statement, Neil Keenan said the same to me on a private call back in Xmas of 2014, I was rather annoyed and told him so, but indicative of the agencies thinking and Keenan who worked for the CIA, his term was Americans are all fat lazy bastards who need to be put to work, not given hand outs from Asia again. So Americans are uneducated, I agree, or under educated is a better term, but who implemented that as a policy to render that ideology? lazy? who built this country up in 4-500 years when other countries who have been operating longer, are nowhere near as developed as America? the American people of all colors, races and nationalities. Americans are fat? again who implemented a change in the structure of food to cause that condition? perhaps they are fat because so many have had long term illness or misdiagnosed conditions to force them on medications, most of them don’t need, who implemented those policies? Like the migrant issue too many focus on the external issue of it and throw migrants out, internally is the real issue, migrants are not the problem, they were the solution to the order to cause the exact reaction they were looking for. When you have the answers to whom created all those issues, then you have who is the real problem, and it is not fat, uneducated Americans, but insidious psychopaths aligned with rogue off world entities, who have no real life of their own, and exist entirely to feed off others. So, if FBI and CIA think we are all fat and stupid, perhaps we should remind them vociferously who pays their judas style wages? I don’t know, get a badge and become a king of illusion springs to mind.
To the good guys in the FBI who are trying to do the right thing the following does not apply to you.
FBI here is what we the people think of you, you are not as educated as you thought you were, infact you border on being retarded (please look the word up incase you are too stupid to know what it is – it is spelt R-E-T-A-R-D) we also think you are taking our tax dollars and using them to dictate policy that is not fit for, for and by the people, but only fits in with factions and offworld takeovers, that makes you a treasonous cretin. You have not arrested or stopped any of the rampant pedophiles in govt, banking, hollywood or elite circles under Bush, Clinton or Obama, that makes you complicit and a condoner of pedophilia. You did not stop Russian collusion that you allege, you haven’t stopped Rockerfeller, Rothschilds, Soros, Kissinger, Cheney, UN, IMF, Federal reserve collusion either, that makes you incompetent assholes and either unable to see the bigger picture or completely complicit in it all. You also failed to address the rampant drug problem perpetrated on our own soil by clowns in Virginia, not one arrest of a CIA agent, again that makes you incompetent and or complicit, so before you start throwing out shit about American people, learn to look after your own shit first, then we can debate on it.

*I was asked what I would do about gang problems as we go forward, I came up with a plan for drugs when working in social services back in Liverpool in the 1990’s, the issue with drugs and people know my opinion of them and reasons why. I literally do not comprehend or understand the use of psychedelic drugs or narcotics, to me it makes no sense whatsoever, and perhaps if people know the real truth on the damage it does cause, maybe some would see it the same way as I. But it is what it is and people have a free will choice, but the people who choose not to participate, also have a free will choice to reject it as well. So what do we do to solve the problems, and also keep people happy in a transition period, I dont mean between 3 and 4D either by that, I mean from current environment to a new way of operating.
You cant just eliminate a whole program that has made certain people in society a whole heap of money and control, and not replace it with something that gives them a way to continue their funding, but ultimately phase out the original concept. Gangs are now generally owned by cabal agencies or families groups, with them having been dealt with or removed, we still have a lot of gang members who will see it as an opportunity to rule the roost and continue the violence and destruction programs. But what if the agencies handed over all the top end names, who are then collected and given a choice, work to help people get off drugs on face X years in jail? I would like to see all drugs legallized as it would solve a number of issues. 1. eliminates agencies profiting off it for black budgets 2. deals with the gang and subsequent crime problem 3. people can get help 4. it is done in a controlled environment 5. it is proven to reduce crime 6. improve peoples health and understanding of it 7. increases taxes which can be used to fund more affordable health to all people. 7. frees up prisons 8. frees up cops to interact with their communities again 9. makes our communities much safer again 10. will drastically reduce murders 11. will be a source of income and boost to the poorer economies who grow or make these drugs 12. our military wouldnt be using vast resources and risking people’s lives in Columbia, Nicaragua, Cambodia or Afghanistan to name but a few, all those operations were mainly to take control of drugs. 12.
So how can this be done? create a drug division in social services or hospital (funny things is it might make some doctors and nurses realized they are just highly paid drug pushers as well) whereby drugs can only be sold there, which takes it off the streets and the gangland control. People who want drugs, go to the center with staff of people who have sold or taken drugs and wish to put back into society, only 4 questions are required 1. name 2 address or contact number 3. do you want help with your addiction, yes or no and 4. if answer is no what item and how much do you require. Thats it, no civil servant lectures or a raft of their mindnumbing rhetoric of bs’ery they all seem to spit out, like clones. This now throws the responsibility for their own actions, onto the people who choose to purchase the drugs, they exercised their free will choice and no one else is responsible but them, no rules, no regulations, no incarcerations they have made their choice. What this also does is remove the rebelliousness that people have, which is almost child like in many ways, when told to not do something, many go and do exactly what they were told not to do, so with no stimulus of i’m going against the system and doing something illegal, a fair amount of people will quit, because it is now legal, this has been proven in Holland and also Venezuela (who have carried out this practice almost to the letter, of something I said back in 1997, although the manager who was interested by it, was moving to Venezuela the year after I left. maybe she implemented it – who knows, but it has worked very well).
Some of the funds generated would go into education programs which creates more jobs to really educate the public of not only the external dangers, but the far more damaging internal dangers these drugs produce, too few people are aware of, like dark spirits and possession of the vessel.  
*Greenland Theory: Apocalypse Now” (2014) explores the unrecognized but mighty conspiracy which has been hidden from humanity for ages, unfortunately to the detriment of all life forms which have inhabited planet Earth. Briefly, the Roman Empire, commonly referred to as Ancient Rome, evidently faked its own death 715 years ago and now excerpts command and control over all 206 nations of the world though its primary proxy state of Switzerland (home of the CIA) which was coincidentally formed in c.1300 AD, approximately 715 years ago. Roughly 1,300 years were added to the modern Gregorian calendar, taking the world to the date of 2015 (The Roman New Year officially starts on April 1, April Fool’s Day). The 1,300 years which were added to the calendar are commonly referred to as the “Dark Ages” for they never saw the light of day. The capital of the Roman Empire was the city of Babylon (i.e., modern day Rome, Italy), and although it was later publically moved to Constantinople (modern day Istanbul, Turkey), the true capital was secretly moved to the new city of Thule which was founded on the island of Greenland. The alleged fall of the Roman Empire and the notion that Greenland is mostly covered ice and snow are both colossal hoaxes perpetrated onto the world in order for Rome to collectively deceive and survive her enemies of the day (i.e., the Persian Empire, the Yuan Dynasty, the Ming Dynasty, etc.), and for the Roman Empire to thrive unchecked and unabated. This is why today, the countries of China and Iran have the harshest and strictest forms of totalitarian fascist rule for Rome cannot afford to have the respective histories of these formerly great empires brought into the light. The Romanization of Chinese was not restricted to only its language which now features English-like characters (i.e., 4, 6, 12, 43, etc.); it came after years and years of Roman agression to which the Chinese responsed by building what is known as the Great Wall of China. The collective histories depicted in the Bible and in the cultures commonly referred to as Ancient Egypt, Ancient Samaria, Ancient Greece, Ancient Babylon, Ancient Rome and the Vikings are the comprehensive historical evolution of the same line or lineage of “man” which originated from Minos of Crete in Greece. Collectively, these respective histories have been purposely altered, fabricated and twisted in order to hide a millennium of fascist Roman rule over the Mediterranean, Europe, and now the entire world. The idiom “When in Rome do as the Romans” is literally and figuratively true as evidence of Rome’s domination and rule over the world is readily evident in the architecture, calendar, currency, flags, names, numerology, universities and symbols which currently represent almost every single entity on Earth. After all, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, meaning that the secret it takes a long time to do an important job could not be more true as all the world is ruled by modern day Rome.

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