*yet again clowns sent to eliminate team, Kim and her daughter on Monday, following last weeks car bomb attempts, at which point do patriots step in and act? enough of this nonsense.

*SSp is now heavily controlling military, time for those in the military to stand up and be counted, SSp will eliminate you when you have served your purpose as well, The Order told you all that two years ago in the memo, which was a repeat of what Kissinger told you years back, so you can either be pawns or hero’s, choose wisely.

*IMF are running around with case numbers say on “John Doe” which are legit and using that case number for up to 20 people to “legally sieze funds” This has been going on hot and heavy since Monday, Let members know on the show that if they encounter a “freezing of funds” to inquire and they will find there is no case.

*The IMF is running around the planet advising countries they owe debt so they are forcing countries through plans THEY concocted to collect their money. Two examples are, one country was forced to raise their gas prices by .25 cents (equivalent in USD) across the board. This is a very very poor country, the entire .25 goes to the IMF, There are currently protests over this situation in this country, It also just happens to be a country with resources also.

Next is another poor country, where they forced the government to increase the bus fare by 1 USD equivalent, double the original fare. This countries people can’t afford to pay this.
Both countries leaders were called to Washington DC IMF HQ (not for long) offices and were TOLD to extort money from their citizens.

*IMF have now realized I can hold on to the liens for the next 10 years and I am “doing my job” as long as I am funding projects and making attempts to release to countries, they the countries don’t have to take anything, and Kim is not forcing them any longer. Today the messages were, they were shocked.
This intel is a further sign of their desperation increasing by the day, they are losing the narrative, lost and losing their assets, losing and lost their ability to steal everything and losing much else sooner rather than later, not all are tolerating their bully tactics anymore either. Their meetings this week smacked of further desperation and how to stem the tide, newflash, you won’t, your time and timeline is up, so much so they are planning a fake alien invasion again, haha clowns, too many know about that bs and you will be laughed at, plus you are not the only one with crafts real or not, good luck with that idea.
Some weeks intel are better than others, but for every hammer show there is a backlash from them and murder attempts, but remember although it is 2 steps forward and 1 step back, we are still gaining as things play out now, eventually the hammers delivered will leave them with no options, I expect the rollercoaster to continue throughout this year, but I wouldn’t be surprised either, if one aspect of this freedom movement topples over into the MSM, all events are on a very sharp knife edge, and is possible all will release at once.

*Following last weeks solution to drug dealing, consumption and gangland issues, I will come to another issue that has blighted our communities in many ways, most hidden in deep dark alleys, dark street corners, public parks and toilets and seedy areas of downtown places, the oldest profession it is said – prostitution.

There are multiple aspects to this, financial, health, criminal, slavery and needs or desires.
Far be it for us to choose what people decide to do with their bodies, there can be a range of reasons why people sell their bodies for money and sometimes for a drug addiction, the two are often combined, but how can we correct it in a way that all will benefit.
So, have we created a society whereby people feel their only solution to getting by in life is prostitution? That is a sad reflection of a failed society, if people are forced into that option, then that can be easily resolved with a change of mindset.
Health aspects are obviously a major concern surrounding it, for those who pay for and those who supply the service, this is a most important aspect that needs way more close viewing, than it has done in the past.
The criminal and slavery elements are those who think they own other people, these people are no better than the cabal, putting other people at risk, health and violence wise just for your own gain, known as pimping, is quite frankly disgusting, who made these people think they could be in charge of someone else’s bodies and actions, in essence they are energy vampires, and these people need to be shut down.
Last portion there is obviously a need and desire for it for this practice to continue, many like to participate for a variety of reasons largely to do with rejection in many aspects, rejected by other people, rejected in their own partnerships or rejection in life itself, there can be a million and one reasons why, but lets not forget that all people have desires and sex in most forms can be a pleasurable act, sometimes a release valve from the pressures of life, sometimes it can be to keep marriages or partners alive rather than break it up, as if one partner suddenly decides they no longer wish to participate in the act or fulfil certain fantasies of the other partner, then sometimes people will seek out these actions for their pleasure. Some choose to satisfy their needs via pornography and for many that is enough, but others seek the thrill of doing something live and secretive, each to their own.
So, how can we make it safer for all involved, well Amsterdam in Holland has already done so for many years and they have some of the lowest sex crimes rates globally.
First of all we have to take away the stigma of prostitution, as clearly throughout history it is a given, there is a need and desire for this profession, it’s a service whichever way you look at, it doesn’t have to be harmful, dangerous, seedy and something people frown upon, if people choose to participate in a safe environment for both parties, then it should be encouraged not frowned upon, the act itself is something most people enjoy, it was only the insidious programming of mainly the RC church that denigrated the act as something sinful or seedy.
Funny thing is it was them who were denigrating small children on a frequent basis throughout the ages, destroying the childs innocence and ruining them for many years of their lives, and yet have the audacity to tell us how and when we can have sex, hypocrisy in it’s highest form.
Church is not the place to learn morals, integrity or truth.
So an education and health program should be released, and a state or people ran brothels as they were called, perhaps should be renamed pleasure centers, perhaps we can get funding for it lol, The Peoples club pleasure centers haha, where some of the pimps who have been illegally running and ruining these girls, to operate the facilities in care for the girls or men, not owning them, and so they are paying back something towards society.
This removes the pimps off the streets and back into society, with a goal to help and care for people, not loosh from them.
All people participating should have proper health tests to make sure their bodies are free of infection and not passed onto others, it takes it all off the streets and away from gangland pimps who use violence and threats to coerce people into doing things they don’t wish to participate in.
Again some of the proceeds of this venture can go towards health related programs, psychological and also sex and drug addiction programs.
Everyone participating having fun in a safe environment, without the threats of violence, sexual disease and pimps.
I mean what is wrong with that?

*Alternative media which came out of the very early then called conspiracy sites on the internet, but eventually exploded and in some or many cases imploded, as the cabal miscalculated the desire of the people to seek the truth by this new avenue.
Early on, on the internet there was a plethora of classified information put out by whistleblowers and the cabal, whistle blowers to finally release the stuff they knew onto a waiting public, instead of wrapping it into fictional novels, and the cabal put stuff out to test the public reaction, assess it and then dictate their future policies depending on the results.
But early on, was an exciting time for those who knew this world was wrong, and there is nothing normal about anything, those that were apart of it then, delved into a plethora of once hidden knowledge and devored it greedily, we couldn’t get enough it.
A case of omg I am not the only outcast in society, there are thousands and then millions of us, all thinking something is badly wrong here.
Cabal panicked and installed stooges, many to misdirect and some to add to the mix called cointelpro, Alex jones is a classic example of that.
But around 2008-2009 things started to change, stuff went missing off the internet, sites closed down and new ones opened, like forums, virtually all forums were ran and or controlled by the agencies.
I was on Disclose TV forum and I exposed the Israeli agents on there and they closed the whole site down and said they would launch Disclose 2.0 and all will be added back in, I wasn’t lol.
So I went on researching again and then the real big change happened after the Awake and Aware event in 2011, all the main characters started changing narrative and appearance, the rise of ex this and ex that, be it CIA, FBI, White Hats, in came former politicians (Parkes), Greer began to run the show, again a CIA agent and also close friends of Clintons, Project Camelot broke up and Wilcock, along with initially Drake, Fulford and another CIA asset Keenan, who was then followed by another CIA asset Robert David Steele, began to control the narrative on many of the topics we discussed. What followed was a classic agency driven program surrounding mainly the ET narrative, and a new story was fictionalized as the new age bs’ery was starting to be torn apart, in came Corey and the blue chicken cult, to confuse, distract and sideline the narrative, whilst they stalled for time elsewhere, they were stalling as they were losing control of the narrative.
Nibiru, economic crash, global pandemics, WW3, NWO, False flag events, Chinese elders, collateral accounts ran by all things Asian were all being torn to shreds by the alternative media, so then they threw in a few more narratives like Flat Earth, then in came a new cash looshing exercise called crypto currencies, wonder drugs, health machines the list goes on and on, all designed to distract you from reality and your own path towards the truth.
The key to all of this is fairly simple, do you wish to stay in your learning bubble given to you by school and msm or seek knowledge outside of the control based system of learning and forge a path for yourself? This is the essence of alt. media their truth or our truth.
The path has and is still difficult to walk upon, but I think shows like this one, judging by the member and listener comments, Randy Maugans and OYM lads plus a few others have provided a more stable platform from which to learn from, and also lets not forget, no matter how controlled or bought out certain alt media figures are Wilcock, Cassidy, Ike, Jones, Greer all have at some point, produced some fantastic materials that have enriched the knowledge base of us all, others like Goode, Sather, Kent Dunn, William Mount amongst others have offered us nothing but bs’ery.
Now we have our base, it is time to increase our thinking capacity and capabilities, i have noticed many are stuck in the now thinking and not the future, with regards to possibilities or practicalities, the classic example was the question I posed of the cabal step down at midnight tonight and what happens next, 100% answered party, and next question is what happens after it, and there was silence, we cannot hope to carry that type of now thinking going forward, and expect changes and a progression of our species, it is begging for further control systems, if we are unable to think for ourselves, is it not?
Same happened when I asked the question of what happens if someone taps you on the shoulder and a 9ft talking lizard says hi, it followed with silence on the previously busy chat forum for 9.5 minutes, these are scenarios people must ponder on when projecting a different future.
The reason for the silence is people have forgotten to think for themselves, and we have been conditioned for them to think for us, or conditioned to think and exist in the moment and have forgotten to day dream, that conditioning box has to be broken down by us all, if we are going to make genuine progress.
We need an end to the linear thinking which has stopped on the line at the given moment in time and nothing beyond, and onto lateral thinking, awareness and open up to all possibilities, where progress is only limited by your own lack of imagination.
The same applies to the improvements to life going forward, people demand this or that like now or yesterday, without thinking what are the consequences of those changes, to develop an idea of your own, you have to do a balance sheet in your head in essence, of the pros and cons of each action taken.
Like free energy, most peoples first thought is ooh great no more paying for utility bills, come on be honest I know it is, but what are the consequences? most will go silent, but that way of thinking has to change. Consequences are who gets to have free energy machines first? Country, Continent, State, homes, businesses, hospitals, govt services, who goes first? who will lose their old paradigm jobs? will some of those jobs be transferable and if so how many? what will be the impact be on society? will it be the same system as now as those who can afford free energy machines will have it before the masses, who may not be in a position to afford it now or in the near future? These are the things all of us must consider when bringing about or demanding changes, what are the impacts now, near future and way into the future, be it for the people and also the planet.
I think most in America would vote to shut down the IRS, but you tell that to the people who work there, plus all the 10’s of thousands of accountants that would lose their jobs and businesses overnight.
What I am trying here with this piece is to end the govt think tanks groups, like CFR, Bilderberger, 300 club, Bohemanian grove groups who decide for us, and us all to be the think tank groups for our own future.
people often complain I dont get no say in matters, which is partially correct, but did you put forward your solutions if you had any to begin with? with no input from us, it leaves them to decide for us how to run the world, and we all know that hasn’t worked out too well for us.
It is time we stood up for ourselves, decided our own paths for the collective and the planet, time to put our thinking caps on for the future not the now, time to exercise our own personal responsibility and free will choices. Time to end 3d thinking and embrace a higher evolutionary learning path.
We can create a paradise on and of earth ourselves within 40 years, we will not do that waiting for everyone else to fix it for us, or create ideas for your approval, we have to co-create ideas, ideologies, actions accordingly, then the real change unfolds not outside of us, but within.
The wars, control systems, beliefs, gods, values were all external, that was the illusion, we in part all created, the whole of the war and everything else contained, was always internal, external is 3D, internal is whatever D level your imagination runs to, remember that.
The future will have no 2nd prize, we thrive and prosper or wither and die as a failed experiment, up to us all to contribute to our own futures, there ain’t no 2nd prize and we are the last in line.

*The public has been stunned by the words of Professor John Schellnhuber, one of the speakers for the Vatican. The professor said in June that the Earth is overpopulated by around 6 billion people and he is in favor of bringing in a New World Order. Schellnhuber had been chosen as a speaker for the Vatican and released a document about climate change. In the past, he has been criticized for having views that are radical on the devolution in changes to the climate. Schellnhuber has the belief that a new planetary court is needed so that it can hold power over all of the nations and this is something that he seems to have an obsession about. He wants a new planetary court that would have power over all the nations and government on the planet, meaning New World Order.

*alt media are you active or passive? alt media has had a big impact and has been the driver of all the exposures and disclosures we are getting now, but one can’t sit back and rest on laurels, whilst we still have clowns, treasonous turds and pedos in our midst.
I feel there has been a disconnect over last 5 years in particular, in part due to agency goons, but also due to sell outs within our own community, some just couldn’t resist the lure of money and fame, and with it went all their integrity and has left a small few of us, which I did predict back on my first show alone when still in CV on OYM back in early 2015, but even I am staggered by the volume of those who sold us out.
Q anon whether you think it is good, bad or neutral has had an effect for the good, as it being done in cryptic fashion, has got people using their own brains again, and leading to a raft of people researching, and many coming up with previously hidden links between the criminals, from that aspect it has been of much use, whoever it turns out to be whether it’s Melania, Trump himself or John Kennedy from 1999 plane crash or some other, it has had an impact.
I would like to see more in the community combining with themes, like the one recently of targeting MSM peoples, why should we be tolerating these racist, sexist, violence inducing treasonous turds within our country, never mind communities.
All of us are activists in reality, so do we be active or are we passive activists? A co-ordinated campaign against MSM and their fake newsreader I call portal people, they need to be shut down, make them uncomfortable in their communities by letting them know how ashamed we are by their actions, as always it does not require violence or even a load of foul mouthed rants, although latter maybe more difficult, but a reminder we know who you are, we know you lie through your fake white teeth and we know you are paid blood money, and we the people will no longer tolerate it.
The same can apply to certain companies for a variety of reasons, look at how the public ran Monsanto out of town, we could do the same to the 5 rogue banks here, or mass boycott The Red Hen out of business for deciding that someone working for Trump should not be served, we could make them not be able to serve anybody, we have the power.
Bailliffs removing people from home, name and shame them, cops beating or shooting people in our communities, name and shame them, judges the same.
The two most pressing issues that are blocking progress currently is military and the media, work with military continues but seems their programming at the top end is a stumbling block, perhaps a shock of reducing their funding to zero in September might make them think? after all according to Rothtillians and Jesuits and now SSp, they all own the USA inc military, ok fine then, get Roths, Jesuits or SSp to pay for it, because I dont see why American people should be paying for something we apparently don’t own or get any shred of benefit from.
But media people, we can bring down ourselves with movement called #endtheportalpeople, they thrive off our energy, lets let them know, we dont want their bs’ery anymore.

*some people still haven’t got over the feelings of the need to fit into society, but my question is, who decided we had to?
why do we have to fit in with anything? is that not going against free will?
Now there are things we all should fit in with, like what is right and wrong, do no harm, but the issue is, is society always wants people in boxes, and people get defined by those boxes, boxes are limitation, limitation hampers progression and true freedoms.
We do not fit in with many others currently in society as we have never or no longer accepted the lies, and sought out something far nearer the truth, than anything we were previously told or taught.
In essence as I pointed out 2 years ago we operate in two worlds currently, because we think their world and thinking is utter madness, and they likewise, but biggest issue is the portal people feed their world, not ours, with news that makes no sense in our world whatsoever, it really doesn’t make any sense does it, only makes sense if we are operating in separate worlds.
Frequencies for us are different to them, compassion and empathy are way stronger in our world than theirs, propensity to be caring and sharing is more prevalent in our world than theirs, and a massively reduced propensity for crimes, than their world as well, so why do we or should we feel the need to fit in with that world? A world that is unable to face the truth, it is riddled with selfish, service to self only, uncaring people, lacking in basic compassion or empathy for anything or anyone but themselves, and their own tiny illusionary filled bubble world.
A world were everything is fine with the world until portal people tell them something is wrong, not with their world, but ours. Take away our guns they cry, F that we say and rightly so, as we share society with brain dead zombies all following the portal people line. Ah the poor immigrant children they cry, negating the fact that the democrats created that situation by their own bill, why wasn’t separating children an issue then? because the portal people never told them it was an issue.
Sad, sad people who have clearly lost their way, but a lesson to those who feel they should fit in with them, don’t, just don’t. Your stance will bear many fruits going forward, no matter how lonely it can sometimes feel.
Another big issue related to this, is people being afraid of what others think, why do we do that to ourselves? it’s a madness program when you overview it, it yet again stifles growth and worse many people create for themselves masks of illusion, a fake representation of themselves to fit in, fit in with what? the mad world, no thanks.
People are frightened of what others think if they drop their masks, but ask yourself? is that version in alignment with true freedom, where your thoughts, actions, persona and speech is tailored to suit others? how is that freedom?
How is that beneficial to anyone? its not, it is a life straitjacket, we have all created, true freedom is where you can comfortably express yourself, without worrying what other think or say, THI group was set up to be that way, and many of you have chosen to follow that path, and those that did flourished within themselves, revealing far more of yourselves, than you have ever done elsewhere, and wasn’t that a liberating experience!!
Frustration is it cant be replicated on a wider scale currently, but it can with time, moreso if portal people are eliminated off the programming box.
Can you tell I dont like portal people much? lol.

*Fake names everywhere, how and why is that allowed? why do people do that and why is it so prevalent? Zuckerberg with a silent F at the front, real name is Greenberg, look up the Greenberg family they were all involved in the false flag events, and yes the girl in many scenes at those events is a greenberg member, also check out the sexton family they are actors in those events also.
It appears hardly anyone in public life has a real name anymore, even going as far up as the former President, why didn’t he use Barry Soetero name? Why were nearly all the stars of movies 40-60’s predominantly of Jewish origin and yet for a religious group who are so proud of their own culture, and yet they all changed their names? Ben Kingsley, michael Caine, Larry King, Rock Hudson, Joan Crawford, Kirk Douglas, Audrey Hepburn, Judy Garland, The Sheen family, Fred Astaire, Helen Mirren, Cary Grant, Marilyn Monroe, Tom Cruise, Angelina Jolie, David Bowie, Elton John, Nicholas cage, Sophia Loren, Woody Allen, Kevin Spacey, Bob Dylan, Rita Heyworth, Paul McCartney, John Wayne, Doris Day, Ringo Starr are just a few, all these people are idolized for their stage names, only a few know their real names, why would people seeking to make a name for themselves and wanting to be important and famous, then proceed to change their names? so the person seeking importance or fame loses their identity? strange concept and thought pattern for me that.
How far does this go back? well the being known as Jesus cannot have been original name either, as the letter J didn’t come into existence until the 14C, so that mean Job, John the Baptist, Jehovah, Judas are all fake as well, again people of said high importance, all doing a name change.
Alt media is also heavily distorted by changed names Cassidy, Wilcock though not 100% on him, Corey Goode, Tsarion, Maxwell, Henry Deacon infact most who appeared on Project Camelot in early days all had stage names, Sacha Stone of ITNJ is another with fake name, his real name is Simon Jean Paul Sacha Adams, Sean Stone son of Oliver is Sean Silverstein, it is absolutely rampant, one wonders how they set up bank accounts or SS cards, are they allowed to put their stage names on them, if so how? What system allows for it, what is the precedent? Why do so many of the stage named people, have mainly Jewish or German backgrounds? Like George Soros whose real name is Schwartz, Winston Shrout is english version of schroder or schroter, his family from Germany, even the royals are in on it, Meghan Markles birth name is Rachel, her husband also, real name Henry.
There are always circumstances of changing your name for safety and security when involved in whistleblowing I do get that and I think it is a valid reason, but why are many of the public faces all running around with fake names? Cover up? oh yes, question is why and what is the purpose of it all? perhaps the simple answer is correct again, these people are fake who don’t live in the real world, to them all the world’s a stage and they are the actors and actresses in it all, like the world of politics, all theater, all staged and all illusion.

*You Are Free TV Published on Jul 3, 2018 The accounts of the head of the Gaia TV Corp being involved in dark occult practices, funded by deep state intelligence and tasked with controlling the spiritually minded disclosure movement as well as burying true free energy, advanced health and technologies research, light and sound tech, and ascension research using lawfare and health damaging technologies are spreading across the web. OH my, if only they would have listened to myself, Randy Maugans and Shane, we warned of this back in 2015 and 2016, Wilcock, Goode et al were told and knew about it before they signed up for their lucrative contracts, and still willingly participated. So lets not have a wave of sympathy of poor David and Corey were duped, they knew and rolled out their fake scripts, other peoples stories both fact and mainly fiction, that was far from delivering Disclosure but participated in stifling it, before going off into children stuff and their 3 years harvesting program, with their 2 front headline kids who are not something to be seen as an example. The irony of Wilcock reporting intel from our show this week was not lost on me, fittingly they used another group to garner credit for swiping cabal funds, one right out of the agency scripts called The Alliance, funny nobody told Kim, I or the team we were a part of The Alliance, reminds me of the days when Cobra used to give credits for missions, done by people on the ground to Ashtar Command. oh well, important thing is it was done, not by whom at this point.
But expect Wilcock to come back into the fold more readily than he has since the heat was turned on him by this show and Randy’s, expect wailing with Kerry to return, of I didn’t know they were setting me up, you did and both Randy and I gave you and Corey and out card, you both chose to ignore it, and continued to collect vast sums from Gaia contracts and then mug listeners for moving costs and wife’s teeth, I mean you cant make this shit up.
The fabled blue chickens have been dropped from The Alliance or whatever else they are choosing to call it now, reality is Corey if any of his story was real, which is debatable, worked for the SSp a nazi breakaway group intending on stifling humanity at first and then eliminating them, and only a few originally questioned that narrative. I went out on a limb when they were at the peak of their popularity in a show back in June 2015 and called into question the whole Corey Goode narrative, I think we are close to that call out, being proven 100% correct, and those 2 clowns will be exposed and ultimately hung out to dry by the covens, watch for the replacements though.

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