Threats on our team and many others now are bubbling to the surface, Clinton body count appears to increase by the week and yet still we see no affirmative actions by those who are paid to defend us, whether that by military, government, agencies or police.
Although to temper that we are gaining momentum within those circles.
It is often overlooked by many in alt media that we are in a war, people are being killed and the desire for information or finer details in questions, I find is not reflective of us being in a war situation at times.
All of us put ourselves at risk for your benefit, and the alternative media in general and the listeners I feel need to stop and think before asking certain leading type questions, this show is one of the very few that is accountable via the Q &A section of this show, but asking who is who, and wanting to know how this and that works, plus strategies for counteracting the cabal, are not sensible questions to be asking at this point.
This show puts out more than most, but I am aware that leads to an increase of curiosity and subsequent questions, but I’m asking you all to think first before putting me or any other hosts on the spot, with anything related to what is ongoing, general questions are fine, I always encourage questions, but we are now at a critical point in things and discretion is required.
We are too close in many aspects now, to risk outing wrong stuff, and also putting the very people who deliver you the information in more danger than they currently are.
I will repeat this is a war, a war we are winning on many levels.

*Trump and Melania are on high alert as you can see from the pictures of them getting off one of the air force one’s, hearing they used both of them as distraction, Trump turned up an hour late due to these issues. Threats were stated to be an air attack when Trump meets the Queen.

•As reported the updates to the SWIFT, ACH, and FED-WIRE transfer systems have been updated and secured. As of the past week they were running at 100% capacity

  • Last Friday some VAX Port Transfers were attempted after banking hours. The Cabal literally had to cut off the power to the ports to stop them from coming in.
  • As planned this launched an all out investigation to document fraudulent bank activity because the misdirection, or block of transfers without cause is considered an act of treason. Homeland Security and the FBI continue to investigate these matters, but apparently aren’t authorized to get the transfers released.
  • Our team tested the legitimacy of the new wire transfer system making transfers to various countries around the world as is the regular practice of international business. ALL transfers cleared within 24 hours and most cleared the same day. This would normally never happen as transfers are regularly held for five days and sometimes as much as a month.
  • Some of the markets have begun to show signs of the Reset after assets have been connected to a true algorithm that predicts actual prices based on production, expect all to be corrected in the near future.
  • The Rothschilds has been embezzling approximately $2-$3 per barrel of oil and thus the reason for the escalation if gas prices, which of course effects food prices. Since the adjustments made by Kim-Possible gas prices have begun to correct. * Crude plunged the most in two years as the escalating U.S.-China trade war that threatens economic growth overshadowed the biggest drop in American crude inventories since 2016. Futures fell as much as 7.4 percent in London on Wednesday. U.S. President Donald Trump is poised to slap tariffs on almost half the products Americans import from China within weeks, and the Asian nation has pledged to retaliate. Meanwhile, surplus crude in U.S. storage tanks shrank by 12.6 million barrels last week while oil imports in the biggest American refining region fell the most since 2012. •Look for a more prominent drop after the meeting with Trump and Putin next week when the deal they strike will justify the price drop.
  • The US Government still doesn’t appear to want to actually DO anything to support human liberation as no action has been taken to release our transfers. At very least it’s nice to see Homeland Security and the FBI working to do their job-protect the people.•The last component that needs to be adjusted is the VISA system to ensure that our cards cannot be cloned, or our identities copied and our money stolen. It’s a people problem. Here in lies the beauty of utilizing the source energy, brain wave measurements, and DNA identification technology. These combined factors make it impossible to steal from us once the VISA system is completed requiring the ADMIN Security override to block or misdirect these transactions by anyone else.
  • The Trustee has made herself a bank employee at every bank and is the only one in possession of the ADMIN override.
  • These are all key components helping to start project funding. Exact timing is only known by Kim and her decisions are based on safety and ensuring we can use the funds after they arrive.
  • The Rothschilds continue to repeat the same failed attempts to kill Kim. They believe they have discovered and have control of the next person in line who can control the assets of the Trust. In the past they have tried this same thing, only to have the next in line unable to access the funds.*

    IMF threatened the country of Malawi, Said they would take away their sovereignty if they didn’t pay the IMF, woo – haha too funny a non sovereign threatening to take a countries sovereignty away, dumbasses.

*Clintons are now totally broke, last time they were broke they sold themselves out to the Bush cartel, I don’t think anyone can or will bail them out this time, still they wont need money in prison will they.

Rothschild aka Crown Corp has resorted to massive insurance fraud, Rothschild took out massive life insurance policies against it’s “employees” and is killing them “in accidents” and taking the money. All policies pay out to Rothschild bank in Switzerland. So far there are around 2000 people dead, AIB.. American Insurance Bureau, the regulator is in on it, you do not need the authorization of any person to take out key man insurance, these people don’t even know why they are targeted.

It is stated they are insured for $20M per person, I heard about the $1M per person a few years back, seems as desperation ramps up so does death inflation.
*Major breakthrough in regards to the Rothschilds, many are now starting to question their real motives and are finally calling it out as bs, we have been telling them this all along, but I guess some people want proof on top of proof on top of proof to infinity. Roths mask of illusion now falling apart.

Cabal were caught activating Siphons again, they were found on some of the ATM systems, such as Star Network plus etc. Those are just about all shut down now.

Dickhead Cheney is back on the scene again, this time trying to leverage gold mines in Utah, get back in ya bunker Darth before we scoop you up in the bulldozer, perhaps he is trying to do leverages to buy up all the bulldozers.

Chinese Elders update So on Saturday night they tried to launch the new and improved (not really but whatever) Black screen, They tried to register account numbers of the trust with crazy numbers and put names on some of the fictious accounts to minions owed money They tried to attach that system to banks, but the firewall blocked them. So then they tried to issue visa cards.. It was as if they bought prepaid cards with 100 dollars on them, and increase the limit by hacking into the VISA system, unfortunately for them VISA system was all locked down last week, so system blocked them again.
So they were not able to, but they still gave the cards to known gold buyers, and they proceeded to put gold on hold and attempted to buy with the cards all day on monday, except the payments for the gold never came through, as the black screen system used for the cards went down on saturday and so the cards couldn’t be connected, but so much fake trading meant gold dipped like crazy on friday through monday.

*Executive Order Regarding the Establishment of the Task Force on Market Integrity and Consumer Fraud

By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, and in order to strengthen the efforts of the Department of Justice and Federal, State, local, and tribal agencies to investigate and prosecute crimes of fraud committed against the U.S. Government or the American people, recover the proceeds of such crimes, and ensure just and effective punishment of those who perpetrate crimes of fraud, it is hereby ordered as follows:
provide guidance for the investigation and prosecution of cases involving fraud on the government, the financial markets, and consumers, including cyber-fraud and other fraud targeting the elderly, service members and veterans, and other members of the public; procurement and grant fraud; securities and commodities fraud, as well as other corporate fraud, with particular attention to fraud affecting the general public; digital currency fraud; money laundering, including the recovery of proceeds; health care fraud; tax fraud; and other financial crimes; This Task Force shall replace the Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force created by Executive Order 13519 of November 17, 2009 (Establishment of the Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force).  The Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force is hereby terminated pursuant to section 8 of Executive Order 13519 and that order is hereby revoked.



“Pope Francis” to be sued in a European court by victims of June 21 assault in Geneva – Prominent Ninth Circle cult members are named in the same lawsuit – Vatican weighs deposing Francis before his controversial appearance in Dublin 

Brussels and Rome: 

Four common law peace officers who were assaulted and beaten by Vatican security forces on June 21 are suing “Pope Francis”, Jorge Bergoglio, in a European court of law. The four men had attempted to enforce a lawful arrest warrant on Bergoglio when they suffered an unprovoked attack by Vatican police who were acting under the direct orders and “command responsibility” of Bergoglio.

The four plaintiffs filed a Statement of Claim today that names Jorge Bergoglio as well as five prominent Europeans as parties to “an aggravated assault with murderous intent designed to obstruct justice and aid and abet a criminal conspiracy involving child torture and sacrifice, known as the Ninth Circle”. The plaintiffs’ Claim was also filed with the Criminal Trial Division of the International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels, which in February 2013 successfully convicted and deposed Pope Benedict and three top Vatican officials for Crimes against Humanity.

“Pope Francis” and the other defendants will be duly served a Summons this week to appear in court and answer these charges, including their knowledge of and involvement in the Ninth Circle coven and the disappearance of eight children from Catholic church facilities in Switzerland and Italy.

In Rome today, a source in the Vatican stated that a special conclave of the Curia, the governing College of Cardinals, has been convened to discuss whether to ask for the immediate resignation of “Pope Francis”, Jorge Bergoglio. According to the source, the Cardinals are concerned about Bergoglio’s upcoming visit to Ireland where local common law Sheriffs plan to detain him under the same standing arrest warrant that the assaulted peace officers in Geneva tried to enforce. To quote the source,  “If they’re going to get rid of Il Papa (Bergoglio) it will be before August 25, when he is scheduled to lead a public mass in Dublin. There’s a feeling of dread among the Cardinals, that there is too much attention on Il Papa and his associations, like there was on Benedict. The Cardinals are protecting their cult and their money.” 

Pope Francis and eleven prominent officials are named and subpoenaed in a lawsuit exposing the Ninth Circle sacrificial cult; Assaulted sheriffs charge Pope with “Command responsibility for a monstrous criminal conspiracy, obstruction of justice and mass murder”; 

Vatican College of Cardinals deadlocked in choice of probable replacement of Bergoglio 
Brussels and Rome:

Four common law Sheriffs who were assaulted by Vatican officers acting under the orders of Pope Francis, Jorge Bergoglio, have filed a criminal lawsuit in European courts that names Bergoglio and eleven other officials as participants in a “monstrous criminal conspiracy”. The claim was filed on July 11 in the International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels and in the civil court of an undisclosed European nation. Subpoenas were issued the same day to Pope Francis and eleven other men, all of whom are named as defendants in the lawsuit and as active members and participants in “a centuries-old Catholic child sacrificial cult known as the Ninth Circle”. The defendants are also named as co-conspirators in the disappearance of eight children from Catholic facilities in Switzerland, Belgium and Italy.

Besides Pope Francis, Jorge Bergoglio, the named defendants in the lawsuit are:
– Elio di Rupo, former Prime Minister of Belgium

– Cardinal Pietro Parolin, Vatican Secretary of State

– Cardinal Sean Brady, former head Catholic prelate of Ireland

– Count Georges Jacobs, Belgian Catholic businessman, head of UCB Biopharmaceuticals and Director of the Cercle Lorraine or “Club van Lotharingen” , Brussels

– Count Luc Jacques Bertrand, Belgian Jesuit banker, Director of the Cercle Lorraine

– Paul De Keersmaeker, Belgian Catholic businessman, former European Union Parliamentarian, member of the Cercle Lorraine

– Kees van Korlaar, Criminal underworld member of “Ndrangheta”, Belgian businessman, member of the Cercle Lorraine

– Archbishop Diarmuid Martin, Catholic Prelate of Dublin diocese

– Bishop Charles Morerod, Catholic Prelate of Geneva

– Rev. Dr. Olav Fykse Tveit, General Secretary, World Council of Churches

– Bishop Mark MacDonald, Prelate, Anglican Church in Canada and North American Executive Officer of the World Council of Churches.
These twelve subpoenaed defendants have thirty days to respond to the Summons and appear in person or through their lawyers in Court Examination for Discovery proceedings. In related news, a secret conclave of the Vatican Curia, or College of Cardinals, continues to debate who will replace Jorge Bergoglio as the Bishop of Rome. According to a source in the Vatican, the conclave has been in session since July 5 and is deadlocked in their choice of a successor to the controversy-plagued Bergoglio. According to the source, “Either (former Pope Benedict) Joseph Ratzinger will be given the Papal crown again or more likely, an African Cardinal will be chosen, probably Arinze of Nigeria or Napier of South Africa. What is certain is that Bergoglio is finished. It’s just a matter of time.” Further updates of the court case against Jorge Bergoglio and the other named defendants will be forthcoming.

*money/psychopaths. A world were everyone wants more funds regardless of status, and some wonder why someone said money is the root of all evil. The levels people go to obtain it is way beyond depravity, with some of the stories revealed by this show and many others. To me the object of the trust is to disperse funds to make sure everyone has the basic necessities in life, then launch a teaching program to facilitate a level of learning whereby we end the need for money at all, sadly I wont be around in this lifetime to see that too fruition, but we still see the foundations laid towards that process.
But if money makes people happy, why are cabal who prior to the reclaimation of the trust, had everything and yet they became psychopaths, so even when people collected vast sums of it, they still became out of touch with reality and psychopathic, it doesn’t look good as an item does it, something that everyone wants more of, but the more you get the more you lose touch it seems.
Why is that? because on a sub conscious level your soul is going, erm hello you are trading your life force for pieces of paper with numbers on and some pieces of metal?
But it is a necessary evil for all who listen to this show in this lifetime, so much needs to be accomplished with it, so much needs to be improved, so much needs to be rebuilt, and with 95% of the planet undeveloped, so much more space for us to be creative.
But, the overriding message is we must take this opportunity to welcome all and learn to live in real peace and harmony, money can and will go some way to fixing that, but it is not a cure all, as the psychopaths have found out to their cost.

*Today, the Red Sea port city of Hodeidah is under ferocious attack in the latest stage of the West’s aggression against the indomitable people of Yemen. This war was initiated as a ‘proxy’ war to be fought by their Gulf underlings, but defeats and setbacks have increasingly led Western countries to have more direct involvement. the latest escalation threatens the lives of millions. The UN have suggested 250,000 could be killed in the battle for Hodeidah, but this is before factoring in the disruption to supplies caused by attacking a port which provides, literally, almost two-thirds of the basic needs of the entire country. Hodeidah is known as Yemen’s lifeline for good reason – it supplies 70 percent of imports in a country dependent on imports for 90 percent of its food, fuel and medicine. Given that 8.4 million people are already starving, with a further 14 million dependent on food aid for survival, it is not hard to see how even a temporary disruption to this ‘lifeline’ could result in millions of deaths. But what makes Western powers – and their Arab proxies – so willing to contemplate such a genocidal level of killing, just to ensure a Saudi-Emirati victory over their impoverished neighbor? The latest chapter of this resistance began in the year 2000, when Yemenis of the northwest region in and around Sa’adah province found their ancestral homelands under threat from two sources: the Saudis, and the IMF. In 1934, a treaty was forced on Yemen in which the historic Yemen province of Asir was annexed by Saudi Arabia. But whilst it was agreed the new border would be marked out (with stones), it was also agreed that the peoples of the region would be able to freely move across this border. This arrangement ended when a new treaty was signed in 2000, which replaced the stone border with walls, fences and checkpoints, and prevented the free passage of locals. Just like the illegal Israeli wall, whose construction began at the same time, the Saudis were using ‘border enforcement’ as a means of separating indigenous people from their agricultural (and other) resources – and, also like Israel, they decided to create a “buffer zone” 10km deep into Yemeni territory in the process. Blumi notes that the zone conceded to the Saudis (not to mention the extra  land that was then stolen) contained “some of the best farming and grazing land in Yemen, with considerable water resources available”. At the same time, President Saleh was busily privatizing what land was left, in line with the demands of the IMF’s “structural adjustment” program. Hussein Badreddin al-Houthi emerged as the spokesman of the budding resistance movement that this theft provoked, and which soon claimed 3000 armed men for its cause. Its popularity was assured – after all, this was literally a life-and-death struggle over the right to subsist. The struggle led to the so-called ‘Sa’adah wars’ of 2000-2009, although, as Blumi points out, “The nature of the struggle soon expanded beyond Sa’adah itself, reviving old Yemeni irredentist claims to Najran, Asir and Jizan lent out in 1934 to Saudi Arabia”. Five rounds of armed struggle, ceasefire, and (failed) negotiations followed, but “with each confrontation with locals, the state created a larger group of antagonists who gravitated around the charismatic leadership of al-Huthi”.

Q: What plans are in place to support the healing of the Post Traumatic Distress resulting from public disclosure of our origins, hybridity and the ongoing awful truth? I listened to the Sunday special and realised how much deprogramming and healing is going to be necessary by such excellent people as MeriLee and the Soul Tribe Sanctuary, bless them…
Ok I avoided this question previously as required more time than a normal question would take.
The stark reality is it will cause major upheaval, on society level, consciousness level and mental level,  and if more than 10-20% of it is disclosed in a short period of time, people will lose it big time.
Now the main issue is we don’t have enough people to deal with that type of fallout within the public circles, forget psychologists, general healers, teachers or doctors not versed in alternative media as they will all lose it as well, it could be argued moreso in those professions, as their world view is largely based on books that teach shite, they are all a part of the rigid structure that has been created for them, and how easily they all followed it, apart from a very few, none questioned that version of reality.
None or very few in those fields are allowed, or even entertain people being creative in how they address things, it’s all by the book, but what if it was the control system who wrote the book? have they ever done anything of real value for the benefit of the public, answer on a postage stamp please.
So, this creates a large problem, as if 1/2 is disclosed, it wont be just the sleepers freaking, it will affect a proportion of awake people also, even if it is small d disclosure, as for capital D then forget it, people will freak out in general across the board, you can argue not me, but trying say that if an 9ft talking lizard jumps in front you and goes hi here is your disclosure in a raspy voice, funny thing is some will still ask when are we getting disclosure despite witnessing things themselves, I wonder why we do that, ask for others to confirm what we have seen ourselves, I was no different at one point.
People need disclosure like I have tried to do with THI, a steady stream of increasing intensity of knowledge, with sufficient gaps to allow them to process it, and processing is the key, overloading burns out everyone.
The key was to prepare our group and get them ready for all potential outcomes, and become the wayshowers for the rest, is there enough, nope.
Capital D disclosure is not just about ET’s coming down or up in tin cans, it affects all walks of society, religion would be trashed if the truth of ET’s were the so called “Gods”, how will 4.5B who follow that control program react? well, if the AI scenario game is right, 2.3B would commit suicide, mainly in the islamic groups.
Then you get into the abductions issue, the technology issue, the deep state cover up issue, somebody please tell Ancient Aliens group to stop blaming the govt cover up, as they know less than we do, as after Eisenhower sold us out, the govt was sealed off from knowing anything, the off world trade issues, the genetic issues, the archeological issues, the treaty issue, the interference issue, how long have they been here? how many of them are there? where are they? and the biggest issue of all, which ones eat us? and suddenly there is a collective shout of holy F.
Yeah see it is not as clear cut this ET disclosure malarkey as most like to make out, it will excite just a few, but will have a devastating effect on the many, as I see it, and I still think we need to roll out small d disclosure and allow people to absorb finding out most of what they have learned was a complete lie, that must be absorbed, faced and processed first, before anything resembling Full public ET disclosure takes place in my opinion.

*So predictably just as the shite about to hit the fan and Wilcock and his blue chicken money making scheme all about to fall apart, Mr. self preservation himself comes out and wants to quit, all too predictable from Wilcock, always hides behind others, likes being the front man until something about him or his material is questioned, then does a runner for a number of months, citing he is writing another book, working on a film, none of which came to fruition, but that excuse was sufficient for his followers. Like I have said in previous shows Wilcock put a lot of good material out, although financial tyranny was not his piece, that was written entirely by a British guy until MI5 or 6 raided his home and stole it, plus killed his cat by nailing it to the front door, and yet somehow Wilcock ends up with it and ran with it as his own, it wasn’t, classic Wilcock.
Lets not forget his ascension program surrounding 21/12 either, where he stated he was going to be ascending and said his good byes, perhaps he didn’t ascend and was just swapped out? Check out Michael Shratt on Kerry with William Tompkins video and see for yourself, current one has different colored eyes for a start. But the most disappointing aspect to me at least was Drake lowering himself further by coming out and defending him within 48 hours, was sadly even more predictable, lets all protect the assets eh Drake? But it does remove any shred of doubt know that Drake is a part of the Wilcock crew. Keenan rips you off for $30-40K and you defended Keenan over a loyal show host, Wilcock who has ignored you and ridiculed you for past 5-6 years and you attempt to bail him out, when in reality Wilcock wouldn’t piss on you if you were on fire, that’s the reality Drake and deep down you are not fooling me or anyone else, you are making a total mockery of yourself, playing up to jelly bean ET man, maybe its because his boat is still useful or maybe it ran aground. Wilcock is all too predictable and so have no time for him, but Drake has lowered his stock so much now it is beyond sad, from insightful wisdom and knowledge to playing a comedy duo with Kent Dunn and the channeler, remember Drake banned channeling posts on CV and now he is appearing on a regular show with them? but defending Keenan was bad enough even though you both worked together in the 90’s – yes I know, but Wilcock Drake? you lost your last shred of credibility, which despite your gallery playing comments in CV, I find very sad, as I knew the other side of Drake that too few get close enough to him to see, the current version is a pale imitation of the real Drake I thought I knew, maybe I was wrong and he was a puppet all along, still sad though.

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