After President Donald Trump’s stunning news conference Monday next to Russian President Vladimir Putin, members of Congress — including some powerful Republicans — were quick to rebuke Trump’s performance on the world stage and Trump’s refusal to call Putin out for interfering in the US election. House Speaker Paul Ryan contradicted several comments Trump made during his Helsinki news conference, most notably backing the US intelligence community assessment that Russia meddled with the US 2016 presidential election. “There is no question that Russia interfered in our election and continues attempts to undermine democracy here and around the world,” said Ryan, a Republican from Wisconsin, in a statement. “That is not just the finding of the American intelligence community but also the House Committee on Intelligence.” Ryan continued, “The president must appreciate that Russia is not our ally. There is no moral equivalence between the United States and Russia, which remains hostile to our most basic values and ideals. 
***WASHINGTON — President Trump, in the words of a former C.I.A. director, Michael V. Hayden, appeared “raw, naked and unfiltered.” John O. Brennan, another former spy chief, called the president’s performance “treasonous.” And Mark Lowenthal, a former C.I.A. assistant director and congressional intelligence official, said it was “just beyond the pale.” 

Mr. Trump has frequently questioned the conclusions of his own spies that Russia attempted to influence the 2016 presidential election and has tried to do the same regarding potential Russian meddling in this year’s midterms. But this time he did it standing next to President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia, who has repeatedly denied that Russia made any effort to interfere in the vote — a denial that American intelligence officials say is a nothing more than a hollow lie. 

But not Mr. Trump. Asked Monday at his news conference in Helsinki whether he believed his own people or Mr. Putin, the American president appeared to come down on the side of the Russian leader. Mr. Putin was “extremely strong and powerful in his denial today,” Mr. Trump said. 

President Donald Trump has said he is “not happy” about the fact that the US Federal Reserve is raising interest rates.

What a load of repeated narrative bs’ery, repeating a lie often does not work like it did in the past, these people are stupid, what part of no interference in the costly enquiry do these people not understand? 
***Amazon suffered glitches at the start of Prime Day on Monday, slowing sales on the e-retailer’s biggest shopping day of the year. Amazon’s annual shopping holiday kicked off at 3 pm E.T. and runs for 36 hours, the longest Prime Day yet. Shoppers reported several errors — on both the desktop site and the mobile app. Amazon did not immediately respond to requests for comment from CNBC about the glitches, but later posted on Twitter: “Some customers are having difficulty shopping, and we’re working to resolve the issue quickly. Haha it failed 

***The comments raised eyebrows in the US, where presidents are expected to avoid criticism of the central bank in deference to its independence.

Mr Trump argued that higher rates put the US at a disadvantage and impede faster growth.

However, he added that he is “letting them do what they think is best”.

The Fed has raised interest rates twice already this year.

US Federal Reserve Chair Jerome “Jay” Powell, who was appointed by Mr Trump earlier this year, said this week that policymakers remain committed to further, gradual increases.

The Fed is responding to a recent uptick in inflation that economists attribute in part to a mix of increased government spending, tax cuts and new tariffs.

The rate rises, which make borrowing more expensive, are intended to head off uncontrolled price rises as the US economy expands.

So the Trump/Putin meeting ended with public indignation from many camps, apart from the obvious names, none of the indignation is real, all of it is fake and staged, to add to the theater that is politics and MSM, going forward neither of those groups in their current format will operate like it is now. 
The private meeting between Trump and Putin should have delivered a joint global announcement, but that was blocked at the last minute by clowns, it won’t always be that way, trust me. 
This is why neither looked happy upon the public glare, so Trump being Trump stated the facts in the right way regarding the US election and Russia as a F you, fittingly the Deep State supported by their paid lackeys the MSM then ran a hit piece on Trump, which all too many lapped up due to their anti Russian fear programming, they have devoured on all of their lives, all of it fear based and fake propaganda. 
Russia with one press of a button or turn of a wheel could send EU into the pre industrial times, by turning off the natural gas pipeline to all of Europe, Britain has only 2-3 days stock at any time, unlike here many customers in the UK is ran on gas more than electric, so if Putin turns it off, where will that leave EU and NATO goons?  
Why are countries even listening to NATO? They are a glorified fund syphoning program, each country has its own military, EU is already an alliance of sorts, so if country A attacks country B, then countries C-P would defend country B, so why is there a need for NATO? 
There isn’t, it is another fund looshing quango like the UN, both say they are peacekeepers, of what exactly? 
What your all witnessing is the last rites being played out on two dying entities, none of it is pleasant and all of it is sheer ugly, and a poor reflection of society today, a society too laden with the drama of it all, rather than be the change or the solution based reality. 
All too much he said this and she said that, like a long running soap opera, the same is happening in alt media, Thomas, Anna said this and Anna said that, who gives a flying f what she says, who or what made her an authority on anything, except the vatican and agency script writers. 
Gist is, we have to be better at what we do going forward, or we will repeat their failed attempts at fixing anything.   
*So, I said earlier it won’t always be blocked by clowns, this applies on many levels now, all they really have left is blocking, but with regards to forcing Trump to change his narrative on Russia publicly, we want to personally thank the deep state, agencies and factions for showing the world how you operate and interfere with your special brand of illusionary narrative. I want to thank you personally as you have with that public action validated everything I have said in this show, in it’s entirety, you have no idea the joy that brought me, as you came out of the conspiracy shadows and revealed yourselves in it’s full glory. 
This episode last week of forcing Trump to lie to cover their asses, has also revealed how much Trump can really do on any level, so you have also helped make people realize when I told them Trump can’t be the savior, we have to provide a platform to save ourselves, so I want to thank you for that also. 
Ya see, the so called most powerful man politically when it suits certain agendas to portray it that way, is reduced to a puppet on a string, dancing to the tune of the deep state, with their 26 levels of secrecy above the President, your 26 layers came crashing down the day you humiliated the president, your veil of secrecy all laid bare for all to see. Once again deep state we thank you. 
*And the thank you’s don’t end there, oh no our next special thank you goes to Anna Von Reitz and her new ramblings of ½ truths, some full truths and outright bs, Kim and I would like to thank you for your latest post, as you just validated our show again like the deep state did, by outing exactly which group you work with, as that information could only have come from Langley 2  aka the nazi faction, you have no idea how happy you have made us, knowing you are working directly for the human genocide group, let your listeners and followers know that.
Whilst we have their attention I will mention that you are a paid up member of AAIA you failed to answer that last time as it exposes who you work for, AAIA are the Nazi faction.
Also, whilst we are at it, I will remind your followers that you approached Kim as the trustee, which you validated back in February to claim 1/3 of all America’s inground resources, not for the American people was it Anna, no, it was for the fake Chinese Elders (who are likely just a fake name for Rothschild’s) seems you are fond of fake names like virgo triad, which appears to be an unknown YT group that has exposed you and others like Heather Jarraff and that man/woman April Lajune, if that is the group you referring to, then oh my you have lost it, Kim uses her time in better ways then exposing internet fraudsters. Please fully explain AAIA and your attempted theft from the American people Anna. But like I said earlier I want to thank you for validating what this show has said all along, you and the deep state have proven that greatly this week.  Following last weeks show where Wilcock and Drake outed themselves to what this show said along time back, these are fun times for validation.

Draw a union jack flag with the up and down and lEft and right parts with 2 lines close so there is like a tunnel running through it, then shade the triangles being created, 2 of them on both sides and you will understand this better with a visual. Essentially this planet fell into this vortex 78k years ago, so as we came down from the top, at the center there are 2 tunnels left and right, they are the escape tunnels, coming down those on a better evolutionary path would go to the left (east gate) those not aligned or not sufficiently evolved on a soul level, would go to west gate on the right on downward path, but once at the bottom like an egg timer it turns upside down, we go up the torus and east gate is now on the right, not the left on previous trip down. This is how this planet and it’s occupants were trapped into a 78k year loop, now we are on up lloop, those that are ready when time is right will go to the right (east gate) and out of this system. It takes 13K years to from top to the middle, which is essentially the singularity or zero point, these are the 3 days of darkness as I understand it, but given only dark forces knew whether we were on a down spiral or the up spiral, we just got tricked to going the west gate and looped into bottom half of zero point and 13K ascending, whereby it was tipped again and when the zero point arrived again, we were tricked again. What this system creates is a closed system essentially, like we are swirling up and down a tube, which is why all stars rotate around a fixed point, this wouldn’t be the case in an open system, a solar or galaxy system should not be a closed circle, it should be a figure 9 with an open end for expansion and ascension, which is moving into a higher vibration space of both time and space. This is what everything and everyone is preparing for now, we are in those times again, which is why the teachers have returned with the knowledge, one hopes people will listen more than when previous URS teachers arrived, whereby the people they were saving ended up killing them all off, we have to think and act differently this time, and before people ask for dates, no one knows the actual date only a time span.

I want to mention about off world trade again as it is prevalent now in what is ongoing, as I understand 70% of world trade was for off world trade, involving resources, labor and food sources, but the minerals was the key aspect of it in many ways, and still is.
SSp, cabal elements and some off world elements all want to escape out of here, so they can regroup and come back with greater forces or depart and turn this planet into uninhabitable zone, which they have done to many other worlds, using the fash destroyer weapon that creates deserts everywhere.
So we are hearing from certain groups, that are trying to obtain special elements for time travel and space travel, those machines were available and in use here around 110K years ago, until war brought the 2nd moon down called Fatta and destroyed much here.
But the revelation that so much of our trade was off world (all those trade agreements are cancelled or delayed until we are in a better understanding of it all) but those trapped here continue with their endless quest, whereby they are leaving behind vast quantities of gold, which they consider to be trash.
I have a stern message for those people, none of what you are doing will work now or the future, i’m sure you will ignore me and carry on regardless, but I repeat nothing will work until the following is accomplished. We need face to face meetings of human and non human groups and gain a trust between each other with a common goal of us all benefiting, not just the few. From our end, we require full transparency of what the intentions are behind the mining? what are the capabilities of certain elements coming to light and merging with others? a guarantee you will not be continuing to use people as slaves underground in hazardous conditions to fulfil your service to self goals, yes we have seen the new vents recently put in and there various slag heaps just left down the sides of the mountain worth $14T alone. You will cease all other games you play of memory wipes and overlaying places, we did notice and we dont approve of that type of mindf’ery of the people and ET’s in certain regions around the planet.
We are offering to set up a meeting, where ALL parties human or otherwise, whether they are off world in inner world entities are represented (preferably not the warrior types of their respective groups, those people are too single minded, when flexibility is required here and now) where we can gain some sort of trust basis amongst all the groups, set some boundaries that are congruent to all the groups, and set a path forward of us all working together as EQUALS, and I mean equals, no more slave races, once that level is reached, co-operation to solve all the individual issues or requests will suddenly begin to work, it is the only way it will work, I will repeat that again so you understand or grasp it, a collective co-operation of all involved and things will actually begin to work again, failure to do that will lead to your repeated failures to require the necessary elements or resources you require, that will never work, things will only work that is in harmonic resonance and balance that benefits the all.
So, you continue with your failed projects mired in secrecy and control, it is not a secret to us I might add, we know what is going on despite your overlays. time changes, appearance changes, the new frequencies allow some of us to see all of you now, oops.
Message to the military elements providing support for these people and beings, you are being played, you are not getting the full picture, you may think you know, you don’t, because some of the groups you are dealing with, dont know the big picture either.
All of this was formulated by Marduk and his band of Draco psychopaths, aided by the steal our living water people known as the Mantids, the system was designed to loosh our whole planet of everything and then destroy it, and despite some of you with badges thinking you are important, newsflash, you ain’t, I’m sorry but you are just not, you are a slave to that system also.
Global debt of this planet only makes sense when it is being emptied out, this explains the global debt as no one knows who it is owed to? It is owed to M and Draco, the same system is used financially to countries. IMF loans countries money to stabilise the economy or so they say, it is not, it is an ever increasing debt cycle, that they know the country wont escape from, eventually you get to a position like Greece or Cyprus and IMF working for Rothtillians and subsequently Draco, then turn around and ask for resources, ports, roads, rail or whole islands as payment of the falsely created debt, then they takeover each country, this system is how M worked, except he and they were here to loosh our whole planet.
Now he is gone, you, due to your lack of knowledge of the plan are failing badly on all levels, because you have failed to work out, with M gone, the program of harvesting the planet, went with him, but the stupid thing is, you are continuing that program and finding you are chewing from both ends (like the ouro borus) and eventually there will be nothing left for anyone, including yourselves, this is why nothing you do on a bigger scale works anymore, M had an open system to syphon out, you operate a closed system that devours itself, wake up to your new reality.
If you think well we will take you all down with us, that will fail also, as only you will go down, we will be fine and start anew without clown interference, we will achieve much in a very short space of time.
Step down off your defunct M program, see the reality for what it is, reach out a hand and join us on an equal transparent basis, so will all go forward, or face your own destiny of failure, frustration and slow death.
We have time as they call it, you don’t, your clock is ticking down to your own failed destiny, or you can take the hand that has reached out to you and start a new path with us all, your choice.

Next message is ALL gates will remain closed to you until we all learn to work together, elements that worked previously, will NOT work now until we work together in harmony, it’s the new directive, whether you like it or not. Escape plans will not work either no matter what you try, you are all stuck here until you see sense or die.

Next message to the clowns is you can call off your “accident” assassins, all 100 of them you trained to take us out, that wont bring you the change you desire either, you may think you can cheat by bumping off certain people of our group by making  it look like an accident, but everyone knows what you are up to,  so quit with your stupidity of taking us out, as that will not work either on any level, so quit with your toxins, quit with your tipping loads off trucks and quit other methods you tried this week, and just BEE nice, ya got that, BEE nice now.

Portal people and their vaccuous nature now in full overdrive, drama, drama, drama, turn them off as they offer nothing but agency script bs’ery narratives, it’s a shite soap opera on overdrive mode, that is close to be burnt out. In future those stupid self important people thinking look at me i’m on the news, will be seen by the all, for what they are, treasonous humanity sell outs and should be treated accordingly. Same applies to current batch of politicians on both parties if you still follow a party, if you are, you are not as awake as you think, all an illusion they are separate entities, they are not.

A word on Heather Jarraff and her 57 months jail sentence, I wonder if she recalls being warned back in 2013 and how her, Neil Wolfe and in particular Dani McKenney along with Lisa Harrison told me to GFY, a costly mistake for her, and why I warn against challenging IRS, driver license issue, strawman accounts and using common law in current courts, all of them are valid, but not in THEIR system.
One day their system will change and all will be free, just not now.

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