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*2 steps forward 1 step back avenues military/ un & imf/ govt/ finance/ others/ blocking attempts/ fear programs/ impatience

*RV failed again 3 times tried looting the fed to facilitate it, that and it failed. I expect around round of assassinations of cabal members due to their failure to deliver the RV, it was not a failure you clowns, it was never possible to begin with, another merry go round game with no ending or purpose except to mind f people perpetrated by M. What we will see is more of the RV people stepping down, there is 2 types of RV one a regular one on any day for delivery, and the major ones done on full moon or ritual days, the latter causes deeper carnage. But each failure now brings more to the table and more who have had enough of the RV and dinar bs’ery, ya should have listened years ago, it is was and can never be pulled off, $4.25Q is required as a down payment to deliver, $4.2Q is 50 years global GDP, for those still trying and waiting let that sink in, 50 years global GDP.

*Lots of stuff about trade wars and tariffs particularly between America and China, all of it is media illusion again, what the tariff issue is really about is cutting out dragon group trading control, not China the country

*Had full confirm that over 2000 cabal are dead and escalating, this is them consuming themselves not our work, but our work has had an effect to cause them to be in widespread panic.
Following two further failed attempts of #operationstupidity also known as the RV pay out this week, i expect that 2000+ to increase. What is happening with them is they keep repeating the same things that worked in harvesting system, we are no longer in that system or time/space so things that worked then, will not work now, ya got that? I will repeat again, nothing will work until you all learn to work together with common goal of benefit for all.
My prediction said on the last show I did with Shane comes more and more true each day.

*UNITED NATIONS –  United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres says the U.N. is running out of money and is urging members to pay up amid a looming financial crisis for the international body. In a letter to staff this week, Guterres says he has warned member states of a “troubling financial situation facing the United Nations,” which he says is caused by late payments to the U.N. by member states. “Our cash flow has never been this low so early in the calendar year, and the broader trend is also concerning; we are running out of cash sooner and staying in the red longer,” he says.
Yeah right time to tell the public the real truth, the UN was disbanded by the trust and funds looted from each country return to them, the late payments are not going to arrive as those payments are illegal and not a part of original charter.

*we are not holding back for the right date for funding

*Clowns looted $1.8B out of the fed last week which may sound a lot to us but in their terms at pittance, as it was stalled enough to prevent further intrusion and see who was doing it, that avenue has now also been closed off.
This is essentially what is happening with QS, they are trying to run old tech along side it, but cant get direct access to it no matter how much they try, whilst it is frustrating for Kim as she is a perfectionist, I see it as another avenue they had to expose to keep in the game and another avenue subsequently closed off, eventually they will run out of avenues.

*Give a thanks to you and THI from Kim reminding me why I do this..


*interesting Q now confirming the missile fired at AF 1, and rightly asking where is the media on this? So one of the biggest stories news wise ever and media say nothing? if ever people had any doubts of the portal people reading out controlled news, there it is right there, absolutely unbelievable
Why do 92% of #Republicans & 72% of #Americans overall believe that traditional major news sources report news they know to be #fake #false, or purposely, this pleases me no end, the slow death of the lying factory. To me once I had done sufficient research and over viewed it in early 2000’s I saw 2 major problems, the military and subsequent info and intel has backed that up exponentially since and the media which I call the Portal people, for those new it is because their news, opinions and rhetoric are not from our world, but theirs, like a separate world overlay onto our world, which supports the piece I did back in 2016 about that we are living in 2 separate worlds, this was part of the orders plans for around 2023, it is a nazi style world, they covered it in the series Fringe, that world will fail also.

*people asking a lot where they feel they need to do more, creative, free thinking rising, more reporting family and friends being more responsive.

So we have more recordings of Trump over Stormy Daniels, Michael Cohen affair, more questions on Trumps tax returns, more questions on what happened in N. Korea meeting, a deluge of shows, articles, blogs on Trump meeting with Putin, public threats made by public figures, deep state making trump lie about Russia election rigging, demonstrations arranged at very short notice involving known rogue disturbance groups.
Questions on trade, the economy, the legal system surrounding judges.
Fake claims about mis treatment of children collected at the border.
Agency people coming out of the woodwork making this claim and that claim with little to no concrete evidence.
We have agency people redacting any type of evidence on one hand, but creating false evidence on another.
Portal people falling over themselves to create a narrative against one person or group.
People can say what they like about Trump and I have said plenty myself over certain policies, but something is radically amiss here, is it not? Where was all the outrage, questioning, narrative steering during 8 years of Obama, or during the Bush Jnr time (who lets not forget rolled us into 2 wars we are still paying for in terms of cost and lives, one of which is now 15 years after Bush Jnr stated mission accomplished, clearly it wasn’t about the war, but more likely to do with more siphoning of oil and resources, or the Clinton administration, who lets not forget committed his sexual acts inside the White House with a Mossad agent, whist Trump slept with the slapper 13 years ago in his private life, that incident whether real or not is the business that belongs to Trump and his wife and should not play a part of running the country now, an incident that took place 11 years before he became President. For someone who is widely dismissed or ridiculed by many, it seems he must be doing something right to draw in such derision from the establishment, does it not? Or just maybe they are masking over Uranium one deal and Russian payments to the Clinton Foundation.

U.S. Sen. John McCain, who is battling a typically deadly form of brain cancer, is “hanging in,” , and she will return to see him and her mom, Cindy McCain, next month. Meghan McCain, a political commentator and co-host of ABC’s “The View,” provided the rare health update Thursday night, during an Instagram broadcast from her home in New York. Hanging being the operative word, I mean who cares about John Treasonous McCain aka mr no name.

“Now three years ago I visited Kenya as the first sitting American president to come from Kenya.” yes he was born in a place called hawaii in Kenya. I can’t tell you how bad this man has been, almost Clintonesque with his Muslim Brotherhood crusade that was pouring through Mexican border, Saudi nationals with Oman Passports landing in Venezuela and heading north, to the billions in cash to Iran rogue elements and a whole heap of other things I cannot mention yet, apparently his male partner cant stand this sight of him any longer, well Michael come forward and spill the beans on portal people TV, now wouldnt that be a show.

Brussels: The four common law Sheriffs who are suing Pope Francis, Jorge Bergoglio, and eleven other defendants are now seeking a Summary Judgement against them, allowing for their immediate conviction. The Sheriffs made the application today in European courts after none of the defendants responded to a lawful Summons or disputed the charges made against them, namely, that they are practicing members of the murderous Ninth Circle child sacrificial cult and bear command responsibility for its crimes. If the courts grant the Summary Judgement, Bergoglio and the other defendants could face arrest as early as August 11. In Rome, the College of Cardinals remains deadlocked in its efforts to find a replacement to Bergoglio on the verge of new attempts to enforce the standing arrest warrant against him dating from July, 2014. The ITCCS announced today that its Sheriffs’ Department will be working with police forces in Ireland and other European nations to detain Bergoglio as a convicted war criminal, including at the “papal mass” scheduled for Phoenix Park in Dublin, Ireland on Sunday, August 26. In related news, new ITCCS field offices are opening in seven countries during August to escalate the campaign to stop Vatican crimes against children. The European field offices will be located in Dublin, London, Paris, Barcelona and Milan. The North American field offices will be in New York City and Ottawa. Trained common law Sheriffs attached to these offices will make arrests against known child trafficking officials and priests of the Church of Rome and will disrupt Ninth Circle gatherings.

* Confirmed Trump has finally realized the letter that was written in January (sovereignty) and what it was, and is on a mission to take over the Fed from Rothschild etal.


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