*Rothtillians still trying to implement #operationstupidity (RV) through Barclays bank, those waiting with their hands out again this week, were left disappointed again.

*Fed meeting with Rothtillians recently brought out more desperate measures by the fast fading global elites. They were talking about using TRN’s as a new note and taxing heavily all the big companies who previously paid little or no taxes, this was to take place with immediate effect to raise funds for tomorrows RV – oh dear, all the money in America would not be enough to fund that, these people really are stupid and just swinging the illusion, thankfully many now are seeing through that illusion. But the sheer desperation of turning on the big companies that have played a part in their global game should not be lost on anyone, least of all those companies. But it is a warning to all faction people, top brass in military and agencies, these people will trample over anyone or thing to stay in control, we will not warn you again, they will take you out or down, time to step down and help me thinks.

*Three of Sweden’s crown jewels, dating back to the 17th century, were stolen Tuesday in a brazen daylight heist. This is part of an ongoing insurance scam which we have mentioned a few times now, banks have no money, so now looting insurance companies, eventually they will run out of everything to loot.

*CNN now in serious financial trouble, so much so they are now unable to pay their electricity bills, with ratings plummeting which in turn means less companies advertising, which means less revenue, which means they go bankrupt, we may approach them when they are at tipping point to stabilise them but with conditions of operations radically changed going forward, do I hear a truth channel?

*A major boxing match will be cancelled shortly, the excuse will be one of the fighters is taking steroids, the real truth is that Wells the fargo has stolen all of the upfront funds for the event.

*Dallas Cowboys have also had all their bank accounts emptied by Bank of America and currently have no funds to pay the players or staff.

*IMF and rogue elements of the UN, real UN has already gone, are still threatening various countries around the world, mainly the smaller ones, demanding fees and debts payable, these countries owe UN and IMF nothing, infact both those organizations owe massive amounts of debts to the trust, ya see they were loaning funds which were actually dividends money to the countries, not debt loans, time for countries around those who are being threatened by the failed entities to join forces and remove them from their soil, and issue directives should they try to threaten them again. They will soon stop, they have no leverage or clout anymore to do anything.

*A world bank crisis is bubbling due to what this show has stated for many years now, there is no new money and they are swilling it around under the illusion it is, that illusion is now shattered and reality is sinking in, hence insurance scams, looting the fed of cash and stealing sporting events monies, obviously this is a concern but could also be an event to trigger actions on so many levels, work is still underway to dealing with that situation, so no panic, but I would advise to have cash again at all times.

*Appears some in NYPD may have got our message, an unknown NYPD person put out 4 stills of Hillary in underground basement, with children, one in a hooded robe with her holding what looked like a cattle prod, and another with a 2-3 year old child with a tube coming from the back of its neck going into canisters, another one with pictures of tubes and canisters with fluid, and another one with 2 scientist looking people inspecting the tubes and cannisters, that fluid is suspected to be endocrine fluid. Time for the rest of NYPD to stand up en masse and support those who have seen the video, stage a mass walk out until media cover the story.
We cannot allow children to be used in this manner, end it now.

*The biggest news Tom discusses is that President Trump and Treasury Secretary Stephen Mnuchin have ordered for Lee Wanta to be paid but it’s now being blocked by  the somebody in the office Comptroller of the currency – a woman named Kim!  She’s blaming the USSR for why she’s not doing as ordered!  There is no USSR anymore!  Russia is also owed some of this money stolen by the Bush Scherffs.   This Kim lady is tied to H.W. Bush Scherff (nazi spy) and also tied to a man named Dr. Wolf who was put on the Trump transition team!  Ignore Wanta and his funds the real reason for those funds is not revealed in full yet, it will be when time is right, but ignore his outlandish claims of going back to America, it’s all bs, he knows it and we know it. For those that have followed these Wanta funds and the $27T that is being returned, most people haven’t seen the story or miss out minor details, but it is not $27T only $4.7T was recovered, unfortunately for some, some of us have long memories and remember details.

* Kim has gone to blocking the RV to now blocking Wanta funds haha too funny, the blockers accusing those who are being blocked. We welcomed Mr. Wanta’s input as it proves Kim’s validity, like the clowns threatening to sue this week, saying Kim is a fraud and has stolen funds, Kim told them to go ahead and we can expose it all in an open court the real truth and reality, so go ahead and make our day, predictably those threatening then went quiet. We would love an open challenge in court as all the nonsense of who is who and what is what will be displayed for all to see, reality is, more and more are now seeing the truth and acting on it, is it a bit slow in forthcoming actions? yes a bit, but the progress is steady and is rising, stealing, threatening, fear and illusion are all they have left, and as Kim said this week, no matter what happens hereonin this world will never be the same again, things are changing rapidly in many fields of operations and the tide has now turned in our favor, no matter what they do. Will still things be bumpy and a bit ugly? absolutely, but each exposure, each looting or resetting attempts, each speech, each arrest and subsequent singing actions, each EO, each spying attempts exposed, each deep state intrusion into the light, all has a purpose and an end goal, their end and our beginning.

*So Trump took on the remaining Koch brother Charles after David quit 1-2 months back about a week or so after speaking to Kim (funny that) they were another hidden group with rich family background dictating politics, finance and policies, all of which have failed in the control system ideology and more importantly the people, like Soros, Briezinsky, Buffet and others all middle men parasites, that the world will be better without them.

*Appears some of the world have now heard about the Q movement, this is a good thing regardless of whether it is legit or not (actually be funny if it is an agency program as it has backfired spectacularly in that case)as people are thinking and researching for themselves now and providing good details in many cases, after Trump (or someone similar to him) spent most of the Tampa Florida speech calling media out as fake news, alternatives will be sought out, many will seek out that avenue and go from there, and start their own version of the rabbit hole. I am aware Randy is doing a piece on Q and we will see how it all unfolds, but it only takes one high level arrest and that whole cesspit will start to swirl, much of what has gone on is investigating the many links, people and places of where criminality is taking place, when Q delivers one public major action, all will be on board, but for now I find it useful and encouraging seeing people participate with it.
THI will also increase in attention, it has in many ways already done so, with recent analytic figures suggesting show listeners is in region of 250K per show, a marked increase on last year, with 48% of listeners being outside of America it has become a truly global show, thanks to all of you for listening and keep tuning in cos you ain’t seen nothing yet.

***MARK MACDONALD – Bishop of the Anglican Church of Canada

Mark MACDONALD is a member of the criminal Ninth Circle pedocide cult and is a suspect in the disappearance of children in the United States, Canada and Europe. He is wanted for questioning by international police agencies. A Bench Warrant has been issued for his immediate arrest. MACDONALD IS CONSIDERED DANGEROUS AND A THREAT TO THE SAFETY OF CHILDREN AND THE WELFARE OF THE COMMUNITY. ALL PEOPLE ARE REQUIRED TO ASSIST IN HIS IDENTIFICATION AND ARREST BY DULY AUTHORIZED COMMON LAW SHERIFFS.

If you have knowledge of the whereabouts of MACDONALD immediately notify the Sheriffs’ Department of our Tribunal and its INTERPOL liaison officer at  itccsoffice@gmail.com . All communications are in the strictest confidence. Issued August 1, 2018 by the Directorate of the International Tribunal of Crimes of Church and State

*Erosion is the new key word, everything eroding away, it’s happening in finance, govt, politics on all levels, legal, military, agencies, cabal minions, control structures, what was a slow creep is now escalating beyond their control, we are past the tipping point now, the erosion of the old world order is now in rapid decline, an order that reigned under the banner of chaos, an order that failed in it’s mission to destroy us, an order that failed to carry out the harvest program, an order that failed to fulfil their Draco contract, an order that has lost allegiance with many of the other beings here, an order that failed to follow in the lizard steps of Marduk, an order the failed badly in underestimating the will of the few who original stepped up, who with no finance, little resources and to date very little so called authority support that dared to take on the task of bringing down a whole system, that was so deeply embedded that so few have seen and hardly anyone can grasp the enormity, complexity or depth of that system, an order that failed to break the spirit of the people despite poisoning, drugging, mind controlling, dumbing down, endless wars, famine, abductions and their insidious programming in all it’s disguises.
What we are witnessing now is a total breakdown of the old way, and an opportunity of us all to create a new way, replicating what they have done will lead to the same failure. We must change all our ways of thinking, in business no more middle men or shareholders creaming profits of the owners and staff, in military the role is peace, preservation and protection, not war, death and looting, a global military with no one country leading protecting the planet or self serving interest people.
In politics preferably no parties playing off against each other, just one body of people running the country for and by the people, not for and by factions, agencies, deep states or bloodline families, for and by the people of the country they represent or get fired.
Legal people can drop the BAR title of nobility and start serving real justice not just us, and an end the insidious courts ran for profit and make every person accountable for poor actions or behaviors, whether that be the public, police, judges, politicians, so called famous people, royalty or select families.
Governments working to help each other not competing, I might remind you the land and the resources belong to us all, not rich families or countries, oil in N. Dakota belongs as much to the people in Palestine or Serbia as much as America, once we all start sharing resources, ideas and plans we can strip back the unnecessary costs that run into $100B’s if not trillions per year.
Which leads me into next topic of saving vast resources, in a world where countries support each other, that then does not require the vast amounts wasted on Agencies and other spy systems, they need to be stripped bare in my opinion, duplicate agencies all spying on each other, protecting trade secrets, military secrets, ya wouldn’t need that if we work together, the remaining agencies can do the real job of routing out criminals, not protecting them and writing bs scripts for the portal people to read out en masse, enough of that shit, vast quantities of our money funding drug running operations that American people get zero back, except poisons to infect our youth.
Teaching children not educating children has to be improved by about 1000%, they need to be taught life skills, personal responsibility, spirituality and the real truth, and not full on bs and how to pass a test to get the school more funding to teach more bs, no species ever thrives if their youth is not taught the proper way, these are our children, not mindless zombies you can inject with your poisonous vaccines, mindnumb them with drivel tv programming, and bombard them with subliminal messages for your ads, music, films and games.
People have to improve also, men is it really that important if you have a bigger penis, boat, engine of the car or truck or house than your friends? is that really they way to treat your friends by bragging about having things that really dont matter that much in life, women is having better clothes, shoes, handbags or boobs more important than loving, caring or nurturing? no it’s not.
You see this world currently is all about competition, it even applies in misery, one person says my life is this that and the other, and someone will always chime in and say well my life is worse than that, like it is some way better, it’s ridiculous thinking, lets change that narrative into how about we have all have had shitty lives and yet we have survived it, improved ourselves and gone on to improve and help others, no matter what the circumstances, you will never improve your life harping on about the bad aspects of life you have endured, you end up in a vampiric cycle that is damaging for you and all the people around you.
Competition in misery is one thing, competition in life is another, we cannot go on competing against each other in life, business, politics, countries, color, gender or sexuality and expect to thrive, all have to change their thinking to achieve that goal, it will not happen overnight, but it starts with you, you are responsible for you to be the change.
Apathy helped no one, silence helped no one, bigotry helped no one, heirarchy helped no one, violence helped no one, competition outside of sport helped no one, ignorance helped no one, lacking love or compassion helped no one, i’m alright jack helped no one, fear helped no one, except all those categories we agreed upon and carried out, helped push us to the brink of extinction for our species, right to the brink you have no idea how close we came, the key is for everyone to rise up and be the change, change is something to embrace not fear, as the alternative is the old world order slavery suit and extinction.
Be happy with what you have, even the most hard up American or European is in the top 25% wealthiest bracket in the world, a fact often overlooked as perspective often goes out of the window, as the next door neighbor has more or friends have more, which is that competition and comparative mindset again, that is so damaging to us all.
If you don’t like your life, it is your responsibility to change that life, you won’t do that fearing change, learn to embrace it, and if you change something and it doesn’t work out, change again, but remember the first change was never a failure, only a learning curve, how you react to it, dictates your forward path.
Learn to trust yourselves, you seek out others only when you are stuck or cant do a certain task or when working within a group or community.
Learn to love yourself for who and what you are, not what others think, when you live your life how you choose, and not have it dictated by over bearing wives, husbands, siblings or friends are you then genuinely free, no one should ever live their life in fear of what others think, think about it, those people around you pushing you into that mode of being, are all controlling you like a puppet, why are you allowing that? if anyone close to you in life really loves you, they will allow you to be who you want to be, break the chains and tell them you are loving the masked off version of me, hereonin will be the real me you see, as I’m entitled to be me, not an extended version of you.
The tide has turned now and things will be different even moreso hereonin, if your focus is when is FED, IRS, chemtrails, wars or govt official ending or going down, please stop, there is way too much going on and things to take care of currently and things will take a while before individual aspects are dealt with, processed and then deleted or repurposed in a better way.
There is no defined timescale for this or that too happen, a lot depends on us all, of how we contribute to matters, but griping when is this or that ending or when is this or that starting, does not help the people at the top doing things.
The focus is what can I do? have I done my inner and shadow work to prepare me? have I got myself into a calm and balanced state without the need for drugs or alcohol? Do I have some cash? that’s essential, Do I have some spare food in case of emergencies?
Their reign over us is ending fast and we are on a threshold of a new beginning, that will involve a lot of change, embrace change, change is your new friend going forward, it bring new experiences and new learning’s, which are the essence of life, without that we just stagnate, we have done that for too long, now is the time to grow.

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