* Further hacking attempts were made last night to get into the system out of Singapore and also New Zealand, they were trying to implement a new black screen system, which is another backdoor version of the old system, anyway that failed also.

*Fraudulent notes are filtering into the US now with 2013 printed on them, all of these are fraud as no new notes with the correct and verified allocation numbers have been printed since 2009. Work under way to deal with that issue.

*Philliphines have had warehouses full of Pesos that have been there since M was in charge, now they are rolling them out and attempting to buy gold with them from the locals, but turns out the locals have been duped also as the gold bars they think they have are only gold plated, expect some fun and games there in near future.

*Getting frequent reports now around the world of issues with banks and unable to get access to accounts, we have warned you all you must have spare cash now at all times, these incidents will increase as all their funding or better term looting avenues are being closed down.

*there is no real private ledger anymore. The only off ledger accounts currently hold all of the real wealth of the planet. These are all held and allocated into the Trust. The other books cannot be used because the Quantum System recognizes when they try to allocate assets that have already been allocated and rejects them stating “can not duplicate”. Furthermore, privacy in banking is what got us in this mess in the first place. It’s like hiring the people who robbed you, killed your family, and left you for dead, as your security. All you know about them is that they are willing to do whatever it takes to get what whatever they want and they don’t value the same things that you do. This leaves us in a constant state of duality fighting for power in a system that requires cooperation to work. This is why there can be no overnight revaluation of currencies. Although the Chinese Elders, White Dragons, and various other individuals who hold fraudulent paperwork have tried over and over again to hack into the trust, use outdated codes, or kidnap the Trustee and force her to do their bidding, they have never come close to actually having access to these accounts.

*Julian Assange issue is essentially a tug of war between factions of getting him to testify a load of bs’ery in exchange for his freedom. Assange is holed up in Ecuadorian embassy in London, officials want him to testify in front of Senate, now 10 Democrats one of which is the mad hatter known as Pelosi have signed documents to get him to be released or thrown out of the embassy and sent to America to testify, Democrats think he has info on Russian collusion in last election, he doesn’t, but they wish to blackmail him to say that and get immunity and freedom in exchange.
This is why there was a state visit of President and First Lady of Ecuador to London recently.
The most disturbing aspect of it is Mike Pence the Vice President is also involved with Democrats and he made a visit to Ecuador recently, why did he go and what was his purpose and also more importantly is, was he promised something by the Democrats? I want to make it clear the next part is me speculating but it does look like Dems offered Pence a deal to become President if he plays along and Trump is impeached and fired based on blackmailed evidence given by Assange.
Assange is a dead man walking here and he needs to stand by the truth as it is, not play cover up games again that lets these clowns off the hook, he should know by now, he will never get his life back to what it was, no matter who promises what, he and others need to hold their nerve and stand for and by the truth.
*there are indications recently that the Deep State has sent a message to Obama through an interview on CNN that he is no longer protected

*We are aware of certain ongoing actions, investigations and in some cases arrests, not all are revealed on the show for operational purposes, i’m sure you all understand that now, I spoke last week of the steady erosion of power and control and that continues at a pace, not yet fully seen by the alt media or general public yet. But reports out this morning would suggest a ramp up on the bigger names and evidence being garnered in a more public way.
Yesterday 8/8/18 The @TheJusticeDept had a Boeing 757-223 tail number N119NA in Little Rock, AR. A local radio station reported #DOJ employees were loading boxes of documents into the plane. Important to note @ClintonFdn located there.
The issue in blocking over Clintons is Comey and Mccabe and also stooge agent Diane Upchurch.
Word on the street now is Clinton’s will now be used by the cabal as the scapegoated sacrificial lamb, maybe time for Ann to start singing as well.

*the plastic straw ban is important for gun control. It stops peashooting and spitballing which are gateway guns Nancy Pelosi

*roths put out another contract on Kim and no one came forward to take that task on, big big step that for us, now it is really game on roths, less and less are listening to your lying and conniving ways anymore. your power, control and wealth is all just eroding away, ya should have took offer Kim gave you 18-24 months back. Those you used and trampled over may now come back to bite you – have a nice day Roths.

*news that came in after the last piece is heavy chatter that supports previous story of mass mutiny within Rothtillian minions ranks. I suspect the fun and games will now really kick into gear.

*Venezuela issue is all to do with the Farque Guerrillas who are another aspect of the Rothschilds army, who are being funded via oil deals and also other minerals, some of those guerrillas where sent to attack Kim previously. The issue is the UN (rothschilds portion of it) have been training Hugo Chavez’s daughter for a stooge role in Venezuela using the popularity her father had, but she is not of that ilk, I hope the people of Venezuela see through that illusion. Venezuela is also where they are sending Muslim Brotherhood jihadists via Oman and Saudi Arabia, and the port is also used to process the stolen ISIS oil there, which is not working out too well, and so clowns now looking to use Mexico to process the ISIS oil.

*Also about Venezuela and their currency Bolivar, word is vast quantities of those notes were printed out by the De La Rue printing company which is also Rothschilds controlled, essentially this was another attempt to RV based on oil contracts, they tried that oil based currency with the dinars and that failed, so quite how they think they can do it with Bolivar’s is beyond me, oil contracts were in place and guess what? none paid out, a common theme.

*Canada Natural Resources, the largest producer, is allocating capital to lighter oil drilling and is curtailing heavy oil production as the price of Canadian heavy oil tumbled to a nearly five-year-low relative to the U.S. benchmark price.

*In other unrelated news, bitcoin miners stop mining due to btc price drop. 

*Tariffs are working big time. Every country on earth wants to take wealth out of the U.S., always to our detriment. I say, as they come,Tax them. If they don’t want to be taxed, let them make or build the product in the U.S. In either event, it means jobs and great wealth…..
Because of Tariffs we will be able to start paying down large amounts of the $21 Trillion in debt that has been accumulated, much by the Obama Administration, while at the same time reducing taxes for our people. At minimum, we will make much better Trade Deals for our country! UN NATO NAFTA TPP TAP WARS EVERYWHERE IRS monies to swiss bank owned by rothschilds the list goes on and on, well some have decided enough of that, and once everything is and settles down America and its people will become better a lot better off and taxes should be reduced drastically.

*HR 5181 was stuffed into the 2016 NDAA on 12/02/16 Basically $160M was set aside to pay alt media journalists among others to spread disinformation to counter what they claim is fake news.

*Obama going in with netflix, Hillary launching a liberal tv show, now Jordan Sather appearing in comedy central lol too funny, failed clowns on national tv has ran it’s course, time for more real people with real news and enough of the agency scripted bs we have all endured since WW2.
Sather in comedy central with captain corey as commander of the blue chickens cult, david wilcoque as the seedy agent who looks after number one, first episode is Corey’s wife goes to the dentist for $6K all paid for by the comedy audience that follow the blue chickens.

*Jones meltdown psy op, look i’m being attacked so I must be valid is classic Wilcock and classic agency tactic, resembles all the fuss a few years back when Alfred Webre got banned, that was another sideshow as he is a govt agent, he worked under the carter administration. Jones is cointelpro pure and simple, works with Stratfor group known for Israeli intelligence, shouts about cabal and corporate control and yet makes $3M plus a year in advertising the very companies that are damaging us with their cor pirate tactics. Do you really think those companies would promote a genuine whistleblower that is exposing their own companies role in the control system, well, do you? think about it. Ignore his ridiculous rants and let him burst his forehead blood vessels, this is pure psy op stuff, just let him ramble on

*We are a group of utility ratepayers and concerned citizens that have banded together to stop the sale of Avista Corporation, one of the largest suppliers of electric and natural gas generation in the Pacific Northwest. Avista signed an agreement to be bought out by a Canadian electrical distributor owned by the Province of Ontario, named Hydro One. Hydro One is a company that borders on bankruptcy and has the worst reliability records and highest rates in all of Canada. We are opposed to this buyout due to sovereignty issues and the possibility of skyrocketing electrical rates if history is any foresight of the future. Hydro One charges a 70% surcharge on their bills for a Global Adjustment Fee. This pays a subsidy for inefficient wind and solar power producers to the tune of over one billion dollars a month that comes out of the ratepayers’ pockets. They turn off a large percentage of their customers for nonpayment every month. We do not want this scheme brought to the states of Alaska, Washington, Idaho, Oregon and Montana where Avista resides. We do not think it smart to sell the control of 13 dams that Avista owns especially while the renegotiation of the Columbia River Treaty with The US and Canada is in progress. We also do not think it wise to allow the climate change agreements in Canada to be imported here to the US. We have procured attorney Norm Semanko to help us in this fight and would appreciate any financial help from the public or any other like-minded organizations. We are making progress on our path, having the Idaho Public Utility Commission now possibly having an evidentiary hearing next month, where our concerns will be addressed fully. Help us stop this madness now before we are all bankrupted by sky-high utility bills. If this merger is not stopped it will filter to all utilities in the Northwest. We need to spend some dollars to stop this now so that it may save us in the long run. Visit our website avistacustomergroup.org

*I am on the board of the Siskiyou County Water User’s Association.  Our association, along with the Board of Supervisors for Siskiyou County, The Association of Klamath Project Farmers and Ranchers, Copco Lake Residents, and many other stakeholders have been fighting to save 4 dams along the Klamath River for 20 years now. These dams provide many benefits to northern California and Southern Oregon residents and farmers/ranchers, including: inexpensive, clean power, irrigation water, flood control, groundwater recharge, sedimentation of toxic algae from Klamath Reservoir, cold water for salmon fisheries and fish hatchery, recreation and a stable riparian environment for wildlife, both in and around the river.  The proposed dam removal plan is part of the Agenda 21/2030 rewildification program and federal acquisition of private lands for “preservation”.  It is essentially an elite agenda to bankrupt the rural people and run them out of the rural and into their “smart cities”.  The elite don’t like rural people; they are independent, self sufficient, rugged people, who own guns and believe in liberty. It is my understanding that the “elite” want to make Siskiyou County into their playground and private resource preserve. We have refuted their science and confronted this deep state agenda (for lack of a better description) on many fronts, yet they keep finding work arounds through bribes, secret meetings, threats, back door deals with the Tribes, various agencies, the owners of the dams, and State Governments.  They have bamboozled the general public into thinking that dam removal is a good idea and have stolen funds from the California Water Bond Initiative that was passed to create more water for California (not destroy perfectly good dams and reservoirs) to further their agenda.  So as you might have guessed, we are fighting a real uphill battle, especially with the corruption within the California State Government.  We have been trying to get Mr. Trump’s attention on this issue, as we are sure that he would be willing to intervene on our behalf, but he is a busy man!  This is a much bigger issue than just northern California.  This will be the working model for taking over all the western United States.  You know the saying: “As goes California, so goes the rest of the Country”.
Do you have any suggestions or means to help us, as I fear we are running out of time? Their proposed schedule is for dam removal by 2021.

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