Transcript – June 7, 2018 show

Things are bubbling big time on many levels now, some not so good but many are good, progress is steady and expanding, desperation of cabal increasing by the minute. Nothing is built in a day even Rome, things can be destroyed in a day depending on the scale of things, but the scale of what is taking place here now is vast and beyond comprehension to most, even in the awake community. A team that lacked resources and numbers set about destroying something that has been in place for 10k’s of years, over the last decade that has been steadily and rapidly (despite the people who think everything happens at a click of finger and should have been done yesterday) in some aspects eroding their capacity to continue their tyrannic slavery system and all their lies and criminality, is now being exposed on record levels. Many are stepping down, some are stepping down and helping, many are singing about others, many are losing it and running for their lives. The team may have lacked resources and numbers, but we were not lacking in a fierce determination to finally end the scourge and denigration of this planet and it’s inhabitants. And the message is we will not quit until task is completed. We are winning and winning heavily, I would expect you to all see way more proof of that during this calendar year.

Memo circulating through HSBC and other institutions to not transfer any money at all to America, Rothschilds and other goons think they can starve us out, well you know what, we dont need you and your ilk either, so go and f yourselves with your threats. The world is waking up to your illusions of you own 80% of the world, you own jack and many people, groups and countries are now seeing it. tick tock Roths, NATO and Chinese Elders.

*Latest word from the Rothtillians is they have built a Quantum system out of Wright Patterson air force base and they are saying they own and run financial system haha, and you can all access it by giving the Rothtillians $30M each to access it, haha pull the other one Roths, or perhaps not just like the RV – fail Anna Von Reitz is promoting this platform and tells you all you need to know about her and her hidden agendas, even if they are not hidden, one has to ask is supporting anything The Rothschild do a good deed for the people? This is the same woman who tried to secure 1/3 of America’s inground resources for the benefit of The Vatican of which she is a private secretary to the pedophile participant, procurer and cover up expert known as Pope Francis.

*Lets have a world exclusive live on air Roths, whereby you and Kim can present your systems and then we all find out which one is true and which one is not, which works and which doesn’t. Now wouldn’t that fantastic tv. Message to the clowns following these psychopaths, if roths owned everything and have funds to allegedly pull off the RV, why do they need $30M per country or organization to access their alleged system? Now back in the real world, Reality is with all their so called wealth and ownership they still havent pulled off the RV and paid you all out, and now they want to mug you again with give us $30M, pulleeze dont keep falling for these bs artist, these are not Robin Hood taking off the rich to go to the poor, these are not Robin Hood at all, these are Robin Bastards, who thinks the whole of humanity is there at their behest. stuff that. $30M indeed, how about give them 30M lashes instead.

*Banks and Credit card systems going down after trying to reinstall their backdoors into the systems. They have tried it with many banks globally some in NZ was mentioned, but list is extensive, none of their attempts to return it back to old system of cheat and steal have worked and is not expected to. Visa crash is going to go in sequence around the world Asia next and will end up here towards end of the week. Message to all listeners is keep cash, I know cards are convenient but we have warned of the consequences of convenience in the shows, keep cash – final warning.

*Banks also have lost all of their clearance accounts, these are the side accounts that they use to make vast quantities of funds via our money, when you transfer money through a banking system, the flow of cash is not direct A to B as in buyer and seller, it goes into a vast side chamber in essence, generating vast quantities of funds and then they filter through it and release it or as shown with the Trust transfers hold it back or keep it. But it wasn’t just the Trust who was being brushed off with transfers, it started to escalate with regular accounts also, excuses of wires not ready, wire not processed, wire never arrived, more like wired money was transferred into an Wall Street fast track hedge fund bets, where they use our collective money, manipulate markets and use our funds to generate more funds. This is a further sign of their desperation to cream funds from everywhere, why? because has we have told you many times, they are failing and flailing.

Object of the new system is a direct A-B live banking, so receiver has their money for goods and services instantly and not wait until banks have collected and used their money to garner interest and or decide to not send it, this is why you have to wait to clear checks, checks are cleared upon signing, they keep it for and use it for their own ends. Same applies to wire transfers, it all adds up to billions of $ outside of the banking system. So the team took advantage of them playing games and trying to reset the system, as with them doing a reset, it flags up the anomalies within the system for you, and eliminates it, so thanks to all the banks trying to reset their systems, the reset of systems to implement new viruses or backdoors does not work anymore, and a reboot sends the system into seek and destroy mode – oops.

Following all that, the system flagged up the side accounts and we managed to locate all the clearance accounts.
So, what happened next we swept up all the clearance accounts, emptied all of their clearance accounts, transferred the wires to the people and where they were suppose to go to, and ones left over because none of them were tagged for delivery, this amounted to $150B worldwide, all $150B was re-inserted back into the new system, they the bankers were then locked out of clearance accounts altogether, and any attempt to reload or access those types of accounts requires identity codes, which would directly identify who is committing the crimes, no ID = no access, give ID = exposed as a fraud.
New system is only accessible by Kim whilst this clean up operation is ongoing, only she has the codes, so anyone trying to access, flags themselves up as frauds haha, banks were desperately trying to contact black dragon groups for the codes and others, none of them have it – oops.

*They also are unable to syphon a wire anymore, as of Friday no wires ACH, EFT’s going in and out of any banks, because everything is read only now and this why they started on the visa system, that is now read only and they are unable to touch anything in transit, all credit card transactions go through City of London, I hear their machines dont work too well anymore, so back to playing online Solitaire for you guys, or is it tic tac toe haha, you played your poker hand and lost to a Queen of Hearts. Rest assured no one of the public will lose any of their funds, I wish to make that quite clear, it is now safe in the new system and protected.

I have no doubt cabal will engineer a fear porn message and blame team for missing funds like they did when their RV failed, all the funds will be going back to where they should be, and who they belong to whether govt of the country or the people, this is all about removing what they have stolen from us for thousands of years, ignore their protestations should they arrive.

*Leaked details of current Bilderberg meeting involves talks on MWHT and quantum computing. no surprise there, rumors circulating it may be the last one.

*Rothschilds financial system of sorts did go online Tuesday morning trying to implement syphons in the system and by mid afternoon it was gone, couldn’t breakthrough the firewalls – oops, Kim and team just watched it for a while and then took it down.

*When all else fails lets roll out plan 56, HSBC talking about rolling out digital currency, why? because they have nothing left, I hope people dont fall for this bs’ery

*It has now come to light that Ann and huma arranged for $40M of our money to be sent to Pakistan army for contract killings in 2011

*This next piece maybe linked President Donald Trump on Twitter Thursday urged the Department of Justice not to accept a plea agreement from a former IT aide to congressional Democrats who is being prosecuted in a scheme to fraudulently obtain home equity loans. Imran Awan, who worked for Democratic lawmakers, including Democratic National Committee chairwoman Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Florida, is said to be in talks to strike a plea in agreement in the case. Mr. Awan and his wife, Hina Alvi, are accused of obtaining home equity lines of credit form the Congressional Federal Union by giving false information about two properties and sending the money to individuals in Pakistan — their nation of origin. Both face federal bank fraud and conspiracy charges. They have pleaded not guilty to the charges.

*Can also report more than a few dozen FBI now willing to testify against Hitlery in email server and corruption issue.
Just need NYPD to do the same with videos on Weiners laptop, then all hell breaks loose.

*Weinstein rape issue is not just him, as it is a RICO events, which means there are other defendants as part of the racketeering (it could well be he is the sacrificial lamb for the public, but others involved are charged also and hopefully convicted, but that will be kept from public eyes, it is suspected most of the sexual and ritual stuff will not be made public fully, but just enough to let people know it went on) known as the Weinstein Sexual Enterprise group and others added our Weinstein participants, Intelligence participants aka agencies, The firm participants, journalist participants, film participants and other unnamed co-conspirators set forth.

*Many are asking for immunity now, stuff that, these people have been beyond the law for far too long
*This has been known for a while but was kept quiet for reasons of safety and the consequences could be delivered without intervention.
Back in September 2017 the Rothschilds who hold six seats on the UN Council which is owned and controlled by Manna World Holding Trust, those goons think they own UN and the world and threatened all nations last September if they are not in charge by September 2018 they are going to unleash global biowarfare, except if they do, we have back engineered the viruses with their OWN DNA, so it will take them out only, so go ahead and make our day.

*Erik Prince founder of Blackwater who was running for top job of the head of the Black Dragon group for N.America, this is currently vacant due to Dick Cheney being fired for non performance, anyway Prince has been discounted for that job, and rogue Black Dragon group are having major issues filling that role at this time, to me this is another sign of their control collapsing in on itself, no longer are people giving in to seducement as easily as before, because too many directly via information from Kim, and messages and intel contained within our own show have now started to have a real effect, people are starting to see through the illusions they created. Lies have been exposed, promises repeatedly failed, truth from the past and also the now revealed on a vast scale, like I have said previously our show goes way further than the statistics and what people may think.

*Tucson Az is more of the same connections to do with child trafficking and other abuses, Cemex company own it and are linked with Clintons, Haiti and also a business contract between Clintons and Cemex of $7M to build in Haiti.
Cemex also linked with company Bronfman (name famous for the 2 sisters who funded Nxium group) and Rothschilds, Rothschilds part is Lynn Forrester de Rothschilds, (an out of touch with reality bitch) but there is another Rothschilds connection to Tucson also as Mayor is Johnathan Rothschilds who appears to be doing nothing to help or deal with these issues, lizards being lizards I suspect, but at which point do we decide we need lizards removed from society altogether?
Kudos to the veteran group by the way who are uncovering these places and getting the information out, my question is where is the militia support for these people? they rescued 160 kids I believe. Cemex bulldozed the site i’m hearing, classic Clinton tactic, get rid of the problem it seems.

*I see some members referring to Snopes as proof or truth, please stop doing that, Snopes is CIA, since when have they ever told the truth on time?

* Tommy Robinson issue in the UK is fake, it is suspected they will fake his death in prison to generate hatred of Muslim’s in UK and launch war which is what the Zionists want. Wipe out “Muslims” (which is a christian sect) and “Christians” (which is a cult of darkness) you want to belong to something and feel only religion can save you? join the cult of the self, you have all you need to save you, and hopefully some room to help others.

*I want to make clear I am not neglecting the fact that some Muslims are not involved in some heinous practices, they are, the question remains though is, are they A: really Muslims B: are they paid agents and C: who gains from it?
Here are the facts of my stance Albert Pike not prophesized but told us of their plans back in 1880’s WW3 clash of the civilizations Muslims and Christians, can you not see that narrative and directive being played out now? look deeper if not. Bearing in mind Islam was a christian sect back in 1100’s AD, one and the same.
Some of the UK soldiers were killed allegedly by Muslims in a war, and there was a ceremony for them in UK, and British people came out to honor them, but amongst the audience was darker skinned people in white cloth with inflammatory banners saying death to UK and USA soldiers and equivalent, many were outraged as would be understandable, it is disrespecting the dead, all this was being filmed by media and in particular helicopter footage from Sky News, the demonstrators suddenly peeled off and went down a back alleyway and towards a riot police vehicle, all dressed in white robes and turbans, what was caught on the footage, was them disrobing and underneath they were in police and military uniform. See how easy it is to be fooled, i’m sure many by now choose to step behind the headline and ranting and see the bigger picture, it is all propaganda to sidetrack you and follow the official line.
As shown in the series From Russia with love, 100 years and people have believed their country was communist implemented by Russians, it wasn’t and wasn’t russian who created it either.

*However, they have solved that problem now by developing a “vaccination” against radiation. In order to do the medical experiments necessary to develop this drug, thousands of US Citizens were “sacrificed” (killed). The Government now admits to 100,000 but will never admit why (to develop the secret radiation vaccine).

*Is Trump going Rumsfeld on us? apparently he didn’t like Kim Jong Un meeting with a Russian minister last week and said this, “I did not like the Russian meeting yesterday as what’s the purpose of this meeting? But it could be a positive meeting.

. If it is a positive meeting, I love it. If it is a negative meeting, I am not happy. And it could be very well a positive meeting,” Trump said in what seems to be an absolutely incoherent statement. Paranoia and full control are not a very good mix Donald, you have had and were given directly the solutions, please exercise and implement them.

*things that make you go hmm, 2 stories this week both suicides, sister of Queen of Netherlands announced today, and fashion designer out of NY Kate Spade also, she is linked with Clinton Foundation and also Haiti trip, why would a completely trashed Haiti need a fashion designer there when they had no homes, business’s or infrastructure.

*I pondered on this for past few weeks of message I received and it is a word of warning to the people of Hawaii, i’m not certain Hawaii will survive in the near future and may have to be evacuated permanently, I hope it doesnt come to that, but felt I needed to say something and hope it is wrong, than keep quiet and it all plays out.

*The Air Force is not buying two $24 million refrigerators for Air Force One, the service recently told a congressman. On Monday, Rep. Joe Courtney (D-Conn.) released a letter from Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson saying the Air Force and White House Military Office decided to cancel the purchase out of “prudent fiscal sense.”

*Kudos to Senator Jeff Merkley who tried to enter a former Walmart building (jade helm anyone) where children awaiting asylum into the USA inc are being separated from their parents to inflict pain and hurt on them to discourage them from coming here, the Senator was told he has no authority to enter the building and supervisor refused to discuss what is going on within the facility.

*MARIAH Carey’s sister has revealed her traumatic childhood in which she was taken to terrifying “Satanic” ceremonies by a close family member and sexually abused. Alison Carey, 56, told how a close family member used to take her to occult gatherings in the early hours of the morning where she was abused by cloaked worshippers. Although Alison never saw Mariah, now 48, at the gatherings she fears she may have been a victim too – after their brother Morgan also confirmed he was taken to the occult group as a child. Alison, who is currently struggling to survive on food stamps in a small apartment in upstate New York, said that the family member who led the cult threatened to hurt Mariah if Alison ever told anyone what was going on. “It sounds hard to believe and I have so many memories I wish I never had,” she said. “A close family member used to wake me up just before 2am and take me to an old hall that looked like a castle, which was a short walk from the church we used to attend in Huntington, New York.

*we have all heard the term the kurds but known little about them, as a follow on From Russia with Love, I find details that the Kurds are a white race with blue eyes, so dug deeper into it and yes it was confirmed these peoples were also a part of the old Rus, Slavonic Aryan race. Kurdistan 100 years ago was much bigger, that was

1/2 of modern day Turkey, parts of Syria, a 1/4 of now Iraq eastern side and around 1/3 of now Iran western side that went all the way down to Kuwait and The Persian gulf.
After many wars including Ottoman Empire war by Saladin who was also a Kurd and not Muslim, they requested from League of Nations which preceded the UN for their own state back, but England, France and Turkey divided it up between themselves. It is the Kurds who have mainly fought the Islamic State or ISIS.  So, in 2015 the famous national Kurdish singer Erbil created a new women’s army of Peshmerga for fight against fighters of ISIL. A crew of 123 women aged from 17 till 30 years, it is called as “Sun Girls” (Girls of the Sun). The sun is God’s symbol. All girls of a battalion are Kurds Yazidi who most suffered from terrorists of the Islamic State. In August, 2014 they ISIS rushed into the Iraqi city of Sinzhar in which Yazidi live mainly, arranged slaughter of the male Yazidi who refused to accept Islam there and took 300 Yazidi women prisoner to give them to dzhikhadist. What for? this question was answered by Adnan Kocher the head of the Kurdish cultural center in London in material to the British newspaper MailOnline. He told: “Kurds and Yazidi occur from ариев. But, as Yazidi very closed community, they kept in the appearance белокожесть, a fair hair and blue eyes. They don’t contract marriage with not – Yazidi. IGIL captured 300 female Yazidi from Sinzhar to take them in wives and to have from them Muslim children. If they can’t kill all Yazidi, they will try to destroy blood of the white person (the blond bloodline) …”
Kurds like in India have a caste system, and will not entertain marrying or sexual contact outside of their people due to the weakening of the peoples, related to dark magic. Seems the Aryans went further than we realize, and like Tartaria in Northern Russia has been erased from history or knowledge, until now.

*I hear and see a lot about people saying they are taking or have taken the red pill aka The Matrix movie, people need to quit saying that it is another trap, you don’t think they would give you a full on clue of how to escape do you? no, it is all wrapped up in riddles, cryptic and puzzles. Red Pill is LSD and another spirit world trap, the key is to escape the lower astral spirit world not get trapped in it. perhaps NEO name needs to be looked at as it is not a common name is it, perhaps it is an acronym New Earth Order?

*Earth people are presently pretty messed up. In fact, they are the most screwed up group of humans in the entire Physical Universe and that is why many spacecraft from other worlds have visited here to simply “look around”. Their equivalent of Psychologists and Social Workers have never seen such “fucked up” people before and this is why they come here to do research. The inhabitants of the planet earth are legitimate Human beings by definition. Some of them are fully developed, but most are not. This is a rectifiable situation, however, and could change in very little time. The human population of the Earth are presently in an “artificially created” state of deep sleep due to propaganda. They are really ready for a N3 rating. So, if the Government changes its ways and gives them a “fighting chance”, they will be OK shortly.

*The World is NOT overpopulated – in fact it is quite under-populated. If you took everyone in the whole world and put them in the State of Texas, each person would have about one thousand square feet of space and the rest of the world would be EMPTY. Most people do not have one thousand square feet of space reserved for themselves personally in their homes today. The myth of overpopulation is promoted by the elite because the world IS overpopulated from their standpoint which is that the only purpose of people other than themselves is to do SLAVE LABOR for THEM. And, due to advances in technology, there is less of a demand for physical slaves today than in the past, hence there is an “overpopulation” of slaves. The Planet Earth, incidentally, produces enough FOOD to FEED THREE WORLDS equivalent to the Earth. Where does it all go so that people starve to death ? Ask the EL-ITES

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