*Some people have said our show is too long and should be shortened, some said there is too much information, some want it longer, some want it more frequent and a case of can’t please all of the people all of the time.
We cover many topics each week and from many different levels, there maybe a case of increasing the shows and that will be looked into as time moves on.
The key to it all is not me or the shows, it is you, what you do with the information contained within each show.
I see some asking questions on stuff that has been recently covered in the show, which suggests people are not following the show, and that is ok as it’s their choice, but how can you grasp what is unfolding if you are listening to the show randomly? answer is you can’t, and hence the confusion you face.
This show covers many topics each week so you the listener can get a grasp of what is going on and make some sense of the madness that pervades this world, a chance to connect the dots, that appear to never end.This show is put together that consumes much time, not just the 3 hours each Thursday, so that you all have a chance to get as much of the news as possible and more importantly connect the dots, this is what this show does, it connects the dots. Our show is unique in many aspects as it is like a school where you actually learn stuff, not digest bs, do we have everything right, no. Has much been validated? I would think most would answer yes. So, the choice is yours of how much you wish to learn, it is 3 hours out of your week and I would suggest another hour studying the transcripts for things to sink in, which is being posted for the patreons initially and then released publically, you could always add another few hours absorbing and processing it and trying to tie things in yourself. So it is roughly 6 hours out of a 168 hour week for you to keep on top of most that is going on, ultimately your choice to decide how you use your time, but if you find you are missing out on things, then the answer lies within you. This is not something you can dabble in here and there, it requires much focus if you are to at the very least get some kind of grasp as to what is playing out, that is your responsibility and it is something many people have to learn again going forward, as asking for others to do things for you, led to the control system we have today, a much reduced one but still too many are waiting for others to do things for them, that they are capable of doing themselves, that has to stop if we really want to change the world.Just try to accept we are in paradise when we are seeing and understanding something new, our god should be change, our religion should be understanding, searching for truth is our greatest social challenge and purpose.

*IMF ISSUE, many countries are now starting to see through the illusion and making inquiries with varying degrees of success. I have said before you would be astonished at how little governments and state officials really know, well now they are learning some real truth for the first time. Of course there is a backlash to that in differing countries, as IMF march in demanding payments that each country allegedly owes, now they know each country is owed massive dividends from the trust and not debt instruments of the cabal. So IMF first started to go around threatening countries, now they are reduced to asking countries to lend them money, as they like the UN, now don’t have a pot to piss in.
Key now is for those countries threatened is all combine together and force the pirates and bandits out of your region, funds are there for each country once the blocking and threats die down, hold your nerve, inspite of the threats to your country, leaders or their children in some cases.

*Clowns are messing with all different types were communications are required, be it mobile phones, landlines, internet, banking, atm’s, it won’t always be this way

*more hacking attempts and more blocking attempts on the Quantum system, once again the hacking failed, once again QS recognized it and recorded who did it, eventually they will be unable to hack or block, only a matter of time

* 3 attempts on Trumps life these past 6 weeks

*govt is blamed for a lot of things that they have no control over, like et disclosure, it is 26 levels above the President.
3, 4 & 5 letter groups have no congressional oversight. Government were blocked out of any involvement or direct knowledge of ET issue after the humanity treasonist Eisenhower, this is why Kennedy tried to get ET papers lowered to govt level and signed off on an agreement with Russian counterpart Brehznev in November 1963, where America and USSR would exchange all ET related papers to each country, this in effect was an attack on the secrecy levels, which today is called the Deep State, peoples in secrecy levels above The President up to 49 (although I hear that number goes higher) whilst President level is 23, 11-12 days after signing that, Kennedy was dead. Don’t think for one moment Kennedy was doing that for the people, he wasn’t that was a faction war again, like now.
Govt has no control over the military (this is part of inner war described) either they are owned by SSp which we can confirm, but Rothschilds think they own it and also Jesuits claim they have owned it since 1500’s.
Govt has no control over income tax, or receives any of it, for those new to the show the IRS is not an American company on American soil, it is a trust of the Crown stationed in puerto rico.
Govt has no control over the Fed or IRS they are operatives for and by The Crown
Govt has no control over the media, as proven moreso this past 18 months than any other time, there is a reason why Trump is calling it fake news. All started with CBS back in 1920’s I wonder how many realize what the C stands for? it’s Columbia, like District of Columbia, they were working with OSS now known as CIA now to produce propaganda for American audiences. govt has no control over SSp, the real secret space program ongoing since 1940’s minimum, part of which was Majestic 12 until recently when they were all taken out by The Order.
govt has no control over policy that is dictated way up higher
govt has no control and neither do the people until possibly the last election (time will tell on that issue) of who is voted in or out.
So, maybe it’s time to stop blaming the govt for everything and target who are the real issue.

military tribunals for top names has now come up again, and I want to re-iterate to top brass covering those trials, it was the alt media who drove this truth narrative that has led to the exposure of these criminal elites, and I am requesting again some members of the alt community to be in attendance of those military tribunals. We have to be transparent going forward and members of our community selected should be able to observe real justice served, so it is not sideshow tribunal none of us can see or hear, which is then wrapped up in the bs called national security for numbers of decades, no, we required transparent instant justice and my recommendation is John Darash and members of his team at the NLA grand jury group, I would have said Anna Von Reitz as well but she still insists of being part of the problem and not the solution, if she drops her membership of Langley 2 Nazi group then fine, as she would add much to the proceedings. John and team can then sit in on the tribunal and report back how justice was served, in sufficient form that people will understand what took place, no need for full details to be revealed, as most will not handle it.

*My second request is should Ann (Hillary) be convicted in a military tribunal, one of the conditions to remaining alive for the rest of this lifetime, is she should be made an example of, and should be made to read out on all tv stations the crimes she has been found guilty of. This has multiple implications, 1. the general public gets it from the horse mouth, no more hearsay 2. it will start the healing process of the soul if she has one, that is no guarantee many in here are soulless, and can work off some of her karma before next lifetime, people will say why should we care about healing her? valid point but carrying the karma over into multiple lifetimes, could lead to continuous cycle of negativity in that soul and what if they all meet up again in next lifetimes? One could argue that karma should be erased after this lifetime, given the interference done here and we all have a fresh start, it is something many should ponder on this piece, I know many want an eye for an eye, but keep doing that and we all go blind, time to get ready for all to see in 2020 vision.

*We all learn something new every day, and here is a new one for you all. All religions were a human experiment to see how they reacted to it, it was a disconnect for you from source and an eventual worship program to the false gods, aka Ra, Isis, Horus etc this then took on other forms as the experiment obviously worked in some aspects as the memory of our connection to source over time faded. Around 2000 years ago it took a bad turn for the worst, in came the christian religion and catholicism, and Constantine added all new layers when in Jerusalem not in modern day Israel, but Jerusalem was in Constantinople back then, previously was in Russia under the guise of the Rus. Around 1100AD a splinter group of christians was formed known as the muslim sect, in 1500 protesting catholics then morphed into a protestant religion, but you see it is all part of the same thing, all are superceded in the experiment by the Torah book for hebrews and Talmud book for non hebrews, it is my understanding that the original Hebrews are Annunaki in DNA or ran by them, both are known as the chosen ones, under source there are no special ones, we were all created equal, heirarchy is the reign of the ego for those who thought they were above creation – they will meet their maker soon I find out their own folly and karma.

*Also something to ponder on religion now we know it was an experiment, up to you whether you accept that or not, but the term body of christ means entering a church, then you drink the blood of christ and eat the flesh during mass, when overviewed entering the body means walk in and then you consume it, is that not the definition of parasite? All very lower astral level to me, but perhaps that is what it was designed for, keep people in lower astral stream where the archons could then feed off us or loosh us like batteries.

*According to scholars one of the earliest hebrew books is Book of Esther, which was later renamed to the Children of Isreal, funny thing is is Esther was Persian and so Iran (land of the Ayrans), funny how his story books change narrative over time isn’t it.

*This passage perhaps explains why Radomir (real jesus) was hunted down and killed in 1086, Conversion of the Rus’The success of the conversion of the Bulgarians facilitated the conversion of other East Slavic peoples, most notably the Rus’, predecessors of Belarusians, Russians, and Ukrainians, as well as Rusyns. By the beginning of the eleventh century most of the pagan Slavic world, including Russia, Bulgaria and Serbia, had been converted to Byzantine Christianity.

*Newspapers from Maine to Hawaii pushed back against President Donald Trump’s attacks on “fake news” Thursday with a coordinated series of editorials speaking up for a free and vigorous press. The Boston Globe, which set the campaign in motion by urging the unified voice, had estimated that some 350 newspapers would participate. They did across the breadth of the country. The Portland (Maine) Press-Herald said a free and independent press is the best defense against tyranny, while the Honolulu Star-Advertiser emphasized democracy’s need for a free press. Fairly simple stop reading out Rothtillians and Langley 2 & 3 scripts, based on a failed world domination policy. Give balanced reports, be proper journalists not puppets, read the news based in our world not theirs.

*Prior to the formation of the OSS, the various departments of the executive branch, including the State, Treasury, Navy, and War Departments conducted American intelligence activities on an ad hoc basis, with no overall direction, coordination, or control. The US Army and US Navy had separate code-breaking departments: Signal Intelligence Service and OP-20-G. (A previous code-breaking operation of the State Department, the MI-8, run by Herbert Yardley, had been shut down in 1929 by Secretary of State Henry Stimson, deeming it an inappropriate function for the diplomatic arm, because “gentlemen don’t read each other’s mail”.) The FBI was responsible for domestic security and anti-espionage operations. President Franklin D. Roosevelt was concerned about American intelligence deficiencies. On the suggestion of William Stephenson, the senior British intelligence officer in the western hemisphere, Roosevelt requested that William J. Donovan draft a plan for an intelligence service based on the British Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) and Special Operations Executive (SOE). After submitting his work, “Memorandum of Establishment of Service of Strategic Information,” Colonel Donovan was appointed “coordinator of information” on July 11, 1941, heading the new organization known as the office of the Coordinator of Information (COI). Thereafter the organization was developed with British assistance; Donovan had responsibilities but no actual powers and the existing US agencies were skeptical if not hostile. Until some months after Pearl Harbor, the bulk of OSS intelligence came from the UK. British Security Coordination (BSC) trained the first OSS agents in Canada, until training stations were set up in the US with guidance from BSC instructors, who also provided information on how the SOE was arranged and managed. The British immediately made available their short-wave broadcasting capabilities to Europe, Africa, and the Far East and provided equipment for agents until American production was established. For the duration of World War II, the Office of Strategic Services was conducting multiple activities and missions, including collecting intelligence by spying, performing acts of sabotage, waging propaganda war, organizing and coordinating anti-Nazi resistance groups in Europe, and providing military training for anti-Japanese guerrilla movements in Asia, among other things. At the height of its influence during World War II, the OSS employed almost 24,000 people. From 1943–1945, the OSS played a major role in training Kuomintang troops in China and Burma, and recruited Kachin and other indigenous irregular forces for sabotage as well as guides for Allied forces in Burma fighting the Japanese Army. Among other activities, the OSS helped arm, train, and supply resistance movements in areas occupied by the Axis powers during World War II, including Mao Zedong‘s Red Army in China (known as the Dixie Mission) and the Viet Minh in French Indochina. OSS officer Archimedes Patti played a central role in OSS operations in French Indochina and met frequently with Ho Chi Minh in 1945. One of the greatest accomplishments of the OSS during World War II was its penetration of Nazi Germany by OSS operatives. The OSS was responsible for training German and Austrian individuals for missions inside Germany. Some of these agents included exiled communists and Socialist party members, labor activists, anti-Nazi prisoners-of-war, and German and Jewish refugees. The OSS also recruited and ran one of the war’s most important spies, the German diplomat Fritz Kolbe. OSS 1st Lieutenant George Musulin behind enemy lines in German-occupied Serbia, as a Chetnik, during his first mission in November 1943. His second mission was Operation Halyard. In 1943, the Office of Strategic Services set up operations in Istanbul,Turkey, as a neutral country during the Second World War, was a place where both the Axis and Allied powers had spy networks. The railroads connecting central Asia with Europe, as well as Turkey’s close proximity to the Balkan states, placed it at a crossroads of intelligence gathering. The goal of the OSS Istanbul operation called Project Net-1 was to infiltrate and extenuate subversive action in the old Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian Empires.

*Eating meat is murder, eating plants is murder, eating fish is murder whichever way you look at it and on and on it goes, all divide and conquer on a very shallow low vibration level.
We have to eat regardless here, people should be free to choose their own diet, and not have some new age agency program making them feel bad for their choice, all about a balanced diet on the 3D world. Eating energy?

*I hear that Keenan is back spouting of releasing collateral accounts and Drake is to administer the funds, it would be fantastic if it was true, but sadly it ain’t, I wonder what the other 73 M1’s think of him in their role? but unlike some I have a long memory, do people not remember Keenan himself said in an interview 12-18 months, where he stated there are no collateral accounts, sheesh those accts are on and off more times than Stormy Daniels knickers.  Reason for their optimism is everyone in dinarland, Langley and Pentagon was getting paid yesterday, but it failed again. Even if Keenan had access to any funds apart from the funds he stole off Drake, Jean Haines, Gregory Khatchurian and members of CV, the idea he would give any funds or role to Drake is the most absurd claim yet, Keenans contempt for Drake is fairly deep and Drake is playing and being played just like all the others, Keenan giving the fund dispersement to Drake oh dear.

*I see us as errant warriors. Errant in the sense that we are departing from a prescribed course. We cross a threshold, and then the fabric of events alters. The “news” is different. Solid becomes liquid, liquid becomes vapor, and vapor becomes open space. The space is waiting for us to do something. The space has no plan. It is calm. The challenges we assumed were there are missing. Those challenges were the last meal we consumed on the last day of old time. Now we walk and look up at the night sky. We are satiated and satisfied. Now we can do something different.

*I can understand why people from other continents would want to come here, I certainly do not blame them for wanting to seek a better way of life.  Everyone is aware most of those who are coming into the west are undertaking economic migration instead of fleeing from war and tyranny. The problem with that being quite a lot of those coming have a mindset that is non conducive to the western world.  I have seen to many videos where violence is the first not last resort. If you have something they want, just taking it seems to be all to common.  I can understand a lot of the places these people come from have been ruled by force and became their currency.  It makes us look weak.  Then you have the religion problem.  It’s hard to tell, but their seems to be an inordinate amount of those followers of Islam who believe the rest of us are inferior and are irreverent.  I am well aware that there are several no go zones that are now under Sharia Law.  In these places the police have to seek permission from the imam to enter those areas. I know that it is designed to cause a race war and economic collapse.  I have wondered though if they believe that making Whites extinct may lead to a diminished form of humanity. I would say we all have gifts and talents and we should have a good representation of all peoples and races. If I were in charge of the trust I would try and build those countries that the migrants left up to a higher standards than ours are and offer financial inducements for them to return.  I believe, after a few generations of a global standard of living we could all thrive.  I have seen several European countries refuse the influxes of people seeking a new home their and, I believe Russia will not allow a Ethnic replacement to apply. Japan has it’s problems however they have a strong identity and refuse to allow anyone to interfere with that.  I believe in a multi cultural world but not at the price of erasing one to replace it with another that isn’t any better. I often hear white flight on the news with families moving further away from the new influxes.  I doubt people would mind so much if their was an attempt to bridge the gap but, most often I have seen people uninterested in any type of assimilation.  The final thing I will say on this is that I used to live across the road from a tower block.  It was like the United Nations over there.  People from many different countries placed into a microcosm.  The results were more murders than I could count.  You can take people out of troubled places but most of the time they bring them with them. 

*Things are happening on many levels now, I envision it as it a row of snowballs some small but some very large on the peak of a mountain, some have already started to roll downhill and are gathering pace, others are rocking on the precipice, eventually all will fall and will ride the path down the hill to an opportunity to finally fix the world for the better, for the all.
But I want to focus on us in this piece, what are we going to do? will we wait for others to fix it or will we strive to get off our collective backside and create a new way of being?Will we sit and wait for politicians to be arrested? or realize their bearing on life is actually minimal and bordering on irrelevant?
Will the legal people in our community continue to argue over the name of the law or parameters of it, or as in some cases still operate for a program or faction? or just drop all the legal bs and operate under the golden rule, if all operated under golden rule we wouldn’t need laws except for business and trade.
What we will eventually experience and some already have and have worked through it, is, more and more low vibrational people will now start to interact with you in a negative way, it is their final assault to throw you out of sync.
People raging, people being rude, people being angry, people being argumentative with no apparent reasoning behind it, people being service to self, envy will raise it’s head which is another trait of service to self, engaging with these people is as I warned back in a show November 2016 is a pointless exercise, you wont win with low vibrational frequency people, you always lose something, most people neglect your life force or energy levels on a soul level and physical level.
Well, I convinced them on some things but they then countered back with others, yes because they are vampirising your energy, you see that is how they operate, like a child that always wants attention and being fed, then you do it and they want more and the cycle continues, you are the adult and I dont mean that in age ways, I mean that in thinking and frequency ways, you have morphed from being a child in an adult body to being nearer an adult in a adult body.
These types of people and attacks will ramp up now as they haven’t heeded the warnings, messages or really done their inner or shadow work, because if they had, they wouldn’t be exhibiting the above traits, they have all had plenty of time and way too much of our time to get a handle on things, it is now way past too late to integrate them into the better thinking and higher vibration, without tipping them over the edge mentally.
Families and loved ones are the hardest for us to ignore, but can you allow yourself to be sieved on a daily or weekly basis by people who in essence are still in child mode? your choice, but continuing that exercise will come at a cost for you, if you accept those costs fine, it is ultimately down to you how much you tolerate being energy looshed, but if you don’t, you all have hard choices to make of your own path, this was never going to be easy, the journey to get here has been a hard and arduous one, filled with many potholes and side streets, but they underestimated the sheer will, tenacity, creativeness of the organic souls left in here at their cost.
We have come so far and yet face our greatest task in the future still to come, how to operate with each other including non humans in a way were we are not competing or consuming each others life force. How to be personally responsible for many of us for the first time in our lives, how as parents or governments we learn to not stifle the children or the people, but teach and guide them to operate in a better way, learn how collecting or hoarding for the you when many others have nothing, is not the way we need to be, learn how to interact in harmony with nature, learn vocational and life skills, learn how to be content and happy again, learn how to develop your abilities and creativity that has been stifled and in some cases eradicated for so long.
And the ultimate goal is for our whole species to become an adult based species and cast off the under educated, child like savages tags we have been labelled with currently, we can only do that if all are partaking in fixing themselves and encourage others likewise.
We have entered totally unchartered waters now and stand on the edge of enormous change, learn to embrace change not fear it, life was supposed to be about experience and yet so many get stuck in repeating the same jobs, lifestyle, relationships, homes and countries that you know haven’t really enhanced your lives, only kept you in stasis, time for the real humanity to wake out of it’s slumber and scream Hello my name is human.

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