A small recap of last week, due to indiscretions, corruption and meddling with American people and its acting government, MWHT has the owner of the Federal Reserve revoked their license to hold, trade or transact in US dollars, this essentially ends the FED.
Some people were sceptical and concerned about their accounts, pensions, IRA’s, 401k’s and social security payments, rest assured none of them can be touched or interfered with, The Trust pays your social security anyway and always has, the social security and medicare payments that comes out of your wages is another slush fund for the clowns, so no concerns please over that, we have done everything to protect the people in how we operate and that will not change. The Trust has prevented stock market crashes and also government funding all designed to keep people in jobs and also to get paid, all despite receiving little to no support for so called authorities to date, but that has started to change – finally, now the real fun begins.

*banks let that hercules system syphon their money and promised to return it at 5pm – they never 7:06 they took all the digital money anyway, which cant be returned as that is classed as new money, these people are beyond stupid.

* Good morning all! Seems we are in the Eye of the storm….only info. Timeline is still valid after 9/11 memorial the execution of indictments using the memorial as a backdrop….all are prepped to implement on all stations for arrests! “Sit back and watch the fireworks”….

*2 branches of military stand down and are not going along with SSp control system, but the big news here is which two, traditionally the navy have been in control of all things related to ET’s and NT’s and received major extra budgets being in charge of that operation, this caused much angst in the army and in particular the air force as they felt they should be in charge of it all and subsequently receive more funding, this led to recent arguments within the majestic 12 between the military branches in that organization, army and air force wanted disclosure and navy didn’t, all down to jealousy over the extra funding, anyway Majestic 12 were all taken out by SSp recently we hear, so it comes with a big and pleasant surprise that the navy and the marines are going against SSp. SSp and the general close to Trump who is black dragon are holding this country to ransom, financially, politically and technologically. SSp have technology way beyond what we have and have chosen to keep to themselves to date, although we have through the peace treaty denied them full access to underground facilities beyond a certain level, where much of their advanced tech lies, they will not be getting access to that anytime soon. It is they who hold us back on the free or clean energy sources, preferring to get us to build nuclear facilities, not as power outlets but something they can make go boom at anytime due to Stuxnet technology, this is what happened to Chernobyl, Fukishima, nuclear plants are targets for the respective countries not playing ball with the Order. We will need an SSP but needs to be renamed The Peoples Space Force as a protection for this planet, and not a secret one either, no need for that nonsense when looking after us all. SSp is a national security risk for every country and needs to be reigned in, to the SSp quit now or face the consequences, you know what happens now when you violate the peace treaty, I have personally witnessed the evidence of such folly, your game and control is up, now come and meet with us and lets chart a pathway forward for us all, we know you have little to no funding left and we can provide it, providing you step down with current program, that serves the few and no one else, funds will be provided when you agree to full transparency and work with us to protect this planet and release all the advanced tech over to the people. Final warning.

*Bonds to liquidate banks from negative liquidity to 0% read out
*HSBC, JPM and Citibank lose right to hold certain currencies transferred into different curencies

*Burning Down the House” due to embezzlement of public funds, abuse of power under the color of the law, disobeying executive orders of the CURRENT President of the United States Donald J Trump, All access to any mainframe by an office of the IRS, both official and unofficial is hereby suspended until a full audit can be performed. In order to expedite the auditing process, the entire content of these mainframe servers are currently being uploaded to the CIA, Department of USA treasury, FBI, Secret Service, White House Treasury Terminal, Department of Homeland Security and Government Accountability office. IRS goes down.
IRS servers taken down in Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Washington DC, St Pierre newfoundland, Canada, Alaska, Washington State, Belgium, France, Switzerland and Hong Kong

*NsA associated were take down also servers down in Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Honduras, Panama, Utah and Calabasa CA

*Mr. Obama will have to explain his sordid antics that came up on the server and how he was using the IRS like a debit card services for some rather suspect behavior, parties, travel expenses all facilitated by Obama appointed people within the IRS – all the relevant authorities have been notified of those criminalities as all the files that were uploaded contain that evidence – oops

*massive sting done by FBI over $220M of supernotes 7 were arrested they were caught with several different currencies, whole pallets of them

*WHO are behind the grounded planes stories going around, we have warned previously about them and their involvement in previous viruses and epidemics, all designed to create fear, make the money pour into the pharma companies and deliver vaccines ladened with poisons and top heavy virus’s, these were deliberate attempts at biological warfare, sending people loaded with viruses on the planes for dispersement, time for authorities to react me thinks.

*The founder of cryptocurrency exchanges OKex and OKCoin, Star Xu, has been arrested by Shanghai police officials, this is part of ongoing purge in China to bring down the clowns operations, expect more to follow

*Did you know the trust handed over millions of dollars to the World Bank for development, infrastructure and humanitarian programs in the past? they spent none of it on those projects and used it to create wars, they like UN, IMF, WHO and need to be dealt with accordingly and disbanded or fully repurposed, all are criminal organizations.
This week Kim sent $500M for development and infrastructure to Sierra Leone, all approved, all verified and all credited to the bank, then in came 5 World Bank hired thugs that stormed the bank and blocked the transfers of the fund, threatened the bank and threatened to arrest people within the bank.
Message to people in Sierra Leone file complaint to the UN and send each member a copy in the UN security council due to threats on government officials, all other countries who have faced this to file also.
Our message to all the African countries and all the South American countries who have been threatened by WB and IMF is to combine forces together and run these people out of your countries altogether, they are terrorist organizations.

*Citibank control most of African banks and Wells the Fargo control banking in S.America these two will be dealt with severely and here is why, the trust funds placed in Citibank in Africa was all cleared as I have said, bank admitted the funds were there and decided to put it in a clearing account and so they delayed they payments. Wednesday they told the customer pay out will be Thursday (reason why is Rothschilds/Chinese elders etc were due to pay out by 5pm ET Wednesday, so they told the 4 outlets were the trust had sent the funds to hold back – you know what happened next by now dont you? – yes no pay out) well customer went for the funds today and Citibank refused to release the funds. So, what happened next, well Kim took back the bonds given on Sunday to bring Citibank from -42% liquidity to zero, and called in the debt owed to the trust by Citibank to the tune of $389T, Citibank now at -400+% liquidity, we also took away their rights to wire transfer in or out in N.America due to breaking all the banking rules and regulations here. Citibank about to go bye bye and message to all banks who follow that tactic of not releasing the funds to the customer, you will face the same consequences. Citibank declared insolvent due to fraudulent activities.

*Another message of warning to people who bank with Citibank, Wells the Fargo, Bank Of America, Morgan Chase group, HSBC, Barclays, Goldman Sachs, Vatican Bank, Santander, Lloyds TSB, Standard Charter you are all playing with fire having accounts with those banks, switch to chartered bank or credit union none of the above have any liquidity and some are struggling to pay their credit and debit card allocations, move your money, no one will lose their money overall, but we dont know how long it will take to get you all your funds back. I have given you all several warnings now, dont come crying to me or Kim if those fully collapse, we did warn you and now it is your responsibility, not ours. Have cash where possible.

*I met one of our members recently and her reaction to seeing me will live long in my memory, utter joy and excitement lit up across her whole face, at times doing this work is bound with frustration and much angst, dealing with threats, stupidity and listening to how psychopaths think the world is all fine as long as they are in charge, hearing of this crime and this atrocity can take it’s toll at times, but then something comes along and reminds you why you do it, this was one of those moments. Like last year when I played a request, one of the THI members for her disabled daughter, the sheer joy of that child still stays with me, this is what it is all about, making people happy and improving their outlook and well being in life.
People tell me things about me and the show and I have always played down what I have done, and having met a few members now and most saying the same thing, I maybe have to realize my own importance and impact on the lives of other people THI has had and done, but I have done it with varying levels of support from people like Holly, James, Chloe and Kim and I don’t forget that, but the changes in how people in the group are thinking, acting, caring different since I launched THI has been noted by many, and yes I will get some credit and even my humble self can admit that, but it is a testimony to you all as well, I can only guide you, have to walk the path, so kudos to you all for not only listening, but taking on board what I set out to achieve with this group, we have all come a long way.
The member I met has gone through her own personal traumas in life, went on a journey of discovery to Peru and the ayahuasca trip and found out for herself the issues, corruption and fraud surrounding that and made it her personal journey to highlight it, which she relayed to you all on an evening with Thomas, but she also embarked on another journey this year that has seen her drive alone for over 20k miles from SW America to NW America, to the 4 corners and NE America handing out thousands of fliers of the work of THI all while living out of a car!! an extraordinary undertaking i’m sure you will all agree, so the honor of meeting up was all mine dear, and I and we thank you for who and what you are, take a bow Willow Niitsuma.

*Trump on H.R. 5515 signed on August 13th 2018  Sections 1033 and 1035 purport to restrict transfers of detainees held at the United States Naval Station, Guantánamo Bay.  I fully intend to keep open that detention facility and to use it, as necessary or appropriate, for detention operations.  Consistent with the statement I issued in signing the National Defense Authorization Act last year, I reiterate the longstanding position of the executive branch that, under certain circumstances, restrictions on the President’s authority to transfer detainees violates constitutional separation-of-powers principles, including the President’s constitutional authority as Commander in Chief.



*One of things we need to look at here in America once funds are released is the hidden epidemic of health related issues in this country, many people have ignored going to doctors or hospitals due to fear of or the ridiculous costs associated with it, the same applies to dental care. Part of the problem we face is the middle and top men issues, the middle men brokering deals for medicine and supplies that creams money off the sale of the items, and the top people shareholders also creaming money out of the system when very few do very little to contribute. Would love to know what percentage of each item goes to these two groups of vampiric entities, I would imagine it is quite high.
Now in a world of overbloated government I am hesitant to add to that list of government tasks, so I would like to see something set up that runs concurrent with government, with government in the role of oversight in some way.
All of our essential basic needs in life like food, water, clothing, health related and energy should not be a shareholder based or middle men based operations, we should set up a peoples co-operative to run these essential services for and by the people, these are our life blood services and should not be used as profit based entities.
Now I am not against making profits, but the profits should be in line with making the essentials in life affordable to all, not everything has to be enormous profit based, that is greed not need, excessive profit leads to fat cat business people, and where there is an excess, it means there is a shortage at the opposite end of the scale, which means the workers, hence $1/2M shareholders pay and minimum wage for the real workers.
When a society relies on it’s government for all essential services, it will always mean we are slaves, when the people take their own responsibility for their lives and co-operate, not compete, then we control our own destiny and freedom.

*Patent issue also needs to be resolved and categorized in different ways, again that needs to come out of government/military and deep state control and back towards the public. Should a patent be part of an essential need for the public then that must be fast tracked for release, I would like to see the patent holder be given a one off payment to cover the costs of their time plus an agreed extra maybe 10-20% and that patent belongs then to the people and not military or govt services sharks, this is again showing a path to co-operative and not competitive mindset, many patent holders don’t go in it for the money but do it out of a passion, but too many want to become the next Richard Branson or Elon Musk where it is all about getting rich, but getting filthy rich means their is an imbalance in the system and creates low wages and poverty.

*Most people who collect money like it is going out of fashion is all borne out of fear, fear they wont have enough for children’s college, fear they wont have enough if an accident, injury or disaster happens or fear they wont have enough in retirement, all of it based on fear, and we have all participated in it, so why do we do it? Is this the way life should be all existing in life and existing in fear? We may or may not reach the promised land, but we will never reach it handing over responsibility to think tank groups ran by greedy, service to self psychopaths intent on harvesting everything for themselves.

*Message to Patriots post

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