With all the new listeners and new members I would like to welcome to our group, this group will tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear.
Many of you will have been brought up on the RV, Nesara, Gesara, crypto currencies and blockchain, plus other promises of PPP’s, St. germaine trust and I can tell you now, none of them will be happening, RV, crypto and blockchain was all designed to take your money on a promise you would get riches, no, the cabal got rich on it and you lost your money, there may be a redemption program unveiled where you will get some of your money back, I repeat may, it is not a promise at this stage, as we have far more pressing things to deal with, but it maybe looked at at a later date.
For those thinking BRICS is going to save them, think again that was created by Rockerfeller and Rothschilds when Putin was pindar, he quit it.
Those that think there is an M1 most commonly known is Neil Keenan that will release all the collateral accounts, first off there is 74 people running around claiming they are M1, none will be releasing the collateral accounts, neither will Sino or Soekarno either.
PPP’s are not happening either but there will be a range of benefits that will come to every person going forward, once the blocks are removed, and they will be removed.
St. germaine trust never existed – period, Kim has the list of all the 6500 trusts that were merged into one trust now called the Manna World Holding Trust, none of them said St. germaine, these funds will be released 50% to the countries for infrastructure, redevelopment, aid programs and getting their people the basics in life. The other 50% will go to the people in various forms via projects and aid packages, via The Peoples club, Create change with Tank or other groups set up within all countries, The Peoples club is the American version, it may expand into other countries but the people of that country will run it. OYM will run a Peoples Club in Ireland, once it all rolls out.
The trust is working on several aspects currently of how to improve life for all people on every single level of society, there are 489 aspects of life that needs change, so I ask for some patience on these things, we are working as hard as we can to get the ball rolling, and don’t need when is this or that happening questions, quietly consider what you would really like to do going forward, document it for yourself and when time is right, we can see if we can fit you in with what you would like to do in life going forward.
The Trust will give us opportunities to progress forward, we have to take that opportunity, not by replicating the current corporate system, but by being different, so no shareholders or middle men creaming money out of the system and then leaving peanuts for wages at the staff level, if you set up your own company, do you need fancy lavish cars, 1st class air travel, all paid business expenses on expensive meals or the pointless and expensive business conferences, or excessive salaries, the old system had all them, that only served themselves and failed the all, are we going to replicate that? i hope not, you take what you need, not what you greed, has to be the way forward for us all, so if your desire is to be a millionaire or multi millionaire you are not thinking in the right way, millionaires means many have nothing – please remember that going forward, share it all out for the benefit of all, not service to self. Remember you are only important if you do important work, not because of the fake titles bestowed.

Going forward you will all have to learn you have been lied to all your lives, you have all given your power way and believed in a system of haves and have nots, you have to learn that everyone here is important including you, you have to work on yourself to improve and then help improve others, we have to end the greed, service to self, keeping up with the jones’s attitude, where a russian, muslim, iraqi or syrian life is just as important as American or British lives.
We have to create communities again and all chip in, we have to end the comparative competitive mindset and into all for one and one for all, I have better house, car, salary, shoes, phone or handbag is shallow thinking and destructive, not to mention it comes at the cost of debt for the majority, I talked someone out of getting a top of the range car recently, when his own worked fine, so you buy a $50K plus car not because you like it but because you want to show off to friends and family, essentially you are rubbing their noses in it, is this the way we should be? so 12-20 people go wooo nice car and your then stuck paying for it at around $700 a month or more for next 5-7 years, all to impress 12-20 people? is it worth it? think about it. The old system loved people like you doing that, as it created more debt nails to hammer you into a cash empty coffin. Think and act different is the way forward.

*Rothschild’s have given up on Asian Faction now and have engaged the Nazi group whose AAIA membership is 2.5 million, Rothschilds want them to unleash global biowarfare to reduce population by 90%. They have 3 different modes of delivery to accommodate the various human genetics involved, 25% reduction for each one and rest die from combination of the three. Bill Gates of Microsoft is tasked in this role of grim reaper. High time all so called authorities act, this is national security for every country. We have further intel in that they are digging up regions where black plague bodies were buried for their genocide program, it will be stopped. Since this announcement Trump has now set up a biological warfare team.

*Explosions in various towns across NE America were down to the nazi faction causing disruption, investigations ongoing, larger events have been blocked

*RV failed again on Saturday, monday and yesterday and will always fail

*Treasury meeting with around 10 insolvent banks including all the cabal named banks on Friday, banks were told you only have one option to restock and refloat your banks, and that is Manna World Holding Trust. They were also told to produce audit figures for a secondary meeting on Monday. Expect chaos to ensue, now they are backed into a corner.

*Banks did produce their figures and all of it was lies and distortion and cooked books, The treasury ran their own reports and found huge discrepancies, so now Treasury are aware of the lying ongoing.
Unblock MWHT or all your business and the countries globally goes bust. Sack all the top CEO’s of every bank, individual or central, shut down officially the FEd and the IRS and restructure or delete accordingly, it Could well be nationalization of all banks may well take place.

*banks now have zero liquidity, banks are being threatened by Rothschilds led companies they will pull out all the big corporations out of the banks if they accept the Trust funds, Kim responded she will give the banks $10 for every $1 the funds pulled out if they go ahead.
They think they can create money out of thin air like in the past, but all money must have an allocation number and the Quantum system knows all the numbers of every US dollar and other currencies, and recognizes all the duplicates and instantly rejects them. This prevents assets being duplicated and leveraged against, with all assets mapped and logged inside the system, there is no confusion or cheating anymore as to what is real or not, but the clowns always think they can buck the system, not no more you can’t, as several failed hacking attempts, adding supernotes or printing currencies with duplicate allocation numbers have all attested, all of them failed, and that will always remain the case.

*Currently $19B of project funds is being held in abeyance by banks at the request of Rothschilds and controlling elites, as Rothschilds make promise after promise to restock the banks with funds, except they or Chinese Elders dont have anything to give or offer, everything belongs to The Trust no matter who tells you different, the trust has made offers to all the banks and yet still we wait. Funds into the banks have all been declared valid and legal by Treasury, BIS, DHS and other institutions, FBI, OCC, DOJ, DHS have all been into the banks where the $19B is housed and still we wait for real actions, the lack of actions coming from the government is a source of frustration at best at this point, and indicative on larger scale.
Banks, govts, institutions and accounts are all showing zero or less now globally, you would think some would act by now, a classic case of nero fiddling whilst Rome burned springs to mind.

*Message to Trump act now and fast or face the consequences, you have allowed under duress we know, this country to be on the brink of financial assassination, twitter’s telling us that Hillary, Obama, Comey, Mueller et al are crooked is something we all knew, so your not telling us anything new, if they are that crooked why haven’t they been arrested yet? This country is 12 days away from a total shutdown as the budget is due again, and yet no one has even mentioned it yet, good luck getting funds out the Rothschilds to keep you going, The trust gave you $700B last time and told you how to protect it, you didnt and lost $400B to SSp and NATO goons, thankfully Kim clawed all that money back into the Trust, but she will not be providing funds for you to waste and fritter away again until real actions take place.
Kim and the trust have given you a platform to re- energize this country into a better way for America and all other nations, we gave you the sovereignty declaration 8 months ago and none of it has been implemented, why?
Kim and the trust have done enough to provide real solutions to the path forward, given you access to millions of files showing the corruption on all levels, worked with every single department within this country, 16-18 hours a day for zero pay I might add, now is the time for you, the govt, Q, the military, justice department and the agencies to do your jobs and actions must be taken, starting now, not tomorrow until Rothschilds fail again or wait until friday when it fails again and on and on it goes, like now Trump, today, we have done our jobs, it is way past time you did yours. Force banks to release the funds or we all go bust, its not difficult, it is a fairly simple choice actually once you put on some big pants and do your jobs you are all paid for.
All of you in high level positions owe the people of this country and all other countries big time, time for our payback is now.

*Mr. munchkins and his crew at the treasury need to get moving and push things along, but maybe he is not batting for us, time will tell.

*The treasury itself has been pushing the 4 banks currently holding $19B on account for last 3 weeks, on releasing the funds I am pleased to say, the 4 banks have now asked the agencies for an intelligence report on Manna World Holding Trust of the validity of the funds, oh the irony the banks who laundered billions of drug, trafficking and slavery money asking for validity of the funds, now under normal circumstances this is a good sign, as it has already been approved by The Treasury, BIS, DOJ and DHS, but could also be another delaying tactic, but if they delay much longer those banks will cease to exist in their current format, so they best not delay too much longer, remember the trust owns all the banks.

*Pressure is now being applied on getting Israel to sign the non proliferation treaty on nuclear weapons, to date they have not signed it, in part due to the fact they have been selling American weapons nuclear and non nuclear and trade secrets globally and making a vast profit on it. What is also less known is all the furore over Iran having nuclear weapons is ironic, since it was the Israelis who actually sold them the nuclear weapons Iran has in 1984.

*A lot of chatter about bonds and redeeming them globally either for bank bail outs, cabal enrichment or agency related control systems, you may not know that bonds can only be created during war time, and as we were under martial law for last 16500 years is how they came into existence, since 2016 when peace was declared and the peace treaty enforcable, these bonds are only bank assets now, so forget all the alt media talk of cashing them in for collateral accounts etc.

*We have spoken to the Zimbabwe president this week and made him aware of the currency issue his country faces, with clowns and the goons on the internet promoting Zims, I promise you, when they change their currency they will not be using Zims, Zims will then have same value as monopoly currency.

*Thinking aloud and given how many people think about Trump, he splits and divides opinion too much, so much so, even if he did the right thing, many would reject it just because it is Trump, but what if Trump went down with all the other clowns for indiscretions, what happens next? Pence? err no, maybe we should consider a temporary appointment at the top for the transition only, I know she wouldn’t thank me for one minute suggesting this, but extraordinary measures are required in extraordinary times me thinks, and given she has overhauled the whole banking system, declared sovereignty, collapsed the control system and has extensive knowledge of global affairs, perhaps Kim should be installed as the head of the country for a short time period, as she would be someone most of the country would put support behind. Sorry Kim but it is the best solution of a temporary Trust acting govt until real American govt is installed, with organic constitution and bills of rights restored, ending the fed, irs and crown, plus BAR lawyers system, as we know it and or repurposing it. I just think the public would respond better to her than Trump imo, she talks common sense which as we all know is not common these days.

*“Coleen Kelly Johnson Martha G. Kavanaugh, the mother of Brett Kavanaugh was a Maryland district judge in 1996. In an amazing coincidence, Martha Kavanaugh was the judge in a foreclosure case in which Christine Blasey-Ford’s parents were the defendants. Now it all becomes clear. Blasey-Ford is going after Brett Kavanaugh, not because of what he did in high school. Instead, Christine Blasey-Ford is going after Brett Kavanaugh out of spite and revenge for a case rulled on by Brett Kavanaugh mother. Martha Kavanaugh, Brett’s mother was Montgomery County Circuit Court judge from 1993 until she retired in 2001. During a 1996 foreclosure case, Martha Kavanaugh ruled against the parents of Christine Blasey-Ford in a foreclosure case. The foreclosure case against Paula K. Blasey and Ralph G. Blasey was opened on August 8, 1996. The case number is 156006V”

*It seems MSM and their puppet operating clowns are now getting awfully edgy about social media and alt media, and deciding to ban various groups and organizations, ignore the Alex jones one it is all theater and distraction, but twitter, fb, reddit, yt all banning, and i know that bothers most, but is it not a sign we are winning as well, we will always find others avenues to have and say our piece. From owning and controlling the world, now reduced to banning people on FB to keep an illusion of control going, oh my how the mighty have fallen.

*Jerry Brownshirt CA Governor popped up on portal people news this week, saying Trump is sabotaging the world order, yes Jerry because we dont want a nazi led world is why. He went onto say something is going to happen to this guy because, if we dont get rid of him, he will undermine America. So you have a public guy on national tv that at best is threatening the President, at worst it could be he is insuating that he should be assassinated, and the authorities are doing what?

*Political drama and all its narrative of he said she said, we all embrace it to a degree, but is it all valid in the overall scheme of things? By now most realize the system is corrupt and yet many persue it like it is all there is to talk about?
Comey, Mccabe, Mueller, Page, Strozk, Banner, Mattis, Flynn, Sessions, McCain and Ann and the names just keep rolling, they could all be arrested tomorrow, but will it make a difference? and yet the missing names still remain off the radar so to speak, like Bush family, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Kissinger, Brzezinski, Dulles, Rockerfellers, Rothschilds, why is that?  but the point is we already know all of these politicians are puppets, all have partaken in corruption, fraud and various other crimes, so why do we focus on it or give it so much attention? The answer is different for each person, depending on how they view themselves in life or how they mask themselves in life as well, often the over reaction or focus is based on individual insecurities, people who are insecure in themselves, react worst to indiscretions of others, it is a safety mechanism of the self, too few are able to self process, insecure people hate being fooled and so will react, most times over react when they are fooled by known names in society, and yet rarely react to being fooled by those around them.
The other aspect is we trusted them to look after us and they let us down badly is the projection, but in reality is it not more the case we let ourselves down badly, for a. thinking they have an obligation to do so and b. what happened to our own sense of personal responsibility and c. who said we can’t look after ourselves? the system did and we went along with it. so is it not the case that the angst at politicians, is really a projection of the angst of ourselves? Recognizing that fact is one thing, correcting it is another, and we wont correct it projecting at politicians, when the answers lies within us. Shadow and inner work has more value than any pieces of paper and bits of metal, no matter what society tries to convinces you differently. Co-operative mindset not comparative mindset is the way forward.

*Much has been said and written about Q and Qanon over this calendar year to date that we have already covered, but to me it is reaching it’s end times, why? because sooner rather than later, something has to be delivered from that platform or it will resemble another hopium forum, the reality is the only group that has done anything to date with real purpose is Kim and the trust, many items of which has been verified, some still to come, but we wait for others to do their jobs they are paid to do, she and we delivered, now it is your turn to get big pants on and do your part. Revealing documents is one thing Q, most of them came from the trust, we don’t want documents to read and go ooh they are guilty, we already know that, we want actions not documents. Time to deliver.

* I was at a patriot rally today demonstrating against the rollout of smart meters.  One of the ladies was distributing a paper written by two Cal Firemen, (who wish to remain anonymous) who stated that Cal Fire responded immediately to the Carr Fire (the first and largest fire near Redding) and could have easily put the fire out right away, except that soon after they responded, the forest service arrived and demanded that they stand down and let the fire burn.  They said that they were unable to deploy their services until the fire reached the City of Redding, where Cal Fire had jurisdiction.  They also said that they overheard a conversation at the forest service office that the fires were to be allowed to burn free.  The second big fire, the Hirsh fire was not fought until it got close to the Hearst property along the McCloud river. These fire fighters asked to have their information disseminated to the public, so they would know what is going on.  A couple of people at the rally said that the piles of white ash were indicative of directed energy weapons and that DEW were the cause of all the so called “spot fires” popping up all over the place.  It appears that TPTB (soon to be were) are trying by hook or crook to run the rural people out.  They are also employing scare tactics by evacuating thousands of people and putting thousands more on red alert.

*We have a good group of patriots here in Siskiyou County, the northern most county in California, who are dedicated to liberty.  In fact we now have a law suit before the Supreme Court, as I understand it, to review our appeal to form a 51st state, the State of Jefferson; then the 23 counties in California, who have signed on with us to secede from California, will be free of the Sacramento communist monster!

*Something that came up in one of the chats recently, that gave me an idea, with all the concerns of wifi and G5 would it not be cool if all developed their latent abilities to tune into a frequency and create their own wifi or myfi, this is not as far fetched as it initially appears, we have many latent abilities wrapped up in the 95% junk DNA, which get switched on as you become more responsible and balanced, and as you rise up the mental planes soul evolution.

* dont dream or wish how about manifest or create it, wishing and hoping is all well and good, manifesting or being the change is the way forward. Many dream of being in a different job, but how many take the steps to fulfill it? how many make a stringent effort towards their dream? how many are waiting on others to give them their dream? It’s like waiting for the government to fix things for us, we have had a long wait for that, and a few disclosures and arrests will still not fix that problem, what fixes it is a concerted efforts on the part of many, demanding the changes or we replace you with someone who will. That movement is now rising quickly I am pleased to see, but revealing a few documents and arresting some will only have benefits, if we, not them fill in the void created, they have a steady stream of greedy, egotistical psychopaths to fill in the void and it all rolls on, this time we have to do something and fill in the gaps with people who don’t have those traits, otherwise it is all pointless.
Manifest abilities have increased over the last few years, and yet many still don’t use it, because they don’t believe in it, and yet billions believe in a person they have never met or some god sitting on a cloud passing judgement, all that is external belief systems, something outside of you, when your internal beliefs carry all the power and the magic.
Manifest is not a magic wand so don’t expect results instantly, it doesn’t work that way in general, it’s like growing a plant, you prepare the soil and the ingredients for growth, plant the seeds, water and nurture it until it blossoms, and as you can see from this analogy it requires your heavy input into it, if you want the plant to succeed.
Western societies now demand everything today or even yesterday, largely with no input into it, it is that aspect that has to change going forward.

* I would like to give you some information that has helped my husband and I with attacks.

We each got a blue UV flashlight that we carry around. The light kills the “life” out of the “negatives”. Salt dissolves them, and sage seems to scare them away.

*There are some in the alternative community who have suggested that I have gone off track, with the focus all about money, finance and the trust, and I have forgotten my purpose here, and I have become distorted, well people are entitled to have their opinions, but I am entitled to disagree also, clearly they are focusing on one aspect of the show only and are looking for faults, and that’s ok as often those faults are in the mirror and is reflective of those who delivered the judgement.
I have made it clear what I think should happen with the trust so I don’t need to explain that again, but perhaps we need to address the psychological aspect of it again and why what has been done, what we are doing and what we can do.
In the past the trust was used and controlled by marduk and bloodline families and at later date corporations, foundations and banking empires, all promised at various stages for it to be used for humanitarian programs, they never did, and yet since they lost control of it all, these families are now coming out saying they want to do this and that for humanity, like foster and gamble, like Jared Rand, like some of the lower end Rothschilds, yes you David when your family has done nothing but rape, pillage and kill for the last 500 years, since Chinese Dragon group of that time gave your family $20M loan, which you never repaid, infact you have never repaid anything. Bezos and Musk are the latest publicity stunt people, the point is none of them delivered it, why? because it was never their intention to do so is why, all fake phoney snake oil salesman wanting another piece of the pie they have already swallowed, but for the last few crumbs.
They used the trust to build empires of control, bought up every patent, idea and innovation, stifled creativity, entrepreneurism and controlled not only the flow of the money, but who had it and who didn’t, who lived and who died, which was the latest country to overthrow, bomb or wipe off the map, slush funds for assassinations, slush funds to dictate policy, slush funds to manufacture smear campaigns, you name it all of it came out of the various trusts, and why life, society, conditions are what they are today.
Every piece of land, resources, corporations, banks, military, weapons manufacturers, governments designed to abide by their rules and the whole control system was built in part or in whole by The Trust under the previous regime, so does it not make sense to collapse that infrastructure first? All of those just mentioned are all owned by The Trust and Kim intends to return it back to the countries and people it was stolen from.
Look dancing around in the woods, singing kumbaya, smoking pot, all peace and love whilst selling trinkets like orgone, crystals, rocks and meditation tools will not save the world from destruction, if it did it would have worked at it’s peak in late 60’s early 70’s, clearly it never and it went worse after that, what it required was hard in your face actions.
So, after merging the 6500 trusts globally into one, what Kim and the trust has done, has removed or dampened their ability to manipulate life and society, end greed merchants whose lust for power and control has no limits, stall and then stop clowns playing full scale war games which would have incorporated Agenda 21, eliminated many of the backdoors into peoples accounts, eliminated many of the clearance accounts banks had, essentially ended the Federal Reserve’s ability to steal from every American including the government, and also in other countries, shut down the criminality with the UN, who are not peacekeepers in any way, shape or form, but operate in child trafficking, disease making, and creating treaties when they were sovereign, they are not no more, that involved keeping every countries in ground resources for the future, meaning every country would turn into 3rd world status, whilst they spent the loot on world domination and eliminating 90% of us.
All programs require money, so cutting off the money supply has had enormous benefits for all of us, by stifling their control of money and eliminating many of their slush funds, their genocide program has been stalled considerably and then allows us to build our own platform, alliances, humanitarian projects and abilities to flourish and create a better world.
So, the trust in essence that was used against us to harvest our life force, create slaves of us all and weaken our resolve, and force us into a competitive, comparative mindset where we all ended up fighting each other, all of that has been stalled or stopped, but we still have much to do, so if some don’t think changing those conditions are important, then perhaps it is not me who has lost their way, is it.

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