Tonights show will be changed around a bit from usual format, The world may have changed, but one thing I can promise you is, I wont, today’s show brings us the usual news and views around the world, the usual q & a, the usual intel and the usual op-ed pieces played in a background of music that is atopical, but maybe this week has an extra kick, enjoy the show
I want to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for the support you all have given me this week including Randy and Alan and those in STS group, it is more appreciated than you all realize. I want to thank my admins Holly and James in particular they have enough to do in normal circumstances, without the added nonsense and over reactions that sometimes can occur with these events. A painful lesson for us of how things can change in an instant, be it by friend or foe and tip everything upside down, and try and destroy everything we have built together. Those responsible for that will become clear as time unfolds, those making power plays for their own ends, will eventually face the consequences of their actions, of that I am sure of. But I am more concerned of how we progress forward than miscreants and ego heads playing games, everyone in our group has handled it in the right way, you stuck to the facts and never allowed anything or anyone sway you from that stance, it was not only standing up for me, it was standing up for yourselves and THI and what we are all about, for that I thank you all for that, we can face it together they way old friends do. 

*So word on the street is Obama, Admiral Jon Von Wright and 2 of the Chinese Factions, The Manchurians/Kuomintang also known as the Black Dragon and the Gold Dragon groups are all creating chaos in attempts to become Pindar. Apparently the final decision is made by Rothschild. So here is where we are at in this giant game of “Who will be the next Captain of the Titanic”, the Head Slave, the Big Kahuna.. The Chinese Groups are fighting within themselves whilst deeply indebting China.

*Eric Prince has joined the ranks of the Chinese Group known as the “Black Dragon” and is also a member of the very secret OSS Society based out of Norfolk, Virginia. He has won awards from the OSS for his outstanding work in leading the private military groups in their fantastic acting jobs, as “Russian Seperatists” in Ukraine, and also posing as “Islamic State” also known as ISIS. Congratulations goes to Mr. Prince for training so many UK, USA and German Intelligence officers to become actors and actresses. Hey Eric, just a reminder, when posing as Russian Military, remember Russian men wear their wedding bands on the RIGHT hand. Oh well, who looks at details when Joe Biden’s son is raking in the dough as a board member of Ukraine’s largest Gas Company. Eric has formed a close relationship with Mr. Gao (head of the black dragon in China) and is back at trying his hand on how to be a terrorist. This time posing once again as ISIS and also the IMF Mercenary Group.

*Good Luck Eric and Mr. Black Dragon with your strategy to become “Pindar” by enacting terrorism world wide. Our next contender, The Golden Dragon, also known as the Li Family, Zhang and Houng. These families have taken on a different tactic in their bid for “head honcho of the word council”. They have decided to enact financial terrorist acts all over the world. Promising BIG bribes in excess of 1 to 2 billion dollars to various central bank governors around the world then never paying. All in attempt to crash the world financial system. Loans higher than the average Mafia and contracts they never intend on fulfilling. Well why pay full price if we can pick up every country for a song at a later date??

* So they have changed course while trying to crash every countries financial system and of course all the big banks (including the USA by the way). Bribes “promised” have been to The Secretary of Treasury in the USA Mr. Mnuchin, The Governor of the Central Bank of Brazil, The Governor of the Central bank of Nigeria, The former Governor of the Central Bank of Sierra Leone who stayed almost 2 months past his tenure due to the fact the Chinese Group kept promising “tomorrow tomorrow” the RV is “tomorrow”, The Governor of the Central Bank of Jamaica, The Vice President of Ecuador, Head of the ECB just to name a few, after all this show is only so long.

So we now have the militia terrorists known as the Black Dragon and the China Golden Dragon the financial terrorists.. Good Luck to you both. Now we have some new players and some old still on the scene..


* In Ring 3 we have Obama, Mr. Pindar of 2016 and in part 2017 pleading for the job back. Trotting around the planet like he still is the President of the USA. along with Hillary stealing Sovereign Guarantees promising clean energy etc. etc. under the Paris Climate Control Agreement and undermining the Current Present of the United States Trump at every turn. Just incase other countries have not read the Constitution of the Republic of the United States, once a president is out of office he no longer is permitted to act on behalf of the United States, deep state or otherwise and oh, Hillary LOST. Anyway, the Sovereign Guarantees have been useless in his plight to revaluate the dinar and install the Muslim Brotherhood as the head of the world council. Well, keep trying big ears, maybe you will get your day in hell oops I mean the sun, the central one.

* In Ring 4 we have a new player in the game, Admiral Jon Von Wright. Mr. Von Wright is a very high ranking member of the AAIA also known as the Nazi Group and of course the SSP. He has decided the way to get the Top Chump job of Pindar is by using various versions of data centers, back doors and lots of cyber hacking and making a very sloppy attempt at recreating the Monarch Program. He is feeding tons of intel to China to whom he thinks are his subordinates and yet they are playing a high stakes game of RISK by using your Opposition to destroy each other, no work needed by you. Mr. Von Wright is doing a fantastic job of trying to steal technology from ANYONE who looks like they may possibly be able to create a “new quantum system” you know, the one they mention on all the RV sites?? Well all the previous ones have failed so he is hunting down and kidnapping anyone who may be able to get this done, Secondly, there is of course your good friend Mr. Gates chomping at the bit to join you in releasing some ungodly viruses throughout the world vs the fake alien invasion you have been contemplating. Well no matter.. Good Luck to you Mr. Von Wright, and take a lesson from the Airforce General who was in the running this past summer.. If you take money out of the financial system you can not put it back in. Goldman Sachs or Sucks which ever you prefer will not be issuing a new “US FED COIN” as stated in the news this week and there is no more money to steal, no more allocations for the FED, well, you are a strategist figure it out with all your friends at the OSS Society, Norfolk or whomever you consult with.. Good Luck with the Job and we will know you won if we are all singing Hitler’s national anthem. All hail the Fuerer, or whatever salute you are using these days.  (sieg heil)

Well that is the latest from the newest game of “Survivor” known as “Who gets to be the Dragon Penis”..


*Who will get voted off the island? Who will win the race? We will know by November first. What is Rothschild doing for their part?? NOTHING watching their minions run around annihilating each other and they are betting on all horses. No matter who wins, they win they figure. So they tell each one they are a “shoe in” for the position, meanwhile they are sitting back and laughing at them all. Why does anyone listen? We have absolutely no idea.
All seems very discriminatory to me this Pindar business with a gay man Obama being Pindar and a lesbian woman Hillary or Ann as we call her, was next in line, but she lost that as well, oh dear Ann has now been in two one horse races and lost them both, she will go down in history for that record, but she will go down in another way sooner rather than later, and no don’t be dirty minded I am not referring to that type of going down, but I’m waiting for some social activist group to raise a petition, start a go fund me page , a FB and twitter page and demand equal rights for straight people to be Pindar .

*Trump told Saudi King he wouldn’t last ‘2 weeks’ without US support, watch that closely. Links to look out for is Israel and Yemen.

In a recent op-ed piece on September 20th show, I did a hypothetical piece based on my concerns of what was happening with Mr. Kavanaugh, and how opposition use any means to discredit anyone who gets in their way.
They often use illicit means to remove people regardless of whether it is valid or not, and so it got me thinking.
What if they did it to Mr. Trump again like the Stormy Daniels issue and what happens if it actually works? What happens if it is the Democrats and they install Hillary based on some other issue like Russian collusion? that was what the op-ed piece was about, and my own selection with no viable alternative was I would vote for Kim, that was MY opinion only and should not be considered as part of any plan, in the past, now or in the future, the piece if listened to with no biased agenda made that quite clear, or so I thought, well today for those who are not clear in their thinking patterns I will spell it out.
Unfortunately a headline done by a youtuber entitled that piece Temporary Trust government until real government is restored? This is being interpreted as a government overthrow, yes for those that follow the show, know full well it is not a consideration, plan or thought in my head.

For those that regularly follow the shows, know I often do scenario based op-ed piece designed to get people to think, like what happens next? Remember the piece the cabal step down at midnight and what happens next? and many, many others of that ilk, all are done in a way to get the people to think for themselves, we have not done that enough and when that happens, others make decisions for you, it is about we the people taking personal responsibility and not asking the government to do everything for you.
1. It was not a piece suggesting we remove the President Mr. Trump, in anyway shape or form that is beyond ridiculous
2. It was not a piece done designed to overthrow anyone in any shape or form again beyond ridiculous
3. It was a piece that was said by me only, and I take full responsibility for it, if people choose to misconstrue the intentions behind it.
This is what happens when people don’t think or act or people with an agenda to deflect their own hidden agendas, covering up their own indiscretions, titles or greed, it is a sign we the people are winning, that they will use all tools necessary to keep their agenda on track, I am the latest distraction in the game of confusion.

It was a fictional scenario of what happens next, and if I had a choice and I relayed my choice only, I made it clear in the piece it was NOT supported by Kim, it was not done in conjunction with Kim or anyone else, it was a piece solely based on my thinking aloud, and was no way related to anything other than, what happens next if this happens.
I take full responsibility for this piece it was done on my own volition with no input from anyone else.

I have made it quite clear, yes the government and many other departments needs cleaning out of those who have not acted in the best interests of the country, even Mr. Trump admits that through his various tweets, so not saying anything new there, and it doesn’t just apply to the American government either, it’s most if not all of them.
Kim has been on a show 3 times and made it clear what she wants to do next once the trust funds are delivered to all governments and the people, she wants to retire, she has no desire to work in government in anyway shape or form.
We ponder on many things of how life and society can be improved, but the one thing she insists on and says ” I promise you I am not doing any government role – it’s not happening, i’m retiring and going on long vacation when my job is finished.
My own personal opinion is she could be a massive asset in an advisory role on many of the geo-political topics, based on her knowledge or common sense, which in my opinion is lacking in this world.
Wars, poverty, high end and heinous crime, financial mismanagement in the world of greedy, we have many people wanting to see and be a part of a planet that progresses forward, not backwards, but Kim is adamant that her role is finished after the Trust is dispensed to that rightful holders, she has not waivered from that stance one iota, which I personally find sad.
The reason I find it sad is the chronic lack of knowledge of what has gone on here for thousands of years, a lack of knowledge of how the overall system works, who is in control, what were and are their intentions, a lack of knowledge of micro and macro economics which is what Kim excels in and why she is in the position she is in now, she is articulate in how she approaches things, with attention to details, that I have asked her several times to reconsider her retirement, but she repeated again, I need a vacation and one that lasts me the rest of this lifetime, and I can fully understand and support that choice, whilst still holding my own personal opinion.
So no there is no plans in place to replace Mr. Trump with Kim it is an absurd suggestion on several counts least of all Kim’s own opinion, but in a world of headline reading that headline on a youtube page which I have no control over and gave no authority to put it out, the headline of The trust replacing the government has been taken literally, has given those that use the headlines and not read the narrative a tool and some leverage, to make nuisance and scripts based on it, it is a replica of much of alternative media, salicious headlines for clickbait and when you read or listen to the piece, it contains little or nothing of the headline portrayed.
This then allows others with evil intentions to play games and twist the narrative, and why I spend most of my time in preparations for the shows and on it, I have always been very careful in what I say, with the highest respect for those actually trying to do the right things for and by the people, that has never waivered from my days in Cosmic Voice or working with the trust, I have always made it clear I am not interested in peoples titles, wealth, high level positions or status, only that you act in the interests for the whole of humanity, that is my only interest and judgement of who and what you are, it should in my opinion apply for all people to act in the right way, but sadly we are far from that currently and the work and fight in a non violent way goes on for all who do desire a better life for all. For those with a short attention span or twisted agenda I will repeat again the gist of this piece.
1. It was not a piece suggesting we remove the President Mr. Trump, in anyway shape or form that is beyond ridiculous
2. It was not a piece done designed to overthrow anyone in any shape or form again beyond ridiculous
3. It was a piece that was said by me only, and I take full responsibility for it, if people choose or chose to misconstrue the intentions behind it. If this means I get thrown under the bus because of it then so be it, it will not change my stance as a person, it will not change my opinions, it will not change what I have done, I am, have always been, and always will be steadfast, into how I think this world needs a change for the better. I am not interested in wealth, not interested in titles, not interested in high positions or fame status, I am only interested in love, caring, sharing, compassion and a will and desire for this planet, and it’s all it’s inhabitants to live in peace and harmony, with an abundance of the basic essentials required in life to progress us all, not just the few, and if that is not good enough then at least I can hold my hand up on my heart and say I tried, to all the miscreants, agency paid shills, deceivers and humanity sell outs, the question remains – did you?

*Yes it was Kim who wrote the statement on Tank’s blog following certain people threatening to have us arrested for conspiring against the government, she had no option but to do that piece given the circumstances, regardless of what I felt or was feeling, it was the right thing to do under the circumstances deliberately created by others, and I supported that statement and I did the show to clarify things, I have always said this not about me, this movement is greater than individuals, and I have always said about doing the right things, this was the right thing to do at that time.

*Message to Lucid Dreamer and others who display my material on their blogs or youtubes, for the record I bear no malice towards Lucid Dreamer I think it was a genuine mistake at this point, but I have to give warning of the responsibility of promoting our shows, this show has more real intel than anywhere else, and I go to great lengths to say and do the right things, so if you are going to share, please be responsible with it, no misleading or clickbait headlines, it is not required the information contained is more than enough. I have no problem unlike some others of people sharing my material, and yes I do know people make money on it, but it is more important to me that people get the information contained within the shows out, that is the important thing.

But and a big BUT they have to be responsible with it is all I ask, otherwise I will be forced to copyright it.

*If people had any doubts about the power, the impact and the influence this group has, the events of the last week has just shown itself in all it’s ugliness. Despite their nonsense they did not break me or the groups infact you have enhanced it onto another level, so I want to personally thank the clowns for that. This show goes deep into the very core of the clowns realm’s, does it’s own form of shadow games and wreaks havoc amongst them on a scale they didn’t think possible or kimpossible, we changed impossible to i’m possible and we faced them head on in their own backyard or shipyard as the case maybe. I or we will not be backing down now or ever, I or we will not be bought out, I or we will not cower to your threats or division games, so carry on with your data collections and stitching shows together to create false narratives, after all your data collection, all you had to work with was a misplaced title done by someone else outside of the group? oh my how sad must that be for you, vast resources wasted in an attempt to play cabal games and that is all you could garner? beyond pathetic. This whole thing literally stank to high heaven and reactions or non reactions in some cases have been well and truly noted, trust me on that.
This was an attempt by ankle bracelet man and his band of deep state goons to discredit Kim, The Trust, using me as the bait, to stop the work of the Trust progressing, we will never get on the Rothschilds program of raping and harvesting this whole planet, engineered by the former top order who have now been eliminated. You have yet to realize that program is gone and undeliverable, no matter what you try to do on a grand scale, it will fail, Newsflash to those in high positions, this is a new timeline and you wont be altering it with Project Looking glass this time, the new looking glass will alter you, trust me and us on that.

*For the record I think Mr. Trump is doing a great job of trying to do what is best for the country and it’s people in what are very trying circumstances with the amount of distractions, ego agendas, foreign entity agendas and the portal people in his midst and all working against him. He has had multiple threats on his life that I do know, and it is not a job for the feint of heart. If our team was in anyway remotely interested in ousting him which is absurd, how do they describe one of our team at least twice warning him of dangers to his life and family, try and explain that rational mudrakers.
Do I agree with all Trumps actions no, but that is my own personal opinion and I have always made that clear, Trump by now will know full well what previous politicians have done to this country and it’s people, and trust has to be earned fully towards the people.
Why? because before we fully trust any politician there has to be some proof of real change is why, too many have gone before, promising this and that and delivered nothing, time as always will tell whether this is a real change or another let down, but I do know Trump is trying his best and support him in his endeavors, but I cannot and will not blindly support anyone in positions of power, not because of Trump, but all that has gone before him, he has the unfortunate task of carrying the burden of proof due to the failure of many, many others who walked his path. I wish him well.

*Whilst this episode caused me much hurt on the day itself, it like all hurt diminishes over a period of time depending on how you process it, and this is the essence of THI we walk the walk and talk the talk. We have all learned much together in a steady drip fed disclosure way, done in a way with love, care and compassion and not some enticing clickbait headline, which has been the cause of issues this week, that person has apologized  and we will go forward together when things get ironed out. I’m sure it was a genuine mistake that I hope that we all learn from it, if not I will have to copyright all my material in future, but the youtuber was unaware that some people at the top would twist things in that manner, and some in alt media would also use it to generate their own agendas and interests, this is the key to this incident, all about the I and f everybody else, because to them, it is more important to look important, than actually doing important work, it was the issue in Cosmic Voice, the Kingdom of Manna and is the issue now, besides if it was all about me why would I hypothecate on something, and advocate somebody else to get a top position? If it was all about me, I would have suggested me, and not Kim for that hypothetical extreme emergency scenario role.
But this episode has lessons like all that have gone before us, how we all learn from them, do we learn from them? and if we don’t they often repeat, which is a particular concern of mine personally, which I will cover in the next piece.
Divide and conquer is the oldest trick in the book, it has used to devastating effect so many times, and yet we keep falling for it, left and right, democrats and republicans, black and white, gay and straight, male and female, man and woman against transexuals, country against country, culture against culture, political ideologies, young against old, haves and have nots, world against the jews and jews against the world, 1st world against the 3rd world, language against language and the biggest one religion against religion all for what? what purpose has that served we the people? why have so many bought into it? why have we allowed ourselves to participate in a program that was designed to kill us all? and people wonder why the ET’s and NT’s think we are child like and stupid?
We have to start thinking better than we have to date.
The Order as it is now known following the fall of most of the top echelon of the former control system think we are all stupid and need to be controlled, and yet so many participate in the divide and conquer game whilst they carry on finding ways to take us out, so many hand over their own personal responsibility for governments to not only fix things for them but to pay them as well, forgetting all governments are controlled by the same Order, they have no choice, how do people think that is going to work out well for us?

*In light of the Kavanaugh hearing and it becomes mildly irrelevant the final outcome of it, but what is beyond comprehension that a Russian collusion investigation goes on for near 18 months at a cost of well over a $100M, and an appointee judge requires 2-3 weeks of testimony of anything and everything related to his childhood days, and some people still think the current form of govt will fix things, how can they with these restraints with paid actors and actresses in the media led lead roles, all playing hide the truth,  at the above rate we will all be in our graves before sovereignty is acted upon. Time for people to see the bigger picture, and not the narrative of he said she said, this is a national disgrace and reflects badly on all Americans, the world is laughing at us, that is where the focus should be, where is the outrage of how things are accomplished here? no people blame Trump but you try walking in his shoes for a day, people blame leading democrats, but why aren’t we the people excerpting more of our input into it? what we would like to see? instead of focusing it all on the clearly manufactured drama, it’s the modern day version of pop culture theater of the worst calibre, equivalent of watching the tv series Big Brother, it’s completely banal. Whilst people play the party politics game, we the people suffer, remember that.

*Some have said I am anti government but that is not correct nor is it the full picture, I have made several suggestions of solutions on this show of how I think our governments should be ran, I think it is still ok to have opinions on how to improve things, not just for we the people, but politicians as well, although one does wonder after what took place this week. It is safe to say that is hasn’t been ran properly in the past or currently, and I am not just referring to America either. I did a piece a few months back suggesting an assembly style government, as I think by now most in alt community realize, all of the past and current forms of government have worked against us and the countries. This is not and I repeat not the fault of the government itself, there have many who have gone in with the right intentions, only to come up against the system, and are faced with towing the line or face the consequences of financial ruin, fake sexual allegations or death in some cases. There has to be a better way, and the only way we can change things is by us participating, we the people can help the government out by providing solutions to a better way of operating, rather than complaining about issues and apportioning all blame for our ills towards the government, all of us working together is the only way forward. I have said it before and will say it again, our whole species existence is on the line currently, we have been written off as a failed experiment, we will not change that opinion with dick swinging, war like, divide and conquer mentality across the broad spectrum of life.

*Two things have repeated throughout my life that I still to this day struggle to understand as changing it would require me to change of who and what I am, many of you will have witnessed it even with late Cosmic Voice and THI and the two things are I see and say things ahead of time, people ask me for advice and then do the opposite, if I had $1 for everytime throughout my life of Tommy said that last week, month, year or years, then I wouldn’t need Patreon to keep me going I could have retired by now, so the question is do I not give advice? do I not give my opinions? an interesting dilemna indeed, to me the frustration is not about being proved right, but the damage it has caused people who never acted on it, it bugs me no end, I’m sure there is a lesson in there somewhere, but keeping quiet to me is not an option.
The 2nd thing that has gone right through my life is people who should have loved me didn’t and let me down badly, and people I put full trust in didn’t return it also, if I go into any situation in life I put 100% trust and loyalty into the relationship, business, radio show or people in general I choose to engage, I give out lots in terms of loyalty and trust, to the many people I have helped privately and publically, but way too often in my life, people oh so easily forget what you have done for them, and turn nasty on you on a dime, and subsequently sell you out.
So the question from this aspect and lesson to be learnt is no clearer than the first question, is the solution to not help people as they only shit on you at a later date? where is the lesson in that? This is why I have said you cannot do this role I am in and be anywhere near 50% service to self, there are way too many kicks in the teeth from people, who should know and do better, it is in essence it is a full on sacrifice of your own feelings of hurt, pain and frustration in aiding others, it shouldn’t be that way. I have been told by quite a few I am too nice, my reply to a recent person who told me that was, so that justifies someone taking the piss or not treating me right, because I’m too nice? again I ask should life be that way? a world where nice people are shat on and service to self people prosper? is that the world we really want? because if it is, we are wasting our time doing any of this. I would sooner be too nice than too nasty, but maybe I have to find a better balance, between too nice and standing my ground and looking after myself, as it appears too often others won’t.
Some days for me personally are tougher than others 5 years ago last week, one month after I ended my marriage, a marriage where I was never violent physically or verbally, I never took drugs or was alcoholic, a marriage where I was faithful for 32 years, my ex wife and eldest son concocted a story right out of a politicians rule book, of lies lies and more lies, some of which where beyond heinous to get me locked up under the Baker act, one of which was that Cosmic Voice is a cult and I was part of a plot with them to steal my grandchildren and run off with them, the judge she gave the details to bought it, despite having never spoken to me, and I was arrested in my own home by cops who wouldn’t even tell me why I was being arrested, a wife of 32 years and eldest son of 32 so not a child, engaged in a plot to get me certified so they can claim the marital assets or get back at me for the audacity of ending an increasingly unhappy for me, relationship.
I was told after an hour by the adjudicating social worker I didn’t belong in here, but was kept at families request for 5 days, 4 doctors told the wife and eldest son there is nothing wrong with him, and yet son demanded and bizarrely staff agreed to put me on psychotic drugs, the doctor who came round to give me them got tore a new asshole by me, I said you shook my hand this morning and told me I was going home and now you are giving me them? do me a favor mate you can stick them where the sun don’t shine cos I am not turning into a zombie like the rest in here, his reply was just take them and you will get out quicker, err no I will not be taking anything now fuck off and go and find the details of your own position’s role, where you allow a non qualified person to dictate to you who should have drugs or not, because you clearly have wasted your education on the job you do, where in your manual does it say an unqualified person tells you to administer drugs against your own judgement? I never took a single drug in that place.
This episode would rightly tip most people over the edge, but after the initial shock of it all, I realized this is what they want me to do, it is clear now maybe I was flagged up on the looking glass tech as a potential problem to the system, like a glitch in the matrix, who knows? so I decided I will get out and bounce back stronger, I did and have done, and this is what we all have to do in times of turmoil, put up a collective middle finger to all who do you wrong and say ………..

* The history of Belgium extends before the founding of the modern state of that name in 1830. Belgium‘s history is therefore intertwined with those of its neighbours: the Netherlands, Germany, France and Luxembourg. For most of its history, what is now Belgium was either a part of a larger territory, such as the Carolingian Empire, or divided into a number of smaller states, prominent among them being the Duchy of Brabant, the County of Flanders, the Prince-Bishopric of Liège and County of Luxembourg. Due to its strategic location and the many armies fighting on its soil, since the Thirty Years’ War (1618–1648), Belgium has often been called the “battlefield of Europe” or the “cockpit of Europe”. It is also remarkable as a European nation which contains, and is divided by, a language boundary between Latin-derived French and Germanic Dutch. Belgium’s modern shape can be partly traced back at least as far as the “Seventeen Provinces” within the Burgundian Netherlands. These lands straddled the ancient boundary of the Scheldt that had divided medieval France and Germany, but they were brought together under the House of Valois-Burgundy, and unified into one autonomous territory by their heir Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor, in his Pragmatic Sanction of 1549. The Eighty Years’ War (1568–1648) later led to the split between a northern Dutch Republic and the Southern Netherlands from which Belgium and Luxembourg developed. This southern territory continued to be ruled by the Habsburg descendants of the Burgundian house, at first as the “Spanish Netherlands”. Invasions from France under Louis XIV led to the loss of what is now Nord-Pas-de-Calais to France, while the remainder finally became the “Austrian Netherlands”. The French Revolutionary wars led to Belgium becoming part of France in 1795, bringing the end of the semi-independence of areas which had belonged to the Catholic church. After the defeat of the French in 1814, a new United Kingdom of the Netherlands was created, which eventually split one more time during the Belgian Revolution of 1830–1839, giving three modern nations, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg.

*Lilith – Adam’s first wife and Cain’s true mother, who is now the wife, concubine, or grandmother of Samael. She is associated with Friday and, when invoked, she manifests as a being with a naked woman’s torso and the lower body of a snake. Lilith is a winged female demon of the night that harms children and seduces men in order to produce demon sons. She originated in Jewish tradition and is based upon the lili of Mesopotamian demonology, where she is called ardat lili. As Adam’s wife, gave birth to 100 children a day. According to The Zohar, she is a “hot fiery female who at first cohabited with man” but, upon the creation of Eve, “flew to the cities of the sea coast,” where she is “still trying to ensnare mankind.” Unlike most demons who are mortal, Lilith, along with Naamah and Agrat bat Mahlat will “continue to exist and plague man until the Messianic day, when God will finally extirpate uncleanliness and evil from the face of the earth.” Lilith and Sammael are both said to have “emanated from beneath the throne of Divine Glory, the legs of which were somewhat shake by their activity.” At that time Lilith was an angel in Heaven who assisted Sammael. She now, as a demon in Hell, goes by many different names, seventeen of which she revealed to Elijah when he forced her to do so. For those of you who listened to the From Russia with love series I did where I referenced the Kali-ma, known as the dark mother, I believe Kali-ma is Lilith or Lilith played the role of her, Lilith is a representation of the moon and it’s cycles, but we dont operate or shouldn’t be operating on a fake moon cycle, the cabal does all their blood, child and rital sacrifices on the moon charts, so there in and of itself is the evidence of the folly of basing anything good on the bassis of the moon, only the sun cycles gives light and life, the moon, Lilith and the Kali-ma are all the dark imposter.

*Many think he Trump is carrying on a role started in 1963 by John F Kennedy by taking on the deep state, but I can assure you Mr. Trump has gone way deeper into the abyss than any before him. I know JFK is popular, those that die in the fashion he did, will always be eulogised and in some cases rightly so, but history when a person is missing or deceased often gets rewritten in a different tact. JFK reasons for taking on the secret societies et al were not for the benefit of the people I’m sorry to say, but a family personal vendetta against the Bush family, remember Bush real name Scherff was running the former known OSS and now the CIA, Kennedy wanted to take the Bush family and their minions down and insert the Kennedy family in power, so in essence this was a faction war of sorts, and why we always have to be wary of these types of sleight of hand moves, and why trust has to be earned by the actions taken, and not blindly follow because of personalities or party lines, we the people have endured far too much of these sleight of hand tactics, and i’m sure Mr. Trump himself would agree with all I have said in this particular piece, with regards to trusting, he deals with it every day, clowns throwing bs narratives at him, sign this and sign that, knowing these are the shadow people in all their disguises.

*This next short piece is quite a variation for me but when delivered I will hear a collective yes and fist pump and words about time, so here you have it for those people, people have asked me and pondered why I was selected to be the voice for the trust and subsequently Kim, and I have always evaded the real answer, the real answer is because I am the best at what I do, I deliver things in a way that oozes responsibility both to the trust and the collective, I don’t do sensational headlines for clickbait for the shows or blogs, I dont put out dates that come and go and lead to disappointment, I say things what you need to hear not what you want to hear, I deliver the messages as told and make clear what is my opinion, sometimes I am told things and I don’t put it out on the shows for safety purpose of whatever that is ongoing and explain to the team why, so it is not a one way street, I bring balance and insight to all the narratives pushed out, I care for the people in all countries not just America or England, and most importantly I am more service to others than service to self (perhaps too much at times), I was the best candidate for that role, no matter what others think, it has been proven privately far more than publically, and should the day come where I no longer do that role, no one can ever say I never did in the style of the name of our show, but expect the day will be a long time off, just to let you all know.

* Ten days after I was born a President gave a speech that is as prevalent and all encompassing today as it was back then, here is a reminder with a THI twist at the end.
This deadly challenge imposes upon our society two requirements of direct concern both to the press and to the President–two requirements that may seem almost contradictory in tone, but which must be reconciled and fulfilled if we are to meet this national peril. I refer, first, to the need for a far greater public information; and, second, to the need for far greater official secrecy.
The very word “secrecy” is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and to secret proceedings. We decided long ago that the dangers of excessive and unwarranted concealment of pertinent facts, far outweighed the dangers which are cited to justify it. Even today, there is little value in opposing the threat of a closed society, by imitating its arbitrary restrictions. Even today, there is little value in insuring the survival of our nation, if our traditions do not survive with it. And there is very grave danger that an announced need for increased security, will be seized upon by those anxious to expand its meaning to the very limits of official censorship and concealment.
That was said by JFK all them years ago and sadly is still prevalent in today’s modern society, we have gone through our whole lives with this hidden dark agenda hiding in the background and darkness, like a bunch of cockroaches, but events of the last decade, have left those hidden and exposed, and those very cockroaches are now in full panic mode and scattering into the light on a daily basis.
It is up to all people of the light, to stamp on and stamp out those of hidden menace that have threatened to take our species to the edge of extinction, we all have a duty to do so, our time is upon us to take our own personal responsibility for our future, and I think we will prevail in doing so.
But unlike the famous quote JFK said perhaps a more modern quote is now prevalent and so we end this show with this thought.
ask not what your people can do for you, but what can you do for your people.

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