*Cabal along with rogue organizations like UN and IMF are targeting and threatening heavily a whole swathes of Africa countries currently, threatening central banks, government officials and presidents or prime ministers of those countries.
This is an attempt to stop to them in any way shape or form working with The Trust, some are offered huge bribes to block funding from The Trust coming in to help their countries. Message to all African countries, combine together and turf out rogue elements within your countries and block these criminals threatening and abusing your own sovereignty, throw the UN, IMF and Citibank out of all your countries, these people have never done anything good for you and your people, they have raped, pillaged, vaccinated and killed your people for centuries, tested and implemented viruses that were administered by the WHO, yes the WHO is where all the diseases in your country came from, time to put aside individual country, clan and villages wars aside, as whilst they deliberately provoke those situations to keep you all distracted, the plunder your country, the same people that provided the guns and or weapons, time to get smart and get rid of those people and rebuild a new Africa where all your people can flourish, not die by the thousands each day.

*Here is the issue of banking in Africa and same applies to S. America, all monies sent into both country has to go through another bank before being transferred to it’s intend destination, so if The Trust sends money to Africa, the receiver is telling The trust you must send it to Citibank first, yeah right so they can hoard it, leverage it or loot it, time for Africa to remove that problem bank that is stopping development. In the case of S. and C. America their controlling bank is Wells the Fargo, same applies to their countries as well, as same goons have threatened them also.

*resignations is the new meme of this timeline, watch closely in all government departments

*many rogue elements are being promised to replace Trump in 2020 by the clowns, in return for digging up dirt on Trump and ousting him, Trump has been made aware of it and it is being monitored. They are also being promised immunity from their own criminal or illegal dealings as well.

*just when you thought it was safe that dinars, zims, dongs and supernotes, I received a message from Europe, clowns are using a new mode of money currently on the black market, and will replace the Euro with their own currency, step forward Germany and the deutschmark again. All being done with sleight of hand again, remember whose policy it was for 1 world government, 1 world currency and everything else one world with them at the helm – the nazis.

*Following an 832 point drop in the market yesterday, Trump blamed the Fed, “The Fed has gone crazy,” he told reporters on Wednesday as he arrived in Pennsylvania for a campaign rally. “So you can say that well that’s a lot of safety actually, and it is a lot of safety, and it gives you a lot of margins, but I think the Fed has gone crazy. I think the Fed is making a mistake. They’re so tightTrump said, adding that he “really disagrees” with the Fed raising interest rates. Fine and a fair comment, but perhaps it is time for Mr. Trump to consider acting on the papers already implemented following actions taken against the Fed this year.

*There is a modern day crisis in America to do with the veterans, and it is not the obvious issue of PTSD, drugs and homelessness we have covered a lot in our shows, no, this has far more lasting issues that may only be resolved, by them all dying of old age or some other issue. The issue is, at this point in time, and near or far future is all American troops will be left overseas, maybe permanently. This is nothing to do with war on terror or NWO global domination, this has to do with the deliberate drug use done to all American soldiers, for various programs administered by those at the top.
It is currently deemed as a matter of full scale national security for soldiers to return home, as we currently cannot cope with the soldiers returning with all kinds of drug abuse and disease created by vaccine abuse done to them by their superiors, plus the fall out of the public as they find out what they have really been sending their sons and daughters to do, and what was done to them, and this is why they cant return home, at this point.
It appears that current thinking by the military is, they all get left in position and never return, and as they all die, and then problem will go away, this is typical thinking of Generals, ignore the problem and hope it goes away or eliminate them entirely in some friendly fire mishap. The people have to demand that funding is set aside, preferably out of the military budgets, less money to spend on killing people and more on saving people is the way forward,  and safe environment provided for the support of returning soldiers, maybe initial help should be done on military bases or we build new centers for their rehabilitation and ultimate return to their families, depending on the severity of each case. The term soul dier makes much more sense now doesn’t it, your children were used as sacrificial soul diers and MK ultra style guinea pigs, as the song says Generals gathered in their masses, just like witches at black masses.

* So, the theater production of Kavanaugh is now perceived to be over after he gained the vote and confirmed his justice position, but Dems are now hoping to impeach him, but that is not possible as requires a 2/3s vote. The official ceremony did not sound too good either, signing in on behalf of the United States, we are not the United States (which is the congress of vienna) we are America, one hopes those words don’t have lasting implications.
This episode is beyond ugly and far too much time was spent on it on the media and alt media. Only two people know whether Mr. kavanaugh raped Ms Ford back in 1982, him and her, the questions remain why no complaint in the 18 years of the last century, never mind the 18 years in this one, given reports I heard as I have not followed a single second of it, her evidence was beyond sketchy and she has put herself through quite an ordeal, which appears to have lasting implications, why 36 years after an alleged incident, come forward now? Mr. Kavanaugh has had other high profile roles, so why not expose him in them?
It makes no sense whatsoever, but it proves once again how easily the awake and unawakened people, are oh so easily taken in with the drama of it all, too many appear drawn to it like a moth to a flame, he said she said and ooh have you heard this one has done this or that, Trump slept with another woman 12 years ago ooh, forgetting infidelity rates are around 35% in this country, and that is only what is reported, but not everyone reports or admits it, point is, it is nobody else’s business, none, the Stormy Daniels issue is between Donald and Melania only, it is spying into the private lives of others, and yet we all complain about Google, FB, CIA, NSA and the government spying on us, we cant have it both ways.
It used to be the realm of the elderly who had retired, who were involved in everybody else’s business when their working days were over, the scene of two elderly neighbors discussing who is doing what, where and why over the fence, has now spread into the whole populace, the question is why?
Well much of it comes down to your own insecurity within yourself, so if someone has done something or even appeared to have done something wrong, they jump on it, you see someone else messing up in life, means to them that they are better or superior in some way, people may think that works for them, it doesn’t, and the reason why is, since when have we judged our own standing or behavior on the misdeeds or poor actions of others? so if everyone else is bad that I am good and great, it is not rational or clear thinking, you are, what you are, because of your deeds only, the yardstick should never be how bad others are, but this is what insecurity and inferiority complex does to people, they lower the bar of standards of themselves and those around them.
As an example a woman was caught shoplifting and the neighbors all jumped in, all sanctimonious with the, I would never do that mantra, that’s bad she did that, again making out that in some way they are better than the shoplifter, but do they ever ask the circumstances that led to the woman shoplifting? no, that gets left in the barrage of self righteousness, but what if shoplifting was the only way to feed herself and her children? you see that type of thinking is almost lost in this world, it is all about passing negative judgement on others, whilst deflecting your own issues, so instead of asking can we help the shoplifter with some food or just some help, we are just condemning and casting people aside, as that is what everyone else does, that is herd mentality thinking with a negative self preserving twist, we have to stop doing that, ask not what your country can do for you, but what can you do for your people. THInk before you speak or text, stop thinking in the now and the past, but the future thinking, judgement is in the now, solutions are in the future, so do we continue to condemn the shoplifter for stealing to keep her children fed, or do we strive to help her?

*This week Americans celebrated Columbus day, the extraordinary man who found something that wasn’t lost to begin with, Columbus founded America indeed, no Columbus was sent to America by Spanish royals and paid for by the Vatican to launch operation genocide and loot the people who had lived here for many years of all their land and resources, with the added bonus of eliminating their oral and written history to boot. Of course the Spanish, French, British and Dutch ships of death knew there was gold and other untold riches over here, as Marduk and crew where here a long time in the past, for example Grand canyon gold and egyptian artifacts as they are called, egyptian hieroglyphs, for a start they are not egyptian, no more than egyptians built the pyramids, they never it is all bs. Columbus never found anything and quite why we are still in 2018 celebrating somebody who launched operation genocide is beyond me.
Same applies to Thanksgiving once you know the real story behind that day and not the revisionist bs’ery we have all been told.

* Convicted Church officials issue legal notice and threaten police action against ITCCS Field Secretary Kevin Annett – International Sheriffs and Observers to be mobilized

Vancouver and Brussels:

Two United Church officials who were lawfully convicted of concealing the death of children in Canadian “Indian residential schools” have launched a legal action to publicly silence Kevin Annett and his quarter-century campaign to expose and prosecute Genocide in Canada.

Foster Freed and Phil Spencer, both Vancouver Island clergymen, issued a “Cease and Desist” legal notice against Kevin today through their law firm Derpak, White and Spencer in Vancouver. The notice falsely and without evidence accuses Kevin of sending to both of them a poster accusing them of crimes against humanity, and demands that he stop any public mention of these crimes. The notice states that “the RCMP have opened a file” against Kevin and will be interrogating him.

Both Freed and Spencer were among the thirty defendants who in February, 2013 were lawfully convicted of complicity in Crimes against Humanity in the first common law court case brought against Canada and its churches, the Vatican and the Crown of England for Genocide. A standing arrest warrant exists against Freed and Spencer, and Nanaimo-based Common Law Sheriffs were in the process of enforcing that warrant when Freed and Spencer moved against Kevin.

“I’m regarding their Notice as a pre-emptive response to take the heat off themselves, a panicked reaction which the United Church is so good at” commented Kevin Annett today. “In fact, their Notice is a blatant assault on me of the sort their church has been inflicting since 1995.”

In response, the ITCCS has issued the following notice to Freed and Spencer and to their lawyers: October 8, 2018 2220 hrs. GMT

To whom it may concern,

Be advised that our office has been notified of your aggressive and unprovoked actions towards our North American Field Secretary, Rev. Kevin Annett, who has our complete confidence and legal protection.

Our Tribunal is monitoring your actions and will dispatch international observers to any court or public action taken against Rev. Annett.


  1. Dufort, LL.B.

for the Directorate

ITCCS Sheriffs in Canada have been dispatched to provide protection for Kevin Annett and monitor the situation.

* Have you wondered why the Clinton Foundation folded so suddenly after Hillary was no longer in a position of influence? Perhaps this summary will provide some insight? From their 2014 990 Tax Form; they list 486 employees (line 5)! It took 486 people who are paid $34.8 million and $91.3 million in fees and expenses, to give away $5.1 MILLION The real heart of the Clintons can be seen here.  Staggering but not surprising. These figures are from an official copy of the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation for the tax year 2014. The copy of the tax return is from the National Center for Charitable Statistics web site http://nccs.urban.org/ . You can obtain the latest tax return on any charitable organization there. The Clinton Foundation:   Number of Employees (line 5) 486 Total revenue (line 12):  $177,804,612.00, Total grants to charity (line 13) $5,160,385.00 (this is less than 3%), Total expenses of  $91,281,145.00, Expenses include: Salaries (line 15) $34,838,106.00, Fund raising fees (line 16a) $850,803.00, Other expenses (line 17) $50,431,851.00   Travel:  $8,000,000.00 Meetings: $12,000,000.00 Note: $20 Million in Travel & Meetings to decide who gets the $5.160 Million in Charity? Net assets/fund balances (line 22) $332,471,349.00…  So it required 486 people, who were paid $34.8 million, plus $91.3 million in fees and expenses, to give away $5.1 MILLION! And they call this a CHARITY?

*CNN reporter Kaitlan Collins referring to someone as a “fag” and claiming she was uncomfortable rooming with a lesbian while attending the University of Alabama. This was said in tweets going back 8 years and she doesn’t think it reflects her now, and that is a fair comment, if her and the other portal people didnt get all sanctimonious about Donald’s affair 12 years ago or Judge Kavanaugh’s alleged rape 36 years ago or his drinking habits from the same time period, you cant have it both ways, so if CNN think Kavanaugh should be precluded for alleged and subsequently unproven allegations, then by same token Ms. Collins should be precluded from being a portal person, should she not?

*Kim and the Trust  related, Then how did she fund the government? and how did she transfer funds to banks which refused to credit to project owners?

*hurricane bs – reason for most of the damage is poor construction


*The term Lucifer came up this week and apparently he is working with the IRA to take out the Langley 2 operative up in Alaska, it gets more bizarre by the week some of the things relayed to the public, Ms. Von Reitz went a step further of lunacy with this comment apparently to Mr. Trump, October 9th, 2018, marks the Seventh Angle in Space Banking and the end of the 45 year Moratorium and is the day that our Delegated Powers return to us, oh dear cant imagine Mr Trump not laughing his arse off at that nonsense, assuming he actually received it, remember we asked for proof of her letters back in February, none arrived. 
Another thing I was asked this week to comment on and for those of you who emailed in, I did take the time to listen to that audio recording Prymal fire show 1, I was avoiding listening to anyone of those podcasts as I was still a bit raw and didn’t want to listen to chloes voice on that show, but time moves on, and I listened to show 1, as for the rest of them I wanted to turn off that show after listening to first 10-15 mins, I agree it was riddled with contradictory statements, of hosts saying our souls are permanently lost and we only have the spirit left, after stating the soul contains the spirit, so if the souls are lost, how can the spirit remain? plus according to that show it is better to work with the soulless beings than the soul beings, as soul beings are just too damaged, really?
Lets take a deeper look at these two things that cropped up.
So, Lucifer or is it Luciferia as some researchers with past memories attest to, one thing I will say is Lucifer is A: not here
if being is correct what she is likely seeing is one of the former parents known as the Dark Prince and also known as Green Eyes due to appearance, it is suspected this entity is a VI projection in here, like the last 2 parents known as the twins, one of which is called the red queen, nasty psychotic little biatch that entity, from our understanding there are no physical form Parents left here B: can be truly defined as neither light nor dark and C: can any of us really know if this entity actually exists in form or non form or is it just a name given? all of which was wrapped into the experiment known as religion. Kind of funny that the term came up in Anna’s post, given a recent person who was close to me believes now I am the re-incarnation of Lucifer and I did all kinds of demonic things in the past, to them and others, co-incidence? perhaps not, time will tell as always.
Either way whether true or not, you are defined by your actions here and now and in this timeline, not other lives, I wish people would see that more than stating I am RA, Zeus, Persephone, Jesus and Mary, funny no one says they were Pol Pot, Hitler, SS officers, Genghis Khan, King Solomon or some other zealot, why is it always the hero? Something to ponder, are you acting in the same manner as the person you say you are, for example if you say you are mother earth or Mary Magdelene are you spending your whole day nurturing, caring and loving people or are you spending all day finding ways to trash people on the internet? so if your not playing the role of that person, then what is the use of stating you are that person? because that is just pure ego imbalance, but is not more valuable and better for the person if they were a so called baddy in a previous life but do wonderful things in this life? which carries the most true value? that to me is real soul growth progression, we have all made bad choices in life, but key is to correct them.
Some people and beings on this planet have come here to correct past mistakes, sometimes made by themselves in past lives and often made by others, but they are correcting things because it is the right thing to do, recognizing where you went wrong and correcting things, is a key thing in everybody’s life, it is soul growth, but there are many who deny their own wrongdoings and continue like it never happened, despite the facts staring them in the face, how are those people going to progress? they are not and will stay in the astral plane of existence, being attacked and fed off for the rest of their days. something to ponder on, is it not.
So we have terms like Satan or Saturn or Setan is it real? is it a demon? what is a demon? is it not all about perspective? to the Draco, that being is the be all and end all, and all bow and worship to him or it? and we also have many humans who also bow and worship to that named entity, because they have lost their way, both the Draco and the higher order humans, all because they see outside of themselves, forgotten their connection to source, and all who follow religion, are doing the same thing whether they know it or not.
Yes Setan is or was real in form and non form, in essence it is a title rather than a single named person or being, there is a person on this planet who was designated as the next Setan, I understand that person is no longer considering that move, and why that role has ended from 2014 onwards, and being a title is why many names come up that way, same applies to the solar god, but Setan is another one of the fake gods pushed forward by the Order control system here, and also elsewhere, add in Isis, Osiris, Horus, RA, fake Roman and Greek gods to that lists as well, ordinary entities presenting themselves above source and creation, having domain over all species, not just human, all playing titled roles as the savior, those people couldn’t save themselves from the own ego imbalance, and yet we are expected to look up to (external) and worship them as gods?
Did or do they warrant that status, whether role playing or not? Did they lead the people by example, did they set the highest standards and ensure their subjects had all the basic necessities in life to progress the species? no, they threw lightening bolts, swords, giant snakes, plagues, fash destroyer weapons creating deserts, destroyed crops, lived lavishly whilst the people starved, a bit like the modern day Vatican is it not, and people think we should worship these pathetic clowns? Riddled with their own self importance as a way to mask their own inferiority complex and weaknesses, you see nobody ever rules with an iron fist or controls others without being riddled in fear, it is because they are in fear, they control others, classic example is the Draco, they are terrified of us advancing, so they kept us in low vibration, it is all based in fear.
Terms like angels and demons, arch angels, fallen angels all promoted to be outside of you and in terms of demons, something that needs to be shunned, because they are dark and nasty we are told, whilst the control system people, all hail what they term demons or satan, and call on the djinn to do their magic dirty work.
So, what are angels and what are demons, are they separate or are they one and the same? In my opinion they are the same creational entity, but limited perspective and duality thinking defines it as one or the other, your nasty so suddenly your a demon, you are nice so you are an angel or angelic, we have all been even in this one lifetime, done good things and bad things, dabbled in both aspects, but are you an angel or a demon? neither, they are just an external expression of you, at a given moment in time/space or lifetime.
Witches are another term that carries light and dark aspects or so we are told, some people will say there is no light or dark, and light doesnt mean good per se and dark doesn’t mean bad per se, which is all very good, but how then do you describe being a light witch? is it not the case by defining white or light magic as being better than dark magic, then how can you say there is no light and dark, and one is good and one is not, this clearly makes no sense whatsoever, more evidence of duality thinking, not triality. This is the type of new age speak and terms that have crept into the community, where one statement completely counteracts the other, and everyone is left in a spiral of confusion, witchcraft is dabbling in the dark arts – period, it is about summoning in entities who are best left on the other realms, Why would you need to use witchcraft and magic, when you can soul develop onto the mental planes and use your own abilities?
There is a reason why the cabal and their covens use dark magic, it is the lazy mans tech, because they are incapable in this lifetime or quite possibly due to frequent imbalance of their nature, like corrupted souls, incapable in any lifetime of developing themselves to use their own abilities, white or light magic is no different, it is the cheat way people apply themselves, as they are not developed enough to advance themselves onto the mental planes, and as the saying goes, all magic comes with a price, are you prepared to pay it? do you even recognize the cost?
The actions of witches, wiccans or whatever name they go by, often done in all female groups, is why we have so much of an issue here to begin with, they do not understand what they are doing, no matter how much they tell you otherwise. The act of magic means they are bringing in an entity from another plane of existence to perform it for them, they think they are doing it themselves, they are not, the ceremony brings in or calls in the entity, of which very few on this planet are capable of dealing with it, once that entity arrives, they do these ceremonies in circles for a reason, it in essence creates the portal or gateway, for the entity to arrive through.
You see those who arrive or are summoned in here, need a host in here at 3D level to be able to transcend the different planes of existence, developed humans have this ability to do it naturally, we can interact in all planes of existence simultaneously via dream time, but in a few cases, some people can interact outside of dream time, meaning they can do it whilst awake, but all other species can’t do this, and so this is why we are sought after, your abilities are wrapped inside your own DNA sequence, but classed as junk DNA, it is not junk at all, but those without knowledge, which is most people here, unwittingly provide their vessels to become the host, and that is exactly what these mainly negative entities have been waiting for.
Seances, magic circles, psychedelic drugs, Ayuhausca, alcohol and particularly spirits (it is called that for a reason), card readings all play a role in bringing in other entities from the other planes, whose only desire to host a body in here, once hosted that person is in bad trouble, as too few on this planet can see it for what it is, or recognize an invasion of that vessel, because most people think it is not possible, because society has not been read in on that to date, for a valid reason, as the dark forces made a pact with the astral plane entities to feed off us like batteries, some priests used to perform exorcists to remove these entities, but unlike the over dramatisation that appeared in the move The Exorcist, most vessel takeovers are far more subtle in nature, they dont wish to be recognized as a host in a vessel and are very clever at manipulating, but look at the first 3 letters of that term exorcist, exo means external or from outside, now do you all understand the severity of this issue.
These walk ins are the cause of much of peoples mental health issues, voices in the head, erratic behavior and other maladies, when looked at with a different mindset and knowledge, now makes much more sense, does it not?
Why do you think Marduk took the form of someone who looked mildly Asian? it is not shapeshifting, it is full on possession of someone else’s vessel and soul, and he operated it from the inside, like a robot in essence, now link that with another cabal agenda and it makes more sense doesn’t it, transhumanism anyone?
Funny enough I did a piece on this very thing from the same group referenced earlier and later in this piece, where the name Wetiko was used, wetiko is a fancy name for a walk in, Wetiko meaning means solely for the self, but can only host on people who exhibit similar traits for greed, selfishness and service to self and excess, so the answer lies within you, if you are none of the above, then you have nothing to worry about, but 51% or more on the STS side is still service to self, so on the one hand they warn of possession, whilst on the other hand playing at witchcraft, which is the very vehicle that brings these beings in, which is exactly why Marilee had a dark djinn wrapped around her heart 3 months back and was strangling the life out of her, literally, it appears she forgets who helped her with that life threatening situation, but never mind, as I am kind of use to that levels of forgetfulness and disloyalty, such is life. Ain’t that right Mr. Dean Chambers?
All these are terms of the divisive mind of duality, light and dark, blue and red pills, the list goes on, where we have only been given two choices and we don’t realize we have a third choice, our own, but to get to that mindset, we first have to recognize and remember our own status and choices in life. We have followers of Q running around shouting we are taking the red pill based on the movie The Matrix, well you cant take the blue pill because they said it was bad for you? first question is, who or what said it was bad for you? is that statement correct? if not why have they said that? that is the mind of a triality thinker, because the first thought is not whether it is blue or red pill I should take, but why do I have to take any? it wasn’t my choice, they offered their choice, not mine. Ignoring the fact that CIA destroyed many peoples lives with the red pill on mind control testing, the red pill is LSD, and was given out freely by the CIA as part of a govt program to wreck the hippie movement and people singing about peace, and also end the civil rights black movement. Both of those groups were deliberately targeted in a 1969 government study of targeting the populace paper released under FOI act.
So, please lets not be red pilling people again, or any pills, all are poisons to the system.
As for the people at Soul Tribe Sanctuary saying there are no souls left and only spirits, and the same people stating they only want to work with soulless vessels, partaking in witchcraft, who are promoting a girl only group, which smacks of a coven to me, given the complaints received by people from within that group, and not from people in THI to make things clear, plus following a number of complaint emails regarding demanding money under pressure, and complaints of over charging, and that the group is all about money, all of them thrown out being males, and requesting I don’t do a second show with Marilee, neither I or this group will no longer be in support of the group known as the Soul Tribe Sanctuary, and yes some people will see at as a discord between me and my former partner Chloe, far from it, I have kept things as they should be in private, but now it has spilt into the public realms, now I have to say something.
Chloe has far more pressing other issues she is hiding from the public, like passing on sensitive information only she knew via her sources, which is going to the cabal, which has not only put me, Kim, her daughter and her boyfriend in great and increased danger, but also is an attempt to split up the working relationship between me and the trust, currently there is 5 or 6 separate groups of individuals in the alternative community saying things or creating division, to get me away from Kim and The Trust, Chloe sent emails to people denigrating me before we split, in which she described being with me as “sleeping with the enemy, which according to her, she did out of duty to teach me a better path, all sounds very much like a Monarch agent to me, but for the public time will tell on those issues, but if she keeps playing games and talking in wrong circles, I have much more to reveal about Chloe trust me on that.
These issues over STS were raised with Chloe long before she fled to pastures new, it’s very sad but some have clearly lost their way over last 6 months, either by design or unwitting, either way I will not be letting them drag our group, team or me through the mud with lies and distortions, but more importantly than that, is the issue of creating female covens with witchcraft, that is allowing innocent people to become possessed, again either by design or unwittingly, it matters not, that is the key issue here. Given the complaints received perhaps STS is fitting as it is always applies to service to self.
Humanity is over ran with people who have attachments and it may well describe the issue to do with people we call synths, jury is still out on that, but these people are not in control of themselves, this planet is like Storybrooke in the series Once upon time where magic doesn’t exist in certain realms, and the only way to call in magic, is from other realms and is usually administered by the Dark one, that in and of itself is the warning to humanity, you collect entities and magic, which as the show says always comes at a price, whether that is lost loved ones, lost friends, lost families or lost life, it is a heavy burden to take on board, for such little short term gain.
Humanity has done this for so long now repeating the same mistakes over and over, short term gain and long term pain, what we are trying to do here now is short term pain, but long term gain, we cannot repeat the repetitive loops and movie cycles doing the same thing, we have to think and act different this time for the benefit of us all.

*The role of the Trust, The Trust is here and supported by the Council, we are not here to fix everything, our role is to teach the truth to most people in higher positions on this planet, they know so little of what members of THI know. That has been an increasing success, as evidence by the various attacks on us recently, governments around the world gaining an increasing knowledge of what, and how this world is really like, and how it has been run.
Many are now able to see a better path for them and their country and peoples, and are moving forward at a steady pace towards real change, despite the background of threats, intimidation and their own self doubts, is why they couldn’t see or sense what was really going on, the answer is they couldn’t, because this system was extremely clever and brutally co-ordinated with massive layers of compartmentalization, I have seen the structure in it’s entirety, it is staggering and resembles nothing like any researcher has ever compiled on the internet.
Remember they had 16500 years to perfect that system, and because of the work of the relatively few, we have been able to almost dismantle it within a decade, I know people think things are going slow, but if you really saw the whole system, you would be staggered at the pace we have gone, to get where we are today, remember at this point in the game, we should all be dead.
All of this takedown with the Trust playing a key role, has been done without violence, this is a key factor for us all, and all future generations, violence for too many throughout this Universe has been the first and last solution, and many people and beings have lost their lives following that directive, but it has been shown here and other Earth’s it is not the only solution to fix things, there is a different and better way, if you think and act different.
Is there evidence to support that? yes, why do you think abductions are no longer or rarely mentioned in the past two years, less craft in the skies than previously (apart from a lot of fake ones) because the other beings here are not only observing the peace treaty, but enforcing it also.
Many of them previously were under orders to manipulate, harvest and in some cases destroy humanity as humans were not in control of this planet due to the agreement signed 16500 years ago, to hand over domain to others whose long term goal was to destroy us and this planet, once everything had been stripped.
Many of you will have heard or read about the Tall Greys, who have members on the Council, they were one the biggest manipulators of humans in SW and Central America regions in particular, now they are helping enforce the piece treaty, are all their species nice? no, are all of our species nice? clearly not, but they will not be interfering in our lives like the have in the past, as The Council will act on them for violating the peace treaty. Their main problem now and ours given they think they rule and have domain over humans, is the SSp, an arrogant, psychopathic group who think because they traded with the devil so to speak, and gained technology at our expense, they have the right to rule this planet by force and intimidation, message for them goons, you won’t, you have seen what we can do without tech, we have more tools in our armory, should you choose to continue to hamper progress, we will use them, and we also have the back up support of the other beings, should it be required.
The role of the Trust was also to stop the main source of energy harvesting done to us here via the monetary system, which like the control system was intricately created and ran by only one person, all the rest was compartmentalized the same, Marduk along with prominent minions like the Rothschilds family, no family here has more Draco DNA than that family does, all the main players in the game like the 5 factions, Chinese Elders, Dragon groups are all operated and manipulated by the Rothschilds, they bet on every horse, so they win, or so they thought.
The problem is high level people are still playing their game for them, please wake up, you are all being played, I mean who fights to be called the Head Penis for christ sakes, Pindar head penis of the dragon or is dracon, think about it, you are being made to look like total fools, is that really how you wish to be seen? If not, just quit it, that is why Putin dropped it as he worked out it was all bs, and he was being played.
The tests they put you through are all maze games, except there is no exit, when you work that out, you will see what we have been telling you all along.
The contract on the Trust ran out in 2012 and they thought they would just roll it over and continue, but they were wrong, many who worked within the system, started finding out what the real plans were for all beings and this planet, and worked hard in the background to change that around, which eventually led to Kim becoming the sole Trustee, and removing all the previous clowns out and away from a new system that was introduced, called The Quantum System, in essence this over rides the whole of old monetary systems be it Hercules, Prometheus and the various Babylon systems, and removed many of the backdoors into peoples and government accounts, and provides fully transparency into and within the banking system, work is still ongoing with that, as we uncover many of the hidden layers, code and blocks within the previous system, but once corrected, those avenues into the system can no longer be replicated or implemented, the firewalls see to that, despite their varied and frequent attempts to access it, they all failed.
The money aspect is secondary in many ways, the reason being is it in and of itself a control system, well that is the way it is has been used in the past, but it can with our help be used differently in a way that improves all peoples lives going forward, but and it is a big but, we have to stop individuals and groups hording it, we have to change that mentality, need not greed, and that applies to each and every one of you, we all have a role to play in this.
Over time people will see the value of what we have done, we have provided a peoples platform to perform upon, I hope we all use that opportunity to go forward in a better way.

*I am going to end this show with a song that should be important to us all, but as evidenced in this show some choose to trample all over it, the lyrics says it all It’s not what you believe those prayers will make you bleed, But while you’re on your knees, How did you love? The one thing you leave behind Is how did you love?
For some people that is very badly and much more shadow and inner work in service to others, not to the self, is required to correct that.

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