*Belgian incident, Interpol incident, journalist incident and Treasury incident are all not what it seems or has been relayed, things go much deeper than that, and will become clearer as time moves on.

*Cabal have now declared all out war on The Trust and also all of us who strives for a better way, no fears people, rest assured we are more than prepared, we are ahead of their game in thinking and strategy, we are not the few we are many, we will not be their inferiors in any way shape or form, we will not back down and we will not rollover, those days and that timeline is now gone, we will have big support should they escalate it into violence, as it will be in full breach of the peace treaty, and all beings have an obligation to enforce the peace treaty, and will do so.

* The rescue team of warriors is gathering and amassing on many planes right now, many of you are now experiencing some of it for the first time, and some are more further along, don’t be afraid of it, take time to process it all, it can be all consuming, with a plethora of questions, like am I going nuts? is this real? is my imagination running wild? these will all come to the fore.
Why is this happening now and so much in THI? because you have developed sufficiently to see, sense, experience and observe, most think is not possible. But a warning must also be given that you exhibit maximum responsibility in that role also, do not think you are a god, special and or above anyone else, do not use abilities for revenge, envy, violence or service to the self, those will cause you to lose your status, trust me I have seen many fall away from that over the last 5 years. Once at this level you can only defend, not attack, so saying I’m going out with the purpose to kill this that and the other will cost you your abilities, and your back in the astral level  of violence and looshing.

*FEMA yet again found wanting, no planning, no training, no supplies, no distribution centers and no actions again. FEMA is not a disaster agency, but another slush fund sieving vast quantities of our money out of the govt coffers. A disaster happens and they have contracts with all the big suppliers, and just buy all kinds of stuff with zero oversight, who deliver it sometimes, most times not, vast quantities of generators, heavy equipment, chainsaws, timber, roofing supplies all get dumped in the zone, some of which goes missing, either by chancers or by design, then they call up and notify who they bought it off to come and collect it back, either when it is used but most of the time it is not, and the supplier goes back and collects it, no refund for none use, zip, nada and then another disaster happens and FEMA buys all the same stuff again, most of it not used and then suppliers go and collect it all again and repeat cycle, this is a national disgrace like the Fed and the IRS, just a cartel license to print money for their cronies and rogue corporations, this shit has to stop and work is underway to stop it.

*1 storm causes damage and out comes the climate change clowns again, it beggars belief, they didn’t say that when Florida, a key hurricane zone had 0 hurricanes between 2004 and 2016, no they just ignore that fact, why let facts get in the way of an agenda. Look storms cause damage we all get that, but the issues raised in the last show of building where we shouldn’t build and the poor construction methods particularly in the south, should not be overlooked as a major factor of the destruction. Add in the facts that there is a massive shortfall implemented over many years of the lack of funding into America’s infrastructure, where rivers, lakes, dams are not properly managed, safeguards not put into place like sea walls to protect buildings in low lying areas, or levees deliberately blown during Katrina, lets not forget that as well. Plus there is a hidden but an increasing narrative coming into the light, that some regions are deliberately trashed so greedy parasites buy up all the land, properties and resources for pennies on the dollar, hello Haiti, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and New Orleans to name but a few, this has to be taken seriously, as this is what they do, they are doing it to a whole nation now to financially ruin it and buy everything up on the cheap, that country is America.
I have been in an actual Cat 3/4 storm back in 2004, and although damage was extensive, it was nowhere near what we are being shown on portal people tv, this was not a Cat 4 storm, nowhere near it, the lying everything is catastrophic group known as The Weather channel told you that with their own wind speeds, most ranged from 16-53 mph on the screen, whilst storm was over land, Tallahassee is hardly far from the coast and was showing 41 mph, and yet we see mass destruction, houses flattened, roads torn up, whole areas gone, basic common sense tells you something is radically amiss here and perhaps a cover up or a distraction of how and why the Florence storm danced up and down the coast and encompassed so many states, all smacks of the selective Californian fire damage to me.
But one question is always overlooked in a narrative and this is where overview comes in, ignore all the chaos and see the bigger picture, 26 of the weather channel people were in all the key locations of the storm, and yet despite widespread destruction which they relay all over the world, not one of them were in injured and not one of the buildings they were located in was flattened, in the manner they are showing on tv? Now nobody wants anyone to be injured, but all these storms, hurricanes and they all miraculously survive untouched, and their buildings remain intact? How is that possible?
Yet again the vultures have swooped into those regions, and yet again FEMA is found wanting, to advance plans or planning, everything reactive not proactive, well we have plans to correct all that nonsense.

*All coastal building codes have to be rewritten, they are an utter joke, no house in Florida would pass any code in Europe, anyone with no construction background can pass a building inspection course including the advanced one within 2 weeks, Drake would pleased with that, that has to change, also building on sandbanks in hurricane zone, for those of you that don’t know, all of florida has a narrow strip of land away from the mainland on both coasts, and this is where all the expensive properties are built, places like Miami, FT. Lauderdale, Daytona and even up into Georgia and the Carolinas, this building practice is beyond stupid, or worse like New Orleans which is below sea level it’s ridiculous, we have to THInk better than that. I also believe mobile homes need to be phased out as permanent living, they are called mobile for a reason, wind gets up or water and they go mobile, costs way to many lives in those things each year.
There is plenty of space to build without building on dangerous coastline, the whole world population, each person can have a 1000 sq ft property and can all fit in Texas, the issue of living near coasts is 200 years out of date, replace bacteria poop pipelines and replace with water pipelines and move away from the coasts, beach is for everyone, not exclusive for rich hotel chains. Look at all continents, 80% of people are living near the oceans, now in the past that was useful for water use, but this is 2018 for source sakes, we have the ability to move water wherever it is needed, if we can afford to spend vast sums of our money on outdated tech called oil pipelines, we can better spend that money on a pipeline that is the key ingredient for life here, water, and despite what the reptillian like clown of Nestle said, clean water is a human right. I can assure you all big plans are in place to correct much of what has been said in this piece, but we have to change our way of thinking, yes it fun to live on the ocean, but the costs of lives and resources to correct that, is far too high a price that we have repeatedly paid throughout history, time to rethink.

*125 Years ago you didn’t have to ask for govt permission to collect rainwater, go fishing, own a property, renovate a home, build a home, start a business, use a vehicle, get married, hunt, own a weapon, cut hair, sell a product, protest, grow food on your property, set up a lemonade stand or sell food. This is how much power we have given away or lost.
We didn’t have to pay tax on our income, didn’t have to pay social security, all of which was paid by the trust anyway, both are tributes to The Crown and their minions.

* I don`t know you know the fable of Rumpelstiltskin, where it is important to find the right name to break the contract or spell  “For little knows my royal dame that Rumpelstiltskin is my Name”

The fable of Alladin and the wonderlamp is a good metaphor for it. If you rub the lamp (gen), a ghost comes out of the lamp (means gen becomes activated) and it is our responsibility to put it in the lamp back, because it can take power over us. As I know there are at least 4 categories of Djinns, they are able to activate genes, means an outer force and the inner preposition are resonating together.

1.) Ifrit : creates Illusion. Ifrit (left brain) constructs reality, Ifreeta (female form) weaves Illusion. Both pulls up the force that exaggerates our Feeling nature, misleading and misguiding us through our Feelings


2.) Malakut: force, that highlights the Code held within us that is inspirational in nature. That is the Code that make us seek the grace and divine and may take us to errant behaviour, psychosis and fantasy


3.)Malkuth: Imps, fairies,…Highlights and amplifies our genetic predisposition to change, alter, seduce, forget, ignore our inner feelings and creates poor judgement and trickery


4.) Shiatan: force that activates and takes power in our material Code holding us prisoner in the material form, rather to allow us to go into the self. There are two forms: Shiatan holds you “actively” in the power of the Code

 “Three wishes”: is the part of you that opens you to a new resource, activated by the force of the “wish” (see in Aladin)
Your last piece omitted here was/is more correct than you know

*Did you know back in 2007 the Federal Reserve banking cartel was collecting $37M per hour in interest from the American people, $37M per hour and they still enforced the rogue so called tax agents known as the IRS to threaten, bully and take garnishments out of your salaries!! This is why this country is broke/bankrupt, and the American people have literally funded everything rogue throughout the world, well I say enough is enough, this is why Kim and the Trust has done what it has done to the Federal Reserve and their IRS counterparts, we have laid the foundation for a better way of life for the American people, the country and all other countries who use the USD, time for those in power to act on it. Enough of this people and country looting, that money can be put to much better uses for the people it was stolen off, time to act is now.

**application (n.) early 15c., “the bringing of something to bear on something else,” from Old French aplicacion (14c.), from Latin applicationem (nominative applicatio) “a joining to, an attaching oneself to; relation of a client to a patron,” noun of action from past-participle stem of applicare “attach to, join, connect,” from ad “to” (see ad-) + plicare “to fold” (from PIE root *plek- “to plait”). Meaning “sincere hard effort” is from c. 1600. Meaning “a formal request to be hired for a job or paid position” is by 1851. Computer sense “program designed to carry out specific tasks or solve specific problems within a larger system” is a shortening of application program (1969).

*Many of our members are wondering why I and or Kim have not been asked on any shows other than Randy or OYM, it is pure and simple, it is more controlled than many think, we have put out way too much truth about the system and they want as many in the dark as possible. New hosts and people pop up with listening figures off the charts that Randy or OYM lads cant get near to despite putting good content out and operating over many years, it doesn’t make sense, except to accept they are being agency promoted, and guests on their shows are generally indicative, remember Jordan Sathers first interview? yes Robert David Steele, same team, same agency and same script. Sara Westall is another that has popped up out of nowhere recently, and yet has the same narrative guests on her show like Steele and Anna von Reitz, doesn’t augur well for her, unless she changes direction. She is linked with Galex Consulting and the Lutheran Brotherhood, which is why AVR was on there, as despite working for The Vatican, declares herself Lutheran, which is a cult. This has been the common theme, real researchers ignored, only the researchers who sold out to the system are welcomed to expand their narrative, not to mention there is talk of a military General going around our community offering and giving radio show hosts $5K to not have certain people on their shows, so now you know.

*From time to time I still get flak about outing certain individuals or groups within the alternative community, quotes of knocking out the competition, I’m working for Langley, or it appears I don’t like anyone, all spring up, but over time the ones exposed have all revealed themselves in due course. Winston Shrout is latest I am hearing to quit his blog and guest appearances, and it is all slowly winding down the plethora of people in our community, who to me at least, are actually worse than the cabal, now some were unaware, but many are or were of their actions.
Disloyalty is a common theme in alt media, even from just my own experiences tells you that, but to me the cabal, the order, the former control system aspects, all have a purpose and a goal, they all work towards, sadly few of them knew the real end goal, that would eliminate them as well as us, due to the massive compartmentalization program implemented.
The cabal had a purpose, now we all disagree with that purpose obviously, it’s destructive, violent and heinous in many capacities, but they believed in it.
Few realized it is and was a planet takeover, a total harvesting program and once completed, an end to this earth planet, many believe this was being implemented by humans, it wasn’t, if all of them was told the real plan, would so many have gone along with it? I suspect not, and this level of teaching to get the real message out, has been a key component in many of the subtle and not so subtle changes that have happened globally.
It is not easy telling the so called lower masses that most stuff is a lie, so you can imagine how difficult it is telling people with badges, titles, royalty and other so called elites, they all think they are so important, they would know everything, but you know what? they didn’t have the need to know either, all of them fed a nice line to massage and soothe their imbalanced egos of how important they are, when in reality, they are all pawns in the global destruction plan, yes to those of you in higher positions who I know listen, all of you were played as pawns in the game, sorry to burst your pride and roles of self importance, but reality sucks for you more, than even us so called lesser important people.
Many of you so called elites are now beginning to realize you are more controlled, more lied to, more used, more abused and more compartmentalized than we were, you all played the sacrificial game of trampling on people to get to the top, only to realize they were all laughing at your own ego based stupidity, you played the game for them, time to stand down off your fake elevated platforms and come and work with us to improve all things here, you will get far more life happiness doing that, than collecting fake currencies, fake badges of honor, fake titles and fake power, that time and game is rapidly coming to an end, we know that and deep down you know that also, just takes a bit of courage to come forward, we will welcome you.
But, people started working stuff out, that something wasn’t right here, and following the advent of the internet, many of us who were in the shadows, cast aside from what was classed as normal society, declared nutty or freaks, outcasts on our own planet, just think about that for a second, outcasts on our own planet? like being declared an illegal alien, how can you be illegal on your own planet, for source sakes, it’s beyond bizarre, cast aside by family and friends, we all began to coalesce onto to this new platform, and realize wow, there are many of us globally who have all suffered the same, with thoughts of, I thought I was the only one thinking this way, in a school of 1300 I was the only one vocally talking about aliens at aged 11.
It was a lonely and sobering experience, but 20 or years later when the initial internet came out, apart from the top search being porn, the most popular search was about ET’s, to people like me, I felt like a kid again and all christmas’s had come at once, lots of people having shared experiences and some pictures, before the agency clowns started to post fake ones everywhere, it was a magic time, knowing finally I am not the only one, and there was many of us, believing in and having an interest in that subject.
As that subject was wrapped into conspiracy, other fields of knowledge on the sites that covered it popped up everywhere, the vatican, banking fraud, religion, rogue agencies, politicians, royalty and elites, the changing of history narratives all came into view, and down the rabbit hole we all went, chasing the white rabbit like the mad hatter, was the view of the many, but we still persisted with that change of directive and opinion.
Early forums, blogs etc were riddled with Israeli dominated agents, yes you DEBKA, disrupting the flow of discourse and their distraction tactics, but some of us were wise to that, and why I got thrown out of Disclose tv forum 1, as I exposed all of them in there, and they launched Forum 2, promised all would be the same, but I knew it wouldn’t, and I was blocked out of it.
Later on came the masses, that filled up the community from 2008-2010 time and it was all gathering momentum, a vast volume of people from all over the world all coalescing, wanting all these conspiracies as they were called then, a term that was created out of Langley to discredit anything resembling the truth, remember this quote? We know are disinformation campaign is complete, when everything the America people believe in is a lie – William Casey head of CIA, ably supported by the Paperclip crew and the Nazi Scherff family known as the Bush’s.
Langley’s involvement and various other agencies around the world, like 5 eyes, this was not just an American cover up, but a global one, it never ended there though, it went into and pervaded through our community, and what are the chances of the names of several of the top groups and subsidiary connections that branched off them, all containing names of the CIA secret projects?
Many will now know of Project Paperclip, Northwoods and a few others, but the lesser known projects hide far more sinister intentions than most are aware of, but into our community came the names Projects Camelot and Avalon, who branched off from that with Project Pheonix, and even a guy we had on CV called Mark Thomas linked with Keenan and Langley, had is foundation called Lordsoflight, that name is also a name of a CIA project, but it didn’t end there, in came the blue theme and Blue Avians and another subtle reference to former and ongoing CIA projects, Project Blue bird (which later became artichoke), which involved the most heinous experiments on children, so now you know why I reacted to the Contact in the Desert billboard where Wilcock and Corey spoke of harvesting the children in a 3 year program, Project blue bird now became Blue Avian, Blue book, Blue Beam and the lesser known Blue Brethren club, you will see names in that group that will aghast and disappoint you in equal measure.
Cabal have a system of color coded agents, blue was not the only color, people will have heard of Dr. Green and his links to Mengele experiments, maybe he was Mengele, as Dr. Green is a code name, Dr. Green is notorious up in Canada and their many nazi style experimentation programs, after some of the Paperclip crew moved to Canada, from all accounts Dr. Green has a daughter within our community, spouting all kinds of shite as well, with her Pine Gap agent sidekick.
You have intelligence agents or high profile people with names like Mr or Mrs White, white is not the real name it is the program they are attached to.
Mr. Black is another prominent program think Black diamond, Blackwater, Black Star Trust (any trust with Star in it like the notorious 5 star, Star is not a word it is an acronym, and stands for Special Trust Alternative Regime and was brought into law in 1997 via Cayman Islands) and others like the Black Trust for children out of Nebraska with the trustees being Wells the Fargo, even Black lives matter all funded by Soros, all are run as a dark rogue corporations or programs by the control system.
With so much bs’ery littered throughout our community, I felt I had to stand up and call these sell outs out, how can we learn anything new with so many distracting us, I remember the first interview I did on my own with OYM back in March 2016 and the disbelief and sometime outrage, when I announced 70% of our community were agents or sell outs, or just spouting total bs for likes and monetary gain, only a few knew that I had actually lowered that figure so it gave people a chance to grasp it, real figure was 90% plus, 2.5 years later people are now starting to see why that figure was so high.
We were being bombarded with seducements like Nesara, Gesara, RV’s, ST. Germaine funds (the story on that is he went around all the elites and collected funds and estates that they left to him, and he was to distribute it to the poorer people, like since when have elites ever had any consideration for we the people, other than using us as slaves?), OPPT and their cabal driven birth certificate scam, Thrive movement has anybody asked where all their donations went to within that group? Collateral accounts out of secret underground bunkers in Indonesia and other Asian places, PPP and bloody ET packages, riddled the religious and prophecy bs, fake transitions at that time (yes you Wilcock, telling all your listeners that you were more important than them and that you wouldn’t be here after December 21st 2012, as you would be transitioning, oh you transitioned ok, but into a humanity sell out working with the covens), ET saving us, it was a total minefield of information that was important to us all, and we were only getting distracted and seduced into this type of bs’ery.
I felt THI was an opportunity to correct that, I did do some in CV but it was frowned upon by Drake and others.
I thought THI would need to correct things and would take up the whole of 2016, but to my surprise it was largely done and dusted by July of that year, just 2 months, and we were able to move forward with a clearer path.
All of us have followed some or all of the above referenced, and many of them had valid stuff within their material, that part still stands, but as for all the rest of the nonsense they delivered on a platter of bs’ery, that was best left behind for all of us, so I make no apology in my role of stripping down the alt media of the deceivers, it was necessary, ably supported by many others in that like Randy, Shane and OYM lads, it was a total cesspool of people bought and paid for by the agency script writers, and leaves a nasty taste in my mouth, for those that played that role.
All of them now have an opportunity to come forward and admit their roles in that deception, and work with us to correct the nonsense they promoted, the olive branch Randy Maugans and I put out two years ago still stands for all of them, you don’t have to play their game anymore, they are a spent and dying force, time to correct your karma and serve we the people again. We will welcome you with open arms.

*The illiterate for this century will not be like the last century, for those who couldn’t read or write, the illiterate for this century will be those who cannot unlearn the lies, they have devoured in this and all other centuries. This century will unravel and unveil the lies, deceit and perpetrators of crimes against humanity, ignorance will be a choice, and not a statute or a regulation. Law like sense will return to common again, all done in a nature-al or natural way.
In two generations our children will be walking libraries of real knowledge and truth, immersed in creativity, taught the ancient secrets of self healing, and set on a course of mental planes evolution and ultimately cosmic evolution and beyond, so they can become the beacon of progress for our species.
In two generations we can replace need not greed and put an end to the materialistic debt loop. of keeping up with the Jones’s in a competitive mindset of people, who trample over everything and everyone under a cor-pirate structure.
In two generations we can work and learn from all the different cultures globally in a way that is conducive to all of us, not under the rule of law, but under the directives of understanding, openness, willing and striven to improve,
In two generations we can completely overhaul all the wrongs on this planet, be it people, non humans or control systems, and set a course for not for only the living beings on this planet, but also the planet herself.
In two generations we can speak to, work with, learn together and set a blueprint for this Universe with all the ET’s and NT’s that are here, before those who wish to return to the homeworlds, all species working in harmony, not destroying each other, so they can go home and teach their species a better way also.
In two generations we can all learn to be harmony with the self, cure the sickness within us, of mired in self doubt, little me, envy, greed, insecurity, weakness into strengths, the lack of love, caring and sharing, the lack of consideration for others, where people are not defined by labels or chattel numbers or by one individual color of the spectrum, but we all become the full spectrum of color, radiating out for all the Universe to see, where all are inclusive, not exclusive, on planet where we create not destroy, a planet we treasure not disrespect, a planet of real hope, love, empathy and compassion, with us all exhibiting personal responsibility.
A planet we can then truly call home, set in our image not their image.
It will require the input of the all, not just the few, it will require for you all to be more flexible with yourself and with others, it will require you to be in service to others, not just for the self, it will require you to expand your consciousness, understanding and mindset, to think and act differently, it will require you to focus not on your home, neighborhood, city, state and country, but globally, it will require you to ditch your current old vessel riddled with dis-ease and lies, and recreate a new version of you that shines brightly, that learns, teaches, helps and strives for the better world we can all be proud of.
Not all of us will see it through to the end in this lifetime, but with the inner war gains we have done, all those who pass on and return to source, now have the opportunity to choose to return here one day to witness the fruits of your labor, we all have a duty and obligation, all of us to create a new world and give the children and subsequent generations a chance to thrive, and correct the ills we have all gone along with or helped create, ask less of what your country can do with you, and more of what can I do for my planet and all the living species on, around and inside her. Pride is something many lack, but Pride is something we started on tonight, and this show will end with pride also, one man comes in the name of love, time for us all to come in the name of love.

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