Want Events? You have had them

Events that have already taken place.

For those wanting to know when “the event” will take place, take a moment to consider the following:

1. we are not dead should have all been gone by 2012
2. Kim took over the trust and designated it all for the benefit of the countries and it’s people and not clowns
3. The peace treaty ending 16500 years of martial law, it also ended the shipping war and law more commonly known as Admiralty Law or Maritime law in 2016
4. The Draco left 2015 except a few minions
5. The Parents went from 21 down to 2, both are unsane, neither are here anymore and only have a VI projection of themselves in here, one is known as the red queen
6. The covens collapsed from 13 down to 2 and we are unsure whether that 2 is now 0.
7. Illuminati no longer exists and is now broken into 5 factions, Jesuit, Asian, Zionist, Nazi and Secret society, all are fighting each other and also infighting
8. Rothschilds who support all 5 factions have had to fire sale a number of properties this year, sold most of their stocks this year, lost control of The Crown, lost control of Washington DC and many other regions, lost control of the mercenaries as they are refusing to take on Rothschilds’ hit squad tasks now. Their alleged quantum system they rolled out crashed and burned on first attempt, a top Rothschild is in big health trouble i’m hearing uncomfirmed yet
9. soul traps/memory wipes and forced re-incarnation ended
10. Saturn Moon matrix and Saturn entity rendered obsolete
11. CERN also rendered obsolete
12. psychotic AI rendered obsolete
13. matrix, veil or simulation all rendered obsolete although only remnants in our memory loss keep it real, in reality its not
14. Marduk was taken out permanently following a request by us to remove him was sent to the Council, which was agreed to, and we removed him permanently late 2016, that was a big loss to them, as only he knew the full system and how it all worked
15. Kim and the trust took over the whole banking system and has blocked them all from accessing it, despite numerous attempts at hacking, usually one day before the mythical RV, all of them failed. Kim has proven to all and sundry only she has the codes that work, only she can release the trust funds, only she has the assets to support it. She has released some funds to some countries but clowns are blocking all attempts of funds reaching America currently, as this country is under a financial assassination order by Rothschilds, Dragon groups, SSp and others
16. Project Bluebeam failed
17. Global Biological extinction weapons failed
18. WW3 failed
19. Collection of all countries inground resources failed
20. Kim took over the UN stripped the assets they had stolen and gave them all back to the countries to whom they belonged
21. Alt media came out of the dark shadow cast as conspiracy theorists and nutters, most so called conspiracies are now in the public eye and are based in fact, this despite alt media being a fraction of it once was, the few left carried the can, the co-opted and agency paid shills laid bare by this show and also Randy Maugans
22. Portal people aka mainstream trashed into almost oblivion, now considering by many as fake news
23. Churches laid bare for what they really are a total sham, that was an initial experiment played on the people, all religions are a part of that experiment to take you away from who and what you are, and make you forget source, pedos exposed, financial skullduggery exposed, heinous slayings of the peoples teachers and their offspring, slaying of seers, visionaries and psychics all burnt at the stake, created wars for their sacrifices to their so called gods, killing multi millions and satanic behaviors and horrific rituals
24. Politicians and stars exposed for fraud, sexual misconduct, cult practice, satanic behaviors and ritual abuse and sacrifice
25. GMO kings Monsatano crashed and burned
26. Chinese elders proven fake, despite various detailed attempts to seek them out, no one on this planet knows who they are, for good reason – they don’t exist
27. Nibiru, fake asteriods hitting us, RV’s, GCR’s, Nesara and Gesara, OPPT, zims, dongs, dinars and crypto currencies all rendered fake or obsolete.
28. IMF and World bank exposed as financial terrorists, other organizations will follow that description
29. Charities and fake foundations exposed for money laundering, trafficking for sexual and labor purposes, child trafficking for labor, sexual abuse, adrenalchrome and ritual sacrifice
30. We made peace with many of the non terrestrials here and work continues on that front.

31. American Sovereignty letter January 27th 2018.

32. Kim revoking licenses of Fed/IRS abilities to operate in a rogue manner

The last event for tonight is ongoing, but never forget how far you have come as a person or a group, You all have learned the truth to varying degrees of learning, unravelled many of the lies, unveiled many of the masks and carried on despite threats, ridicule and anger directed at you, from so called friends, family and loved ones.
Many have learned how to be more compassionate, caring, sharing, you speak of we and us and less in me and I, learned how to defend yourselves via shielding, learned how live and love life again, learned personal responsibility and perspective, people have quit drugs, quit alcohol, quit pharmaceuticals, stopped suicides. All these are events bigger than you thought, now it is all laid out bare tonight, perhaps it will give you all, the time to reconsider when is the event happening? the answer is most of it already has.
We have much to look forward to as we strip bare the service to self clowns, the special ones, the families and their minions who have consumed our energy and souls in vast quantities, the psychopaths intent on war and destruction, we have an opportunity to create a world in our image, not the ‘lord’ and his band of reptillians, but in our image, our way and our path, one that doesn’t require harvesting us or killing anyone, one that doesn’t require overthrowing governments as they knew nothing, a world that doesn’t require spying on everyone, a world that doesn’t require starving 40% of the people, a world that doesn’t have 1.1 billion people that lack access to safe drinking water or 2.6 billion people that lack adequate sanitation, a world that doesn’t require killing 47K children per day, a world that doesn’t require millions living in poverty, where 3B people live on less than $2.50 per day, or 1.3B live on $1.25 per day, or 1 billion children living in poverty, while death and destruction psychopaths spend $1.7T per year globally on military and weaponry, a world that doesn’t require 1.2B living without electricity, a world that doesn’t require fighting over resources, land or control, it requires none of that, that was their system not ours.
Everyone has a moral and an outright duty to fight, strive and worked hard to create that better world for us all, an obligation to protect and serve humanity, protect and serve the children, and lay the foundations for our journey from a child like, backward species, requiring others to look after us, to a peaceful space faring race, of which we can be deemed, a proud and worthy adult species.
Peace, prosperity and freedom are not something you wish for, you have forgotten you have the ability to create it, up to each and everyone of you to create that reality. You wanted events you have already had them, now go out and be a part of creating our new world. United we stand, divided we fall.

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