*The Saudi Arabia story and the killing of the journalist Mr. Khashoggi. Some people with the US Military with full knowledge of the details of what took place with Mr. Khashoggi, arranged a deal whereby the the US would receive a $2T pay out to cover up the murder of Mr. Khashoggi by the Saudi Crown Prince. Mr. Mnuchin head of the Treasury flew out to Saudi last week to collect on the payment, except Saudi Arabia don’t have $2T, their reserves show around $400B so quite how they were going to pay rogue elements $2T is beyond me. Mr. Mnuchin who had flown out there despite being instructed he couldn’t go by Mr. Trump, and thought he could bring funds back to America and use it as a Rothschilds style bail out, like a fake RV payment.
But Mnuchin and his band of Rothtillians felt they had no options left, after another mass hacking attempt on the Quantum System failed (more details on that later) once over there Saudis told him they had no money, and to go and ask Chinese Elders, Mnuchin then went to Israel to collect funds (more on reason for that later piece) and they told him they have none and go to Saudis (who are the real main funders of the Zionist elements in Israel) or to Rothschilds aka Chinese Elders. Mnuchin approached so called elders and was presented with $40T worth of gold certificates, which he returned back to America with and arranged a meeting with Mr. Trump.
At that meeting which Trump had been prepped for, Mnuchin started to show Trump each certificate and he checked it for validity and origin via the terminal, first certificate stated holder and signature was Manna World Holding Trust and Kim Goguen, 2nd certificate ditto, 3rd certificate ditto, once it got to the 4th or more certificate Mr. Mnuchin asked Mr. trump to stop, he had been rumbled, he and they thought Mr. Trump would not check certificates, but he did and they all belong to Manna World Holding Trust, all $40T of them. oops.

*Recently I have been mentioning ankle bracelet man, that was mr. Mnuchin, and yet despite ankle bracelet and two trackers and instructed not to leave or go to Saudi Arabia, some elements within the official structure of America, still got him out to do business on behalf of not Mr. Trump and America, but on behalf of The United States and the Rothschild band of goons, following Mnuchin’s inability to follow orders and trying to dupe Mr. trump with the gold certificates, Mr. Mnuchin who has been responsible for blocking The Trust delivering funds into this country, was fired.
Mr. Mnuchin whose security clearance, codes, passwords and ability to operate any financial system was all removed previously, Mnuchin will be on gardening leave until an official announcement of his firing, which may get announced as he resigned, he never, it is expected by the end of this month. One less high profile official within the government who works and operates for and on behalf of the deep state clowns, who will no longer hold this country to ransom. Mr. Mnuchin is the latest to be known as the chosen one, so for the many of you around the world who have been given that title, you are not the only one, I guess being the chosen one doesn’t carry as much clout as Mnuchin thought, so from chosen one it is back to being just a munchkin, enjoy your return to Oz.

*So why did Mr. Mnuchin go to Israel for funding? because of all the main military aircraft being removed from the Air Force base in Florida Tyndall, F-22’s and others were shipped to Israel before the storm in response to Russia’s threat within the Middle East, yet again a double money making exercise to get money out of Israel, prolong the war in the middle east and so more funding, and also claim American government funds to replace airbase and all the jets. This is what these people have been doing for many many years, with zero government oversight in the matter. This type of practise needs to be stopped now.

*Scott tops Nelson by a wide 51% to 39% margin in North Florida and the Panhandle, which was most deeply affected by the storm and is a typically Republican-leaning region.

*I can now report that rogue elements are lining up to claim all the damaged land caused by the so called hurricane Michael, it wasn’t hurricane damage, and major hotel chains and casino people are attempting to move in there and take over all the land. The 1.3M people displaced, currently, will not be allowed to go back home, like I said currently. The same thing that happened after Katrina, there are reports of those who didn’t evacuate being shot and killed by rogue elements of the deep state, who where first on the scene, snipers taking people out, I bet they won’t report that on the Weather Channel or the portal people news.

*I suspect the same thing is happening in latest storm that went through Mexico and the other storm close by that was not mentioned, this storm went right along the SW coast of Mexico creating damage, but focus was on Willa, it is now expected this was a triple exercise by the cabal, 1. evacuate the coast like Florida, with same ending 2. distract from Honduran caravan and 3. whilst area is evacuated move new and extra militant terrorists in via the region the hurricane went through, all under cover of military control, I warned 4 years ago of this plan and it seems to have no ending, unless real actions to counter it are forthcoming, the same scenario could have applied to S. Carolina as well.

*All government departments including The Military and the Treasury will be totally broke by end of this month or by election day, solutions have been given and options to correct have been multiple, but seems the clowns still are insisting on waiting for the Rothtillians and doesn’t appear that Mr. Trump has many options to alter that stance, without radical interjection and a support platform within the government framework, or this country will collapse soon.
Positions in high office known as the deep state are still calling the shots, due to treasonous elements in so many high positions, almost treating Mr. Trump like he doesn’t exist.

*Latest on the head of the penis race known as becoming The Pindar is, it appears no candidate is now viable, so bad luck Mr. Von Wright or is it Reitz? and Warren Choi, seems when they reconvene for the selection of Pindar on November 1st, they will select a committee to be the Pindar, desperate times require desperate measures it seems, or candidates are that low level even they don’t qualify for head penis.

*So we have a secret service whose job it is to go around and protect prominent people, particularly ones who are sent bomb devices, they are always locked down publically until perpetrator is found, except this time it seems, seems that Hillary can walk around in the public and appear on the tv without any secret service or major security issue or operation. Now either secret service are not doing their jobs properly or some where in on the fake and frankly desperate attempt at A: gaining publicity as no one is listening to them, and they are tanking in mid term elections and B: to blame Trump and his supporters, I will tell you what, the more desperate they become, the more ridiculous and sloppy their false flags attempts get. Suspicious packages indeed, perhaps it was a new hard drive reboot for Ann, and a new set of ears for Obama, as it certainly wasn’t bombs, the reaction of the secret service tells you that.

*As this show has warned several times of the issues in relation to Mexico and the border, which certain elements operating outside of the government are deliberately exacerbating for political gain. Remember it was an Obama policy to let them in in droves and then separated the children from their families, all conveniently forgotten by the treasonous portal people, why let facts get in the way, when every station reads the same script of lies.
The convoy heading towards Mexican and American border is finally being mentioned by some govt officials to what we have been alerting for some time now, they are not starving immigrants fleeing this and that from whatever country the media declares they are, and everything to do with organized political mudraking and mischief, that involves terrorist elements from the Middle East, and gangs known as the Farque guerrillas, all have been bought and paid for at $1500-2500 per person to ride that caravan. Once in the country they are met by rogue elements who then take them to private camps to train for assassin or false flag roles. This is what is going on and something needs to happen fast, before this country goes into meltdown.

*hsbc and others spent all of Saturday trying to hack the Quantum System and once Kim had enough of their nonsense, completely fried their servers, rumor has it it will take a good few months to completely replace all their servers. Well they cant say we never warned them, we have several times.

*Two senior executives have been suspended from Wells Fargo as part of the ongoing regulatory review of the bank’s sales practices. Chief auditor David Julian and chief administrative officer Hope Hardison have been placed on immediate leave, as well as removed from the firm’s operating committee of senior executives. The pair were suspended at the request of the federal Office of the Comptroller of the Currency. Watch this closely.

*I saw a FB advert for a group last week with 76k members, called The Event is coming, oops what if we told them 32 events have already happened and they missed it, some not as awake as they thought it seems. That list is now on the Thinkdifferent site.

*address question non believers from one of the members doing a video, I have done our show to appeal to all people not just awake ones, show is done in a stair stepped manner to get people to understand on all levels of learning. Some like the intel and some like the pondering op -ed pieces, some like the Q & A sections some don’t, some don’t like the news around the world, but I do that, to get people to understand what goes on around the world, affects us all in some way. We have forgotten to care for all people, only focused on our own small world, called town, city, state, county or country, but if we want change, how can it only apply to the small world around us? The internet brought us altogether, not to talk drivel or pass barbs at each others, based on your perception you have been programmed with, that people from here and there are all this and that, I don’t like them because they are communist, is the classic example, when very few have read the doctrine of it. The series I am most proud of doing The From Russia with Love series laid it all out for you, how they can distort a whole country and its peoples? and more is the point, why have we just followed that narrative, without doing our own research into it? America and its people around the world are viewed with equal misunderstanding now, seen as fat, lazy (something Mr. Keenan said to me about Americans xmas 2014) gun toting, violent, stupid and warmongerers, is that an accurate description? is that a representation of the people, or is it a representation of the policy attributed to the country of this time? When the world finally finds out how the American people have been duped, raped, pillaged and poisoned into paying for all the worlds sins, then perhaps opinions will change. We have tried to include all people awake or not, but I made a statement in November 2016, it was time to focus on us and not trying to convince them what is staring them in their face, the truth all harsh and brutal, I think you all having had time to review since that statement, understand now, why I said it, we had to be prepared for the onslaught of what was to come, and I dont think anyone believes now massive change has been underway since that statement. We tried our best in the alt media to bring in the all, spoke to our families, friends and work colleagues, only to be dismissed as some sort of fool, but the fool was always in the mirror, until he or she walked away from the illusion.

*frustrations rv/blockchain/crypto etc seen all these before and zero worked, and yes some will say we have not released the manna funds, well actually we have or this country and the few other countries funded would have ground to a halt, once final blocks are removed MWHT will deliver and we will all benefit in so many ways. But I advise to stop giving energy and your money into these harvesting programs, on the promise it will bring riches or end the cabal, it won’t and all those platforms are feeding them.

*Somebody sent me a video to watch the other day of a Kerry Cassidy show, I will not be watching it as so much bs has come through their show over last 6 years it’s not funny. Funny with all the topics we cover she has never approached me or Randy for that matter to do a show with her isn’t it, well it is not funny, it is indicative actually, of shutting out the real researchers and knowledge in favor of scripted narrative or outright bs’ery. Message to Kerry I know full well I will never be invited on your show, not sure I would even agree to go on there now being honest, but the day you put David Wilcock and Michael Shratt in the same video show, is the day I will watch again, because that would be a real interesting double act.

*Latest clown out of the RV world following many before him like Toni, Gilliland, Red Dragon, Tank, Matt & Magan, Dave Schmidt et al, latest clown is Bruce from Big Intel Call, woo. Well according to him at 12 noon est the iraqi dinar was being revalued and zims will be rolled and 800 numbers would be rolled out for the various tiers again, guess what dumbass – it failed, at which point do step away from stupid and back into reality, deary me.

* A federal judge heard testimony Thursday about Winston Shrout’s “unusual, bizarre and implausible” delusions but still found the prominent sovereign citizen competent to face sentencing next month for failing to pay taxes for 20 years. Shrout represented himself at a trial in 2017 and was found guilty of 13 counts of issuing fake financial documents to banks and six counts of willful failure to file tax returns. This time, his defense attorney, Ruben Iniguez, argued that Shrout was unfit for sentencing. The defense hired Alexander Millkey, a forensic psychologist, who evaluated Shrout for more than five hours over two days and diagnosed Shrout with grandiose delusional disorder. Shrout described himself as an “alien walk-in” who inhabited a 5-year-old’s body and descended from Jesus and Mary Magdalene. He said he was sent to Earth “to destroy the Jesuits,” according to court testimony.

* jet stream they are placing high and low pressure points here and there and this causes certain fluctuations and conditions

*This piece will illicit big reactions and over reactions, whilst it is being said, I ask all to listen, ponder and then decide before jumping to conclusions, it will trigger some I get that, but this is why it needs to be addressed, it is not based on individual cases, but on an overview aspect.
The impact of the feminism movement led by Germaine Greer and others was supposed to give women equal rights, pay and value, or so we were all led to believe, a bit like ending slavery for blacks really, they just enslaved us all and blacks stayed the same, but because they were the same as the others colors, they or we never noticed it, until it was all too late.
There were several reasons this movement was set up and forced onto a gullible public, elites thought it would be a novel idea to collect taxes from women as well as men, by pushing them into the job market, but they knew females would largely accept lower wages, as back then it was only classed by and large, as a supplemental wage, due to the husband in general being the main breadwinner, as it was called then.
So now they had 2 plans in place, collect taxes off females who represented 51% of the population, in a largely male dominated work environment, and lower the wages to boot, but the cabal rarely do things with 1 or 2 purposes, it is more often 3 or 4 purposes, sometimes more, all carefully strategized out and compartmentalized so people wouldn’t get the hidden purposes and expose it.
So, what were the hidden agendas that eventually revealed themselves years down the line and led Germaine Greer to state she deeply regretted she ever put her name and face to this movement.
Put pure and simple, the family breakdown, the transgender program is a full on repeat of the feminist movement, except they like the women 40 years ago, will only realize they have been played for fools in the exact same way, further down the line.
Mothers and Fathers both working and people thought great, with extra income we can buy a new car, go on more vacations, give the kids more, and have a better lifestyle for all the family, it never turned out that way did it, despite 2 parents working, you now find you have less, than when just the man worked for all of his family.
How does that all work out? and why do we keep falling for their stupid programs? This is what we have to correct going forward, by using critical thinking skills in mass numbers again.
Reality is, the system have never been in support of any group of people in history, never mind women, blacks, hispanics, natives or Gay, Lesbian or Transgendered, they use the so called minorities to drive THEIR policies, not ours, except the impact of the Feminism movement has been the most far reaching and damaging ever, in my opinion.
So, women went to work and in kicked two major problems, comparative mindset where women compare their husbands, lifestyles, sex life and various other comparisons, which leads to envy and demanding more from their partners, which largely they were more than happy with before mixing in the work place, then the increase in females having extra marital affairs, went on a massive up curve that has never subsided since.
Divorce rates have soared since that movement came in, as women comparing lifestyles felt some how they were missing out on life, reality is they weren’t, as most women were lying under their mask of illusion, that somehow they had more than everybody else, they didn’t, their masks covered up their illusionary lifestyles, but once in comparative mindset, what is fake and what is real becomes a murky fog or more apt a smoky mirror.
As time went by and this hideous program escalated beyond all control including for women, the effect on men became devastating, no longer the protector and the provider which was the traditional role, but they become rendered as instantly replaceable by a pack like mentality, devoid of nurturing, care, love and compassion, and replaced by women more interested in how much the man earns, that decides on whether they sleep or live with them, with falling male wages, a direct consequence of the female lower wage, something had to give.
What did give, was males rendered mute, weaker, subserviant, nervous, terrified and a loss of warrior status, which is exactly how they want it now, when the final battle of dark and light is underway, throw in genetic engineering via the original chemtrails which lowered men’s testosterone and increased women’s, and you have a recipe for disaster.
What gave for women, was they lost their own identity in their drive for girl power and became bullish, dismissive, insensitive, ever more demanding and service to self, remember this is an overview and does not apply to all individuals.
Take one look on Match.com or some other dating site, the point is why are some many people single? and are reduced to having to go on a computer to meet people these days, is lost on many, it’s almost glorified prostitution is it not? selling yourself to the highest bidder, what happened to meeting up at venues, bars, clubs and the traditional meeting up, all face to face?
What happened was girls went out in packs, and if any males approached, they were treated to a pack mentality of abuse and ridicule, and all the girls go along with it to fit in, all passing instant judgement without getting to know the guy, but I know for a fact that some girls would have liked to chat to some guys who approach, but they all join in with the abuse and ridicule as they feel they have to fit in, that is sad behavior and damaging to all who participate.
The reason why, is men nowadays in general are terrified of women, as they see women are more money oriented than love, and if you go out with a woman, they will take everything they have earned off them, this is the way men think now, is that the way it should be? it has happened to too many to argue otherwise.
Women know the courts protect them and the kids is the reason why, and you want to know why the bulk of the money goes to the woman in a court settlement? because they know women will spend it faster is why, this is why 81% of all expenditures in shops is done by the females. You see it is all a marketing game, so check out the profiles and see for yourself the demands of females, they dismiss roughly 90%+ of men with their profile requests, must earn $100K plus per year, must have been to college or university, no tattoos, no divorcees, no children at home, non drinking, smoking or drugs, must be between the age of this or that, I want a sugar daddy, and these people are largely not appealing on the eye to most men, these are mainly women who got left dancing on their own at the end of the prom or nightclub, I’m sorry they just aren’t that appealing, and yet they make so many demands, and they wonder why they are still on their own?
Newsflash, quit with your demands and conditions, love is not based on how much someone earns, that is the definition of shallow, you ask for shallow, you get it, but then it becomes so shallow it runs dry, for many of you, your thinking and morals have run dry.
So, a man who buys a ring for $100 because he is living to his means, is not as good as the fool who pays $3000 and goes into debt? he is just a cheapskate some cry, no, you have lost your own sense of identity and what is real value, to 99% a $100 ring looks no different to a $10K one, it is a piece of metal and something that resembles a piece of glass, but is called a diamond, and they all must have the biggest one, to show off to their friends, that is not showing off, that is rubbing peoples noses in it, i’m sorry but the overview sees more than the ones immersed in it, always does.
Women complain now where is the chivalry of men, the answer is it was lost in a tidal wave of self service of what can I get out of him, and has left men terrified of committing, always on edge, as too easily they get dumped or replaced in the blink of an eye, and the worst thing for men is, they cant admit their real feelings to other men as it is perceived as being weak, and yet this program has left many men broken externally and more importantly internally, operating like a shadow version of themselves.
You think that is bad enough, and yet I have left out the biggest impact of this program and the most important, the impact divorce has on children, parents away in work all the time, loss of love and nurturing, the sight of overstretched parents lifestyles leading to verbal and violent squabbles in the home, and people wonder why so many children appear to be almost feral like? the loss of at least one parent always being there for them, was stripped away by this program.
It is to the children where the most damage has occurred, ask why so many now are riddled with drugs, alcohol, addictions, getting into trouble with the law, why so many are psychologically unbalanced, why so many attend a psychologist, why so many flunk or fail school, why so many avoid their parents and hide in their room, why so many wont attend family parties or if they have a birthday or other event parents are not wanted there, and why so many are dependent on the state, it all goes back to that one movement in the late sixties, early seventies and we all fell for it.
Look I am not saying men are perfect by any means and some have done some awful things to women over the years, like the mother who wrongly tolerated the abuse to save the children and the family, saving the children and preserving the family was a key role for women of the past, but for too many now it is about getting what they want in life, and stuff the man, and in ever increasing numbers stuff the children as well, this is not the way we should be or act.
So the big questions remains to all women, is this really how you all wanted it to turn out? Do you realize how much of the essence of being a woman has been stripped away? Do you really like that hollow feeling inside your heart that yearns for real love? Do you want real love or is love based on how much he earns? Do you really care as much for your children as your ancestors did?
The truthful answers to those 5 questions determines our future path, please ponder deeply on them in your own time, it will stimulate a reaction in some I do get that, it was written to stimulate reaction, as for too long this problem has been ignored, and whilst it is ignored, it remains a problem, and the females demanding $100K+ a year earnings on match.com will stay single the rest of their lives.
This was not an attack piece on females because I am more than aware of the poor behavior of men in relationships, but this was a deliberate program of divide and conquer, not only between male and female, but the family and the children’s lives also, recognizing the program, is the first start to correcting it, so we can all learn to love and care better in the future, and perhaps Love will walk in all our doors.

*Tactics used by the CIA to create candidates for their programs. They go to local hospitals or immigration centers to find viable candidates, often select people who have no close family or friends. Subjects will be collected and taken to a location, and tested there for vulnerability, in other words are they subject to mind control, not all people can. If person passes that test they are then moved onto Level 2 were they undergo hypnosis, and instructions given via hypnotic commands or suggestion, this goes directly into the personality and then they are given small tests to check it worked, if they carry out the small tests well, they are then recalled via hypnotic suggestion to the same location, subject will have no memory of why they are attending this location.
If they haven’t received the trigger word, sound or code, the handler of the subject administers, a more powerful form of hypnosis, similar to Neural Linguistics Programming. Subject is then told where and when to report and will have no recollection of it.
Next step is level 3 where the subject undergoes an overwrite of their own personality, like a new identity in essence, and is the equivalent of multiple personality disorder, in my opinion MPS is not a mental health issue, but a possession or walk in issue, and once entities are removed that person will recover. The overwrite is not permanent in this case but set for a specific length of time, this is so they can carry out orders and return to being themselves, oblivious to the tasks they have carried out.
Level 3 accomplished and that person is ready for all types of covert missions, including assassinations, as this level eliminates fear and nervousness, they are programmed that the handler is the only one you can trust, and he or she is above all laws of the land. If the persons IQ is high enough they will then study their abilities according to the needs of the tasks they wish to carry out, once this is completed they are taken to various places in America and Canada for the final programming, these centers are known as The Farm, one is a main hospital in Dallas Texas, I knew of another place in W. Virginia, I can guarantee one of those places is in Vancouver, British Columbia given the vast amount of shenanigans with people up there, but these places are all over.
Level 4 training is where the person can no longer differentiate between right and wrong, they are told they are super human and all laws are written for the other people, all very super soldier to me but that is a different program, these are for so called ordinary people amongst us, and they have no idea any of this is taking place.
At level 4 they become a fully trained sleeper assassin person, with no shame, guilt or any remorse, just a cold hearted killer, but also has the ability to be a suicide mission operative as well.
Other more diverse programs can be added to the people at Level 4 as well, as many command is accepted at this level, as once Level 4 is complete the subject will have no memory of their former life, and equipped with new identity, personality and thinking process and relocated to a new town or city to integrate, and wait the instructions or the trigger.

*Here is a statement which like the one mentioned in last piece may not make sense now, but will become clearer later, as often witnessed with this show. The Alternative media as we know it, has a very limited lifespan left and will end soon as we know it and will become a library archive for those to catch up.
Why you all ask? Because it is has exposed most, if not all the so called conspiracies into public view and into fact now, many of you will have already noticed, as it has increased in frequency of stuff coming out of the alt media into MSM, and large portions and also policies written have emanated directly from this show, this will increase over the coming weeks and months.
Alt media will morph into people discussing ways to improve life and society, and reporting the improvements in those fields being made, people forming together in various groups of being the change, not requesting it.
We were ahead of time, we are and were the wayshowers, we have consumed so much of what I term the sin eating of all the ills around the world, and when you thought you had had enough, in came another wave like a tsunami of sin, we, which was the few had no option but to consume it all, as too many of the rest chose to ignore it, they will pay a heavy price and burden for their ignorance of the past, and ignorance has now become a choice, due to so much of our work now being presented into the theater of lies, by the portal people.
Those people who chose to ignore us, will be in utter turmoil of their own foolishness, ladened with the heavy burden of dismissing their friends and loved ones, over what is essentially a matter of opinions, their shallowness of their actions against us will play heavily within their own minds and hearts.
But, we have left a treasure trove of discoveries for them to gorge upon, and also, because of who and what we are, big hearts and minds to support them in their catch up journey of sin eating, except theirs comes with a far heavier burden of being fooled for longer, shame and guilt of ignoring and dismissing people within their circle, shame and guilt of knowing if everyone had stood up and supported us, we could have ended the pain and suffering of people globally much sooner, that is the price they will all suffer and pay.
We can hold our hands up, and I know myself I can stand tall and say we tried, and boy did we try to ease their burden at great cost to us all personally, but the alt media will leave behind a legacy of how the relatively few took on the system and ultimately triumphed against all odds and brought it currently to it’s knees, ultimately in the near future to its demise.
But the alt media as we knew it, is nearing it’s end, that is not a sadness, that should be viewed as an ultimate triumph for us all.
Progress is being made in a very steady fashion, as more learn and accept the truth in the higher echelons of society, more will step away from the old system and integrate within the new system and timeline, which will be implemented in our image, not theirs.

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