With regards to last night show and a small update, I have had 2 further people contact me with regards to STS, one complaining of Chloes behavior and demeanor and another about Marilee asking or demanding large volumes of money, I suspect I will receive more confirms as time goes on, I have sat on this information for a while, like I did with the neil keenan exposure, as I needed full proof of what I suspected 5/6 months back and did address with Chloe, I was given assurances it was not the case, but the evidence built up, Chloe left on July 15th and yes it was because of safety and work issues and not an end to our relationship, technically, privately I knew it was the end, as Chloe and Marilee had been scheming for past 5/6 months, Chloe knew by dropping me she would lose face with members and so did everything to get me annoyed, enough for me to end the relationship and not her.
After she left every call to me, was about trashing THI and Mewe members, blaming members for some astral attacks she and Marilee allegedly had, with the most bizarre description you could ever make up, trashing the show and trashing me, I called it a day on August 18th. I have had two partners only this lifetime and both ended on the same date.
Life moves on, it’s painful to a degree as betrayal often hurts more than a general fallout, but I carry on knowing full well I gave everything to that relationship and didnt deserve what I got back, but they are issues for Chloe to address herself and live with.
I suspect it will not be as easy as the general air of arrogance she currently displays. I request she is left alone to deal with her own troubles, I don’t need people attacking her on my behalf, although I do understand some of your angst as chloe privately has been burning bridges with quite a few of you over past few years, I was and am aware of that, for the first time in her life I hope she will address her own shortcomings of which there are many, I managed it for 4.5 years and failed, but you can only help when the other is willing, she wasn’t, and her painful lessons will only end when she recognizes it, I suspect that maybe a long time coming knowing Chloe as well as I do, self destructive is her modus operandi.

I will now give update with regards to what took place a week last Sunday and all the fun and games surrounding that.
Some will see it as another alt media tiff of which there have been far too many, all deliberately organized in my opinion, but no it went much further than that.
Following the headline on the YT channel which was posted 10 days after the initial show, so it wasn’t an issue based on what was said in the show at the time, but a created issue generated because of what was done between the show and the YT piece, some in the govt didnt like what the Trust was doing, is all I can say for now until ankle bracelet man is fully outed.
But that YT piece was made viral via Tanks blog which went into the dark web and to the RV goons, it was then sent to ankle bracelet man and he took it directly to Trumps desk, with the narrative of see I told you these people are bad and they want to take over the government, this was then relayed to all the countries Kim had been working with and caused an international incident, so Kim had no option but to write that statement at that given time, which was disassociating herself from my comments and our show, that was to satisfy and dampen the initial problem, as both of us were going to be arrested for high treason, for the crimes of attempting to overthrow the government, so now you know why that letter was written, that shut down that part of it.
Then work was done to correct my role in it, and get people to understand it was never my intention to replace Trump with Kim, as you all know and she reminds me frequently she wants to retire after the trust has fulfilled its promises, she and I both have other work to do once that ends, but they were threatening to cancel my green card and throw me out of the country, and that issue was resolved on the following Wednesday morning.
Kim and I are fine and works continues between us as before, work done with other countries was not affected, but perhaps we carry on now with a more guarded outlook of what we say or do in public, as they are trying everything to disrupt, separate us and prevent us doing the work we do together and also separately, well it failed and we march forward with even greater determination than before, these people are sick and twisted and will go to any lengths to prevent we the people gaining anything, but we will go to any lengths to correct the issues as well, but we would be better able to do that, without ego driven people and sell outs within our midst.

*People have asked how I have coped with all the shit, disappointment and lies thrown at me, and it is a good question, sometimes I wonder myself, but all of us have had parts in their lives with the same shitshows and the key is how you react to it, determines the path forward, for me I use it as a springboard to elevate myself to new heights of learning, self discovery and determination to make this planet right, but appreciate the many who go into their shells when these events take place also.
So, What is the key? well it has been said many times in the shows, the key is the 45-55 balance scale, so if I get excited I go to 55, although some incidents do send me higher, but sad things, bad incidents I go to 45 or close, so it doesn’t require much to bring me back into balance, so there is the theory working in full public glare, it does work and why I think it is important for us all.

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