truth honor and integrity show | November 15,2018

truth honor and integrity show | November 15, 2018 |

Trump Putin meeting was cancelled due to take place last Sunday, stringent efforts were made to keep them apart in any functions or ceremonies, seems the old control system is a little freaked by them joining up. Seems they are getting a taste of their own popular medicine called FEAR.
You will hear more about Russian collusion now, but it is not related to any elections, and everything to do with the two countries working together to defeat the common enemy.


*Migrant caravan, once they arrive they were separated into different groups for different intentions. The children went into the various programs which were as follows, 1. child labor 2. child sex slaves 3. terrorist training cells 4. body parts 5. adrenal chrome 6. blood drinkers use 7. food.
Adults most of which the children were used as cover, are mercenaries paid to come in and cause havoc, either by assassination programs of certain individuals they don’t like, Kim and team being prime example, or other programs like school shootings, church shooting and other deliberately engineered incidents, whether people died or not. All of which gets relayed on MSM, those portal people are the scum of society and need to be stopped now. Mr. Trump or anyone in this country cannot move forward with MSM in tow, raid the buildings and turf those treasonous turds out now, not after this or after that, like now.

*watch out for more firings they are in the works, including those just voted in.

* watch out for more resignations, including those just voted in

*UN are that desperate for funds they went to a rather poor country in Eastern Europe and asked them to lend them $300M, the irony the so called UN tore this country apart 20 years back with their so called peace keeping force, yeah right same pronunciation but different spelling, real spelling is piece, as in piece of this and piece of that country

* We took out all the Denver airport underground black sites due to blocking our transfers 2189 in total all over the world

*On monday another set of hired assassin reached the edge of the place Kim, I and team reside waiting for orders to attack, this was supposedly in place in case something of note happened on Tuesday.

*A week last Thursday the MWHT ambassador was waiting in the Treasury building for cards for various projects, but was denied access by FPS who sent goons to chase him out of the building, they then installed a computer virus within The Treasury to block him getting in and collecting the cards, at the request of Hillary and Citadel.

*On Tuesday despite a Presidential approved Executive Order, an ambassador of ours went to The Treasury to collect the card, which then would be loaded to the tune of $105B in order to start the clearing up and full restoration projects in Florida, Georgia, N & S Carolinas and Alabama due to the recent storms. FEMA have done nothing as told to wait for Rothschild’s funding, which as we all know, will never arrive.
Our ambassador who was in the Treasury building waiting for the cards was then greeted by a company called Citadel from New York, and told our guy to get out of the building now, Treasury says he has our and President Trumps full approval to be in the building and collect the cards, Citadel who operate security under the so called “govt services contract” forced our ambassador out of the building with no cards and subsequently no funding for the disaster areas, all at the behest of Hillary Clinton.
Citadel is a private what is known as a govt contractor, but clearly doesn’t work for and by the govt, infact Citadels contract ran out and a 3rd party company (Weiss or Weisser) was set up and the staff of Citadel went and joined them, it is that 3rd party issue that is causing most of the issues, Citadel you will all be intrigued to know and will go hmm when I say this, but they have full control over the NYPD. Like all other govt contractors, private hire groups who collect the govt money and spend it on whatever they like and also call the shots, over and above the American President, this is what is going on folks, the country is being hijacked by private mercenary groups in this country, that is not only stealing all our money, but believes they are above and beyond reproach from The President, and can act as they see fit. It is time people learned this as the real truth and accepted reality, then do something about it. Citadel is in essence a foreign enemy invading of our country and should be treated as such.

*There is no reason for these massive, deadly and costly forest fires in California except that forest management is so poor. Billions of dollars are given each year, with so many lives lost, all because of gross mismanagement of the forests. Remedy now, or no more Fed payments!

*You want to know the reason for CA fires, Mexican border issue, Americans being shot and killed returning to their damaged homes after Michael, the same that happened to the people of the 9th ward in New Orleans after Katrina, the same groups who participate in terrorist training cells within our borders, the same group who conduct hideous experiments on our people, participate in false flags and collect funds from the government with zero oversight – the groups known as govt contractors aka mercenaries.
The real culprits of who started the fires in California, are the same goons with a base on the island off the coast of Oregon Whidley Bay, the SSp supported by new Pindar Jon Von Wright and the electrical company PG & E owned by a Rothschild.

*Today starting at 3am est started the hacking process again after the Pentagon and the military brought in 3 new well old systems to try and hack the system again Apex being one of them, all orchestrated by internet sensations Matt Schueller and Magan from The Tolec show, they brought in 3 new systems as their originals are all still down, after we took them down last week. All 3 systems and subsequent hacking attempts failed.
Background of Matt he thinks he is reincarnation of Jesus’s brother Thomas, Magan thinks she is Mary Magdelene, fine but would either of them assisted the people of their country to hijack it in favor of chinese elders? Matt whose father created systems for Langley is how he is involved in it all, except after today’s shenanigans, his credibility in the Pentagon is now totally shot. message for Matt and Magan, think Heather Jaraff as your bs has upset some very high people.
Matt also works for Hillary Clinton, not sure on Magan as she follows him round like a lost puppy, Matt and Magan are doing a show tomorrow in Sedona about enlightenment of all things, in his shows he talks about it is all about the children, which is funny he works with Hillary and she thinks that as well, yes skinning them alive and using their adrenalchrome Matt, then killing them, we dont want your type of it’s all about the children from either of you.
Matt is also self confessed a personal bodyguard for the chinese elders, and was offered a job by them for AAIB.
The pair of you are participating in committing treason against this country and its people, by selling us out to fake Chinese Elders all to make the two of you look oh so self important, time will show how important you really are, and the consequences of your actions taken, these are the same two clowns feeding Anna von reitz utter bs as well.

*Today The Pentagon following their failed mid morning hacking attempts, into Kim BIS account, The White House emergency funds without permission of the Commander in Chief Mr. Trump I might add, they called The Treasury and demanding funding for their payroll, Treasury told them they don’t have any funds for payroll either, reality is no one has any funds except MWHT, but these people and their love of the Rothtillians and Chinese Elders are blocking all attempts at us delivering them to the people. This afternoon Kim and the trust gave funds to the Treasury for their payroll at the request of Mr. Trump, Pentagon can go and swing until they get on board with this country America, not US or USA and it’s people.

*IMF is now demanding 134 countries to now ditch their currencies and switch to? wait for it – crypto currencies, you cant make this shit up, they had meetings with all central banks and instructed them we are going crypto. I am pleased to say because of the work done by Kim and the team, all countries are rejecting the idea completely. Furthermore all said countries have now found out their contracts for currency printing with The Federal Reserve and the Rothschilds owned printing company De La Rue has now expired, and so don’t have to purchase their currencies from them anymore or deal or trade with them, an alternative is currently being worked out between the countries, the leaders and our team.

Despite all that ongoing this week, we still managed to make some progress and today had a major breakthrough moment, we will see how that progress in the coming days and weeks.

*In 2012 onwards I highlighted what I call are or were the 4 main problems in America and did a post as such in Universal Voice as it was back then. Known as the 4 M’s Military, Media, Masons and Marduk, well the latter has now gone courtesy of the efforts of our team, along with 168 of his minions, but the other 3 still remain, much to my and our chagrin. The Military as it stands, well those at the top show little signs of change, but continue to follow orders of the psychopaths they blindly follow, despite enormous failures to deliver anything concrete in over a decade now.
The media continues to peddle lies and propaganda, continues to threaten the President of this country and continues with their diatribe almost unabated, despite the president and alt media pointing out their plethora of lies and distortions.
The Masons for their part still operate under a shadow of secrecy that resembles the secrecy levels of the deep state, and no it is not a coincidence.
We have to in some way start to address these 3 plus another M that has now become of ultimately national concern for this country and every other country, the new M is Mercenaries known as govt contractors, before it is all too late.
Volumes of courage and aptitude are required, we have done much already to lay the platform for you to operate on, but we need some support now to venture further forward, we will be with you every step of the way, remember that.

*new alt media me and randy and expansion replacing failed alt media I mentioned in piece recently of how I felt the alternative media as we knew it is now finished. There are two reasons for this, 1. a fair number of the agency stooges have been exposed as frauds or sell outs and 2. alt media was all about conspiracies, but most of them now have been proven to be not conspiracies, but facts, and have been displayed for all to see on the portal people news.
Are there more things to expose yes absolutely, but in essence we in the community have done our jobs, by highlighting the various global issues, and it is high time some in so called authority positions did their actual jobs and acted on the now proven allegations.
I am sorry Q and their followers, we dont want or need more documents released, we have had documents to last us a lifetime, we want actions to arrest the criminals in our midst, not tomorrow or watch for next week and boom, like now. It is beyond belief all the evidence against Ann, lets just use the Haiti incident as an example, the whole island are aware and have highlighted what Ann and her minions did to the people of that island, one of her associates was jailed for crime committed there, and yet that evil witch not only walks amongst us, but notifies she is running for President again in 2 years time. To use a common acronym NDA, which in this case means no documents actions.
As Randy said in the show, the ET narrative has now fell off a cliff, I know why as due to the peace treaty, but many still ask for disclosure, not realizing they have already had it. The Blue Chickens, The Pleaidians, Galactic Fed of Light, Agarthans or Ashtray command by now you will all realize after a decade or more of promises, are just not coming to save us, they never were, it was a pure and simple limitation program, decide to keep people in their little me mode.
The children of the solar system need ET’s to save them or The Parents to look after them, we don’t, we just need the right people leading by example to set a better course for humanity.
So, we can continue with the failing old model of alternative media or write a new chapter of it, one that expands in growth, understanding and a realization, we are the saviors, all of us. We have largely learnt most of what needed to be learnt within the THI shows alone, never mind all the other avenues of knowledge, but learning knowledge is one thing, what are you going to do with it another.
Many scream for mass arrest of politicians, without realizing many have been fired already, has it to date really made that much of a difference? replacing one corrupt or corrupted model after another? we need a clean sweep of most of them, in a phase in and phase out fashion and also hope the ones phased in, don’t fall for the seducement of fake titles and personal monetary gain, like those who went before them.
So, we have tentatively proposed between Randy and I to develop a new alt media not based in drama of he said she said which we have all done, myself included, and hopefully provide a solution based platform to go forward with, Alan from OYM is also interested in it as well, I have no doubt our representatives from Holland and also Australia will like to participate in it as well, to create A peoples club platform not because that is the name of the foundation, but because, we are or will be the peoples club, all with the right mindset for positive change will be welcomed with open arms.
We have an opportunity to forge a better path not for ourselves, but for us all, we have to start somewhere to show we as humans are capable of growing up and being an adult species, we will not do that relying on nanny states which we in part created, or expecting governments to fix everything for us, they haven’t and they won’t whilst we divest our own personal responsibility into how things should operate, and ultimately how the planet is fixed.

*I keep getting asked questions in the show and daily on the chat, of how do we do this or that, or what or when am I or mwht, the UPU or the council doing to fix this, that or the other, the responsibility is down to everyone to fix things, not just 1-2 people or 1-2 groups, everyone. I was asked this week of what are we doing to fix CA, my answer is a question back, what have the people of CA done to correct issues relevant in their own community? If I could see the problem and said so on a show over 3 years ago, why hasn’t a group of CA people seen it for themselves? and subsequently acted upon it? how many droughts followed by deluges, dam bursting, flooding with immigrants, border control issues, child trafficking, water rationing, escalating cost of homes and rentals, followed by fires, followed by more fires, followed by DEW’s does it take before the very people whose homes and lifestyles are at risk, take their own actions? That is the real question, it is your responsibility to act, or they will continue unabated. I mean how can we be expected to help people who vote in clowns like Schwartzneggar, Pelosi and Feinstein? We, who you do ask, have more than enough on our plate to deal with, than adding every little thing that comes up, we are stretched enough as it is.
These shows keep you updated with far more aspects of what is going on than any other show, it is your responsibility to listen to it, if you wish to stay up to date with things that are ongoing, or you can pick and choose your shows like some appear to do and miss key aspects, then ask multitude of questions to myself or other members who did bother to listen.
I do these shows not for my benefit as I know most of what is going on, but for your benefit only, if you are new to the group questions are welcome and I many of the members will accommodate you, but please for regular posters cut back in asking which show was this or that in, when all shows and transcripts have been made available for your benefit.

*I mentioned in show last week of a cooperative business model, so thought I would lay it out here for people to absorb and hopefully take on board, of a different way of running a business, because lets be honest, without cheating, stealing and lying all the other business models failed, they were designed to do that as it was part of the harvesting program.
So, we start of with The Peoples club as the central hub, and we fund various projects and some businesses to expand, or create new start up businesses, and all will think that is great, but with current mindset and conditions surrounding them, all will slide down the slippery slope and fail, like before.
There are a number of reasons the current cor-pirate business model doesn’t work, 1. CEO’s, shareholders and upper management cream too much out of the business, buying fancy cars, expensive all paid 1st class flights and meals 2. middle men or brokers taking another cut out of the sales product by arranging deals whereby they are making money, in my opinion under false pretences 3. the staff feel the have no value based on wages earned 4, staff have no desire to help or support the company outside of completing their hours they are allocated to work, most just do enough within the 9-5 and just passing time by to clock off. 5. Profit margins are set too high which is to fund the groups in example 1 and 2.
So, you have an uninterested, un motivated staff who are poorly paid, with a few selective people who put very little into the company and take out vast privileges and salaries, and then cream off further by getting shareholders dividends, and people wonder why it all fails in predictable time period cycles? it was designed that way.
So, how do we come up with a model that not only makes the business thrive, but the people within the business motivated and happy, the key is we don’t repeat their methods.
The key is at the top and at the bottom, CEO’s, shareholders and various layers of management needs not only scaling down in terms of size but also salaries, the margin between the top and the bottom is vast and that gap has to be closed, considerably. The question is does anybody really need to earn more than $100K a year including perks not on top of, to live a comfortable lifestyle? if you do, you have lost touch with reality, and your mindset is based on greed not need. Some will say well I have bought a $1.5M home and won’t afford it on that salary, 1. you never bought it, the people who worked for you bought it, not always the case, but you get my drift, your staff and their labor bought you that home, or someone elses staff and labor. A lot of people will not see that concept laid out as it stands, as too few follow the to and from transactions, of where everything goes or came from, but it is the staff labor who created or distributed the products, that generate the income, the top end people cream off.
We in essence have to create a system of you get out more of what you put in, unlike robber baron families like Rockerfeller or Rothschilds, did any Rockerfeller dig for coal, or lay railway lines, or drill for oil when creating their wealth? no, so why should they have vast amounts of wealth, when the people who did, have nothing? that thinking and way has to change.
The days of CEO’s earning millions a year whilst staff are on less than $15 an hour has to stop, or even smaller companies CEO’s or owners earning $3-500K a year whilst staff are expected to get by on $9-10 an hour has to stop.
If you analyse it people with money waste vast quantities of money on materialistic items, 90% of which is not for their own need, but to impress, show off or take the piss against their friends, family and neighbors, be honest now, when analysed that is exactly the gist of it all, and while you are wasting money on $100 per head on steak meals, which are no better than the $30 ones, there are people who can’t afford to buy a whole range of items that are essential to living, called basic food, whilst you gorge yourself on over the top meals, is that the way we should be? is that civilized? is that an advanced human species? Then these same people spend $1000-2500 a night in expensive hotels, $2500 a night for something to sleep in, are the sheets and pillow scattered with gold and diamonds or something? it is just a place to lay your head down and rest fss.
People have less for a family of four to house, clothe, feed and keep warm or cool for a month, than these people are using to sleep somewhere for 1 night, it absolutely obscene, and so far out of touch with reality, it is just not funny.
So all that thinking of the old model and ways of being has to be changed, it wont change by asking the government, it only changes by the actions of the people, so here is how I would like The Peoples club to operate.
The Peoples club sets up a new business, lets just say a clean water project and invests in that company, what we would want is for it to create a load of new jobs with salaries that are shared amongst the company, so the top people are not earning 10 or more times the staff are, nearer 2 or times is best. The company would have no shareholders in the old sense, but all staff would be the shareholders of the company, this then motivates the staff into better productivity, as the more they put in, the more they get out, staff would be encouraged to attend most if not all the meetings, as they are as important as the owners, these meetings would take place within the building and not expensive 3 or more day conferences in some lavish hotel, that eats away at profits and makes the products more expensive to the consumer to cover those unnecessary expenditures. Company profits could be set at a nominal agreeable figure, lets use the example of 10%, this then can lower the cost of the product and so it become more saleable to the general public, excess profit can also be put back into The Peoples club for further investment of other companies, who operate The Peoples club way.
That company then becomes the future role model for the rest, so say we have 5-6 companies now operating in the new way and we are doing business with companies who are not operating that way, we have a few options, 1. we teach that company a better way and reduce their prices to fit inside of our budget and ways or 2. we create a new company to compete direct against them and they will either jump on board, or lose their share of the market.
For example a review of the costs of the say 5/6 TPC companies is spending an excess amount on stationary, which then we would approach that stationary company to operate under TPC guidelines and so reduce their prices to TPC companies, or we will set up our own stationary company and sell the cheaper products to the vetted TPC companies and outside.
Essentially then we are creating a TPC brand of how to operate in business a better way, with need not greed.
Outside companies can all join and become part of TPC model, providing they take the same measures the TPC brand has, it is vetted and then approved or not depending on their progress.
This then lowers the cost of products or purchases not only within the TPC circle, but also to the consumer, a consumer with more wages, can afford to purchase more items and subsequently create or establish more jobs, in far better working conditions than is currently employed.
As each TPC model company expands into different fields of the markets, so does the people power, so does peoples personal responsibility, so does peoples way of life and lifestyle.
We would also by people power put an end to the non compete business model currently operated globally by various rogue trade agreements.
TPC vetted companies would also be encouraged to trade within the circle as much as possible, that is then guaranteeing the combined success of each company, and only trade outside where necessary, or when reviewing between the various companies where improvements can be made, suggestions can be made then to either add a certain company into the circle or we create another one what is required.
It would create enormous benefits by trimming the greedy fat bastards at the top, and snake oil brokers or middle men, and giving it back to the real earners who are the staff, like I said earlier most people do not need to earn over $100K a year, most of that is wasted on excess lifestyles to impress and in most cases rub in the faces of those close to us, it creates envy, bitterness and divisiveness, we would like to introduce a community again were there isn’t that vast gulf in peoples lives and lifestyles, no haves and have nots.
There will be no back door deals done in or out of not only MWHT, but also TPC companies, again that is the failed old model, so please don’t ask me or Kim, for a cut of this deal or that deal to bring this that or the other to the table, we will not engage you in any way shape or form, a new way not old way.
So, if you want to create a business out of funds from the TPC to make you a millionaire, famous or support an over the top lavish lifestyle, you are stuck in the old cabal cor-pirate frequency, of dog eat dog, for every millionaire there are millions without the basics in life, remember that, it will be the key going forward. Think and act different.
is there a better way song

*The issue of reparations came up in the chat this week, particularly in this aspect for the black people and how they have suffered in the past, and that is the key to me, suffered in the past. Most of the real people who suffered have now passed on, so how can they receive reparations? because your not telling me the current black people deserved to be paid reparations based on the awful suffering of their ancestors, are you? If so, that is not based on what suffering took place and everything to do with you monetizing somebody else’s suffering. It is wrong and poor thinking. Questions that are asked but never answered is, who is going to pay for the reparations? and from which funds? do you expect the now deceased land and slave owners to pay? or do you demand reparations from the people of your own color, who rounded up their fellow Africans and sold them to mainly white people. So if you think that modern day reparations are still needed to be paid, you will have to go to the original source of the problem, Africa and it’s own people to pay out your reparations. History has never told you the full facts, it never does, but perhaps if people of their own color hadn’t sold out their own people, maybe the issue wouldn’t have arisen in the first place, or certainly wouldn’t have happened on the vast scale it did.
Look we are all owed vast sums of pieces of paper or bits of metal we now call currency, which is an interesting term in and of itself, the currency is the plural of current, which is an energy term, and it reminds you in subtle terms of how we are all sieving our energy, our life force away in pursuit of pieces of paper and bits of metal, when you really grasp that thought, the methodology and efforts behind it all, will seem beyond absurd. Look, nowhere near the levels we are owed can ever be paid back to us, but MWHT is trying to work out a way were we all get something back, but please don’t ever demand money now for suffering of slaves 50, 100 or 500 years ago, that is just so demeaning and shows a complete disregard for the suffering of those who went before you, no matter which color or creed you are.

1- Kim mentioned wanting to transfer funds for the devastation in Florida, etc. for last hurricane. I find this puzzling, since severe weather of this sort is not natural, and we all know about ‘weather wars’. So a certain faction is creating this devastation, and the supposed ‘people’s funds’ are used to clean it up? Why not just stop whatever faction is causing the devastation in the first place. This goes for the supposed ‘wildfires’ in California. It is obvious that California, and the U.S., is under attack. How can this be if the ‘people’ control the planet now? Why do the people pay for the devastation that has been “put upon” them? 1. we are a team who is attempting to fix many of the world’s ill, we are not an army or a military force 2. people in essence are in control of the planet, but we have people who wish to continue the old ways, and people like whoever wrote this email, spending their days complaining about their circumstances and not the all, complaining and doubting those who have tried to help you, because heaven forbid you would try to help yourselves, this is the biggest problem we face in particular western world, you ask for freedom and yet do little or nothing but look for faults in the people who do, there is another load of similar loaded and doubting questions on this subject I will not get around the covering in this show 3. why do the people pay for the devastation, clearly you have zero understanding of who pays for anything with that type of narrative, we have always paid for it, you dont think the cabal have paid for it do you? question back for the person who wrote this should we just wait for FEMA to do it? you do realize FEMA is paid with our money now (govts dont have money only ours incase you missed that fact) FEMA has had 5-6 weeks to help people in disaster regions, and have done nothing, only sitting there waiting for Rothschilds RV based money, infact the only reason FEMA has any money and it is not much, it is because of the Trust, but lets ignore that fact shall we and rip everything apart because you have no real idea what is going on. so we decided it would be a good idea to take over disaster situations, all coordinated, all transparent, every dollar accounted for, currently none of it is and put people back in their homes asap, the team spent a whole week working 15-18 hour days on that proposal which went directly to Mr. Trump, which was agreed and then other forces came in and blocked it currently, 15-18 hour days a week for no pay to help the people and all we get back is this level of bullshittery from people we are trying to help?
2- Thomas mentioned loans. What???!!! So here we go again, the people needing to borrow their own money, that is the old system, for sure. He also mentioned public projects to give people water, clean water, etc. so that they can become self sufficient. So many people are incapable of being self sufficient, due to the slavery en masse on the planet. If the people are now in control, why haven’t the new technologies, free power, etc. been released? Why do we still pay utility bills, if the people own everything? These are simple steps that can be taken, that can serve to free people easily from debt, quickly. Yet, Kim mentions giving funds for devastation that has been caused by these evil factions.
Thomas never mentioned loans at all, sorry we just never, if any loans are being arranged it would be for refinance of mortgages at much lower rates, we have worked out a plan to eliminate student loans again spent 15-18 hour days on that for no pay, but you carry on being critical. as for comment so many unable to be self sufficient, agree and who fixes that? you do, free energy, new tech will be explained in the intel
3- If these cabal factions have been ‘cut off’ as Kim said, why are they able to still live their lifestyles? because they have access to leverage funds, print out fake money which our team work hard to close down
4- Kim mentioned these funds used for sustaining social security, again what!? SS is such a ponzi scheme, it’s not funny, as are pension systems. My husband worked all his life, working very hard at mostly physical labor, paid into social security for almost 50 years, and he just passed away a the age of 63, getting a tiny fraction (less than 15K) of that money that he paid with his labor. I cry when I think of this. All his hard work going into someone else’s pocket. It is so disgraceful, and it both saddens and angers me. There’s more I can mention, Randy, but to wrap up, why is this any different than NESARA, St. Germain World Trust, or OPPT? We, the The trust has always paid the SS and yes the rest is a ponzi scheme, again our team has worked on a solution to fix this problem, but all you can do is sit there and write utter drivel with zero understanding of what has been said, zero input of how to fix things, and throw barbs at the very people who are trying to fix things, using terms like NESARA (doesnt exist) ST. Germaine Trust (doesnt exist) OPPT when it was a derivative of this show and myself who was the only one at that time who exposed OPPT for what it was. I personally warned Heather not persue that as it was flawed in their knowledge base, she carried on and you all see the consequences of her doing that.
This is and has always been the big problem with humanity, I have taken umbrage with whoever wrote this diatribe but he or she are not alone with that line of thinking or mindset, and at the core of it, it is because of this line “we the people, have been deceived one too many times since the advent of the internet. I have become extremely cynical because of it.” because you have been deceived you think everyone is deceiving you, that is exactly what the cabal wanted, that is why they orchestrated all of the money based internet schemes, so when one did come forward, they knew you they would discredit it. so you have in essence been deceived again have you not, because you haven’t developed your own inner truth, it is just safer to assume everyone talks out of their ass, and is here to deceive you, the reality is you are deceiving yourself. This is why the internet is overloaded with bs, all designed to distract, confuse and mindfuck you and yet so many go along with it. Randy took the time to put on that show, due to several people sitting there with nothing better to do than find faults with everything, so they don’t have to do something themselves, harsh? possibly, but the truth largely.
So now Randy gets flak because he is seen it as endorsing it? really? he puts on a show for you, not he, to decide whether you choose to believe the information or not, and then when you are incapable of making your own mind up, then turn on him? is this the way people work? will this mode or mindset fix any of the multitude of problems we face, a multitude that is largely of our own making? people will not like that last statement, but I’m sorry I over view information and see all sides, and that is the reality of our situation, we largely created it, due to wanting everything given to us on a plate, and everyone else fix things bar us, we as a collective have to fix that ourselves, or we are doomed, it’s that simple.
So lay off Randy he along with OYM lads are one of a very few actually trying to get the masses to understand what is going on here, after we all swallowed a feast of bs’ery via the internet since 2011 onwards. Why is it Randy’s responsibility to decipher who is right and who is wrong? why is it by having guests on his show to help you gain knowledge, is it his fault, that you essentially, can’t tell black from white?
He like I spends a great deal of his time to get people the information, and some cant even be bothered to discern for themselves, and then blame the show host? do me a favor and yourself and go back to sleep, if that is your course of action, you help no one, including yourself.
Randy has his own doubts surrounding some of the narrative and that is fine, it is fine to question, but many questions are not out of curiosity of the subject, but to find faults or inconsistencies in it, if you are doing that, then your very mindset is not in the correct mode, so to the people who ask the questions, look at them closely is it curiosity and deeper understanding or looking for faults?
Why is it this appears to be the only show that is accountable for it’s information and no other show does, they just spit out whatever bs they like and many swallow it all up like a Thanksgiving banquet, and then come to THI and doubt and question everything, even when we provide a plethora of evidence to support what is being said? why is that? now some of it is because of agency shills and cabal oriented shows pushing their bs narrative, but why are people so afraid of the truth, is the biggest question.
The only show with Q & A which allows for accountability, why is that? why with all the plethora of detailed information provided on this show of 30-50 topics globally, have I never been asked to go on any show ever? Randy connection was due to Drake, and I asked OYM lads can I go on their show in March 2016 for personal reasons, the other show I was on was Ben Pam’s and again that was via Drake, so here I am after nearly 5.5 years of information that is way beyond most other shows that have pervaded the alt media, and not one other show has had me on, oh some have asked a few times and then crickets or complete silence, why is that is something you should all ponder on? Could it be I talk out of my ass? possibly, but that never prevented clowns like Corey, Wilcock, Keenan, Steele, and latterly Dark Journalist and Jordan Sather did it?

*A list of things MWHT, Kim and I have been involved with to try and fix. Social security fund, IRS income tax issue, disaster fund delivery, american govt funding or this country would have collapsed years ago, speaking to presidents, prime ministers, heads of states of virtually every country on the planet, assisted in the ending of marshall law and delivering the peace treaty, negotiating for the return of all of US military hardware that was sold off in its entirety to a chinese group and is being loaned back for a fee currently, garnered real intelligence all over the world, which has a: highlighted issue b. prevented wars c. stopped false flags and d: provided an enormous amount of knowledge to the relevant authorities.
Sent out 100k’s of real documents of crimes committed by thousands of people globally, fixed hundreds of backdoors in banks, central banks, white house, treasury, DOJ, all agencies in this country, removed some security certificates off each of your phones, emptied bank clearance accounts and transferred the funds held there directly to who they belong.
Liaised with and set up various humanitarian projects globally to get them ready, liaised with various think tanks to set up other projects for humanities benefit.
Scooped up all the 6500 trusts that were used by the cabal for various rogue means against us and amalgamated it into one trust that will be 50% for the countries and 50% for the people, this cut off their energy flow. Removed the top controllers including the one known as Marduk, returning souls to their rightful owners, liaised with the galactic council for a permanent seat for some humans on that council for the first time in history, so we the people can have our say, working with the 39 different other beings here to ensure total peace on this planet, working with some other beings to prevent major catastrophe’s, working with some other beings to ensure the peace treaty is enforced, planning with some other beings of how we can all work together in harmony and peace for the future, not just here but the whole Universe and the multiverse beyond that, we issued America it’s sovereignty for the 1st time in its history, spoken to various military top brass, the pentagon, the agencies, the rothschilds and many other clowns to teach them how they have all been lied to, and in return for all that.
We have been shot at several times, had abduction attempts several times, they have tried to kill us by interfering with our cars, had various djinn style attacks, had fridges thrown off speeding trucks at us, had contract for hire issued against us on the dark web for our assassination,  had our ability to earn money via jobs by stopping contracts, employment or our pay, spend our lives confined to one small region for safety, cant meet people due to fear of who that person maybe, lost partners, cant go out on personal trips, cant have vacations as it is outside of the safety zone, cant travel, in other words cant have a normal life, work 15-18 hours per day and all for no pay, both Kim and I rely on kind donations and we are grateful for that, but those donations are only for us to exist not live a life, We do it all for the benefit of you all, we are not complaining about it we just get on with it, to all the listeners of this show I would like you to ponder on one question, would you like to live our lives? Would you work 15-18 hours a day with no pay for people the majority of which you have never even met, would you sacrifice your life for the cause in the same manner? well would you?

*I take great umbrage when internet warriors sit there and have the temerity to criticize what we have done, question our motives, accuse us of being frauds, demand why haven’t we done this or done that, the question is this, is after all we have done for you at great sacrifice to ourselves, what have you done? outside of complain or criticize the very few people, and it is a few people, who are trying their best to aid you all, and drive you all into being a better version of themselves, and subsequently a better species on this planet?
Now you can all react badly to this piece or you can get off your backsides and bloody help us, most of THI members have done the latter so this is not addressed to most of our group, but as for the rest of you, where are you? are you cabal shills? are you frightened you will have to be responsible for the first time in your life? and so perpetuate the same old system you all complain about like Stockholm syndrome, or will you get off your sanctimonious attitude stream, get off your collective victimhood status’s, get off your narcissistic all about me, myself and I platforms, get off your I want to be important attitude and actually do something important, get off your everyone is fooling me stance, as the only one who is fooling you really, is yourself, get off and out of your slavery suit or will you get up and fight for your fellow man, woman and children and be the change, not ask for the change, but be the fucking change for once. You will not get change unless you change yourself, otherwise you are addicted to a savior program, it never worked 16500 years ago and will never work now.
I can tell you here and now, if MWHT and team fails it will not be because of the cabal, it will be because of the people, and the lack of support behind it, and I am not just talking about the alt media either, this is our last solution to fix things for real, THE last solution, we have the funds that can make the changes, in UK terms it is called having clout, but if the people are just going to sit there asking questions to find faults not solutions, then I am sorry to say this planet will get it’s cabal world we have strived hard to prevent, that will mean an end to 90% of us, all other resources stripped and the planet that we call home will no longer exist, and will be classed as a failed experiment.

You have had many teachers here in the past, some still call one of them Jesus, the majority ignored him and the teachings whilst he was alive, the majority of people ignored the Urs, The Rus, The slavonic ayrans, Anna from the 1500’s Ghandi, Nicolai and Svetlana Levashov and to a lesser degree JFK, John Lennon.
We have new teachers here now dotted all over the planet to assist you all, are you going to ignore them as well? It is your choice and your responsibility only, do something or just carry on complaining or criticizing, ask or demand change, or be the change.
What are the consequences of if you wish to carry on as we are now and stay divided, idle minded, service to self and continuing those traits, because if you do, I will say adiós, aloha, arrivederci, ciao, auf wiedersehen, au revoir, bon voyage, sayonara and goodbye for humanity and goodbye to this planet we call home. That my friends is our reality, It’s your choice how you wish to proceed, a case of live and thrive or die, it’s that simple.

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